Simple Tweaks To Generate Massive Free Traffic To Every Article, Without SEO

Discover the simple but highly effective free traffic multiplier techniques that can get you up to 1,000 new blog visitors from over 50 untapped traffic sources. This free traffic generation strategy does not require SEO and is fail-proof to help you even increase your Alexa rank and backlinks, as well as get you more commenters. Read on and take action…

The 10X Traffic Multiplier Technique

Traffic, traffic, traffic! That one thing that you absolutely must get daily, in order to generate subscribers and sales. Yea right. Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself “how do I generate more traffic to my website without Google or SEO?”

In this post, you’ll discover simple techniques to generate up to 10 times more free traffic to every single article/ post you write, simply by  re-purposing one single blog post or article (at a time) into different content formats to produce different units of unique contents.

Disclosure: I learnt this free traffic generation method from Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard.

8 Steps to Get Massive Free Traffic and Increase Number of Readers to Every Single Blog Post, Without SEO

In my article traffic experiment, I mentioned how I observed low views (than I expected) from some of the  article I submitted. Considering that it takes a lot of efforts to write even one post/ article, if you’re loke me, you’d want to do your best to ensure that every single content you write generates maximum traffic.

Now let’s quickly dive into the hows of the 10X method of article traffic.

Step 1: Write One Article and Submit And Submit to 10 Article Directories

best article spinner rewriter software - the best spinnerWrite your (seed) article and submit your article to your blog and/or top 10 article directories (after rewriting them). You can use ‘The Best Spinner’ tool (image right) to save time with rewriting your main article one time and have hundreds of unique versions, in under a few minutes.

Submitting your articles to many article submission sites/ directories would get you more eyeballs on the one seed article, and overall a total traffic made up of traffic from every single article site you have an article. That is increased reach.

Imagine if you submitted your seed content to 10 article directories, if you get 10 views per article in 1 week (being modest here), that would be 100 views in 1 week from only a single seed article. In practice, you are likely to get up to 50 views per article before the end of a week, if you submit your articles on high traffic article sites.

Important: Good contents easily get shared – people retweet, email, share on Facebook and other channels. Your content has to be damn good if you want to attract. If you are going to be using these strategies I am sharing, it means you’d be able to cut down on the number of articles you produce because just one can bring over 1,650 visitors every month.

Warning: Before submitting your 10 articles, ensure to rewrite each one so that it’s completely unique and original. Doing that, you will get your articles easily approved while preventing being penalized for duplicate contents, by the search engines.

Step 2 – Social Media and Social Bookmarking Blast to Increase Free Traffic To Articles

Now, take the URL of each article you submitted, and share on 30 Social Bookmarking Sites. You can do this manually, one by one OR you can use or OnlyWire to automate the task, so that when you share a site URL on Ping.FM/ OnlyWire, Ping.FM/ OnlyWire automatically shares the site on as many as 30 social media sites.

NOTE: You’ll have to create accounts on the 30 social sites supported by Ping FM, in order to make this method work. The account creation is one time only.

Step 3 – Turn that Article into a PowerPoint Presentation (Indirectly Increasing Traffic To Main Article)

Paste the main points from the article content into a PowerPoint presentation and then submit that PowerPoint to the top 5 slide presentation (document) sharing sites such as,, and

Ensure to add images in the slides and a link to your blog and the full article at beginning and end of presentation.

Now, you should have your contents in 10 article sites PLUS 5 slide sharing directories, making a total of 15 places.

Step 4 –Convert the Same Article to Audio Podcast For More Free Traffic

Turn that same article to an audio and submit to top 5 podcast directories like iTunes, odeo, podcastalley, podfeed and

There are 2 ways you can use to convert it to audio– record your voice or use a text-to-speech tool.

  • To do it yourself, use a free tool called audacity. Read your article aloud and record it using audacity.
  • You can use free tools to covert the article automatically to audio. If you have a blog, use odiogo blog plugin to automatically convert every single blog post to audio podcast.
  • To convert single documents, you can use to convert from various formats ( pdf, word etc) to audio.
learn video screencasting beginners - shane melaugh

Step 5 – Convert Article to Video to Increase Exposure 

Now convert that article to a video and distribute to top 5 video sharing sites like YouTube, metacafe and vimeo.

What you are going to do here is to merge that PowerPoint presentation and the podcast you created above to become a single media – video. Here are different ways to do this:

  • Use Camtasia (paid software) or Camstudio (free tool) to produce record a video of you presenting the main points in the powerpoint presentation. In this method, your audience will only see the PowerPoint presentation on the screen;
  • If you are camera shy, project the powerpoint presentation on the video while you record your voice in the background;
  • If you don’t want to be seen or heard, then you can also use animoto (free tool) to do this. Here you’ll only need your PowerPoint presentation and use a desirable sound file from animoto to create a video.

Next and very important is to submit your video to the top video sharing sites such as YouTube, metacafe and vimeo. You can automate your video submission with traffic geyser (paid) or tubemogul (free).

*Video is now big time, and I’m learning to start doing them. Video Marketing Blueprint is a great course to help you learn how to do videoas, podcasts and screencasts like a pro.

Step 6 – Tutorialize Article to Get Free Traffic From Tutorial Sites

Turn that same article to a how-to, step-by-step tutorial and submit to top 5 tutorial sites including,,,

Step 7 – Convert Article to PDF to Get Traffic From PDF Directories

Convert your article into a PDF (like eBook) format and submit to top eBook directories such as,

Step 8 – Distribute that PDF Content For Increased Traffic To Your Blog

Submit that same PDF to top document sharing sites like scribd and docstoc.

Want more of these kinds of unpopular traffic sources and methods, watch the free video tutorial of the 10X Traffic Method.

turn worrds into cash - article marketing traffic profitNow you can see how you can literally extend the power of just a single article and give it wings. Are you beginning to imagine how many unique visitors each of those sites can bring you every month?

HINT: If you use even a fraction of the tips inside “Turn Words to Traffic”, you’ll get even more visitors to every single content/ video/ presentation and podcast you distributed.

Now let’s do the math –you’ll get over 10 times more blog post or article views/ readers, up to 1,650 monthly views from just 1 article.

  • You’ve got 1 article repurposed to over 5 formats – video, audio, tutorials, PDF etc
  • Each article in various re-purposed format distributed to over top 5 traffic channels for each kind of document media (video, audio, pdf etc)
NOTE: Ensure to have your web/ blog URL in the audio/ video and PowerPoint presentation, so that readers and viewers/ listeners can get a chance to visit your blog. That’s how those re-purposed content will send traffic back to your main site.

55 Free Traffic Sources. 1 Single Article = More Reader Views To Your Articles

  • 10 article directories
  • 20 bookmarking sites (assuming you only signed up with 20 of 46 bookmarking sites supported by
  • 5 slide presentation sharing sites
  • 5 podcast directories
  • 5 video sharing sites
  • 5 tutorial sites
  • 5 document sharing sites

That is a total of 55 places that your one article has been distributed to, with a potential for each channel to send your article readers every month.

1 Seed Content. 30 Views Per Month X 55 Channels = 1,650 Views 

Assuming you get 1 view every day, per article/video/podcast

That means, one single content syndicated to 55 sites could generate a total of 1,650 views every month.

With this strategy, all you need to put more power into creating exceptional articles and blog posts instead of dissipating energy by creating low quality silo articles.

Imagine again using this content syndication strategy for generating traffic to most of your articles? That would be putting your article traffic generation on steroids.

Need More Methods to Increase Free Traffic to Your Article Submissions

Non-SEO ways to get website traffic fast

By the way, credit for this 10X method goes to Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard course – this is one of over 20 different unusual and unpopular traffic generation methods in that course. I tested this method with one article and just one of the over 50 distribution channels I shared with you here, that article got over 500 article views in two days. So I am eager to start exploring the other methods in one of the over 20 modules of Traffic Dashboard.


I hope you enjoyed reading -this simple tweaks to increase traffic by 10 times, to every  article and post you write.  I look forward to hearing your success with implementing all the traffic strategies in this post and in the article traffic eBook.

To be sure you don’t miss the next awesome post I write, you should click here to start getting all my posts right in your inbox.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the comments side.

Yours in more traffic power,


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77 replies on “Simple Tweaks To Generate Massive Free Traffic To Every Article, Without SEO”

Hi Stella you underlying tip here seems to be keep what your doing as simple as possible and try not to over complicate things. I agree here I a fairly new and one technique you have here is the use of videos. I have just done my first one took me a lot longer than I thought but hopefully will be a lot quicker next time. Videos seem to be coming to the forefront now as far as marketing goes.i wonder if google owning tou tube has anything to do with it???

Great post thanks lee

You’re right, Lee – videos are increasing in demand by end users; so, it’s not influenced by Google. These days, lots of people are resorting to use the internet as their virtual classroom to learn anything – and videos are just like watching over someone’s shoulder and you can pause to do it as they’re showing. I learn from videos a lot, and so use Youtube search engine whenever I’m learning a new thing – even to learn how to setup this blog.

So keep making more videos and you’ll gradually find yourself doing it faster than the first time. Because I know you’re an action taker, I believe you’ll get great results. It’s funny that I am so scared of starting videos even though I bought my kit (digital camera, mics, webcam and all sorts) over 6 months ago.

As you correctly pointed, there’s every need to keep blog traffic generation as simple as possible – especially by using non-SEO, non-Google dependent methods that are evergreen (worked yesterday, still working and never will stop) because there’s not going to be an algorithm change to down your traffic.

These kinds of non-SEO traffic also helps you get lots of referral traffic.

Thanks for coming around. By the way, what’s your blog name, Lee?

Hi Stella I am early on in my marketing strategy for my site the tips you have given here are invaluable. Hopefully this will help me build my site a lot quicker than would otherwise be possible.

So for that thanks lee

Welcome here, Lee, and I’m glad that this article touched on where you’ll (hopefully) be implementing soon in your online marketing strategy.

These web traffic tips are the same ones I used when I first started this blog (and still do use them), and I tell you that they’re very effective and non-Google dependent, even though their effects will boost your website’s search traffic.

Again, thanks for reading and see you around some more.

beautiful! the only thing is that its a lot of work. but i can handle as long as it gives me the results

Hi Jasmin:

Those methods contribute to off-page SEO (backlink getting) and at the same time, they’re excellent methods to generate huge traffic WITHOUT SEO, Google or any search engine.

hi, Im a noob blogger, I recently got a hit about 700 view a day with just a post I wrote for fun before I go to bed, but the next post only got a few view,
So I think I might try your method, thanks, helpful article for people like me.

Thanks for such practical things to do. A lot of times we think that there are such complicated strategies to execute to get traffic to flow. It is simple- connecting with people and giving….

You’re welcome, Becca.

You’re so right there – there are many really simple things we can do to get good amount of visitors to our website. It’s all about taking the time to implement them. And I tell you, the methods in this post helped me take my new blog from less than 50 visitors daily to hundreds daily, in just a few weeks of trying out these methods consistently.

I look forward to hearing your results.

Stella i want to be premimum Reader for your site 🙂 . Its really awesome every article is useful for me as you know i am newbie and hungry for traffic. Thanks for sharing with us.

I first discovered this syndication technique about a week ago after reading Kim Roach’s book and absolutely love it! I’d certainly rather be doing this than article spinning, that’s for sure. Thanks for a very thorough and succinct presentation of these ideas it has really helped to fix the knowledge in my mind.

Mt only slight concern is that well, the only people who come online to make money online are usually there to sell make money online products to people who want to make money online. It’s a self created / self replicating industry.

That said, with your posts I’m starting to see how this can be applied in any niche but I can only see it working well if you have a killer product that is attractive to a large number people to start with. (Although I have seen some people succeed with rather less than quality products when hyped well enough)

Anyway, I’m going to pay a lot of focus to developing a good product with heaps of value to begin with before taking it to market this time.

Thanks again, the posts in your blog have really helped clarify a lot of things and crystallize the strategic steps to follow for online success.

Welcome to my blog, Cody, and thank you for your awesome feedback.

I’m glad you stumbled on Kim Roach’s content syndication method for traffic multiplication. I’m also happy that this post helped bring the technique to fife, for you. Thanks for liking my posts – always feels good to know that someone appreciates the time put into creating the posts.

You know, Kim Roach is one of those online marketers that I found to be genuine and always offering enormous value – her free stuff and her Traffic Dashboard course (which I highly recommend). At the start of my blog while I was testing what works, with respect with free website traffic generation, her methods proved very effective for me to quickly generate good volume of visitors within a few months.

Just like in this post here, it may sound like a lot of work but those traffic channels are sort of a set-it-an-forget traffic sources – this 10x traffic multiplier method keeps bringing me traffic daily, based on the submissions I made long ago. One of the tutorial sites still is one of my top 5 traffic sources today PLUS they are also backlink sources. As you noted, you can use this method to get traffic to website witin any market, as the article submission directories have a wide range of categories and the document sharing sites as well.

So, I encourage you to block out a few hours weekly to do the steps in this post. Don’t use ‘waiting to create the perfect content’ as an excuse to delay starting execution of this traffic method. You know, as humans, we usually think our best is not (yet) good enough. Get it out there once it’s just okay – your audience will love it. In my case, this post was one of my most received content but I did not publish it for a while beacuse I thought it was not good enough.

You’re quite right with your observation of the IM market, about many people are marketing make money online products. However, a couple of them are also playing in other niches, behind the scenes.

Again, thanks for coming around – I loved reading your feedback, and I hope to see you around some more. I just went over to your blog – it’s lovely in design and interesting niche you’re in too.

Hi Mike:
To avoid being hammered as a spammer by the search engines and the Google panda, it’s not okay to resubmit the same article to another site or article directory; thus, it’s not a good idea to resubmit the same article to 10 article directories.

It’s advisable to rewrite the articles properly so that each set becomes a uniquely different article.

Thanks for that question, I assumed readers should know – I’ll quickly add that in the article.

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Stella these are great points. I do use some of them. I have still yet to do videos. Videos have been on my mind. that will be an upcoming project for me.

Hi Betty:

Thanks so much for coming around to read and comment. I appreciate greatly.

Glad that you’re on top of these traffic generation tips. They deliver long term, hands-free traffic but I’m surprised that some people wave them off because they see them as time consuming. For example, I setup about 2 to 4 posts on one tutorial site and for the past 2 months that site brought close to unique 200 visitors monthly – no further promotion after I submitted the posts.

You’re not alone on that Video thingy – I’m also slacking there but will start soon.

I just read your wonderful tips on building self esteem on toddlers. I loved the examples you shared on each tip.

This is good stella. I visited your blog today and truly, I enjoyed your post on driving traffic. It’s so awesome how you simplified it.

Cool boots Stella!

I’m absolutely into the idea of re-purposing content in this way. My only concern time wise is with the re-writing of articles to be unique enough, though I guess once you get started it doesn’t take too long.

Love the way you’ve laid out a complete strategy here, there’s enough info for anyone to achieve some major results just by following this word for word. Assuming they have good content of course!

Well done, love it!

Hi Jym:

A big thank you for taking the time to come over,read and comment. I appreciate it, big time.

I’m glad you reckon with the tips in this post. I agree with you, it’s important to get every (or most) contents to reach a lot of people – much more than just pounding on the keyboard daily publishing new posts. It’s absolutely critical to sit back sometimes and review our posts performance – how far and wide have the old contents reached. Just like I had to stop blogging new posts until I SEO’d the old posts I did before I even knew anything about keyword research or SEO. Only when I got all posts getting a fair amount of search traffic did I proceed with writing new posts (and that was like last month, lol). I reckoned if I didn’t stop it would be overwhelming doing that when I have a lot more posts.

Thanks for your compliments on the post presentation. I agree, the purpose of making the post long and complete is to ensure that anyone serious has every steps to implement and get their own results, with all things (contents) being quality, as you rightly pointed.

By the way, I noticed a couple of changes on your blog, including a new direction of your contents and I really liked that. Good job, man. I’ll come read some cool posts and leave you some comments.

Hi Stella, thanks for this awesome post that you wrote here. I love it…thanks for sharing this great ideas:)

Hi Ola:
Thanks for coming around. I appreciate greatly.

I’m glad you like the post:) Hope to see you around again.

Just checked out you blog – great theme design and lots of good contents.

Hi Stella; WOW… how creative are you.

I wish I had the tech savvy that you seem to have when it comes to powerpoint and video, and merging. This is an area where I really need to get my act together.

I totally appreciate the idea behind re using content. I just never thought of so many ways!

Thanks for the incredible suggestions!

I’m off to try that Ping/hootsuite thingy!!


Hi Jayne:
I appreciate your time to come reading and commenting. It makes my day to know that you found value in the post.

You can do this weekly or bi-weekly, re-purposing your most popular posts (most comments, most read/ traffic). You know I did for some of my posts, at the early part of my blogging and I recently discovered that slideshare and scribd and another document sharing site is ranking pretty good (page 1 – 3) on search engines – I tested with two recent product reviews I posted there.

Just to keep it stupidly simple (as they say), I assure you that none of these is techie at all, and I’d be happy to know that you started with at least all the other ones except the video (for now). Shoot me a comment/ facebook message or Twitter tweet to let me know where you get stuck and I promise to guide you to get un-stuck. I’m also a bit ‘intimidated’ with starting videos but I will soon – failure to start is not an option.

Yes, that pingFm + Hootsuite is a time saver. I hope you also have your onlywire setup. With PingFm + Hootsuite combo you have over 30 social media sites to notify of your posts, from posting on only one place (Hootsuite).

If you also get OnlyWire, you’ll have an additional up to 30+ social media sites. These are all time savers.

*NOTE: The only part that can look discouraging is setting up those social media sites accounts supported by any of those tools (PingFM or OnlyWire). You only do this once and that’s all. You may want to outsource it at Fiverr or to a high school friend or family member in the neighborhood. Once setup, you’re good to go.

Now that is what I call a really great article. Thanks for writing this up. I’m sure it took a while to compile this. You gave me some new ideas which I will implement when I have more free time.

Wow Meka – thank you, for ‘LIKING’ that article. I’m glad you found time to read it, and also comment.

Yes, it took a while to write it but you know the pleasure comes from knowing that readers like you found the traffic generation tips so inside useful that they want to implement them back at their own blogs.

I just read your “20 ways to earn money online” and all I could say was “wow” – that much details must have taken quite some time to put together, right? I like the way you grouped them and linked to more details on each one. I left you a comment:) Hope to see you around again

Thanks for checking out that post and yes it did take quite a while to compile but I’m glad you liked it. In regards to your article, I just loved how you broke it down in steps and I’m always up for experimenting with step by step strategies. Will subscribe.

Hi Meka, it’s a pleasure seeing you around. Guess what? I just left your blog about 3 minutes now, reading your 20 traffic strategies and left you a comment.

I found it on Blokube and again, that was a great post. You have a good writing style that I like, and all your posts have attention to detail and completeness with actionable steps. That’s similar to my writing style – make every post complete so that a reader does not have to look for missing parts to implement your ideas.

*Again, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you liked the post presentation style. Thanks, for wanting to subscribe and I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts and networking with you here and at your blog. Enjoy your day:)

I do like these tips but I don’t know how to use powerpoint & don’t have a video camera but I’ll try the rest. It was about 3 paragraphs though too long getting to the information. You could cut out some of that content to make it easier for people to read. Also when I click on the free ebook they want paypal so not free.

Hi Barb:
Thanks for reading and I’m glad that you’ll want to start implementing some of the strategies to repurpose some of your old posts for more traffic.

I agree with the length of the post being long. Sorry about that; the details are to make it really actionable for even stark beginners, as you can see that there are steps to do tasks for most of the sections. Usually, simply listing WHAT readers should do, without the details of the “HOW Tos” makes it just a nice read. I hope you understand – but it’s for some posts though.

Some posts are short though.

About the eBook – it’s 100% FREE, all you need to do is signup in the form and enter the email where you want to get the download link. After that, you’ll get your free download. Let me know if you have any problem doing that:)

I’m checking out your blog now, and will leave you a comment:) Thanks for visiting and hope you’ll come again.

Hey Barb, I forgot to mention to you that you can also use Microsoft Word (or Open Office Doc or Google Doc) that is converted to PDF.

The main thing is put your content in PDF. In fact I usually make PDF out of my Microsoft Word documents.

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Hi Stella,

Thanks for the great tips, and I had not even thought about converting the articles to audio and submitting to podcasts. I am going to start doing this and track visits after I have implemented this.

You’re welcome Sandi. I’m really glad that you are going to start implementing those traffic strategies pretty soon.

I have to tell you that they really work, although they might seem time consuming at first but think of spreading your net far and instead of posting daily on your blog, spend once a week to convert your posts for the week or your best posts for the month – just set it at those sites and forget it.

Let me share an example with you – I did an interview on this blog, with an author of social networking book and that same day my PDF converted version of the interview on was on Google search page 3 and this underground blogging secrets interview got on was on Google page 3 same day it was published. You can confirm both by yourself. The more higher they rank, the more their readers are likely to visit your blog.

*Note that when you start using this method, title your submitted documents with your main keywords and also use that keyword in the permalink (URL), to ensure they are seen quickly by searchers. That I was not doing when I first started this method and my views were low.

*Note also that you can start with submitting to top 5 of each article directories/ document sharing sites/ video sharing sites etc, depending on how much time you have.

Let me know how it goes. Just reading ‘buying jewelries guide for Kasper suits’ on your blog and can’t see your comment box anymore.

This is such a powerful strategy Stella. Although I haven’t tried it yet but I saved your post as my reference. I am intrigued on this technique to increase traffic to my site. And yes, I agree with you about writing good content for my readers. Thank you for sharing this to your fellow writers and marketers.

Thanks for your comment Aaliyah.

I’m glad you would be looking to experiment with the traffic generation methods in the post. Do keep me updated about your traffic increase when you try the methods.

Thanks for reading and commenting,and hope to see you around again.

From my own blogging experience I would like to say that regular users of a blog are exactky that a blog owner has to have in order to monetize traffic. The point is that constant users are considered to be the targeted audience of a blog who often generates sales. So, the task of every online entrepreneur-blogger is to win constant readers and monetize a blog effectively. I believe that effective techniques described here will help any blogger to cope with this task easily. Great post and tips, thanks Stella!

Terje, you’re so right – the regular readers have already built up the relationship, trust and trust with the blogger/ marketer, hence it’s easy to generate sales from a familiar audience. Again you’re right about the ultimate goal of traffic generated is to monetize it.

Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the discussion on this post.

Just read and commented on your post, about the need for an entrepreneur to know his market.


Very detailed traffic getting post…

As far as blog pinging, I have normally don’t mess with the pinging site and use a plugin called CBnet ping optimizer, which automatically pings over 250 sites every-time I post to my blog.

Thanks for posting a killer piece of content.

Thanks Jesse, I’m glad you liked the post. I really appreciate your comments.

Pinging are one of the ‘must do after every post is published’ activities, and I’m glad you have it high in your priority.

Just read your post on how the use of ‘bait and hook’ headlines can lead a blogger into trouble, and Jamie (commenter) just spoke my mind – they get the attention alright but get zilch of what the writer ultimately wanted (sales).

Wow Stella,

So many ways to get our content out there in front of people and have increased traffic to our site.I’m not a great reader myself but whenever I take time to read your posts I feel enriched and pumped up to do what you recommend. thanks a lot for sharing and I will share this with others.

Wendell Bulbaai

Thanks Wendell, and I really do appreciate your support, visits, comments and shares. It always makes my day.

Glad to know that this post enriched you, and you’ll be looking to implement some of them.

You know I just shared with Bill how yesterday a post I repurposed and submitted to made it to Google page 2 for a very competitive keyword and got over 70 views in less than 12 hours. That document also had my blog URL on all pages footer and the cover page too. You know those sites have very high authority and not so widely used yet by bloggers and marketers. Now is a good time to use them well – especially as it’s a ‘set it once and forget it’ basis.

Thanks for your time reading and commenting, and sharing. Will return the fave:) Enjoy the best of this weekend!

Wow Stella never looked at it like that I just noticed how much traffic I’m missing out on I definitely need to add these strategies to my routine thanks for sharing you Rock…..

Hey Wadell, good to see you around. Thanks for reading and especially for commenting.

You’re welcome – I’m glad you’ll be implementing these additional traffic getting methods on your blog.

Just reading your blog traffic tips and the importance of pinging every post published. Great reminder especially for bloggers not on WordPress, as WordPress pings for us on auto.

Hi Stella,

It’s easy to expand your presence by repurposing content. So many channels out there, why not use them?

I like to turn my blog posts into videos – and vice versa – newsletter updates, articles and PDFs. People prefer different means of presentation. Some like audio, others like to read the written word, some prefer reading a PDF files. Tailor to their needs by repurposing.

Thanks for sharing.


Hey Ryan, I’m always happy to see you visit. Thanks for commenting and sharing this post too – I appreciate all.

You’ve got the point – to meet every kind of reader (preferences) at the point of their most preferred document consumption method. First, as the author you help more people get what they want (relevant contents) and secondly it increases your reach (traffic).

I’m glad you’re already doing all the methods shared in the post.

Just about to go over your blog to read your new post.

Hey Stella! Wow these are such amazing ideas–thank you–I’m so impressed! I’m going to have to bookmark your site for future reference!! Very Very good!!
God bless, Emily

Hi Emily, I’m glad you liked the article traffic getting methods in the post. Thanks for reading, commenting and planning to bookmark my blog:) I appreciate that dearly.

I’m sure you’ll see significant increase in traffic as you implement these techniques one after the other.

Just reading your blog post on how to make your assets generate income and cashflow. First thing I noticed was your cool wordpress theme and then your content theme – great. Will leave you a comment.

Whew!! A lot of info for me to absorb…. one step at a time… I will get on this. Let’s me realize how much info is out there…. I am making progress!! Thanks, Stella!

Thanks Holly Fulford-Jeffrey – I’m glad you found some useful actionable traffic tips. Be sure to get the ‘more traffic eBook’ down below.

Your blog post just made me learn that exercising can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Thanks for sharing a vital information.

I have to admit I had no idea there were so many ways to ‘re-use’ my content!
This post is a goldmine of info and I’m definitely going to go back to some of my evergreen posts and rework them.

Thanks for some REALLY useful info, Stella.

the goddess known as Jacqui

Hey Jackie – always a pleasure to see you around. Thanks for coming and especially for leaving a comment.

I’m glad you got new tricks to turn your older ‘evergreen posts’ into goldmine and traffic magnets. Hope you were able to download the free eBook gift at the end of the post – it’s got over 20 different unpopular free traffic tricks.

Just reading your post and quickly picked a word that is true everyday “there are people out there just Waiting for you to be their hero”. Leaving a comment:)

Knocked it out of the park with this one Stella. For some reason, I had never thought abotu turning my articles into podcasts. BRILLIANT! Also, I was not even aware of PDF sharing sites. Another great piece of info.

Thanks Bill, I’m really glad you liked this one. I like it too – kind of a ‘lazy man’s way’ to squeeze every possible traffic to every single post.

I’ve not started podcasting and video but I use the PDF sharing and some of the other methods. Hope you downloaded the free traffic eBook at the end of the page – that’s got a lot more (over 70 pages) unpopular, juicy no-SEO free traffic.

BTW, I loved reading your flip-flop article ‘spinning’ method – an effective method for creating unique articles from a single source. Thanks for reading, as always I appreciate your comments and shares:)

Great article Stella, I just wanted to be clear on something, the seed article can be posted on either a blog or an article directory right? and I’ll need to write x10 rewritten versions of the seed article to submit to article directories. This is a great technique will certainly give this a good go, I wasn’t aware that you could reproduce an original article to make it unique perhaps I’m being a little dumb now 🙂

Hi Fab:

Thanks for coming over today, and thanks also for leaving me a comment.

Yes, the seed article (start point) can be posted either on your blog or article directory or a Web 2.0 property (like Squidoo or Hubpages). Where you start from is your choice.

Personally I rewrite the seed article manually, paragraph by paragraph because I want a high unique versions. What I do is to spend time creating the master seed article, after that I truncate part of it to make a whole article for one particular site. You know when creating that Master part you do not want to distort your flow of thought. That master is usually 1,000 word length and more.

With that method of creating a full master initially, I’m usually able to break it up to 4 separate uniques of about 400 words each. I like to take a sub-heading to make a separate new document for one article directory.

Then I submit each of that 4 parts to 4 article submission site.

After that, I take one of the submitted article and rewrite – title, summary/ excerpt and the body (paragraph by paragraph.

*Let me share with you 2 tools I found and now use for my article writing work:
-CreWriter.Com — Is a free online article rewriter. Great, all you do is to paste the entire article in this tool. Then select a sentence or paragraph in the seed/ master article and then write it differently. If you write each sentence/ paragraph differently 3 times, that means you’ll have 3 new unique versions.

*Do this until you cover the whole document. Finally, you ask the tool to create rewritten versions at the end.

Tool #2: Is Article Submission Helper: Also free. Use it to create accounts on semi-auto on some article sites and it saves your login details. You can use it to submit your articles to the sites.

*Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions. Will be glad to help.

Just reading your blog – lots of great stuff you have here. Just retweeting your problogger book review:)

Hi Stella, wow thanks so much for the breakdown. This is going to be one of my main traffic generating method for June as had a busy month in May :), will take a look at and thanks for the retweet.

Hey Fab, thanks for coming around today – much appreciated.

I’ll look forward to hearing how the massive article traffic method works for you, as implement them – as well the the article writing tools (crewriter and article submission mehlper).

I was at your blog yesterday reading – will head over there again later. Good to know you were busy – it’s a good thing.

Thanks again for being around and hope to see you again some time.

Thanks @CosmeticDentistExpert for coming by. I’m glad you enjoyed reading.

Enjoy your day!

Hi Stella
It’s really unique posting about article marketing and you write it very detail. Even beginner will be easy to understand.
When I read the article I had seen some steps you wrote. Em.. After step 3, then step 5. Where is steps 4?
thanks for sharing

Hi Ery, thanks for reading, and commenting. I’m glad you liked this post. As you rightly pointed out, that’s the purpose for anyone to find the steps easy to replicate.

That was a numbering omission and I’ve fixed it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I read your post where you mentioned press release traffic. That can be powerful too.

This is very good article Stella..

Funny.. I was just talking about this

same technique with one of my potential clients

today, as she asked one of my most effective traffic

generation techniques.. Thanks for sharing:)



Hey Ontarian:

I am glad you liked the post. Thanks for coming by, and reading.

Yes, traffic is to an online business owner, as air is to man – inevitable if you must make sales, which ultimately leads to making money from your online business.

I hope you found a few traffic tips to try out at your blog?



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