The Best Legally Free Premium WordPress Themes – Download Direct From These Theme Developers

Is affordability/ money standing in the way of you getting that cool, premium WordPress theme that you fell in love with? If so, fret no more because you’ll discover (in this post) where and how you can download them free and legally too. Note that the Free WordPress themes featured in this post are NOT from Warez sites BUT offered freely, to the public, by the original legal owners who are either developers or A-List bloggers. This post was scheduled to be published later than now. However, I decided to turn it in as my link post type, as part of my participation in the “31 Days to Building a Better Blog” Challenge.

Want Premium WordPress Theme but Cannot Afford it? Get These Free Premium WP Themes

get best free premium wordpress themes_imgHow about if you’re building your new (or old) business online on a teeny-weeny tight budget or none at all but you’re a lover of all things good looking, including costly, premium WordPress themes?

Here’s my story of searching and finding lots of premium free WordPress blogs. Before I started my blog, I was on a tight budget to build it and my best bet was free WordPress themes. I did a sketch on paper, of a “look and feel of my to-be blog theme, with a kind of floor plan diagram of how I wanted my blog to look like – the sidebars, crispy clean design and good white space on the theme. I got WordPress theme design inspiration ideas from some of my favourite blogs then (including Katie Freiling’s blog) and then I went to to check out the available free themes at WordPress.Org.

Every time I saw a Free WordPress theme, I compared its layout and design against my sketched prototype if they matched closely but unfortunately most did not.

It turned out that every WordPress Blogging Template I really liked was a premium theme AND not free…

In my search for giveaway WordPress free themes by theme developers, I found Woothemes to have some of the best looking themes – crispy clean look and feel. However, their free WordPress themes did not have some of the elements in my sketch prototype diagram (for my to-be-blog, then). I really loved their Premium WordPress Themes but… they were not free.

Of all the good WordPress themes I found, that are legally free, I decided to use the “Thrilling Theme” by Cody McKibben- which was the Woothemes Freshnews (in my wish list but not free) theme which Cody customized for his own blog and due to popular requests by his readers, he got the permission of Woothemes to offer the customized theme for free.  Finding Cody’s ‘Thrilling Theme’ was an a-h-a moment for me, and ended my search for a legally free premium WordPress theme; I also loved that Cody has optimized the theme for search engines.

Now you don’t have to rummage through the Internet looking for a good, free WordPress blogging template, when you’re on low budget…

Just before I launched this blog, the whole process of finding a legally free WordPress theme that I really liked took me about four weeks of Google-searching and demo testing various themes. It was a time consuming exercise especially as I discovered that not all free themes were legal and that some free themes have hidden scripts that can hurt  a blog in many ways, sooner or later.

In this post I will  share with you where to get a copy of the same WordPress theme I am using here PLUS some other remarkable and great, and legally free WordPress Theme that I discovered along the way. Also, some bloggers may want to use any of these themes to give their blogs a makeover this year or use on a new niche / affiliate site.

Top 10+ Best Legally Free Premium WordPress Themes To Rock Your Blog

NOTE: These are not the entire collection of free or premium WordPress themes that I found in my scavenging online for non-paid themes, but these ones got my attention. Some of these premium WordPress themes are direct from the e developers while the others are from A-List bloggers who changed their old themes. For any theme you decide to download, ensure to get the user notes, where available, as they will come in handy after you install it on your blog.

5 Free Premium WordPress Themes From A-List Bloggers

1. Thrilling Heroics SEo’d ‘Thrilling Theme: This is the same WordPress theme on this blog. Cody, the developer, updates it from time to time to make it compliant to WordPress upgrades . So if you decide to get this WordPress theme, ensure to subscribe to be in the know when there’s an updated version

Download Thrilling Theme Free Premium WordPress Theme

2.  Clean Copy,  2 and 3 Column Free Premium WordPress Theme: This is the previous WordPress theme used by top copywriter, Michel Fortin.

Michel Fortin's Free Premium WordPress Theme Design

3. Wpshoppe Minii Lite: This is a really clean and crisp, minimalist WordPress theme, with a lot of white spaces and good looking footer design. this guy (Chandra Maharzan) is a cool WordPress theme developer. It’s funny that I was a a blog reading a post and I got ‘seduced’ by the blogger’s theme and so I followed the footer link to the developer site. I didn’t even know it was a free theme but that’s how I got to know about this particular free WordPress theme. Feel free to look at his other themes and bookmark his site too, as he usually gives away some pretty clean theme for free. I encourage you to support his work if along the way you find other paid themes you like in his theme gallery.

Get wpshoppe minimalist design free wordpress theme template

4. Copyblogger Theme: This is the old design of CopyBlogger.Com, which looks a lot similar to the current one.

Download copyblogger Free Premium WordPress Theme

You can get it here:

5. Download SeoBook.Com Theme: Although this free WordPress theme looks similar to the current one at SEOBook.Com, it is the old design and version.

Get SEOBook Free Premium WordPress Theme Template

6. Matt Carter’s Affiliate WordPress theme: This is a crisp, clean, ads-ready premium WordPress theme that (Matt uses this for his affiliate site – this theme has in-built ad manager you can use to manage affiliate Amazon ads placement). Matt Carter is a top, successful affiliate marketer and creator of the popular Affiliate Marketing course for physical products and clickbank. Matt Carter also has a detailed video instruction on how you can use his free premium WordPress Theme. By the way, I love this Matt Carter’s affiliate theme and will be using it on a new niche site, some time soon.

Matt Carter's Affiliate Theme - Download

Over 5 Free WordPress Themes Direct From The Theme Developers

7. Mimbo Free WordPress Theme is a magazine WordPress theme with a clean look and feel, yet simplistic in design and customizable. This is the same

Download Mimbo Free Premium Magazine WordPress Theme

8. Unique Blog Designs Free WordPress Themes Gallery: Here you’ll find WordPress themes that this theme developer originally sold for as much as $79, now offered free.  UBD Moneymaker Theme (in the image here) is one of their most popular WordPress themes.

Get UBD Moneymaker Free Affiliate WordPress Theme - unique blog design

9. Atahulupa WordPress Theme: On it’s own, this is a clean and really simple looking magazine WordPress theme but it is highly customizable; I have seen it transformed to look very beautiful, by some top bloggers, including David Wood (of WorkWithDavidWood.Com). If you can get a graphic designer to tweak it for you to look in a particular way and add some particular features, you’d be good to go ELSE, it’s still a great theme. By the way, the Atahulupa WordPress Theme developer has a help forum where users meet to discuss and get help.

Download atahulpa Free Magazine WordPress Theme_img

10. Woothemes Gallery of Free Themes: Woothemes has a lot of really beautiful and professional looking WordPress themes that – a lot are even free, all great designs.

Free Premium WordPress Theme - Download Woothemes

11. Flexibility Theme For WordPress : This free WordPress theme is SEO’d and is built in in with Adsense, so they are great for affiliate sites. I like that the developer also has a support forum, where you can go ask questions and get help for customization if you decide to download the Flexibility 3 WordPress Theme.

Download Flexibility Premium WordPress Theme template_img

12. WordPress Free themes Gallery: This WordPress.Org free themes Gallery has quite a lot of pretty looking themes, if you can be patient to comb through it. Some top WordPress Developers have donated some free versions of their clean, crisp WordPress Themes.

Free WordPress Themes Gallery - Download

How to Test Drive Any WordPress Theme Without Installing On A Live Site

Want to check out all the above free premium WordPress themes to see which one looks best on your blog? Thankfully, with a free little plugin, you do not have to install any theme to see how it will look on your current website or blog.

With Theme Test Drive free plugin by Vladimir Prevolac, you do not have to install any WordPress Theme (free or premium) on your live blog or website, in order to see exactly how the theme will look on your site.

According to Vladimir, “Theme Test Drive WordPress plugin allows you to safely test drive any theme on your blog as administrator, while visitors still use the default one. It happens completely transparent and they will not even notice you run a different theme for yourself”.

What Will You Do With All Those Legally Free WordPress Themes?

Now you have an array of legally free premium WordPress themes to download and give your new website a professional look and feel or give your existing website or blog a design makeover. . Or you can use them on a new niche affiliate site.

To ensure that you do not go jumping around and scavenging the WWW the next time you want to start a new blog/ website project, I suggest you save or bookmark this post. If I did not save the places I found those themes, I would not have been able to present to you (now) the best of available legally free premium WordPress themes.

Why You May Want A Paid Blog Theme 

cheapest premium wordpress themes - elegant themes

If you’re starting out on a tight budget, it’s okay to use a free them BUT ensure to only download it from the developers’ sites, NOT anywhere else. You can see that the themes in this post link directly to the source.

When you start making money, you can get a premium theme as theme developers  do not provide updates and support to their free themes.

However, Elegant themes is one of the cheapest premium WordPress themes available. They have pretty good looking themes for any type of business, and bundled as $39 for over 70 themes. That’s less than $2 for one theme.

Next Steps…

With all those collection of beautiful premium WordPress themes, you may run into a problem of choice. I did too. However, I will write you a follow-up to this post on: 7 Factors to consider before choosing a best-fit WordPress theme. That post should get you to narrow down to one single theme in that collection.

As always, thanks for your time to read this post, that’s the joy of writing a blog post. Before you leave, I need your help:

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Again, thanks for your time, reading.

Your partner in Freebie Premium WordPress Themes



P.S: No blog yet? By the way, if you’re reading this post and thinking of how (steps) to setup your own WordPress blog using any of those free premium WordPress themes, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Here’s my post on: How to Create A New WordPress Blog From Scratch

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How To Add More Followers On Twitter Really Fast, Using 3 Free Combo Tools: Step By Step

3 Strategies + 3 Free Combo Twitter Tools for Increasing Your Twitter Following: For Bloggers and Marketers With Little or No Budget

Like any other top social networking site, everyday people who have a large Twitter following and know how to market on that social media platform, make sales on Twitter.

Have you ever wanted to get more followers on Twitter but never knew how? Then this post is specially written for you – you’re about to discover how to add up to 2,000 new Twitter followers within the next 30 days using 3 very simple Twitter strategies with absolutely free tools.

In case you do not know,  Twitter is fast becoming an important marketing communication tool among businesses, to connect and build relationship with their ideal customers, with the intention to getting more sales.

Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Social Networking on Twitter starts with getting followers and knowing how to effectively generate sales on Twitter. I’ve heard people ask about buying Twitter followers but then why buy Twitter followers when you can get the best ones absolutely free.

Now, TweetAdder is one of the best, and most widely used among bloggers, and highly recommended, this tutorial is an alternative method of getting Twitter followers, for those who do not have TweetAdder (yet).

UPDATE: In the original version of this post, the 3 separate tools used TweetAttacks + SocialOomph + JustUnfollow  were 100% free. First, SocilaOomph closed its doors to free users getting the Auto Direct Messaging. Recently, TweetAttacks announced that it was shutting down the tool.  There’s no other free tool I know of that provides friend adder feature for free, so that leaves us with the awesome TweetAdder all-in-one twitter software.

Time required daily to make this Twitter strategy work: Less than 5 minutes daily or once a week or once a month, depending on the number of new Twitter friends you want to add, and how fast.

Step #1: Follow Someone and Expect A Follow Back

Twitter Tool: TweetAdder – Use this tool to Add new followers/ friends

How to Find Who To Follow on Twitter?

Find someone or an influencer in your market niche and follow some of their followers or people they are following. Basically, with TweetAdder you can:

  • Search and find people to follow (from search result), who mention a specific keyword in their tweets (such as a location/ place, a product etc)
  • Someone else’s followers – you’ll have to enter the Twitter ID (beginning with “@”) of the person you want to follow their followers
  • People that someone else is following – you’ll have to enter the Twitter ID of the person you want to follow the people s/he is following.
  • A list of cool people from Twitter

Note: Whenever you want to start a Twitter friends-add campaign, simply setup this tool and while it’s running on the background (unattended), you can go take care of other business – it will stop after it’s through.


  • If you have less than 2,000 Twitter followers, you can follow 50-100 people daily.

Can you see that you can easily add 2,000 new Twitter followers in less than 30 days IF you are consistent?

Step #2: Craft A Welcome Message to Every New Twitter Follower

Tool: TweetAdder

  • You  pre-write a welcome Direct Message (DM) to anyone who follows you AND this tool will automatically send out this message to every new Twitter follower. It’s a good etiquette and I tell you, people read these messages and act on them;
  • You may or may not want to do this but with this tool, you can auto-follow anyone who follows you. That saves you time on personally welcoming every single new follower.

You only need to do this particular step only once and forget it, except when you feel like changing the welcome message. Although this step is optional – some people may not want to welcome their new followers BUT I am using this step and it gets results. Occasionally, I get new Facebook followers who message me that they came from my Twitter page after reading my  per-written (automated) DM message requesting new followers to connect on Facebook also.

HINT: Some people put a link to their Free eBook, on their welcome message to new Twitter followers. Be creative about how you want to write a welcome DM to your Twitter followers – it’s your choice.

Step #3: Unfollow People Who Do Not Follow You Back

Tool: TweetAdder or JustUnfollow.Com

The tool displays a list of people who are not following you back and you with “unfollow” option beside their names so that you can click to “unfollow” one by one – it’s very fast though.

how to unfollow people who dont follow on twitter - justunfollow

This Twitter tool also displays the people following you that you are not following back – and you can follow them back. Do you know that people tend to follow who their friends are following, so you’ll score some more followers by following back your followers.

Why should you unfollow people on Twitter?

  • Twitter Unfollow Reason #1: Communication is a two-way thing and if you are following someone and that person is not following you back, then s/he is the only one ‘talking’ to you while s/he would not ‘see’ your tweets. If you want to communicate to the people you add, then there’s need for mutual follow-back.

Note: There are exceptional cases where you’ll not mind not being followed back, such as if that person offers EXTREMELY EXCEPTIONAL VALUE.

  • Twitter Unfollow Reason #2: Twitter has a Following-to- Followers limit which would only allow you to add more followers after you’ve got a certain number of follow-back. Therefore unfollowing those who do not follow you will make room to follow others who are likely to follow you back. Twitter will allow you to follow up to 100 people per day if you have less than or 2000 followers. After that Twitter will allow you to follow only 10% of the number of your followers.

2 Categories of People You May Want To Unfollow on Twitter

  • Non-Followers: These are the people you follow on Twitter but they are not following you back. You can unfollow your non-followers every 7 to 10 days, after a “Twitter Follow campaign”. That way, the people you followed a few days back, would have had a chance to follow back.
  • Inactive Followers: These are your followers who have not used Twitter in the past X months (3 to 6 months is a good guide). You can do a spring cleaning of your Twitter account, say, once every month, or as you desire.

Is There a Single Twitter Productivity Tool That Does All the Above 3 Combo Steps on Auto?

Sure, there are single apps that do what the 3 combo Twitter management tools do AND a lot more BUT they cost money – not much, though. If you have some cash, it is highly recommended to get a good paid  Twitter management tool because they automate a whole lot of Twitter tasks, hands-free – great time savers.

Paid Twitter management tools do a whole lot more than adding friends, sending welcome DMs and unfollowing non-followers. You can visit their pages to learn more about their features.  With the premium Twitter tools, you can set your account on automatic, to unfollow someone if they do not follow you after X days (you’ll set the number of days). You can also set the paid tools to follow back anyone who follows you. And many many more.

Next Steps: Your 10 Days Action Plan to Get Your Next 1000 Twitter Friends

Now is the time for you to put those Twitter tips to action. By the next 10 days, I want to hear how many new Twitter followers you have added and how many are following you back. So, here are your 10 days action plan to Twitter Domination- only 7 steps🙂

  1. Save or Bookmark this post – you’ll need to refer to it for your daily 10 days Twitter domination action plan
  2. Get a copy of TweetAdder
  3. Everyday (or twice/ thrice weekly), add new Twitter friends (50 to 100) using TweetAdder – this should be a set-it-and-forget-it thing, takes less than 3 minutes
  4. Once a week, unfollow non-followers on Twitter, using the same tool. Aggressive follow/ unfollow may get the Twitter folks thinking you’re a spammer;
  5. ENGAGE for results: Spend about 15 minutes daily to build relationships with your new Twitter followers. Here’s how: read your Twitter stream and then join the discussions on Twitter – reply to interesting tweets you like, retweet other people’s posts you read, say hello to some of your followers, follow back some of your Twitter followers
  6. Follow me (Stella) on Twitter  as the first step to your 10 Days to increase Twitter followers

If you continue to do the above steps after your Day 10 on Twitter Domination” exercise, you should become the next Twitter rock Sta

Conclusion, Comment & Share

That’s it – 3 Twitter strategies + 3 simple Free combo tools for getting a large Twitter Followership, for bloggers and online marketers  building on a tight budget.

Share the Luv: Thanks for reading this Twitter tips and if you got value out of this post, kindly help get it across to others – the one-click, easy share buttons on the top left floating and down, down below.

Comment: I’d love to hear your feedback and comments on this free method of getting more Twitter Followers fast.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the comment side:)


To more Twitter followers,



P.S: If you are a very busy person looking to quickly increase your Twitter followers fast, TweetAdder will save you a whole lots of time doing on auto all what 3 combo tools do PLUS so much more such as: finding targeted people to follow in your niche using keywords you specify, automatically following your followers, scheduling your posts AND so much more.

[Interview] Super Affiliate, Lynn Terry Talks About Affiliate Marketing Rapid Success Secrets

Super Affiliate, Lynn Terry On The Hot Seat: “If I Had To Start All Over Again…”

lynn-terry-super-affiliate-interviewToday I have the pleasure to present to you a very successful and highly respected affiliate marketer who I really respect and admire in this industry, by the name of Lynn Terry. Lynn has done incredibly well to build a wildly successful business in a reasonably short time online, from when affiliate marketing was not even mainstream and blogging practically did not exist. Lynn has continued to wax stronger and stay relevant in the industry  14 years after.

I accidentally landed on Lynn’s blog ( not long ago, while Googling for some specific affiliate marketing tactics and the moment I got there I was virtually glued to your posts – tons of extremely detailed affiliate marketing guides for different levels of readers – beginners to advanced. That first day alone, I spent over an hour reading and soaking from Lynn’s contents because I found answers to a lot of questions I had in my virtual parking lot. I have already started implementing some of Lynn terry’s tutorials.

I must tell you, Lynn’s blog posts are absolutely amazing, more complete and valuable than a lot of paid products. That same day I took to finding out more about Lynn Terry, and was surprised that I was close to one of the few people who did not know who Lynn Terry, the Super Affiliate, was.

The Affiliate Marketing Interview Highlights

In this interview, we’re going to pick a bit of Lynn Terry’s brain, with her permission, to peek at the backend of her business and learn short-cuts, tips and tricks that we can take action to spring-board our own affiliate internet marketing businesses from off the ground to the top (where it should be). In this super affiliate interview, Lynn Terry will also let us in on some vital secrets to building and affiliate marketing business from scratch and how a new affiliate marketer can quickly start making money from affiliate marketing.

I bet you’re itching, like me, to start hearing Lynn Terry spill the beans. So, off we go – to talking with super affiliate extraordinaire, Lynn Terry of Clicknewz.Com… (drum roll, drum roll….)

Lynn Terry Reveals A Quick Start Secret To Making Your First 1k Dollars In 90 Days From Affiliate Marketing

Lynn, welcome to the interview and thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be in this interview.  I’m super excited to have you in the hot seat here today, to talk about affiliate marketing fast start and short-cuts to success with affiliate marketing.

Thank you, Stella! I’m excited to meet your readers, and share the details of my business and my success online. I appreciate the opportunity!

Maybe we should just start out by having you give us a little introduction about who you are; tell us about your business and if you may, share your own startup story and, for the sake of the readers define what is affiliate marketing as well?

I’ll start with Affiliate Marketing – because it’s my favorite topic. 😀

Affiliate Marketing is very much like a traditional commission-based sales job. You earn commission for sales you refer. Online you do this by connecting markets with products, or connecting merchants with markets. I create affiliate sites around topics, optimize them to rank well in the major search engines for things people are searching, and help people find exactly what they are looking for online. When they purchase the product, I earn a commission.

While Affiliate Marketing is the primary source of my online income now, it wasn’t the business model I started with. My first venture was a local service based business, a Web Development company. I had no experience or education in the field, but picked it up very fast and turned that into a successful business. I was an affiliate for various companies my clients worked with – hosting, merchant accounts, domain registrars, software vendors, etc.

When my son became ill and I needed to be home full-time, I chose to move more toward the Affiliate Marketing model so that I could scale my income – and basically earn more working less hours, so I could be more available as a mother. It was a tough transition as I loved my original business. But in the end it was the best move I could have ever made.

Having seen and practiced affiliate marketing over the past 10 years, you’ve seen the old and the new. What are the clearly distinct differences between affiliate marketing then and now, and what are the major changes over the years.

One of the major differences in the last decade is the sheer size of the buying market, and how much more savvy online shoppers are now than they were then. Ten years ago it was more of a clicks & eyeballs game, but now you can micro-target very specific markets and sub-markets which results in much higher conversion rates.

Another interesting change is the success of brands and social marketing. Many niche affiliate marketers in the early 2000’s were “faceless” for the most part – working anonymously behind their websites. In the last few years faces started to emerge across various niches, and the Market Leaders stepped forward to dominate their niche.

Consider that you could go online and shop at anytime, and interact with their customer service system via email even. But now you can talk to a live person @DellCares on Twitter – and all of a sudden Dell has a face and a voice, and becomes much more personal. Niche marketers (“the little guys”) are taking the same approach. And very successfully, I might add.

Lynn, you’ve been in online marketing for 14 years and I know many people reading this are into affiliate marketing – quite competitive. Having started from somewhere and struggled like any ordinary person who may be reading this, when did it all start snow-balling for you – what was your tipping point and what did you do to stay consistent on top of your game (income and productivity wise)?

Lynn Terry: Great question. My first year doing Niche Affiliate Marketing full time was full of ups and downs. And I mean dramatic rise and fall in terms of time invested, income earned, adjusting to industry changes, etc. I did very well financially that first year in my chosen niches, but it was a major learning process.

After that I decided to focus on multiple streams of income, and more specifically: passive income sources. Passive Income is money that continues to come in even when you’re not actively working. And yes “making money in your sleep” really does happen. 🙂 After you invest the time to build that model, of course.

Getting your income and productivity to pan out consistently takes a little time. The best advice I can offer is to dig in, get your hands dirty, and make some mistakes. It’s the best (only?) way to learn what you do and don’t want to do, and what direction you want to move in next.

One thing that beginners usually struggle with before they start out with blogging for affiliate marketing is ‘what to sell’ and ‘what to blog about’. From your personal experience, what advice do you have for that person in that situation right now?

My advice is to choose your niche (your topic) carefully. Consider what you enjoy, and how you most want to spend your time. Don’t choose a niche based on numbers alone, but also consider the enjoyment factor. As much of our adult lives as we spend at our career… it might as well be fun!

I advise people to choose a niche and a business model that will help them achieve their ideal lifestyle. If you have always wanted to travel, but haven’t had the opportunity, that’s a great topic to consider. If you absolutely love baking more than anything in the world, make it your business. It’s not necessarily about what you’re good at or experienced in so much as what you *wish* you could do.
Starting a business in that niche could very easily lead to having the lifestyle you always dreamed of – but felt was just out of your reach.

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario, that you were where most of the readers are right now. If you had to start all over again from scratch (hypothetically), how would you rebuild your business tomorrow if all you had to do it was less than 100 dollars (and no list, no contacts, nothing)? What would your first 30 days of activity look like?

I get this question a lot, and to be fair – I actually do this a lot. Most of the new websites I start as an affiliate are done under a pen name. And that pen name has no list, no contacts, and no credibility starting out.

It only takes around $10 to start an online business. The rest can be achieved with time and energy. That $10 will get you a hosting account and domain name (if you shop around for a hosting coupon code). You can install WordPress on your host, use a free WordPress theme, and have a “website” (or blog) up in under an hour.

Next I would register accounts at: YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s important to secure your brand and have those things in place for when you’re ready to use them.

My first 30 days would be spent creating content, researching the Market Leaders in my niche, considering ways to “leverage the competition”, getting quality inbound links, and getting involved in the social discussions around the web (Twitter, forums, etc).

Again, still on the question of ‘if you had to start all over again’, how long could you realistically take to make your first sale and then your first thousand dollars, and how would you do it – can you take us through the process?

In most cases, I’ve made my first sale(s) within the first 7-10 days. I optimize my web pages for long tail (very specific, non-competitive) keyword phrases and work hard to get those ranking quick. I have also used paid search engine advertising in the past to get things kick-started, such as Google Adwords.

How long it would take to earn $1,000 in affiliate commission depends on the market depth, the product, the commission rate, etc – a number of variables. On average I would say around 3-6 months, but that’s a very broad estimate. It really depends on the type of product and the market, and what kind of marketing campaign you use.

Having made that first sale and first thousand dollars, what steps and priorities would you take to consistently generate above the thousand dollar income monthly?

Consistent income comes from consistent work.

It may take a good year for your website to get established in the major search engines, and for you to establish yourself in the market. It can take a lot less time of course, but it should never take more. The key is to remain consistent, and to remain present in the market.

Personally, I would put in all the hours I could to keep things moving forward as quickly as possible. My top priority would be building relationships, creating great content, and getting top search engine rankings.

You do a lot of physical goods affiliate marketing, which most people are not doing for some reason as eBooks and other forms of info products seem to be most popularly promoted by practicing affiliate marketers. Why did you choose to promote physical products as an affiliate?

I love marketing physical products. I like the concept of selling real products to real people. It’s the opposite end of the spectrum from selling nothing (or selling a dream) to anyone who will bite – which just feels smarmy to me. And then in between the two, you have quality info products. I promote those as an affiliate as well, but they require more of a pre-sell and they tend to have a lower conversion rate.

Physical products don’t require much of a pre-sell. People get online and search for the products they want to buy, and are basically already pre-sold and in buying mode. Not the case with selling information.

I am a HUGE online shopper myself, which is what prompted my interest in physical products. There are very few things in my home that weren’t ordered online – from clothes to furniture. 🙂

Lynn, you’ve been doing  affiliate marketing successfully for 14 years, no doubt you’re the best go-to person for anyone who wants a compressed short-cut to keeping it simple and to what works and is quick to implement. Now let’s talk about your best ways you would take to find the right market niches with lots of ready and able buyers and how to find hot sellable affiliate products to promote and how to research the topics to blog about to drive affiliate sales?

Choosing the right niche starts with Keyword Research. I use WordTracker for this, and they offer a free keyword research tool .

If, hypothetically, you must go on a 60 days trip to an island and you could only take 3 of your business tools along to continue building your business, what would they be? If you have some paid and some free ones that would be great.

I would take my Droid X, which is my smart phone, as I can practically manage my entire online business from that one device. I would also take my 13″ Macbook Pro because it’s both portable and powerful. I would most likely take my video camera along as well, because an island vacation setting would make for great videos!

Most of the software and tools I use, other than my hardware, are free and web-based. So they are available from any device, anywhere. That includes things like WordTracker, Skype, WordPress and Gmail.

In your 14 years of making a living from promoting affiliate products and marketing your business online what is the one biggest mistake that you’ve learned the most from? What would you do differently today?

The biggest mistake I made early on was being “too general”. Not targeting micro-niches with very specific (relevant) promotions. I learned quickly that the tighter the niche and marketing, the higher the conversion rates would be. It takes much less work to target a smaller market, and you get a much higher ROI.

I was listening to your interview with Paul Evans, where you were talking about the value of comments and the currency of a blog. That is something that I have been trying silently to understand, and have seen it discussed on some blogs. Can you enlighten us more on this?

I believe Paul and I were discussing the misperception that “comments are the currency of a blog” – meaning, bloggers often stress over a lack of comments on their posts and put a lot of energy into trying to improve that.

Instead, the focus should be on making sales. Or at the very least, building your list. Step back and consider the ONE action you really want a visitor to take when they land on any given page of your site/blog… and focus on making that obvious to your visitors.

If all you want is comments, then ask for them. Engage your readers and ask their thoughts on the topic. But if the objective is to encourage them to click on an affiliate link (leaving your blog) – by all means, let them click! 😉

What advice would you give to your best friend, family member or anyone looking to be like you, but trying to figure out how to make money online as an affiliate marketer or looking to improve their monthly online business revenue?

I always tell them upfront that it’s a business – that it takes work to become successful, and a serious investment of time and energy. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and so I usually walk them through the various models and options.

What advice would you give to your best friend, family member or anyone looking to be like you, but trying to figure out how to make money online as an affiliate marketer or looking to improve their monthly online business revenue?

I always tell them upfront that it’s a business – that it takes work to become successful, and a serious investment of time and energy. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and so I usually walk them through the various models and options.

There are so many ways to make money online – and good money, at that. There are online jobs and other work from home options for those that aren’t ready for a full blown business. That’s how my own son started out, which lead to him landing a great job and starting his own business – all by the age of 19.

One last thing Lynn, with so much firsthand experience promoting affiliate products and programs, apart from your blog, in what ways can anyone who wants to learn the ‘Lynn Terry way’ get closer to soaking up from what you know, what you do and how you do it?

My blog is probably the best all-in-one source for everything I am doing or offering. I would invite you to subscribe by email so you can get timely updates. It will simply send you an email about the latest posts each Monday morning. That’s the easiest and best way to stay in the loop.

I also have a book coming out in August 2011, and you can get on the notification list if you want to be the first to know when it becomes available on Amazon: AffiliateStarterGuide

On this note, I just want to say thank you so much for your time and for just really openly sharing so much information here. I know I got a lot out of it. I think everyone reading this now enjoyed it. I just want to say how much we appreciate you. Thanks again for that.

Thank you Stella – and thanks to all of you who read along! It’s been fun sharing a bit about my life and business. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you so much Lynn. I’m so happy that you could find time out of your busy schedule to talk to us, today, about affiliate marketing secrets and the quick smart tips a super affiliate would take to cut the usual beginners’ mistakes to quickly start making money through affiliate marketing.

In case you want to get more of Lynn Terry, below are the best ways to reach her online.


And now to you, my reader – I hope you enjoyed learning at the feet of a master affiliate marketer?

Thanks for reading the Super Affiliate Marketing Tips – Interview with Lynn Terry. Please ensure to take action on those affiliate marketing tips from Lynn Terry.

  • Like I said, I’ve learned so much from Lynn Terry in a short while. Her blog has got a lot of useful, detailed tutorial style contents – most are better than some paid contents. You’ll be doing yourself some good by mining into her blog for any topic on affiliate marketing and internet marketing.
  • Subscribe to Lynn’s blog to learn the awesome goodness she sends to us (he subscribers) every week
  • I bet Lynn Terry’s “Affiliate Starter Guide” will contain a lot of detailed underground affiliate marketing secrets PLUS Lynn’s SEO twists. So be sure to use the link above to get notified as soon as that book is out.

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Top 20: Creative Blog Content Ideas That Will Enchant Your Readers and Keep Them Returning For More

Blogging The Fresh: Interesting and Good Blog Content Ideas to Make Your Blog Sticky and Memorable

Creative Blog Content Ideas That Will Enchant Your Readers Old and new bloggers alike, as well as writers and authors are always looking for new content ideas on what to write for their audience. After writing the “10 Methods for Getting New Ideas and Inspiration for Hot Blog Topics”, I have got lots of readers asking about more blog content ideas and so I thought to do a list type post that is both scanable and actionable enough for any blogger to expand the type of contents they write.

This post is an insight into some wow and fun ideas for writing blog contents are meant to spur your creative mind to work so that whenever you think about what to blog, you have a list of fresh, diverse blog content ideas that will ensure that your readers are never bored of visiting your blog. Working this blog content ideas list, you’ll discover that your new posts will enchant and wow your readers (about your blog writing creativity) and every blog post would always be a reason to come back because there’ll always be a ‘wow factor’ in every single post.

20 Creative Blog Content Ideas That Will Enchant Your Readers and Keep Them Returning For More

1. Broadcast Trending Current and Hot Industry / Market Niche News

What’s news today in your market niche? Be the first or one of the first to broadcast it to your readers. To ensure you always get hot news first, setup Google alert on keywords for topics you want to follow.

2. Write “List of Ideas” Post Type

An example is CelestineChua.Com’s 101 things to do before you die. She has a lot of other 101 things post type on her blog.

3. Review / Analysis post

Analyse an issue / topic/ product and present a balanced view point/ perspective with pros and cons, for both sides of the story.

4. Tutorial Style Post

Write a how-to tutorial on a ‘most wanted’ topic, a new technology, a new product etc

5. Interview An Expert or An Interesting Person

Interview (famous, highly skilled, up and coming Gurus, achievers, people in the news today etc ) people in your market

5. Case Study or Experiment Post Type

What have you experimented with on your blog or elsewhere, even offline – that worked for you. Share it with your readers – what you did, how and your results. Example is my article traffic experiment post, AlexWhalley.Com’s “40 Days Article Marketing Challenge and weekly results”

6. Controversial Post/ Rant

Speak out your personal opinion or rant on a sensitive subject/ matter

7. Write a ‘Best of XYZ’

Just like the musicians sometimes compile a ‘Best of__” albums and CDs, you can do a link roundups of your most commented, most popular posts. Present this list as a blog post. Great way to get more eyeballs on your old blog posts.

8. Content Curation/ Link Roundups on a Particular Topic or Multiple Topics

Write a list of many websites on a subject matter; people love a one-stop-shop of curated links. The best of the WWW on that subject you researched and discovered – shared with your readers (examples are’s Friday Mashup and iBlogzone.Com weekly speedlink; and also what Draggonblogger.Com does with Bloggers read a lot and this type of other bloggers posts and so content curation post types help you gain Return On Investment (ROI) for time spent reading other people’s posts. So the next time you go hopping around blogs, keep a note of the remarkable blog contents and share it with your readers.

9. Browse Comment Threads

Scavenge comments when you go reading other bloggers’ contents or commenting on other blogs or responding to comments by your blog readers  – you can get a lot of blog topic ideas worth gold. Are there any questions asked in the comment area that the particular blog post did not cover? You can write a blog post on that topic that answers that question.  Are there any insights or new perspectives from some other commenters?  You can expand on those new insights into that topic, to write your next blog post.

10. Survey/ Poll

Carry out a poll among your readers, using a mix of facebook polls, email the poll and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Compile and Blog the results. This can be about the best free blogging tools etc (be sure to ask only questions related to your blogging niche). An example is Brankica’s (of post on “25 Bloggers Not Giving Advice on Blogging | A Different Blog Interview”

11. Report Your Blog Growth /Performance Stats

Review your blog performance over a period you like and blog the results.

12. Other People’s Blog Posts

The next time you go reading another blogger’s blog post and commenting, see if there are other sub-topics on that topic that the blogger did not cover – that may be a blog content idea to write on that aspect of that topic. Note that this is about writing a different sub-topic on a topic you read and NOT copying or writing on same, exact topic. It’s about expanding on what was not included, complimenting and filling a gap. You can even mention how your new content was inspired by XYZ blogger’s post.

13. Other People’s Contents

Check out forum threads and Q & sites categories under your own field/ industry/ market – read other people’s contributions to the questions and forum threads. I have even read some eBook writers say how they write paid eBooks in a few days by using ideas and insights from other people’s contents from forums and Q & A sites.

14. Browse Book Stand/ Site

Go check out book stands or libraries or book sites (Amazon, Barnes and Nobles etc) for titles that inspire your next blog posts. Be sure to look at the category for your industry/ market niche. You may even buy and read some to grab some more ideas to generate new interesting posts.

15. Compile an FAQ

Use the findings from your rounds at the forums and Q & A sites to compile the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you found. You can find time to publish the FAQs and answers in groups of similar topics or use those FAQs as list for future blog topics. Helps not to think about what to blog next.

16. Write a Review of Another Blogger’s Remarkable Post

Write a review of a remarkable blog content you read at another blog and explain what makes it remarkable, the key takeaways and why others should read it too (find an example)

17. Write a Review of One of Your Favorite Blogs

One good example is “David Letterman’s Top Ten Reasons to Be a Daily Reader of Copyblogger” written at by Jesse

18. Beginners Guide

Write a comprehensive ‘How to’ blog post that guides beginners in your niche to do a task. This can be on how to do a task on a new technology or tool or plugin but ensure to stay on the topics in your specific niche.

19. Ninja ‘Trade’ Secrets

Do you know a method or a hack of doing something in your industry/ market niche that is not generally known or how to do it faster and better. Why don’t you write about it?

20. Report Events (Happenings)

Did you attend an event (e.g. SXSW conference, blogworld expo, social media summit etc)? You can tell your readers about your key takeaways and highlights of events.

Do You Like Those 20 Blog Content Ideas?

31 Days to Build a Better Blog eBook by ProbloggerBy the way, this is my day #2 post of the ’31 days Blog Challenge” organized by Michelle Schaeffer for the purpose of a group of bloggers to work together on the “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” eBook by Darren Rowse (founder of ProBlogger.Com). Group participation for the ’31 Days to Build a Better Blog’ Challenge ensures that participating blogger are accountability partners of one another, which is cool.

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10 Methods for Getting New Ideas and Inspiration for Hot Blog Topics

How To Find Inspirations and Research Blog Topic Ideas for Your Next Bog Post

Whether you are blogging for profit or blogging for passion, you may have experienced a situation where you go blank on what to blog about.

The fear of running out of blog topic ideas, or not knowing what topic to blog about is one of the major reasons why some people, although aware of the benefits a creating a new blog can provide their business, are yet to take their businesses online. In times when you run out of what to blog about, you need inspirations to give you ideas of your next blog posts, and this post discusses how to get needed blog writing inspiration to banish your writers’ block blues.

This post is a follow up to a previous one titled “Reasons Why Some Bloggers Run out of Content Ideas and How to Avoid It”.

In this post, I give 10 methods to research hot blog topic ideas to ensure you never run out of blog topics, and always have hot traffic pulling blog topics for your readers.

How to Research Hot Blog Topic Ideas for Your Blog

1. Keyword Tool
Let your prospective readers (aka customers) tell you what they want to read, and ensure to listen to them.

Use Keywords Research Tools to dig up key phrases that your prospective customers are currently querying in the Search Engines, so that you can build these words into your blog posts.

Doing this will ensure that your posts will show up at the top of the search engines when your target customers come searching. Here’s how to go about digging up those hot phrases:

  • Write 10 keywords around the blog topics you have in mind, to write on.
  • Next go to Google Keyword Tool and type in your desired keyword -> Choose 5 to 10 most relevant keywords with the highest search volumes.

2. Poll
This is another way to listen to your market needs, but here an even more specific market – your own readers and subscribers.

  • If they ask of you or suggest blog topic ideas, they are more likely to read it – and you gain their loyalty. You know it’s hard to get a few first time readers and so whatever you can do to keep the ones you already have happy, do it fast.
  • Ask your readers and /or subscribers for blog topics they’d like to read about. Find the questions asked by most people, to get an idea of the most recurring areas of needs.
  • You can leave a question on your side bar or send it to subscribers via email, asking their suggestions on the blog topic ideas they would like to see on your blog.

3. Amazon.Com

Knowing the books your target customers (readers) are buying the most will give you an idea of the kind of topic your prospective customers would be most interested in reading. Amazon.Com is a good place to get writing inspiration and blog topic ideas.

The best selling amazon books on your market niche are an indication of  the kind of blog topics your readers would be interested in.  Use your keywords to search for best-selling books on Amazon.Com. Note what the topics are on. Read the book reviews to get an insight of why the readers like the books – those are hot buttons and should give you ideas current market / readers’ needs to blog about.

4. Forums
The forum is a very good way to enter the minds of your target customers. This is because many people go to the forums looking to get insights on issues from others who “know better, from experience”. They come asking questions and seeking advice, to enable them make decisions.

There are two ways to do this. The first is visiting the known Forums (in your market niche) and the second is letting Google lead you to Forums discussing topics on your keywords.

Forums can give you an idea of what your prospect is thinking of, the questions they are asking, the problems they need to solve. Those are “unfilled needs” and you can write posts to address them, so that your post can have a chance to show up when someone is searching for answers on that.

Method 1: Visit 5 to 10 popular forums in your niche. Search for the most active topics with the most responses. Go in there and read through the posts to get ideas – what questions are recurring among the forum posters? What words are recurring? The posters asking questions could just be your readers and your readers may be having the same problems and interested in the answers you can provide.

Method 2: Google Search under Discussions is great at providing blog topic ideas. In the Google Search sidebar, you’ll find results from forums and groups.

Type your key phrases in to Google Search box. Then click “Discussions” on the left side bar, under “Everything”. Next scan about 5 or more forum and/or group websites in search results.

research blog topic ideas

How would you find hot blog topic ideas? Look out for topics with high number of views and / or replies; observe recurring patterns, words and  terms. Those are hot blog topic ideas on unmet market needs.

After this you can go do some research and blog a response on the topics and even come back to the forums to provide quality answers to the forum questions, thus showing off your “expertise” subtly. Many forum members would certainly trail you back to your blog URL in your signature.

5. Other Blogs
Other Peoples’ Blogs (OPB) are good sources of blogging/ writing inspiration. The idea here is to follow the leaders and trend-setters in your niche. Follow but do not copy their works.

What do I mean here? Take a timeframe of the past 30 days and see “what’s hot in the leaders’ circle”, what’s trending in the top blogs in your niche.

That should give you an idea of “what’s hot” in the market. This is a lazy man’s way to piggy-back on those that “everyone knows” always put forward their writings only when they have done a proper market research.

There are three ways to do this. You can either start from the popular blogs you know of in your niche and/ or let Google or Technorati tell you the blogs writing posts on your keywords.

Method 1: Start from the known. Visit and scan 5 to 10 blogs that are popular in your niche.

Look out for posts within the past 30 days. Are there any recurring, similar trends in their posts? If so, that should give you an idea of what’s trending and hot topic ideas.

blogg topics research

Method 2: Blog search

  • Type in your keywords into the search box of Technorati and Hit “Search”
  • Click “Click to refine this search“ and you will see results displayed as in the image below
  • Ensure to refine your search by selecting “Posts” and “Blogs”
  • You may want to play around with the High, Medium, Low and Any Authority – from the drop down menu
  • Next choose to “sort results by date”
  • Go to the search page where you’ll find posts at least 30 days old
  • Look at the posts and the number of comments they have. Pay attention to posts with lots of comments. The posts with very few comments indicate topics readers are not very interested in.
  • Now, take a few of the most related posts with the most comments, say 5 to 10 of them
  • Read the comments, scan for readers questions and recurring patterns in the comments. Identify recurring excitements – what are most readers expressing excitement and gratitude for, with regards to the post. These are pointers to what your readers would like to read about.

Method 3: Google Search Blog-search

  • Type in the Google Blogsearch URL ( in to your browser’s address bar
  • Enter your key phrases and hit the “search” button
  • Search for posts within the past month to see the top ranking blogs in your niche
  • Scan the first 10 blogs in the top results
  • Identify trending terms and popular topics

Remember, you are looking for trending terms, for hot topic ideas.

Commenting on the top 10 blogs for your keywords is a good method to get backlinks, apart from the fact that a sentence in a blog your are reading can immediately ignite a blog topic idea – an eureka moment.

6. Google Search

You can play around the Google Search options to find hot topic ideas.

blog topics

Explore the following Google Search features:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • News
  • Discussions: You’ll find results for discussions in forums, groups, answer sites such as Yahoo Answers etc.
  • Books

google blogger

You can also filter your search by date, for instance select a category and sort by pat months (i.e. past 30 days).

So many ways to refine your search and dig deeper…

7. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers is another place to get blogging inspiration and blog topic ideas. Research to find what people are asking about, that is related to your niche? Go to Yahoo and research for your keywords.

Remember to look out for what many people are asking. If many people are asking, it suggests that you can step in to provide answers on your blog – to get found when more people search for answers on that question.

8. Article Directories

Ezine Articles is the biggest article directory for researching blog topic ideas – this article directory would give you a good insight into what is hot in your market.

Go to and type in your keyword. You may also want to check under the category of your market.

Look out for articles of 30 days old or more. Use the same method as above to find the hottest authors (in topics in your market niche) are writing about, and that readers are showing most interest in via comments?

9. Your Blog Comments

Your comments section might also help you find inspiration for new articles/ posts. Readers’ comments and questions in the comments section can provide you insights and inspirations on what to blog about. Respond to commenters’ questions and concerns. Doing this will help you learn more about your readers wants and sometimes get you going out of your comfort zone to research and find answers to satisfy your loyal readers.

10. Your Analytics/ Stats

What are your stats telling you?

  • What posts are most popular? An indication that if you write more posts or serialize the popular posts, you’ll get lots of readers.
  • What search terms are leading many people to your blog? What posts are being read by most visitors from the search engines?
  • What posts are least popular? Can you jazz them up or optimize them in anyway to bring attention to them?

Perhaps people want to read your post but your keywords are making your post difficult to be found – a case of what you think you are saying is not conveying the same meaning to people:

  • Maybe the title is not attention grabbing? The title many make an interesting topic look drab from afar?
  • What posts are bringing the most comments?
  • What posts are getting lots of retweets?

You stats give you an indication of what to keep doing and what you need to optimize or tweak. Sometimes, when I feel a post is not getting read as much as I anticipated, I noticed that when I tweak the titles a bit, tweak the keywords (after doing a bit of keyword research to find better keywords) I see that post getting read more – an indication that the title and/ or keywords were keeping it in hiding.


I hope you’ll take action to research blog topic  ideas that your readers would love. This is very important because you want to be able to give them exactly what they want so that they’ll always come back for more, and even tell others about your blog.

Once your blog readership keeps growing, you’ll find be motivated to keep researching more hot topics for writing inspirations and you’ll never run out of topic ideas again.

Writing on the exact topics that more people in your market are searching for would provide you the best opportunity to be visible in the search engines. You know that more visibility equals more traffic and more sales, and of course more cash.

Over to You…

What have I missed out? What is your favorite method to research topic ideas for your blog posts and articles?

I look forward to your comments and ideas.

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