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Online Outsourcing Guide To Finding Good Freelancers At Fiverr

Micro-jobs Online Outsourcing Strategies: How To Find the Best Fit Fiverr Virtual Assistant To Outsource Internet Marketing Tasks

fiverr outsourcing guide - featured post imageDo you know how to outsource at Fiverr for a really cheap but quality Virtual Assistant (VA)? You’ll discover exactly that in this post – how to outsource at Fiverr in over 10 steps.

Being a solopreneur is not an excuse to NOT succeed in your online business or blogging. You have the same ‘must complete tasks’ as someone with your size of business delegating tasks to an outsourced Virtual Assistant (VA). Is time freedom one of the reasons you decided to go solo as an internet marketer/ blogger? Then do what wildly successful online businesses are doing (outsourcing) in order to stop living a JOB and start building a real business that delivers always on time. As you know, it’s time against you and how much business tasks you complete on time lead to how much money you make.

In two previous blog posts about online marketing service outsourcing, we discussed various places (and rates) you can get cheap, affordable Fiverr Virtual Assistant to outsource some of your blogging and online marketing tasks. We also covered the common internet marketing tasks that other internet marketers outsource at Fiverr (elsewhere too) and we looked at lists of popular outsourced internet marketing and blogging business tasks to Fiverr Virtual Assistant, with screenshots.

This Guide Will Show You How to Get The Right-Fit Online Freelancer That Will Do Your Outsourced Tasks EXACTLY How and When You Want It.

This follow-up post is a complete, definitive guide to finding and hiring the best Fiverr Virtual Assistant (VA) or freelancer to outsource any blogging or internet marketing task to. In this post you’ll find tips to get good quality Fiverr freelancers and outsourced jobs at Fiverr (or anywhere at all) as well as tips to ensure that what the internet business task you outsource is exactly what you’ll get, and many tips to prevent getting undesirable results any time you outsource part of you business jobs to a Virtual Assistant at Fiverr.

Before we go on further, I’d like to let you know that Fiverr is not scam. Fiverr is an online outsourcing hub, like any other outsourcing site out there.  People have good and bad outsource experiences daily at every single outsourcing site, even with offline, face-to-face outsource jobs and office and home delegation. So, bad cases of outsourcing is not a thing of Fiverr as a place but associated with the two parties – the Virtual Assistant and the outsourcer. Sometimes the outsourcer is to blame  for not getting exact output from outsourced jobs because they either do not provide clear requirements definition to an outsourced Virtual Assistant or they are not well informed first on what to avoid and how to find good Virtual Assistant, before they ever embark on outsourcing one  anywhere at all (such as oDesk, eLance and Fiverr Clone sites).

This post covers all that and more on getting the best-fit, capable outsource Fiverr Virtual Assistant (VA) or freelancer. So, hold your breath, sit tight and let’s roll…:)

A Step By Step Definitive Guide On How To Find A Fiverr Virtual Assistant That Will Deliver Exactly The Job You Want, How You Want It

Even in an office, when you give clear instructions and specifics to how you want the output, you will get your staff giving you exactly what you want. Same in families – if you want a child to do a task for you the way you want it, you should give detailed specifications of what you want and how you want it, sometimes writing down your specifications.  That saves both parties a whole lot of trouble. If you apply this same principle to outsourcing at Fiverr, you will get satisfied outputs and the Fiverr Virtual Assistant (VA) will be happy they served you right.

To help you enjoy every outsourcing project you start, here are the 10 Steps To Getting Expected Outputs From Work Outsourced At Fiverr:

fiverr find freelancer - search job category1. Use Familiar, Tried and Tested Fiverr Virtual Assistant

Chances are if someone had good results and experience from a freelancer at Fiverr, you are likely to get your outsourced work done to your expectation, from the same freelancer. Use freelancers that others have tried and tested. Ask your blogging buddies or other marketers if they have any freelancer that has delivered on the promise, for them.

online fiverr outsource guide - search sort job ratings2. Search For a Fiverr Business Service Provider

Fiverr has a search box where you can type a phrase for the kind of outsourced job you are looking for. You may also want to search through Fiverr categories of popular outsourced jobs. Note that you can also search by category.

3. Sort Search Results of Advertised Fiverr Jobs By Top Ratings or Popularity

After searching a phrase, next thing is to sort that search page either by ratings or popularity. Sort by popularity and/ or ratings because that weeds out the Fiverr providers who have not been tried and tested by lots of people. Going with the highly rated providers (among the most popular) reduces your risks of not getting your outsourced work exactly how you want it.

4. Tell-tale Signs That You Are Likely To Get Satisfied Results From Fiverr Freelance Service Providers

After sorting and opening a Fiverr Virtual Assistant’s advertisement page, look for proofs and more proofs of previous, similar work done and read customer feedback (you’ll see some complaints of not satisfied with work done).

  • Go With The Popular but confirm their user ratings: Check for proof of customer satisfaction – from their walls, you’ll see feedbacks and comments from previous users.  Each Fiverr gig has feedback and ratings from previous buyers – ensure to go with popular service providers by further looking at:
  • What to look out for in Fiverr Virtual Assistants’ Advert Pages: You’ll be looking for the following proofs and indicators for the capability and previous customer feedback:
    • Percentage thumbs up / down number
    • Percentage thumbs down
    • Estimated days to complete advertised Fiverr Job
    • Origin (Country) of  Fiverr outsource job provider (this is in form of thFiverr finding virtual assistant - finding a popular gig or jobe National flag, on the search results page, as illustrated in the image). When you hover yoour mouse around the flag image, you should see the name of the country display on the screen.
    • Volume of Jobs on Queue: This indicates the fiverr business service provider’s current workload and this can be found at the top right hand corner of the business service providers page. Although it’s a good sign that a service provider has a healthy patronage, an indication that people are getting satisfied with their outsourced jobs output, however you need to confirm that this workload would not impact on a completion they agreed with you.
    • Buyers’ experience feedback: Number of buyers who rated and number who liked (this is found just below the Fiverr outsourcer’s advert) Facebook likes (count)Time interval between the feedbacks from customers
    • Confirm if the Fiverr service provider interacts with buyers in the feedback area (great if you find one that does)
    • Are there duplicate names in feedback? (I noticed that in the feedback of some top ratfiverr outsource virtual assistant - jobs on queueed Fiverr freelancers, there were lots of duplicate voting and ratings by the same people, and this bump counted to their high votes. Look out for this sign when you read the customers feedback and avoid using any Fiverr Virtual Assistant you discover did this or use them at your own risk.
    • Duration promised to deliver: You’ll see this at the top of every providers page. Confirm if this estimated timeline matches your own expected completion time (note that some ‘ethical’ Fiverr freelancers, when they have a handful of outsourced work leave a notice on their page, that they are not collecting more work until they complete work at hand);
    • Whatever internet marketing outsourcing website you decide to use, Fiverr.Com or another outsourcing hub, be surfiverr find Virtual Assistant - sample customer service user feedbacke to look through their profile, experience, sample works (if available); what other customers (of theirs) are saying – feedback and ratings by service users of every single Virtual Assistant you are reviewing. In this kind of matter, the wisdom of the crowd will keep you away from experiencing undesirable outsourcing outcomes.

5. When to Request and Choose (Crowd-sourcing) Among Fiverr Virtual Assistants

If after searching, you do not find anything close to the type of job you want to outsource at Fiverr, then you shoould request for it using the “request a Fiverr gig” feature. Your request will be published on the Fiverr home page side bar so that you will be contacted by a ‘crowd’ of interested outsourced service providers. Then you will have the opportunity to crowd-source among many responses (from Fiverr Virtual Assistants).

6. Contact and Confirm A Virtual Assistant’s Capability

Although this is going an extra mile, but you may want to do this. Beforfiverr outsource guide - suggest jobs request gigse outsourcing to a Fiverr Virtual Assistant, contact the Fiverr freelancer first to request for samples of previous works (proofs), permission to contact 2 or 3 previous clients (for confirmation) and finally confirm that freelancer’s availability within the time-frame you want your job completed;

7. Define / Specify Your Requirements Clearly To A Fiverr Virtual Assistant

In project management, requirements specification is key to getting the job done how you want it and when you want it. The mistake that most people make is that they do not specify their own specific requirements to a Fiverr freelancer or a virtual assistant, assuming the freelancer knows exactly what they want. They simply order and expect their packaged completed jobs. Remember that no 2 orders are the same – there must be a little specifics you want in yours, different from the general way others want their own. So, in this step you will write a simple list of exactly what you want the Fiverr freelancer to do and the exact output (tangible or intangible) that you want to get as the final product of your $5 job. Example is “I want a drawing of a red car, with thyroid wheels and in canvas, in 200 X 500 dimension… I want it by May 20, 2011. Let me know if you can deliver all those at the specified date.” etc note that it did not say I want a drawing of ‘a car’. Lesson here is to always explain what you want done and make no assumptions that the freelancer knows – even if they may ‘read your mind’.

8. Clarify Your Specific Needs In Writing To The Virtual Assistant – No Assumptions

Whether you find your type of outsourcing project listed or you requested for your own Fiverr gig (i.e. outsourced job), the only guarantee that you will get close to what you have in mind is that you provide the Fiverr freelancer with a written ‘requirement specification’.

fiverr finding service provider - fiverr user protection policyBe very specific and clear in defining what you want the Fiverr freelancer to do for you and confirm by asking him/ her again.  Sometimes people are not aware that they gave orders in a way that sent out different meanings. You may want to give the freelancer a sample or tangible idea of the output you want. Send this as a message via the provider’s Fiverr page;

  • This kind of checklist of exact requirement helps the Fiverr freelancer to check off requirements met until completion
  • It serves as a sort of contact note for both parties
  • Helps you to pin-point a list item that was not done and refer to your email/ message on the requirements and asking for completion
  • If you did not hand any Fiverr Virtual Assistant a requirements checklist, you have no business harassing them for “not reading your mind”

9. Clarify Guarantee Offering By A Prospective Virtual Assistant

Anything may go wrong, so get a guarantee. What will happen if specified outsourced work is not done as specified or not completed when needed? Agree mutually with the Fiverr freelancer. Fiverr has a policy to report or so – check…  – will s/he give a refund? Will he complete remaining work? Agree mutually on this pat before starting work. Now, this area of ensuring to get outsourcers’ requirements met is the reason why some Fiverr Virtual Assistants are making lots of money – getting return bulk orders. The serious freelancers on Fiverr know this – so look out for them.

10. Avoid Rush Orders From Fiverr Virtual Assistants

Unforseen events and acts of God may happen and cause delayed completion to your outsourced project.

Fiverr outsource guide - user protection policyYou should always put this into consideration in order to manage expectation and avoid sudden surprise and likely heart attack. One of the things that good project managers do is to add slack time to every single task’s scheduled time. That means if a job will take 2 days (estimated), add a slack of about 2 days. Avoid ordering for an outsourced job just close to when you need it – whether your outsourced a mico-job at Fiverr, Fiverr clone sites or anywhere at all.

11. Use Good Fiverr Freelancers Again

Retain and reuse the outsourcing services of any Fiverr freelancer who provided you satisfactory services – use them again and again (remember the saying, ‘the devil you know is safer than the angel you don’t know). Do you know that internet marketers and bloggers who take the precautionary steps outlined in this small business outsourcing guide have gone on to find and hire reliable Virtual Personal Assistants (VAs) in the Fiverr outsource freelancers they used satisfactorily.

12. Read and Be Familiar With Fiverr Terms of Service and User Protection Policy

This is located on the right hand side inside the Fiverr User protection link. Ensure to be informed and familiar with your Fiverr user rights and boundaries – that can go a lot to saving you a lot of headaches and making your experience with your Fiverr Virtual Assistant a smooth one.

13. Report Disputes Officially to Fiverr If Not Settled With Outsourced Service Provider

According to Fiverr’s Terms of Use: “Disputes should be handled using Fiverr’s dispute resolution tools (‘Got Problems?’ in the order page) or by contacting Fiverr customer support”.

14. Make all Dealings and Communications Within Fiverr

This one is critical if you want to be covered under Fiverr’s User protection policy. Keep all communications and dealings with your Fiverr Virtual Assistant within Fiverr.

In Closing…

Although the benefits of outsourcing work  and internet marketing tasks to a Fiverr Virtual Assistant cheap, far outweigh the disadvantages, yet some internet marketers have had ugly, undesirable experiences with outsourcing tasks to freelancers. However, others have also had sweet experiences and relationships with their Virtual Assistants. For example, I read one of (super affiliate) Matt Carter’s posts where he mentioned that some Virtual Assistance he hired 4 years ago for the first time, continue to work with him to date.

With adequate information you can learn how to find the best-fit personal Virtual Assistant for any internet marketing task and how to avoid the common mistakes that other people have experience while outsourcing to a personal Virtual Assistant (VA) at Fiverr or any other place.  The truth is that if done wrongly (that is, without adequate information), the cost of outsourcing (time, financial and emotional drains) can out-weigh the benefits. The best way to avoid outsourcing pitfalls and start off right is to get advice and resources from people who are successfully practicing outsourcing in their internet marketing business – so that you can learn from their mistakes (you don’t have to make yours) and shortcut secrets.

No matter where you outsource, whether at Fiverr or elsewhere – no matter the cost you paid to hire to a personal Virtual Assistant, without taking some simple precautionary measures, you may still get outsourcing gone bad.

The over 10 steps outsourcing strategy shared in this post is based on best practices in project management and they always work, offline or offline, even in an office setup when delegating work to staff (including Virtual Staff or VAs). Ensure to use those steps to always get any business tasks done for you how you want it and when you want it.

Do you know that this is the third in the series of creative ways to use outsourcing to achieve our business and income goals faster?

*More Posts On Starting Small and Home Business Outsourcing For Bloggers and Online Marketers:

Be sure to read the previous small and home business online outsourcing guide posts, if you have not read them. They were carefully written to ensure that you have adequate information about online outsourcing, trending types of online business tasks most marketers are outsourcing, secrets to purchasing your best online business outsourcing jobs and how to go about starting to outsource projects to virtual staff and mico-jobs freelancers.  You can still read the posts, here are the links below:

What Do You Think About This How To Outsource Right On Fiverr Guide?

Is there any vital tip I missed in this ‘how to outsource at Fiverr in over 10 steps’? Do you have any measures or precautions you take to ensure that you find the best from an outsourced work from Fiverr freelancers? Share it with us.= in the comments area.

What do you think about my over 10 steps to outsourcing right at Fiverr or any micro-job site? Have you outsourced before or are you considering doing so soon?  Whatever your thoughts are, give us a chance to listen to your comments. Hey, how else will I be sure that you were here:)

Finally, thanks for taking the time to read this Online Outsourcing Guide To Finding Good Business Services Personal Virtual Assistant At Fiverr. I really enjoyed writing this guide just for you.

I’ll see you at the comments side.



How to Make a Fortune Online Promoting Other People’s Affiliate Products


Do you promote other people’s product, as part of your online income generation strategies? Are you making money yet from your blogging or online business?

Today’s post is a contribution by a top earning internet marketer who I have a lot of respect for and have really learnt so much from, He is no other than  Jimmy D. Brown, creator of  “The Copy System”. In this post, Jimmy D. Brown share affiliate marketing tipss, from over 10 years experience on 7 ways to make a fortune online, from promoting other people’s affiliate product. Read on…

How to Make A Money Online Promoting Other People’s Affiliate Products

There must be a reason why some affiliates succeed and some fail, a reason why some affiliates profit moderately and some affiliates profit substantially.

There must be a reason.  There is.

And that reason is this: “super” affiliates start, sustain and strengthen relationships with subscribers.

It begins and ends with a list. Even a small one can be a powerful, profitable mechanism if you follow these 7 guidelines…

1. Capture The Opt-In First

Instead of sending traffic directly to your affiliate link, send them to YOUR site where you offer some kind of list for them to join. (Hint: Mini-course works best) Once you have them on a list, they become an asset. If you send them directly to an affiliate page and they don’t buy, they’re gone forever.

On your list, you can follow-up with them indefinitely.

Note: You can even redirect them to your affiliate link AFTER they join your list, effectively getting them where you wanted them to go in the first place.

2. Differentiate The Offer

Instead of sending out the same, tired, lame advertisement that every other affiliate in the world sends out, write your own.

Trust me when I say that many people find it OFFENSIVE when they receive two dozens duplicate emails from two dozen list owners all promoting the exact same thing in the exact same way.

And even if they don’t find it offensive, it’s not as effective if you simply rinse and repeat what everyone else is doing.

3. Speak From Experience

This is one way you can differentiate…

Nothing – nothing – nothing speaks louder than RESULTS. If you want to lose a few pounds, who do you turn to? Someone who is still struggling with their own weight or someone you’ve seen

drop 35 pounds? Exactly.

The way you make your mailings / ads different is you speak from your own personal experience. This product or service that you are promoting as an affiliate, how has it been useful to you

personally? What results have you personally achieved? When you used it, what happened?

Note: If you haven’t personally used the product, then shame on you for trying to make a quick buck from it hocking it to others!

4. Offer A Compelling Incentive

Another way to be different – and to dramatically increase your chances of getting a sale as an affiliate – is to offer some kind of compelling incentive if someone buys the offer through YOUR referral link. Whether it’s a special report or access to an audio recording, personalized consultation or advertising, a private training call or existing products and services, this can be a highly effective method of converting fence-setters into paying customers.

In order for it to work well, it must be UNIQUE (I.E. You’re the only one making the offer) and USEFUL (I.E. Something of great perceived value to the reader).

Note: Don’t have anything to offer? Don’t worry! There are many ways to easily obtain extra incentives: conduct an interview, hire a ghost-writer to create articles / reports for you, buy reprint rights to other products, assemble a bunch of free articles and other resources into a private access site, etc.

5. Look For Residual Opportunities

Rather than exhaust your efforts on purchases that give you a one-time commission, why not make the most of your marketing by looking firstly for offers that pay out ONGOING monthly commissions for your referred sales?

There are many different residual income generating services such as membership sites (ranging from PT Cruisers to weight loss), stock photos and clipart, hosting, autoresponders, databases (from hiking trails to sermon outlines) online magazines and a variety of other subscription based opportunities that reward you with monthly recurring commissions.

While you definitely want a mix of types of affiliate programs to promote, your priority should be in identifying and promoting those services and programs that will pay you month after month,

instead of only one time.

6. Build A Sales Army

One of the biggest untapped sources of income in any list is that of “turning subscribers into partners”. In other words, find those on your list who are interested in making money and

provide them with training and materials to promote affiliate programs as well.

This has a two-fold advantage for YOU:

  • First, if you find 2-tier affiliate programs, you can get your subscribers to join the program through your referral. Anytime they get a sale, you’ll earn a commission as well. You effectively get free commissions from their effort.
  • Secondly, you can use their efforts to build your own assets. For example: If you provide them with a 10-page report to give away to promote their affiliate link, you can include a page in the report promoting YOUR list! You effectively get free subscribers from their effort.

7. Monetize Multiple Streams

As your own list continues to grow, you certainly want to diversify in your offerings. (Not to the point of bombarding your list with offers every day of course!)

  • Promote other affiliate programs.
  • Create your own products. (Even short ten dollar reports will earn profit!)
  • Establish joint ventures.
  • Co-author products.
  • Cross promote.
  • Conduct surveys.

There you have it – how to make money online promoting other people’s affiliate products. I hope you enjoyed reading and will take action on the above 7 online money making methods.

If you really want to make a fortune from doing business online, a smart move would be to be familiar with other methods of making money online. This post, in the make money online strategies series will be a perfect tutorial for you: 9 simple yet effective steps to making money online while blogging. Be sure to read it.

  • Jimmy D. Brown is the author of “The Copy System”, that teaches you how to create big-time affiliate commission checks in only 1-3 hours each week. Discover how you can get cash in the bank without a website, experience or even an idea!  Click to visit Jimmy D. Brown’s “Copy System” website.

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Comment: Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your footprint (comment) here – how else would I know you came and you read?

I’ll see you in the comments side.


Yours in making a fortune online,




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Be Social Be Rich – Social Networking Expert, Martha Giffen, Talks About How Small Businesses Can Profit Financially From Their Social Networks [Interview]


[Interview] Author and Social Media Networking for Business Expert, Martha Giffen, Talks About Effective Ways Bloggers and Small Online Home Businesses Can Profit Financially From Their Social Networks

martha giffen - be social be rich authorToday, I’m honored to have on the interview, one of the brightest blogging and social media business networking minds I’ve ever met in the blogosphere. She is marvelous Martha Giffen of MarthaGiffen.Com. Martha is one of those people that just leave unforgettable, positive impression the first time you come across them.

Martha is a social media and networking diva; she talks social media networking and also walks the talk – you’ll soon discover why and how she does those. Martha Giffen is not new online and has been strategically utilizing the thrust of her social networks and social media to build a successful business online, pretty fast and successfully too.

Martha Giffen, a best-selling author of various business building books, has built a successful business using social networking to connect with people “one person at a time.”  A popular blogger with a large following, Martha dishes out plenty of southern charm as she helps entrepreneurs build their own lucrative businesses using her proven formula to Be Social Be Rich!

If you know Martha or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll  quickly recognize the subtle manner that she uses to engage people in her social network. One thing that also caught my attention is how Martha manages to use her social networking skills offline to get across to big names like Joe Vitale, Pat O’Bryan, Connie Regan Green, Warren Whitlock, Christina Hills to name a few.

Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way To Endless Profits

Martha Giffen recently released a new addition to her business building book series on Amazon, titled “Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!” In this book, Martha takes you by the hand, step by step, through the exact technique and steps she is using to grow leverage her social network to make more financial profit in her business. By the way, this is not Martha’s first book – she has co-authored many books with big industry names and co-authored the popular ‘Money From Anywhere’ book, also on Amazon.

You may want to know that Martha literally shook Amazon’s servers on the book launch day, as her new book ‘Be Social Be Rich’ was ranking number 2 in the home business category. Remember, I told you Martha really knows how to work her social network to convert to profits – see why she is the best person to teach us what’s working for her in social media /networking for business.

Note: By the way, you may want to check out Martha’s new business social networking book at Amazon by clicking here: Be Social Be Rich.

Stella: I’m honored to have today, on the ‘hot seat’,  marvellous Martha Giffen. Martha, welcome to the interview and thank you so much for taking time off your busy schedule to talk to use today about how to  become better at social networking and how to make financial profit from networking rightly.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Martha, can you tell us a little about you and what you do (business) Plus a little about how/ why you started social networking?

Thanks Stella!  I’m a work-at home business woman and what I do is online marketing.  I sell digital products and services online.  Social networking was a good “fit” for me because I am a “people” person.  Connecting with others just comes naturally to me.

What is the big idea behind ‘Be Social Be Rich’ and why/ how did you come about title? (By the way, I think it’s pretty cool).

The big idea is that anyone can learn social networking.  Those skills can be used to increase your bottom line but also to enrich the quality of your life. People are relational.  Once you discover that’s the secret, then you need to know exactly where to go and how to connect with others.

The title is an interesting story.  Several years ago, I made a conscious decision to live an “inspired” life.  That simply means, when I hear inspiration, I act on it.  In this case, I actually “heard” the title Be Social Be Rich, immediately went and bought the domain name and turned my knowledge into a book.  It’s incredible really.  The title was a gift from above!

Talk about grabbing an opportunity by the horn. Tell us, how would you define ‘social media’ and ‘social network’ and why are they so important for any business of today?

Well, social media refers to the platforms that you use to get your message out.  Such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.  Your social network consists of the people in your sphere or tribe.  You have to use the social media platforms to increase your network. The importance?  The size of your network will determine the size of your netWORTH.

How does wealth (being rich) relate to being social, looking at the title of your book – that’s the first thing that comes to mind? Are there any personal or business experiences where the title of this book came to pass for you?

be social be rich book download - martha giffenThe first thing that comes to my mind is Twitter.  I met people I would NEVER have come in contact with through Twitter.  I found that people who were further up the food chain (than I was) were glad to engage in conversation, especially if I asked direct questions.  This led to a larger network for me and subsequently to opportunities. Those opportunities (book deals, JV partners, affiliates) all led to riches.

Is the book about offline social networking, online social networking or both or social media?

I talk about both in the book and here’s why:  Networking is networking.  You want to meet and connect with as many people as possible because you never know where your next opportunity will come from. It could be from a referral of a referral!  The main offline place for me to meet like-minded people is seminars.  I totally endorse going to at least one seminar a year.

Are there any situation where the title of this book may not hold true? I mean is it possible for someone to have a large social network but yet not able to leverage the network to increase the business or personal net worth (and money making)? Can you educate us more on that?

If you are in business, you are trying to earn profits.  There is only one way to do that and that’s by people purchasing your products or services.  The bigger the network and connections, the more likely you are to meet potential customers. At some point, you DO have to ask for the order!  Having a large network won’t do you any good if nobody knows you have anything to sell. Right?

You’re right, Martha. Can anyone, anyone at all, master the art and use of networking strategically on social media platforms to increase business downline, or are there any skill sets or competencies required to ‘profit’ from using social media as a business?

It is a skill but it can be learned.  That’s what I teach in my book.  The “how-to’s.”

To someone out there who may say that they do not need to learn from a book, how to mingle and grow their social network for financial profiting, what would you advice that person, given that you are a living proof of someone who rode on her social network for rapid business and income success?

Well, if they feel that way, there’s not much we can do to change their minds.  However, I feel that we all have something to learn. Social media is still growing and changing every day.  To master it, you have to stay on top of it.  It’s that simple.

What ways are the common ways that you see entrepreneurs currently wasting time on online social media, that you think is not adding (income) to the bottom-line of their small or home  business?

Great question! Just being on social media platforms won’t do it.  You have to be out there with a purpose.  You need to promote your products, promote for others, and be engaging.  Don’t spend all day chit-chatting on the networks.  That is a time-guzzler and not productive at all.  Decide how much time you want to devote to it and stick with that plan. A few minutes in the morning and afternoon should be enough if you’re doing it right.

Who would you say you were targeting or speaking to in this book “Be Social Be Rich” – what kind of person would benefit the most from the book?

Any business owner trying to get the message out about their product or services. You have to know how to connect with your target market on the social media platforms.  This book is for anyone wanting to learn how to do that.

Social media is a free platform and space that anyone can easily start to use to drive their business. As an expert who has successfully used social media to grow business profits. So, tell us , is there a right and wrong way of using social media, for the purpose of driving business?

Well, of course I think there is!  We’ve all seen the people who are constantly promoting their products.  It gets boring.  People stop listening.  It’s like a constant commercial.  That just doesn’t work.  It’s the engaging with others in conversations that is the key.  But even then, there’s a way to do it in 140 characters!

What are the likely consequences and costs of wrong use of social media in business/ by entrepreneurs?

Well, besides wasted time and energy and loss of profits, it’s really hard to get your audience back if you have gotten started on the wrong foot in the beginning.  That’s why it’s best to learn social networking skills.

What are the big advantages that social media (online) offers for a home or small business that is priceless and cannot be obtained from the print and electronic media?

One word.  Free.  OK, you knew I would say that!  The other advantage?  Your audience is as big as you want it to be.  The internet is global and it never sleeps.  People can buy your products 24/7.  How great is that?

I read somewhere that the new global currency is not paper but relationships. How true is that and if so, how would the lessons inside the book ‘be social be rich’ help any entrepreneur actualize that?

Oh wow, I love that!  People are social creatures.  We long for interaction with others.  I know it’s cliche but people buy from people they know, like, and trust.  You can develop this through the social networks.

Martha, I once mentioned that you’ve got really big social networking big muscles, that was when I saw the line up of big names that are offering bonuses to every buyer of “Be Social Be Rich’. Look at you networking with ease offline with big names like Joe Vitale, Pat O’Bryan, Connie Regan Green, Warren Whitlock and others? How do you do that, and is that one of the things we’ll be learning inside your new book “be social be rich”?

Yes, in “Be Social Be Rich” I tell you exactly how I did it and how you can too!

In what formats is your book, ‘Be Social Be Rich’ available?

Right now, it’s in paperback copy, coming soon to Kindle and audio.

This is not your first book and you have co-authored a couple of other books with some big name authors. What were mistakes that you learned the most from and would want to pass on to a blogger aspiring to publish their own book sometime soon?

In my case, I obsessed about the cover of the book for too long.  I think I spent a month getting it “right.”  In the end, it really didn’t matter and I lost time that could have been spent selling books!  As far as writing, if you are a blogger, you are a writer.  Go for it!

Now that ‘Be social be rich’ has been released, what next on the plate of Martha Giffen – any book tour, speaking tours or something like that?

Yes, I am finalizing a couple of speaking engagements now and guess what?  I’ve started my next book! Stella: At this point, our readers may be wondering how to get a copy of “be social, be rich” – can you tell us

————————————–INTERVIEW END————————————–

“Be Social Be Rich” PLUS Over 14 Extra (Free) “Be Social Be Rich” Bonus Pack

  • be rich be social bonuses - martha giffen
    14 Extra Premium Bonuses With Your Copy of "Be Social Be Rich"

    Pat O’Bryan: How to Use PayPal as Your Merchant Account

  • Michele Scism: “Your Goal Setting Guide”
  • Connie Ragen Green: 10 Steps to Starting an Online Business
  • Warren Whitlock: How You Can Become A Best Selling Author!
  • Karen L. Kay: “Get in the Zone: Focus Praxis Audio Pack”
  • Trapper Sherwood: Learn how to Come Alive and change your thoughts
  • Nicole Dean: PLR Frequently Asked Questions for Bloggers AND Benefits of Attending Live Events
  • Christina Hills: Building a responsive list and how to use autoresponders
  • Michelle Shaeffer: Expressing You: Blogging as a tool to move towards your purpose
  • Melanie Kissell: “Your Digital Body Language For Business Blogging Success”
  • Chuck Pennington: Love Energy Meditation
  • Sheila Atwood: 201 Best Free Web Tools and Resources
  • Trapper Sherwood: Learn how to Come Alive and change your thoughts
  • Deb Augur:YouTube Made Easy

Above is the list of all the awesome bonuses you will get with your purchase of Martha Giffen’s social networking guide for businesses – “Be Social Be Rich”.

How To Get A Copy of “Be Social Be Rich”

By now, I’m sure that you’ve been wondering about how to get your own copy of Martha Giffen’s social networking guide for businesses – “Be Social Be Rich”. It’s available on Amazon at the price of $19.97. You can click below to go directly to the Amazon page of “Be Social Be Rich”:

—>>>>Click To Get Your Copy of “Be Social Be Rich” (Direct to Book Page at Amazon)<<<<—

What Do You Think About Improving Your Social Networking Skills As A Strategy to Make More Money – “Be Social Be Rich”

You heard it from the expert business networker, social networking is different from social media. She said that your network is your networth, and they lead to financial profits – if you know how to find the right network and how to work that network to add value to your bottom-line. That’s what Martha Giffen is teaching us in her book, Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!

These interviews with remarkable bloggers and marketers are so educational and I have enjoyed learning from this week’s expert – Martha Giffen of MarthaGiffen.Com and a serial author of many business books including the newly released “Be Social Be Rich”.

Thanks for being in the ride with us and I hope you also enjoyed learning about social networking essential skills from Martha Giffen.  In the mean time, I’ll want you to do 2 things for me:

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Again, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the comments side.


Yours in building a social network that enriches you,



Blog Commenting For SEO: Commenting On Other Blogs Without Sabotaging Business Productivity

Effective Blog Commenting: Best Practices For SEO and Online Business Productivity

For a blogger, blog commenting (or commenting on other people’s blogs) is a powerful and fast method of build a community of your own loyal readers. Blog commenting advantage and benefits include: to expose a bloggers posts and articles to readers of the host blog (through the link placed at the end of the comments), thus drive blog traffic and build backlinks through blog commenting; increase Page Rank (PR); blog commenting also has SEO and marketing benefits (search engines love blogs with activities) and increase the bloggers’ personal brand.

Commenting on other blogs is one of the effective and easy ways to get other people to find your posts to willingly share them and vote for them in social media sites. Other reasons why bloggers comment on other blogs include: to learn new tips, read latest industry news and   network and build relationships with other bloggers.

Although blog commenting benefits are immense, commenting on blogs can be time consuming, and this could have a negative impact on the overall productivity of a business blogger. Sometimes, a blogger can get carried away in the fun of blog commenting.

Why Every Blogger Needs an Effective Blog Commenting Strategy

Today, I want to share with you some simple steps you can take to develop an SEO blog commenting strategy that fits your own purpose and online business development plan, so that you can be productive with when commenting on other blogs.

In a previous post, I shared the 3 core activities that make the most (80%) impact (income) in any online business but yet only constitute 20% of the entire scheme of things to do in any internet business. To find out what those 3 core online business activities are, click to read: How to Create a Wildly Productive Online Business.

In that post I shared that if you drastically increase your priority and time input on those 3 core activities (to 80%), you can significantly generate more income (because the small things can only but do small damage if you slack on them but the risk of slacking on the 3 big things is very high – low income generation, doing so much but achieving very small results).

If you look at those big 3 core activities we should be spending the most time on, you’d see that blog commenting falls under Traffic. But again it’s only one of the many traffic strategies you may be using, hoping that you have a written down or mind-mapped real life strategy in place for Generating Traffic to your blog.  It’s a good productivity tactics and also helps increase outputs.

A little digression here: if you are yet to develop your own blog traffic strategy, don’t sweat the small stuff – use these simple steps to have a traffic strategy in place:

  • List all the methods you already use/ know or plan to use to get more blog traffic, including blog commenting method;
  • Now go back to that list and assign days of the week you want to do each;
  • Go back to that list again and specify how long you want to spend on each activity in that list.

Now back to setting up a blog commenting strategy /plan, to ensure that you spend time on all 3 big core, divide planned daily business hours into 3, so that only one part is for doing traffic activities (including blog commenting). Remember, it’s only when you are productively doing all core activities to completion that you will get maximum results (bottom line is evidenced by steady/ increased income),

To ensure that you are not over-spending time on blog commenting and starving the other traffic generation methods (in your list) of your time, you will be developing your own personal blog commenting plan (monthly/ weekly, daily). That is the purpose of today’s post. Let’s quickly get to work – ensure you have your pen and paper or mind-map or notepad ready…. set…. go!

How To Do Blog Commenting Without Getting Drowned Under

Below is a blog commenting guide you can adapt or use “as is” to stay productive while commenting on other bloggers blogs so that you’ll every blog comment would be worth your time and deliver SEO benefits at the same time.

Below are 7 Steps to Developing Your Own Blog Commenting Strategy Plan:

  1. Blog Commenting Frequency: First decide whether your commenting on other blogs will be daily, twice a week, three times a week, 4 times a week. Remember, blog commenting should be a part of your overall blog traffic generation strategy.
  2. Daily (Total) Duration For Blog Traffic Generation: Next write down how many hours you will spend daily to work at generating traffic to your blog (all forms of traffic, including blog commenting);
  3. Planned Hours For Commenting: Of those hours, how many hours will be for blog commenting, daily;
  4. Blog Commenting Schedule: What will be your schedule for commenting on other blogs – How many days a week? What specific days? How much time (in total) will you spend any day you have to comment on other blogs – 1 hours, 2 hours, 30 minutes…?  What specific start and end time (is it 7am to 8am? 3pm to 3.30p.m…?)
  5. Blog Commenting Coverage: How many blogs will you comment on within your scheduled duration and time (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)?
  6. Specific Blogs To Tour For The Week: List the blogs (by names and URLs) you want to tour for the next week’s blog commenting (suitable if you have blog commenting buddies or favorite list of blogs)? OR Do you want to click at random (suitable if you belong to a blog commenting tribe). *There are a couple of Blog Commenting Tribes on Facebook – some open and some on invite only. Just enter “tribe” in the search box of your Facebook window and you’ll see a list to choose from. Ensure to ‘Blogging Mastermind Comment Tribe’  founded by Dani Nir McGrath.
  7. Assign Blogs To Days and Times: Schedule your blog commenting plan/ calendar using any of these scheduling ‘to do’ tools: ReminderFox (firefox addon), evernote or RememberTheMilk.

What Are Your Thoughts?

There you have it, Productive Blog Commenting Plan.  It’s my desire that you put the above 7 steps to use for a more productive blog commenting.

What are the ways you currently use to manage your commenting on other bloggers blog, so that your core business activities do not get neglected?

I’d absolutely love to hear your own experiences and thoughts. Let’s meet at the comments area.

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