List Of 70 Top Free Article Directories By Page Rank (PR) And Alexa Rank

Article marketing is not dead – only low quality articles in the top article directories dies. Now you have less article marketing competitors and so this huge list of over 70 article sites (with Page Rank (PR) and Alexa ranking) is what you need right now to start cashing in on the opportunity fast, to submit your articles. Also in this post, you’ll discover how to ensure that your articles are approved faster. Read on and grab the articles list…

List of Article Directories With Alexa Rank And Page Rank (PR)Do you have a list of article directories to submit your articles to, to build backlinks and traffic? This post is packed fulll of top article sites list – both high and low page rank, all with alexa ranking.

Article submission to top article directories is one of the effective methods of getting backlinks and traffic to your blog or website, for free.  As you may or may not know, backlinks (with your choice of keywords in the anchor texts) are high in the factors that search engines use to rank a web page (article or blog post) on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), for any target keyword. Article marketing are great for new bloggers (and veteran bloggers too) who have zero or limited budget for their business, because article marketing costs no monetary investment at all.

For a new website, by submitting articles on high PR and top article directories, you can get your website indexed faster and generate a ton of backlinks.  Furthermore, article submission can help you generate more traffic as well as lead to increased affiliate marketing sales, by writing product reviews and How-To articles around your affiliate products. For a new website, article directories can help the site get indexed faster.

Recently, following the Google ‘farmer algorithm update’ that caused most article directories losing their search engine rankings (and traffic and advertising revenue), bloggers and online marketers have been worried that article marketing is not effective anymore but that is not so.  The truth is that the Google Farmer update has made low quality articles to pave way for quality articles. That means, you now have fewer competition for both ranking high and getting more traffic.

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Article Marketing Guidelines, Post-Panda: What To Watch Out For, To Get Fast Approval

Post-farmer update, Google has released a guideline of what good quality articles mean. In addition, many of the article submission directories have had to review their submission and acceptance guidelines.  You may want to know that across the article directories, the new generally acceptable article length is a minimum count of 400 words. Also play safe by limiting your links to the resource box, and only two; try to avoid being overtly promotional and ensure to not submit the same article to more than one article directory.

Now you know that article marketing still works, what has changed is that poorly written articles are no longer accepted.

Where To Submit Your Articles For Quality Backlinks and Traffic

Now that some of your competitors have been booted from the article marketing ‘boxing ring’, it’s time to start taking advantage of article marketing again. Below is a top list of article directories by page rank and alexa ranking – most have high Page rank (PR) and high traffic (Alexa) ranking.

The list is huge (over 70 top article directories) and so you may want to bookmark this page for easy access when you need to submit articles.

List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 7

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
1 7 1 NF, RS
2 7 102 NF
3 7 202 W2
4 7 686 NF
5 7 963 NF
6 7 969
7 7 1547 NF
8 7 37083 NF
9 7 4200 NF

List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 6

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
10 6 137
11 Hubpages.Com 6 236 RS, W2
12 ArticlesBase.Com 6 392 NF
13 Buzzle.Com 6 738 RS
14 Brighthub.Com 6 1333 RS
15 Helium.Com 6 1972 NF
16 Gather.Com 6 2199
17 Selfgrowth.Com 6 2999
18 Articlecity.Com 6 7099

List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 5

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
19 5 2966 NF
20 5 3009 NF
21 5 4520 SN
22 5 3034 NF, RS
23 5 3896
24 5 4350
25 5 4787
26 5 5490 RS
27 5 6129
28 Isnare,com 5 7389
29 5 8036 NF, RS
30 5 8446
31 5 9827
32 5 9927
33 5 9943
34 5 10029 NF
35 5 10465
36 5 10843 RS

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List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 4

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
37 4 4566
38 4 4810
39 4 5605
40 4 6210 RS
41 4 8123
42 4 10338 NF
43 4 11041
44 4 11308
45 4 11490
46 4 6396
47 4 17338
48 4 22178
49 4 30085

List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 3

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
50 3 2021
51 3 5369
52 3 5420
53 3 6442
54 3 7465
55 3 10580
56 3 10774
57 3 24451
58 3 153494
59 3 205367
60 3 6160
61 3 11856
62 3 17382
63 3 35297

List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 2

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
64 3
65 3
66 3

List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 1

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
67 2 90583
68 2 12132727

List Of Article Directories With High Page Rank (PR) 0

S/No. Article Directory PR Alexa Remarks*
69 0
70 0
71 0

*Key: NF=NoFollow article site; RS=Revenue Sharing article site; W2= Web 2.0 property

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**Note that the Page Rank (PR) and Alexa (traffic) Rank of the list of article submission sites in this post were as at the day of this post. These numbers are dynamic and so may change tomorrow or next week/ month/year. However, I will try from time to time, to update the PR and Alexa Ranking of these article sites lists.

*What are the Best High Traffic Article Sites: Be sure to read my traffic experiment with top, high PR article sites. You’ll discover the ones that are sending more traffic than the others. This helped me to zero in on only a few article sites only. Read the traffic experiment here.

Next Steps…

Finally, you now know that Article marketing is not dead, the low quality articles died, to give way on the search results pages for your quality articles. So you know that have less article marketing competition and you have a list of the top 70 article directories, with Page Rank (PR) and Alexa (Traffic) Rank.

Comment: Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you’ve been marketing your contents or affiliate products with article marketing, what has been your traffic observation, pre-Google Farmer update and post-Farmer update? Let’s hear it in the comments side:)

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I’ll see you on the comments side.


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83 replies on “List Of 70 Top Free Article Directories By Page Rank (PR) And Alexa Rank”

Stella, wow! It is a great post! Thank you for this great list. Anyway I have a question. Are those nofollow article directories useful to get some backlinks? I know that dofollow backlinks are the best, but what about nofollow backlinks?
Thank You for the answer,

Thanks for reading, Karolina.

Search engines like Google frown (and even penalize) sites that are using only or more of DoFollow backlinks. Mixing your backlink types will make your link building look natural, and so it’s advised.

Hope that answers your question?

I liked the way you segregated the articles based on their PR. However, what do you think, a single article can be submitted to how much article directory??
BTW is another article site which I found out recently.

Thanks Vipul – I’m glad you like the arrangement of the article sites by PR.

It is advisable to submit well rerewritten versions of your seed articles, if you must submit to multiple article sites. Ensure they are not the exact same copy, else you’ll be flagged as a spammer and your articles may be rejected dud to duplicate contents found around.

Thanks for the suggested article directory – I’ll review it on my next update and if it fits, it’ll be listed.


Hello Stella,

Great post btw! I was hoping you wouldn’t mind adding my article directory to your listing above. Our article directory is We approve all articles within 24 hours or less.

Hope to see it in your great list! Thanks!

Thanks Christopher. Just before my next update of the article directories, I would take a look at some more article sites (hopefully yours too) and include some here.

Thanks for visiting.

Check out its a page rank 3 no registration or email required very simple to post. They have to be health related articles though.

Google panda update has really changed the thinking of the gurus and they really have changed the game.
As far as i see now a days high pr blog networks are really in the game and they perform really well.
Does any one has that kind of experience?

You’re right about the impact of the Panda update on article marketing, generally. Many top sites were affected; many published articles lost ranks. In fact some panda-affected sites either deleted some authors’ posts or removed the (back) links. Thus affected sites lost rankings, traffic and (ad and affiliate) sales thereof. All these make it risky to put one’s efforts into Google-controlled platforms, as you do not know whether it’d be pulled off from under your feet tomorrow.

If you Google for sites affected by Panda you’ll find names of many popular sites and the numbers (in loss of traffic and ad revenues).

Because many bloggers and marketers now want to be in control of their traffic, hence many are running to blog networks. While small and upcoming bloggers and marketers may not be able to afford the monthly costs of blog networks, you can write guest posts and also continue to use article submission sites within the confines of Google’s required “rules” for keeping Panda-safe (I wrote a post about that – click to read).

I have seen some of the websites; most of them are using nofollow for the links, i think those are not that much useful – rite?


Hi Vibhin:

You’re right – some of those article directories use NoFollow and others use DoFollow. All types of backlinks are backlinks, whether NoFollow or DoFollow. NoFollow has its advantage, which is to help you rank well and ultimately get more traffic WHILE DoFollow influences ranking and also page rank. Good SEO practice is about mixing up the type of links you build.

In answering your question, NoFollow backlinks are useful.

Just for your information, some of those article sites (such as articlesbase) start applying DoFollow to links of authors who have written a certain number of posts. That helps them to keep link-whores and spammers away. Even some blogs do that – they apply NoFollow to commenters links until they contribute up to 3 or more comments.

I would appreciate it if you added my site to your master list. Each article will be checked for spelling, grammar, and proper formatting before being published. We only approve top quality articles.
Web Master
Article Directory USA

Most of the bloggers must have come across these article directories but to most readers some of the directories will be quite new. Reading articles enriches a person in many ways and I’m sure your readers will try to know more about these directories. This post is amazing, Stella I’m feeling more well informed.

You’re right, some of the article sites in that list will be new to a couple of people. Most people know only the top 5 or less most popular article sites, like However, there are a lot of other great ones. Some of the less popular but high PR article sites have faster approval times and less strict rules, and they be really helpful when writing and submitting articles to multiple directories, in order to build website links and increase search engine rankings fast.

Early this year, I did an experiment with some less popular article directories, and I found some interesting results. I documented my findings in a post here: unpopular article submission sites that generate lots of traffic and backlinks.

This is a great list of sites to publish content on, and you are also giving very good advice as far as quality and submission are concerned. Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome, Anne. Sure, this is a useful list for anyone serious about submitting articles to generate traffic and backlinks.

By the way, I love the wealth of information you’ve created on your blog, for article marketing. Well done!

Just opened a new Home Improvement article directory

I would appreciate it if you added this to your master list.

Approval time is 1-2 days and we guarantee only quality articles are accepted and published.

Thanks Louis. I hope to update this article directories list in the new year. Then I will look at some more article sites (including yours) and add a few that qualify.

Great list, Stella. Maybe you should also check this out:

Thanks for your nice posts.

Hi Stella, I’m new to all this website building tools- in fact, had always assumed the work was in creating a website while it is the role of search engines like google was to ‘announce’ my website!
I run an NGO website designed in a blog-like format and we constantly post articles (besides our FREE health Magazine) so i’ll start submitting them.

Thanks alot Stella

You’re welcome to my blog, Murphy.

Sure, setting up the website is only half of the work. Often beginners think once you build the blog, the readers will come in droves (I thought so, as a beginner).

Just checked out your NGO website and it looks great. You’ve got a good thing going there – keep it up. I hope to see you around some more.
I recommend you read my website traffic generation posts (click here). You’ll discover tips and tricks to get more visitors to your new website.

Hello Stella, First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing this nice list with a great presentation. I would like to suggest you some more article directories which you can add to your list as they are too very useful- – 4 – 5 – 5

I hope these sites will enrich this list. 🙂

Thanks – I’m glad you like the article list presentation format. And thanks also for suggesting these other directories. I’ll have a look at them, for considerations when updating that list of top article submission sites.


Article submission is very important for the promotion of the website. It helps to create back links to the website which increases traffic to the website. Article directories plays an important role for article submission. This post is very useful explaining very useful list of article directories submission. These directories are very beneficial for creating back links to the website. I will recommend all my friends to follow this list for successful article submission.

We all know article marketing is one of the best method to get quality backlinks as well as huge traffic.But this is effective if we ll post our articles on quality article directories.I am so thankful to you to share all such quality article directories shared in this blog post.I think we all should appreciate your great work here and to help us to make our seo work more easy.
Thanks again!


I’m am the owner of , a PR4 do-follow article directory.if you don’t mind (and if you like my AD), can you please add it to your list?
The registration is completely free and with 10+ submitted articles you’ll gain the master author role.
don’t forget that every single article is manually approved and low quality articles will be automatically deleted.
if you want to contact me please email me at: webmaster (at) .

Take Care,

Luciano B.

Thanks Luciano, for dropping by. I just checked your article site and may consider adding when next I update my list. I may also test it by submitting one or more articles soon.


oahh ! I search on google and i found this article. The links you give me are useful. Thank you so much.

Nne, you are an encouragement to me and many others out there, you ve put in great effort to have this $6,776.16 worth of blog in place. I appreciate your courage. Can we be friends and share blogging experience?

Thanks Ngozi, for your kind owrds and I hope you found the post useful to you.

I’m glad that you could draw encouragement from my blog growth – thanks.

I have a Facebook group and Twitter page where my readers can connect with me – the connect buttons are on the sidebar, right – feel free to connect with me.

I have tested this too @Stella, it is working well. thanks for keeping the blog comment lively.

Hi Ola:
I’m glad you tested and found those working well.

You’re welcome, always; thanks for the compliment.

BTW, I really like the way you’re keeping your contents relevant to your niche (technology). I really liked the Google infograhics and to tell you the truth, I am yet to learn of a single online firm that can give us all the freebie tools and resources that Google currently gives us.

Hi Jackie:
Alexa ranks websites by the amount of traffic they get, thus is a measure of a website’s popularity. So you can use 2 websites’ Alexa ratings to compare which one is more popular among readers OR you can use one website’s Alexa rating to get an idea of it’s traffic.

You should install the Alexa addon for Firefox of Google chrome to be checking how your webiste is doing.

First Time heard About Revenue Sharing Web Sites and now Knol Google Services giving good Opportunity to Others to Write Article and i think Google Moderator will approve this

I’m sure you know about some of the Revenue Sharing Sites but perhaps because they are not usually referred to by the term “revenue sharing sites”.

Hubpages and Squidoo are popular Web 2.0 sites, that share ad revenue with people who write on their sites; I’m sure you know those 2 sites. Some of those sites, including Google Knol have very easy Terms of Use, and those are not much different from the rules at Article Directories.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again:)

I like the SEO ranking factor comparison you did on your website. Very useful for blogging.

Hi Stella, This list is really cool… thanks for sharing this lists.

Hi Ola, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it lots.

Glad you like the list.

Were you able to get that question answered by Kim?

Stella, hint hint: add Stumbleupon ICON, and when I hit Facebook Icon it did not work. I always hit both and tweeter..
Your article directories, can we submit our sites directly to those? Your biggest fan Jackie

Hi Jackie:

I have StumbleUpon icon, Facebook, Twitter, Digg… UNDER “Bookmark and Share”. It’s right above the comment box, right under “related posts thumbnails”.

I just tested right now to confirm – they all are working. Kindly help confirm again, let me know.

On what you submit at the article submission sites? Each of them are like (remember, you submitted some articles there) AND so you’ll have to submit ARTICLES that are 400 words or above. When you do, you’ll have a resource box in each of those article sites, where you’ll pace a link to your own blogs or websites, so that readers can click and visit your blog (free traffic).

Soon, I’ll do a series on article marketing for beginners. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can submit some articles at the high page rank and high alexa article sites, for more traffic to your own sites.

Let me know if that helps. If not, shoot me another question:)

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