[Interview] Famous Blogger Reveals Underground Blogging Success Secrets

In this exclusive underground blogging secrets interview with famous blogger, Mavis Nong – she shares the exact blogging secrets she used to take her blog to Google page rank 4 and really low Alexa rank in only 8 months, as a beginner without any previous blogging online experience. Mavis reveals her blog promotion and traffic generation methods and how she gets up to 500 comments in a single post and so many more; also reveals her ‘can’t do without’ ninja blogging tools. Read on.

Mavis Nong, Spills the Beans On The Short-Cut Steps She Took To Build A Successful Blog And Raving Fans In 8 Months

Mavis Nong - get underground blogging secretsToday I have the pleasure to present to you a top blogger and brilliant internet marketer who I admire greatly. She is one of the ‘zero to hero’ success stories in the industry. She is marvelous Mavis Nong of Attraction Marketing Online Blog, a high page rank and high alexa ranking (below 40000) blog and one of the best go-to places for any topic on the subject of blogging secrets.

By the way, Mavis is also the creator of the blogging course Underground Blogging Secrets.

*Note: This is an abridged version of the interview but you can download the FULL Interview at the end of this post.

Mavis Nong’s Enviable Score Card – Achieved Only 8 Months Into Blogging

In just 8 short months online blogging, Mavis has garnered an enviable score card. She was recognised and featured as follows:

  • #4 in the Famous Bloggers-Comluv Traffic Generation Blogging Contest 2011
  • #19 in the Top 50 MLM Blogs
  • 16 Best Blog Carnival Entries
  • Top 50 Remarkable Bloggers
  • One of the 12 Female Bloggers to Watch in 2011
  • One of the 125 Fearless Female Bloggers
  • 12 Year-End Blog Posts

Do you see why you should be listening to Mavis if you want to achieve rapid blogging success – she has proven herself a blogging authority.

Highlights of the Underground Blogging Secrets Interview With Mavis Nong

In this interview, we’re going to pick Mavis’ brain (with her permission, by the way) to peek behind the scenes of Mavis’ blogging business to learn ‘what’s working today’, blogging secrets for success, new short-cuts, tips and tricks that we can take action to lift our own businesses off the ground to where it we want it to be (at the top).

Mavis, tell us about you and your blogging start-up story

Absolutely! I’m a full-time internet marketer, working from the comfort of my home, around my two beautiful daughters. I’m really grateful for this opportunity – to be able to spend quality time with my family and to have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s priceless.

I started blogging back in June 2009 and I didn’t know what I was doing back then. I heard that I needed to have a blog for personal branding, but I didn’t have the knowledge and skills. It was all new to me but nothing much happened as result. I managed to post regularly but I was getting very little traffic and zero comments. So, in July 2010, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started learning as well as focusing on making my blog a success. Why?

I realized that a blog can be a very powerful marketing tool that you can use to attract targeted and unlimited traffic, if you know what you’re doing, that is (laughter).

What advice would your give to a beginner blogger looking to make money blogging; what should they avoid or focus on?

The first thing that you shouldn’t do as a blogger is to pitch your readers – a big turn off.  Some to the things that you can do to turn your blog visitors into customers include:

1. Opt-in form can be used to capture your visitors’ contact information so that you can build relationships and market to them.

2. Your visitors are likely to buy when you share the results that you’re seeing by using marketing products and tools.

3. You can offer services on your blog such as blog setup (one of the services that I offer), SEO, copywriting etc.

Turning your blog traffic into massive profits is one of the things that most bloggers struggle with. There are different options that you can implement to make real money every single month, using your blog and those are all covered in practical steps and details in the “Underground Blogging Secrets”. In the fourth video of my course, you will learn in details over 20 different blog profit strategies.

If you had to start all over again from scratch, how would you rebuild your business blog tomorrow and all you had to do it was less than a 100 dollars and your present knowledge and experience (and no list, no contacts, nothing)? What would your first 30 days of activity look like?

I’m glad you asked that, Stella. Incidentally, the “Underground Blogging Blueprint” is my personal short-cut blueprint to get any blogger from any level, from zero to hero in 31 days. For the sake of time, I’ll share just some of my 30 days to blog success plan – readers can get my day by day, detailed, full blueprint with videos and more in the “Underground Blogging Secrets”.

So in answer to your question, if I were to start all over again, with what I know now, in 30 days I would:

  • Join a blog commenting tribe/forum
  • Post frequently
  • Work on my On-Page SEO
  • Be in the Right Niche
  • Guest posting on bigger blogs

Mavis, if you’re starting a new blog, knowing now what works and what doesn’t how long could you realistically take to get your first 1,000 unique visitors to a brand new blog?

Realistically speaking, 31 days.

To get 1,000 unique visitors to a new blog in 31 days, I would use the same strategies I shared above PLUS all the ‘Underground Blogging Secrets’ in my new course. In fact, I dedicated an entire module to teaching blog traffic and promotion – the exact, same steps I used to take my blog to Page Rank 4 and under 50,000 Alexa ranking in only 8 months. I also taught how I get tons of comments on every single blog post, including the famous over 500 comments to my Famous Bloggers contest entry. Inside my “underground blogging secrets”, I shared tons of blog traffic generation strategies.

Talking about blog promotion and commenting, in the Famous Bloggers Blogging contest, your entry simply amazed everyone – over 500 comments and so many Tweets and Facebook shares in a few days. How did you do that?

Simply put, if you want to receive abundantly, then you need to give endlessly. If you don’t leave comments on the other blogs, then don’t expect a whole lot of comments to come your way. When I got started in blogging, I expected people to leave me comment, but I didn’t do the same for others. Things changed when I started visiting other blogs and expressing my thoughts.

About my my Blogging Contest entry, I bought books on blog promotion and I implemented every single thing that I learned from the books. I also asked people to help me. This worked out well for me as I have a large following. So, my networking efforts really paid off in a big way.

There was a lot more that I did to achieve that much reach for my contents. I taught the same, exact strategies I use in one of the modules in the “Underground Blogging Secrets”.

Tell me, what is that single biggest mistake that you’ve learned the most from? What would you do differently today?

Don’t try and do everything yourself! Delegate and outsource! I learned this the hard way.

I have always believed in doing everything myself but I later realized that it wasn’t smart to do that. With blogging, I only outsource the technical side of things, everything else, I do it myself.

What would you say are the 3 biggest time wasters most bloggers engage in, that you would advice a newbie blogger to stay away from if they must achieve blogging success as fast as you did?

There are a lot of time-wasters that most people struggle with:

1. Social media sites – can be a huge distraction and even an addiction for others.
2. Emails – if you check your emails every 5 minutes, then you’re eating up a lot of your time.
3. Reading blogs – Yes, it’s good to read other blogs and leave meaningful comments. However, if you overdo this, you’ll find yourself spending almost the whole day reading one blog after the other.

Now let’s peak into your ‘can’t do without tools’. If you must go on a 60 days trip to an island and you are allowed to take with you only 3 of your business tools, what would those be?

Wow, I would love that! (laughter). It would be my laptop, my mobile phone and my journal. I can’t do without them – literally!

At this point, you have mentioned the ‘Underground Blogging Secrets’ a lot in the course of this interview. Can you tell us more about it,who it’s targeted at and how to get copies?

Sure. The good news is that have recently launched my very first blogging product called Underground Blogging Secrets. It’s my complete zero to hero success blueprint where I taught everything and everything I have learnt and know about blogging from A to Z.

Underground Blogging Secrets is for beginner bloggers who are looking to get their blogs off the ground. It’s also for the intermediate bloggers who want to increase their traffic, leads and sales.  So, go there now and grab your own copy and start implementing!

mavis nong -underground blogging secrets buy

As you know, in only 8 months I took my brand new blog as a newbie and struggled to get it to a PR 4 and Alexa ranking below 50,000 but I have made sure that other bloggers do not have to struggle to decode blogging success like I did. With the Underground Blogging Secrets, you have all the strategies and tricks to build a top rated and profitable blog faster than I did.

My never before revealed blogging secrets are all given away in that course, and anyone that knows me would know that I deliver my best advice from my heart.

Underground Blogging Secrets is a video course structured in 4 modules covering different areas of blogging and answering common questions that bloggers are asking. It’s targeted at beginners and intermediate bloggers and marketers – everyone at any level will certainly find a couple of tricks and tactics they’ve never heard of before.

Some of the topics I covered in the Underground Blogging Secrets course includes, but not limited to:

  • The fail-proof steps I used to create a top blog within 8 months and how you can use my shortcut method to achieve  success faster than I did
  • Secrets of writing compelling blog contents on demand
  • How to have a month’s worth of contents for your blog’s daily posting
  • Techniques and tweaks to optimize your blog for readers and search engines
  • Killer tools that I use to generate traffic and subscribers on my blog
  • How I use my blog to generate traffic to happy buyers
  • How I convert my blog traffic to raving fans who are happy to buy from me whenever I make recommendation
  • How to generate traffic, comments and sales. It includes 4 modules of video content about blogging myths, blogging tips and effective ways of making money blogging.
  • It also covers my underground traffic sites that I used to promote my blog posts and drive traffic back to my blog – not your common sites!

And so much more… Check out the other topics I covered from the link below, as well as some testimonials.

I forgot to mention that in addition to your purchase of the “Underground Blogging Secrets”, you’ll also get 3 extra bonuses  including access to me to ask me any blogging question you personally have. Check out the details below:

Stella: Excellent. I bet our readers would be eager to know the price of the ‘Underground Blogging Secrets’ and how to get it, Mavis?

The price is really affordable – for $27 you get full, immediate access to this blogging course. Some people said I was nuts to charge this low price, but I wanted everyone to able to afford to get their own copy.

Stella: That is really affordable, Mavis. I could have said that you’re crazy to give away all that much at that price as similar blogging courses go from $40 and above but again it’s all for good – more bloggers building on a budget can afford it at this price.

On this note, I just want to say thank you so much for your time, Mavis Nong, and for just really openly sharing so much information here. I know I got a lot out of it. I think everyone reading this now enjoyed it. I just want to say how much we appreciate you. Thanks again for that.

Mavis: It’s my pleasure, Stella. Thank you so much for having me – I really appreciate it. Your readers can go checkout my Underground Blogging Secrets

———————–   INTERVIEW END    ———————–

Stella: There you have it, from top blogger, Mavis Nong. That’s a whole lot of actionable steps and shortcuts for any blogger to go from zero to hero in less than 9 months.

[BONUS] Download the full interview: Click here: Full Interview – Underground Blogging Secrets PLUS Mystery Bonus (PDF download)

42 replies on “[Interview] Famous Blogger Reveals Underground Blogging Success Secrets”

Well thanks Stelly for sharing the secrets. 40000 alexa in 3 years is a good achievement, i am sure it has improved a lot now. Your secret tips will surely help me. I will certainly follow them. I also read the conversation between you and amit. Great achievement i must say, very inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Wow i got some good tips from Mavis. Thanks Stella.
Mavis you really wonderful within 4 Year Alexa less than 40,000 and Page Rank 4.
Great Achivement.

Thanks, Amit. I’m sure you’ll get better Alexa ranking if you spend a little time just implementing some of the blogging tips from this interview.

Thanks Stella. My Alexa Rank is 40,000 and PR is 3 but i need more improvement for my site my site is only 3Months old and i got a good suggestion from Ms.Ilean Mam From BasicBlogTips. Soon i will implement her all tips.
Hope i will get suggestion from you too.
I read your Keyword Research and Backlinking article its just awesome soon i will apply that for better improvement.
Though i need suggestion for my site.

That’s a pretty cool Alexa rank, especially for a 3 moth old blog. I can tell you that even some 3 year old websites are still around or above Alexa rankings of 300. My honest suggestion is: that is very good AND at that rankings, you should now let it improve naturally – it will once you are blogging continuously and get a steady flow of traffic, social media mentions and comments. I haven’t blogged for a while and my Alexa has dropped below 35,000 (from the last active blogging period). However, once I resume blogging again, since I get good traffic, I know it will rise again AND so I’ll focus more on other areas of online business.

I suggest you start focusing on your list building, traffic-to-subscriber conversions, traffic-to-sales-conversion, affiliate marketing etc – because usually traffic generation is talked about so much, most bloggers are perpetually spending all day, all year chasing traffic and PR and Alexa, that they never think that traffic is only but a MEANS to get subscribers and sales. Most blogs get over 10,000 to 20,000 monthly visitors but that’s all – yet their bragging rights is traffic, PR and Alexa. Most times, the high number traffic may just be low quality ones that don’t convert.

Once your Alexa gets to 100k-200k, PR is 2+, that’s social proof enough and I think it’s time to start practicing and mastering those activities that directly generate income. Truth is that most income generating bloggers/ marketers have good enough traffic, PR and Alexa because they now started mastering converting those traffic.

Let me know your thoughts.

First of All Thanks a lot for you awesome suggestion.
My first job will be focusing on my list building, traffic-to-subscriber conversions, traffic-to-sales-conversion, affiliate marketing etc as per your suggestion.
But i want to learn some tips about SEO and all. As you know i am newbie in blogging arena and dont know much about SEO.
Hope i will get a chance to chat with you on live chat on Gmail or Skype.
I want more suggestion for 1. List building, 2. Traffic-to-subscriber conversions, 3. Traffic-to-sales-conversion, 4. Affiliate marketing.
I also want to earn money from Affiliate marketing but dont have much knowledge thats way i cant able to do.
Here is my email : mit.ronit at gmail dot com
Skype: amitshaw19

Good to see you, Amit. You’re welcome.

I’m sure you’ll do very well, given that you’d been fast at implementing traffic generation strategies that gave your website a good Alexa and PR ranking in a short while.

If you look through my post category tabs (get Traffic; build lists), you’ll find some useful and actionable articles I wrote on traffic generation, SEO and list building. Fortunately, I have written posts most of those topics you’re interested in, so that you or anyone would benefit. Just click the relevant category on top of my blog. Because this blog already contains the posts on those topics you need, there won’t be a need for me to email you a customized help.

I have written a few posts on affiliate marketing – under the category here “marketing” and also reviewed a few really good affiliate marketing courses that are working for me. Good courses and eBooks in addition to blog articles can help you cut short learning those skills.

Let me know if you have trouble finding the posts in those categories and other categories.

I edited your email address to make it better:)

She is a wonderful person and I am glad she decided to share her tips with others so that they can also hopefully reach where she is now. The interview was very informative and I am sure bloggers appreciate all her tips.

Thanks Phil, sure Mavis is doing a great job and I see both of you are working hard at lots of programs.

The sky is the limit. Your doing good at massively promoting the Underground Blogging Secrets – good job!

Thanks for your compliments, on my blog.

I joined and paid for underground blogging secrets and then lost the link to the program I din’t know how to reach Mavis except maybe here. Please send me the link that I paid for. Order number BG49B86E.

Hey Harold, thanks for notifying Mavis through here. I’ll pass this across to her right away and she’ll immediately get to you as soon as possible.

That I’m sure of.

Hey Harold, I forgot to mention that you can rreach her directly at her blog attractionmarketingonline.com

Am very excited you shared this interview, have just wrote down alot of ideas which i am going to put them to actions immediately, i wish when the are implemented i will get the same or more success Mavis had.
Once again you are appreciated for the good work you are doing.

Pls Remember my today stuff

I’m glad you got new ideas from Mavis Nong’s underground blogging secrets. You only need to put them to action if you must see results like she did.

You’re welcome – I do remember.


Hi and thank you for a thoroughly good post, you didn’t miss much that’s for sure!!

I spend a lot of time looking for good posts and yours and Mavis’ are consistently good!

I love interviewing people and it does make great Blog content!! It takes things to a different level! I am not copying with my interview with the Buffer guys, I posted that at 5.30 am this morning & now it’s 8.34 am!!

Take care, keep up the great work!!

All the best,


Hey Peter, good as always, to see you around. I appreciate that.

You’re right, interviews make great blog contents plus they create a variety of content types that would ensure your readers do not get bored – as they are kind of light reading with tons of actionable nuggets.

Just opening your “Buffer” interview – good to know you did one. Your social media satire always gets me cracking with laughter, and I love those cartoons:)

Hi Stella & Mavis!

Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…from The Blogging
Mastermind Comment Tribe’s page. 🙂

WHOA, You 2 are bringing it in such a HUGE way. KUDOs to both
of you for this value packed interview…I’m LOVIN’ it.

Are you members of TribePro yet? I am.

Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

Hi Steven:

Thank you so much for returning to my blog. I am most grateful.

I’m glad you liked the interview. I’m in Tribepro already – good to know you are too.

Once again, thanks for coming around – I’ll be at your blog some time later:)

Wow! Amazing tips from an amazing woman who has had amazing achievements! I reacted just like you did, Stella. Mavis had already shared so much, but to think of all the secrets left to be touched upon in the Underground Blogging Secrets.

I have really learned a lot from Mavis, just being in touch with her in a commenting tribe, but I loved reading the tips she laid out more directly here. I have to admit, I’m intimidated by her important point about posting more often! =P But if Mavis says it’s important, then it’s important!!

Thanks so much for hosting this interview, Stella! =)

Hey Sam, it’s always a pleasure seeing you around.

I’m glad that we’re both fans of Mavis. She’s go big at giving – look at the depth of information she gave in the interview and I was shocked (but liked it:) that she lowered the price of her blogging secrets product – so many bloggers can afford it.

Lol (about that frequency of posting) – I do not post too often but now that I have reduced the load on working my blog backend (business), I’ll be doing about once a week then move up to twice (one tutorial style and 1 light reading). My personal take is to find a schedule that suits your flow at the moment – so that you’ll just not be posting for the sake of posting often. I see a lot of blogs that post daily but often not much contents that a reader can truly use to improve on something or take action.

Once you have an online business plan, and have a content development plan with list of posts building up, develop them to your best ability where each post can give a readers an ‘aha moment’ to better understand something or get fully informed or entertained – not half information. Post when you have value to give and don’t ehen you do not. You may start with once in 2 weeks posting, then as you start flowing more, move to once a week and… Don’t sweat it is my own take on this. I personally see some of my best bloggers I have learnt the most from, post bi-weekly and weekly. Instead of posting daily and go dry, spread your best contents over a CONSISTENT schedule.

Thanks again for your interesting contribution. Your latest post title looks interesting – I’ll be over these soon to read:)

Mavis is definitely a generous lady! =)

I like your take on posting frequency — i.e., posting for value and not just for the sake of posting. Right now, I’ve made a commitment to post twice a week whereas I was posting only weekly before. Being a part of blogging groups really helps keep me accountable.

Love being in touch, Stella! =)

Hey Sam, I agree, Mavis is generous with giving what she knows, and that’s good.

You’re right – being in blogging communities helps keep one accountable to step up the plate:). Twice a week is a sweet spot and won’t easily burn you out. That’s my plan also as soon as I get done with a few backend stuff. I’m sure you’ll start seeing some spike in traffic as a result. Hope you’re learning basic SEO with respect to writing posts – just basic (to help increase search traffic).

Sure, I love it too – keeping in touch:)

Thank you so much Stella sharing this interview of Mavis. I have picked up a few good tips I will use. I really love reading other peoples success stories. Have a great weekend.

Hey Tim, I’m so glad that you could find time to visit my blog. I appreciate that.

I’m glad you found some usable blogging tips you can implement. I too, like you, love reading other people’s success stories – helps to shove a deal of time (months, years) off one’s learning curve. Even a single critical mistake revealed from another blogger can help achieve success faster than struggling alone to figure it all out.

Thanks, once again for reading. I love the richness of your contribution to the discussion:)

Good questions asked Stella, thanks for sharing your interview with Mavis.
She has definitely made a name for herself quickly online.

Thank you, Alex. I’m thrilled that you like the interview questions.

You’re right, Mavis has done so well for herself so quickly and is her blogging success blueprint and revelations in this interview is worth implementing by any serious beginner or intermediate level blogger.

Thanks for reading Alex. BTW, I’m a huge fan of your blog and BRP (build-rank-profit). Great stuff! Will be over to read your latest post:) Enjoy your day!

Hi Stella and Mavis,

“Simply put, if you want to receive abundantly, then you need to give endlessly.”

Awesome quote. Sums it all up. Give freely, receive generously. Make an impact wherever you go. Leave thoughtful comments on blogs and social networking sites. Add value whenever you can.

Be persistent in sticking with these strategies. Over time, people see you as being all over the place, your rep grows and your brand is built one connection, comment, one interaction at a time.

Thanks for sharing with us guys. Enjoy your weekend!


Hey my friend, Ryan:

Always feels good seeing you around and reading your insights (in the comments area).

I agree – giving is the beginning and end of successful blogging or internet marketing. Mavis is an example of a great giver – look at the depth of contents she churns out at her blog consistently.

Thanks for adding that critical advice to this discussion – a must, for entrepreneurs (on/ offline).

Love the title of your latest post – will be over at your blog to read.

Hey Mavis, you’re welcome – interviewing you was fun and OMG you revealed so much blogging success secrets – more than I anticipated.

Proves what Ryan Biddulph (comment here) said about giving.

You too enjoy your weekend:)

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