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Hi there – it’s my pleasure to have you come by my blog today. I am going to tell you about me and this blog but before I do that I’d like you to know that the purpose of this blog is to empower you, with  relevant useful information with tips and advice in an easy to understand way, to build the online business of your dreams from your passion – so that you can make more money and have more spare time to live the life of your dreams.

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Who Am I?

My name is Stella Anokam and my professional background is in Project Management and Business Consulting. I have assisted public sector organizations as well as small and medium sized private sector businesses to develop strategies and projects to strengthen the organisations people, processes and technology.  To learn more about my professional background, you may want to check out my LinkedIn profile by clicking here: Stella Anokam Professional Background.

This page is for you to know “About Me” and how this blog can help you achieve your small business goals. Because this blog exists first because of you, I’ll tell you about my journey last. Fair enough?

About This Internet Strategic Marketing Tips Blog – It’s All About You, the Reader

This blog is a free marketing-resource centre where I catalogue online marketing tips, resources, knowledge and information for small and home business entrepreneurs.  This blog publishes “what’s working now” internet marketing tips in a simplified manner that is easy for anyone to understand.

Whenever I write online marketing and internet business start-up tips on this blog or other websites, I always want to write for my former self, in a way that I would have wanted to have complete information on any online marketing topic, knowing that there is someone out there who is where I used to be. I always want to pay back the time and value that I got from other people and other blogs, and I hope to make it easier for you by giving you an A-Z guide every time, as the internet is full of information that can get anyone overwhelmed. I always though “if only I got a detailed online start-up information from a few places…”.

I read so many blog posts, so many books and so many newsletters before I put together a start-up plan and checklist for myself and made a start. My aim is to provide you with as much complete A-Z guides as I can so that you can save time looking around for how-tos, and if you ever have any questions or concerns or need more help, please know that I am here for you. I want to help you succeed, just as other people have helped me to get here.

This blog is all about you – the reader. My aim is to provide you with as much useful and relevant marketing tips and information as possible to start, support and grow the business of your dreams.

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Value Proposition – StellaAnokam.Com

If you are looking for information on how to open a small business or grow it to the next level for consistent profits, you are in the right place.  I bring to the table my experience, skills, knowledge and abilities from years of consulting, designing new small business ideas/strategies and managing projects for small and medium sized businesses, and I hope to use those to also help you increase success in your own online business.

Here you will find free online business tips, advice, eBooks and  more on:

My Internet Business eBooks and Special Gifts for You

I have written a couple of eBooks and reports targeted at strengthening the knowledge, skills and abilities of start-up and existing Online Business entrepreneurs and marketers. I have made most of these eBooks free for the public – some are exclusively for the subscribers of this blog.

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Passion to Profits Blueprint: A Complete Guide for starting an online business from scratch and zero budget; Includes chapters on Getting Traffic, building lists, 30 Days plan for making your first online income in the next 30 days and more

Personal Development Planning for Online Business Owners – Essential for Speedy Growth

Peak Productivity Secrets of Top MarketersGreat tips for producing 80% work and income in 20% of time.

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How Being Part of This Blog’s Learning Community Can Benefit You and Your Business

Again, this blog is all for you – what you want to learn and read.  If there’s any information you desire to read here and you don’t find here, do not hesitate to bring it to my attention.

Here are some of the benefits that I promise to work with you to achieve in your business:
  • Increase  revenues from marketing and business – as a result of increased knowledge and skills of online marketing and profit making strategies
  • Faster time to market your website and make sales
  • Decreased cost of doing business from imbibing peak productivity strategies
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased volume of buying subscribers, from skills in traffic generation and closing the sales
  • Improved customer experience and number of repeat buyers

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This Blog’s Raison D’etre: My Journey to Starting An Online Business Tips Blog

From my high school days, I was always interested in business and commerce. As a college student, I started a small trading business to support my living expenses. All through my college life, I worked on vacations and this contributed to my gaining more knowledge about business operations.

I have also been in Network Marketing –  joined two different Network Marketing companies within a span of five years but I failed woefully in both. You know the usual drills – “join, it’s easy – we have trainings”.  I did not quite like the idea of being on the chase for new leads and trying to force-prospect every friend and family and I started searching for alternative marketing strategies that would put my business in front of interested people and allow them to pre-sell themselves and join my business.

That was how I accidentally bumped into Ann Sieg’s eBooks – “Attraction Marketers Manifesto”, “Renegade Network Marketer” and “The 7 Greatest Lies of Network Marketing”. After reading each eBook, I grabbed the other and the other because it clearly related to my situation and present frustrations to market my business just the way I was taught to do it – which was not working for me.

…And Then The Teacher Showed Up

Jim Rohn said “when the student is ready, the teacher will show up”. That was my case.

While reading Ann Sieg’s eBooks, I started to understand that I needed to start “Attraction Marketing” and using a “mass communication” medium like a blog to reach “interested prospects” who would find me by themselves. This new marketing method appealed to me, especially because I liked to teach what I knew to others and I loved to write.

Down the line, I also read another great eBook – Magnetic Sponsoring – by Mike Dillard which further increased my knowledge of attraction marketing and explained the missing gap “why many people fail in Network Marketing” – because they run out of their own cash while marketing their businesses. I learnt how the concept of “Funded Proposal” all I needed to keep afloat and generate income from affiliate marketing while my small home business takes shape.

Then I started looking to learn more about effective, alternative and sustainable marketing methods that are “working now” for small home based businesses. I took webinars and online marketing courses including the “Renegade University’s Attraction Marketing email Course” which gave me further insights on how to start – that I needed to have an online presence.  I also learnt from Mike Klingler, the lead coach, how to start branding myself online by starting a blog.

Somewhere along the line, I heard about Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising on some of the blogs and newsletters I subscribed to. The concept was made so easy and that it was the easiest and most effective way to market a business online.

Thanks to Mike Klingler’s lessons – he was so strong about starting off with Content Marketing to develop a personal brand and starting a blog as a hub for one’s business.

At the time I was reading, soaking and sponging knowledge from several blogs and newsletters, most was Mike Klingler’s contents on his blog and his Hub pages.  At this time, I also read the Google Switch eBook by Jim Yaghi and David Schwind; on Google Switch Facebook Page there was a testimonial by a gentleman named Charles Hubner where Charles reported how he made $30,000 in 24 hours by implementing the strategies Google Switch Traffic Blueprint eBook (which taught strategies to get free organic traffic to any website or blog).

I emailed Charles and he gave me very detailed explanation about why it was important and expedient to start a blog, and he made me understand that if I must succeed in Online Business I needed to learn marketing first – that the priority was not “what to sell or what Network Marketing company to join”. He emailed me some questions that bothered around Interest and Passion for the line of business I was promoting – and he said that was critical in success too.

How I gave up the idea of starting out with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising? Charles Hubner asked me to write a scale of what I needed to to in my business and PPC was before blogging. That was where he redirected me – pointing to me the power of contents in lead generation, citing the article he wrote (using Google Switch strategies) that brought him $3000 from 1 day sale from readers and continues to bring him sales – one time effort.  At the he encouraged me to become a premium member of Association of Better Networkers and start writing articles there. I did.

An encounter with this gentleman whom I have never met was a turnaround moment for me – all the lessons and questions he asked gave me deep thoughts and insights and I am thankful to Charles for encouraging me to start this blog sooner than I could have.  Thanks also for the eBook and all the on-on-one remote guidance.

That is the story of what led to this blog.

Now, I’m Paying It Forward For You

You just read how a gentleman that I have never met before paid it forward for me – gave me valuable one-on-one email lessons, time and guide to point me in the right direction, for free.

This blog is my own way to pay it forward for someone else, and hopefully there are tons of people out there who are looking for direction and answers to a marketing method that is working for others – if you are the one, then this blog is for you.

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Let’s Stay Connected

Occasionally, I share quick, time-sensitive business and personal development tips and updates through social media websites and I am sure you’d not want to miss them.

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How to Contact Me

I want to read your comments on the posts here – feel free to tell me the posts that you like most and the ones that you don’t; I want to know the topics that you would like me to write more about. I also want to know how you think I can help you succeed in your business.

Feel free to reach me in the comments area of the posts.

Alternatively, if you want to you can contact me by email, fill the short form in the contact form by clicking here: Contact Stella Anokam. I usually respond within 48 hours.

Your Turn Now – Tell Me About You

I want to get to know you too – what you do and how I can be of help to your success. I have a special place on this blog for you to do just that, so go there right now and let me know who you are and what you do.  You can also use that space to freely promote your business – click here to promote yourself on StellaAnokam.Com

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