How to Make a Fortune Online Promoting Other People’s Affiliate Products

Are you into blogging or have an online business? If so, do you a plan to make money from blogging? Do you know that promoting other people’s affiliate products is how most marketers make money online? Read this post to learn how…


Do you promote other people’s product, as part of your online income generation strategies? Are you making money yet from your blogging or online business?

Today’s post is a contribution by a top earning internet marketer who I have a lot of respect for and have really learnt so much from, He is no other than  Jimmy D. Brown, creator of  “The Copy System”. In this post, Jimmy D. Brown share affiliate marketing tipss, from over 10 years experience on 7 ways to make a fortune online, from promoting other people’s affiliate product. Read on…

How to Make A Money Online Promoting Other People’s Affiliate Products

There must be a reason why some affiliates succeed and some fail, a reason why some affiliates profit moderately and some affiliates profit substantially.

There must be a reason.  There is.

And that reason is this: “super” affiliates start, sustain and strengthen relationships with subscribers.

It begins and ends with a list. Even a small one can be a powerful, profitable mechanism if you follow these 7 guidelines…

1. Capture The Opt-In First

Instead of sending traffic directly to your affiliate link, send them to YOUR site where you offer some kind of list for them to join. (Hint: Mini-course works best) Once you have them on a list, they become an asset. If you send them directly to an affiliate page and they don’t buy, they’re gone forever.

On your list, you can follow-up with them indefinitely.

Note: You can even redirect them to your affiliate link AFTER they join your list, effectively getting them where you wanted them to go in the first place.

2. Differentiate The Offer

Instead of sending out the same, tired, lame advertisement that every other affiliate in the world sends out, write your own.

Trust me when I say that many people find it OFFENSIVE when they receive two dozens duplicate emails from two dozen list owners all promoting the exact same thing in the exact same way.

And even if they don’t find it offensive, it’s not as effective if you simply rinse and repeat what everyone else is doing.

3. Speak From Experience

This is one way you can differentiate…

Nothing – nothing – nothing speaks louder than RESULTS. If you want to lose a few pounds, who do you turn to? Someone who is still struggling with their own weight or someone you’ve seen

drop 35 pounds? Exactly.

The way you make your mailings / ads different is you speak from your own personal experience. This product or service that you are promoting as an affiliate, how has it been useful to you

personally? What results have you personally achieved? When you used it, what happened?

Note: If you haven’t personally used the product, then shame on you for trying to make a quick buck from it hocking it to others!

4. Offer A Compelling Incentive

Another way to be different – and to dramatically increase your chances of getting a sale as an affiliate – is to offer some kind of compelling incentive if someone buys the offer through YOUR referral link. Whether it’s a special report or access to an audio recording, personalized consultation or advertising, a private training call or existing products and services, this can be a highly effective method of converting fence-setters into paying customers.

In order for it to work well, it must be UNIQUE (I.E. You’re the only one making the offer) and USEFUL (I.E. Something of great perceived value to the reader).

Note: Don’t have anything to offer? Don’t worry! There are many ways to easily obtain extra incentives: conduct an interview, hire a ghost-writer to create articles / reports for you, buy reprint rights to other products, assemble a bunch of free articles and other resources into a private access site, etc.

5. Look For Residual Opportunities

Rather than exhaust your efforts on purchases that give you a one-time commission, why not make the most of your marketing by looking firstly for offers that pay out ONGOING monthly commissions for your referred sales?

There are many different residual income generating services such as membership sites (ranging from PT Cruisers to weight loss), stock photos and clipart, hosting, autoresponders, databases (from hiking trails to sermon outlines) online magazines and a variety of other subscription based opportunities that reward you with monthly recurring commissions.

While you definitely want a mix of types of affiliate programs to promote, your priority should be in identifying and promoting those services and programs that will pay you month after month,

instead of only one time.

6. Build A Sales Army

One of the biggest untapped sources of income in any list is that of “turning subscribers into partners”. In other words, find those on your list who are interested in making money and

provide them with training and materials to promote affiliate programs as well.

This has a two-fold advantage for YOU:

  • First, if you find 2-tier affiliate programs, you can get your subscribers to join the program through your referral. Anytime they get a sale, you’ll earn a commission as well. You effectively get free commissions from their effort.
  • Secondly, you can use their efforts to build your own assets. For example: If you provide them with a 10-page report to give away to promote their affiliate link, you can include a page in the report promoting YOUR list! You effectively get free subscribers from their effort.

7. Monetize Multiple Streams

As your own list continues to grow, you certainly want to diversify in your offerings. (Not to the point of bombarding your list with offers every day of course!)

  • Promote other affiliate programs.
  • Create your own products. (Even short ten dollar reports will earn profit!)
  • Establish joint ventures.
  • Co-author products.
  • Cross promote.
  • Conduct surveys.

There you have it – how to make money online promoting other people’s affiliate products. I hope you enjoyed reading and will take action on the above 7 online money making methods.

If you really want to make a fortune from doing business online, a smart move would be to be familiar with other methods of making money online. This post, in the make money online strategies series will be a perfect tutorial for you: 9 simple yet effective steps to making money online while blogging. Be sure to read it.

  • Jimmy D. Brown is the author of “The Copy System”, that teaches you how to create big-time affiliate commission checks in only 1-3 hours each week. Discover how you can get cash in the bank without a website, experience or even an idea!  Click to visit Jimmy D. Brown’s “Copy System” website.

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Yours in making a fortune online,




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15 replies on “How to Make a Fortune Online Promoting Other People’s Affiliate Products”

Great tips as usual Stella. There are many ways to make money online and it all depends on what you are good at. The tips you have shared on this post will hopefully help people who are out to make money online.

Hello Stella, thanks for this info, i have been looking out to start a blog so it can also generate some cash during my spare time..

I’m glad you found this post helpful, Paul.

Just to let you know, not at all meant to scare you but to prepare your mind, as when many people realize the truth about blogging they quit. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick thing, if you ask many successful bloggers – they worked several hours a day, several months before they started making money from blogging. It takes time to build a successful, profitable blog.

A blog is not “the business”. People make money from blogging because they have a business idea they push using blogging.

It’s passion that keeps people blogging long until they start making money but before then, many bloggers do couple of things off-their blog, as you can see in that post, one way is to find online jobs and offer skills for pay, while blogging on the side and gradually they will build multiple streams of income.

By the way, if that is your website, it looks good. Well done. If you look through this blog, you’ll find a lot of articles to learn the things you’ll do day by day to make your blog a successful and profitable one. Good luck!

Hi Stella,

Affiliate marketing has never worked for me. I simply don’t have the time right now because I have a full-time job. But as soon as I free myself from other commitment, I wanted to join some online jobs or business like affiliate marketing as a part-time job for me. Your ideas are definitely what I’ll be needing as soon as I start. 🙂

Hey Calli – thanks for reading and especially for leaving a comment. I appreciate deeply.

I’m glad that you like the post and will be looking again at affiliate marketing, once you are have more free time from your full time job.

Online jobs are also great for extra streams of income. What I found out is that you can start making money from affiliate marketing if you have the right information and how to (complete, not half-truths), that does not require you to spend any time figuring what to do first and next and next. That’s even especially if you are working the business part time – you need a done-for-you affiliate marketing blueprint that is hands on. Saves one all the years of learning curve.

I’m sharing with you my own personal experience. I made my first couple of sales in my first month of implementing an affiliate marketing blueprint, step by step. You can learn more here: affiliate marketing rapid start

As plan working it part-time, you can outsource some of the time consuming stuff like article writing for very cheap $5 per task (I use free traffic getting methods). Click to learn more Outsource Cheap Online Virtual Assitants

Once you’re ready to start, I can provide you with some free tips, if you like. I’m working on an eCourse to take my subscribers through step by step on stuff like this, over a 30 days period.

Checking out your blog to read your new post.

You’re welcome, Calli. I’m glad that you got some value from those links.

I look forward to knowing when your blog is up, and also seeing you subscribed:)

Just checking your blog and all I could say was ‘wow’ – those photos are simply awesome.

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As soon as I saw this headline, I jumped on it, because my blog promotes an affiliate product: The Dressing Your Truth online course I am so passionate about in my blogging. Well, I am doing a lot of things right!

But I guess it would be good to think of an incentive for them to buy using my link. I’ll have to ponder that a bit!

And I am creating my own product (an ebook), but more as a source of referrals than an income-producer, itself.

Welcome (back) Jeanine – every business blogger needs to have an income generation plan within their global online business plan.

Yes, your passion in your blogging niche is so evident – it’s the first thing any of your blog visitor sees first; it’s the best mindset. You’re right, passion first, then blog monetization plan secondly, through various related affiliate products like the one you have. I hope you picked some ideas from this post.

You can also sprinkle s few affiliate links inside your freebie eBook in relevant pages and in a natural discussion flow. If you are using your eBook to build your list by asking for opt-in before download, that would enable you to have an audience to promote your affiliate products to, at any other time. At the front end (your blog), you already have already have colorful banners of your affiliate products but I don’t see you linking them to your affiliate link – what if someone clicks and makes a purchase along the line, that sale will not come to you. I’m sure you have plans for fixing that soon.

Also plan to do product reviews (may be not now, but some time) – they work; because not everyone clicks on links they see on site but they read reviews. I made my first and more sales from product reviews (on my blog, squidoo, article sites etc). And you know tweeting/ facebooking it – once people see honest, detailed reviews they’ll buy. And as you said, think of a bonus or bonuses as incentive to encourage people to buy through your link – for instance (just example) – a 1 hour personal consultation with you on wardrobe assessment; a free eBook on makeup art, a free makeup bag or beauty case etc…. somethings they’ll be interested in. Usually, you’ll also want to add the list of bonus offers to your product review.

I like your determination and drive – from what I read on your posts. Glad you’re working on your freebie now. I had left a comment at your blog – that the ‘6 or less’ is such a discipline building program, and I could easily feel boxed in if I was participating.

I especially loved 2 and 3. Success comes to those who put some time and thought, and especially some heart into what they do, even if it is to sell someone else’s stuff.

Thanks Jimmy and Stella!


Hey Donna – it’s a pleasure to see you around. Thanks also for commenting.

You’re right – points numbers 2 and 3 are very important for anyone that wants to out-sell his/ her competitors. Nothing beats putting personality (experience, not matter what on) into blogging about what you sell/ offer (ex. in reviews)- that also helps to make the product more valuable than the same product elsewhere.

Like you said – one must put efforts and self into whatever they do.

*I was at your blog and quite agree with you that having Hootsuite can help increase productivity – saving time, as it allows a blogger to syndicate contents across many social networks from a single point. Still listening to your Cinchcast.

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