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This is a special page for you, my reader, to introduce yourself to this blog community – and an opportunity for you to promote your business for more exposure. Be sure that other readers are likely to check out your website – an interesting “about you” story here will get you more traffic, new readers and subscribers. So, take the plunge and let’s meet you.

This is a special page for you, my reader, to introduce yourself to this blog community – and an opportunity for you to promote your business for free, to get more exposure to your business.

I believe you understand that spamming is not allowed and any spammy post will be immediately deleted.

Introduce Yourself and What You Do/ Business

So, go on – scroll down and start introducing yourself – tell us ABOUT YOU, what you do, what you are passionate about and your business growth plans for this year.

Enough of me taking your ‘stage” – I look forward to reading about you:)

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Hi Stella,

I came across your blog by the referral from the young entrepreneur blog.I am wilson from singapore and I have been blogging for half a year.I am passionate about personal development and fitness niche but to avoid confusion,I decided to start a blog on making money online that were taught by people who are already successful.

Do correct me if you think that I can do something else better.

Enjoy your day!

Welcome to my blog, Wilson. I hope you’ll find my posts useful to your growth as a blogger. I’m glad to learn more about you in your comment here.

I wish you success in your blogs. Half a year in blogging means that you’re still a new blogger. I’m a firm believer in ‘following your passion’, when it comes to deciding on the niche one should blog in. Time plays a role sometimes to help new bloggers focus on a niche. For you, you may find that you’ll find one of your 2 blogs as the one you naturally have more “true passion” and free flowing contents to blog about.

When you get there, you’ll know which blogging niche to face. In the mean time, you may want to download my free eBook called “Passion to Profits” (click here) where I have a chapter on how to find your most sellable passion.

I hope that helps.

Hi Stella, I found you through Twitter and love your site.

I’m Brian Hawkins. I’ve been blogging for years and have far too many sites. I just revived Hot Blog Tips after almost a year of being shut down so I’m just starting it over.

I live in Michigan with my wife of 28 years. We have four grown children and four Grandsons so far. I feel fortunate to be around at a time when the internet is here to enjoy.

I’m very social and love blogging and meeting new people on the net. I spend more time on other blogs than on my own and I’m having a blast. I’m glad I found you.

Hi Brian:

Welcome to my blog:) Good to see you around and thanks for taking the time to tell us about you and what you do – I bet other readers will check out your blog.

It’s my pleasure e-meeting you and learning more about you. Isn’t it amazing how Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are responsible for our meeting great people every day?

I just took time to check out your “Hot Blog Tips” blog and I liked what I saw. Your contents there definitely show that you’re an experienced blogger. I’ve bookmarked it so I can visit again to read some more.

Hi Stella,
Very generous of you.

My name is Justin Mazza I have a personal development blog that encourages readers to view life from a different perspective.

My goals aren’t about money or material things but rather lifestyle creation and contribution to others.

What we do for others we do for ourselves because there is no separation between us.

You’re welcome to my blog, Justin. I’m blessed to have you visit.

It’s a pleasure getting to know more about you and great goals you have set for yourself – to follow not money but contribution to other people.

I’ve just added your blog to a list of my readers’ blogs I want to visit later (soon). Please do come again, sometime as I’m sure you’ll find some cool posts that’ll interest you:)

Enjoy the best this weekend!

What a beautiful surprise to find this post during my very first visit to your blog, Stella. It just goes to show what a huge heart you have and how generous you are!

I’m a Canadian freelance writer and expat who followed her heart to Peru. I’m passionate about valuing the little things in life and reminding others to reflect on and appreciate the little things in their lives. =)

Thank you so much for inviting us to share about ourselves, Stella! =) And thanks for dropping by my blog the other day! I so appreciate our growing friendship. =)

Hey Sam, welcome to my blog. Rock on – this is the space where my readers ‘micro-blog about themselves’ (lol), so feel free.

See, I just learnt a new thing about you – didn’t know you’re a freelancer:) Thanks for your comments, retweets and all – I honestly appreciate. I’m sure we’ll keep bumping on each other as the days go by.

It’s amazing how you blog about your ‘new’ environment, anyone would think you’re originally from there. I love that – most people hardly integrate. Shows your true passion for the little things. BTW, I love your blog name:)

Great work you are doing here, i fell in love with your site and good works the very first day i came across your site, keep it up and continue helping beginner like me.

Am Itohowo Williams, my blog is where you find latest headline news around the world. Am new to blogging and internet stuff. so i need all your care and advise, help etc.

Stella, Once again, i want to really appreciate you for providing a base for us to introduce ourselves

Thanks for stopping by, Itowoha. The essence of this page is that other readers can see your promotion and want to click to check out your blog (free traffic).

I’m sure they will:)

Howdy, Stella:

First let me briefly mention I found you Lynn Terry’s page, her Facebook mentioned your interview and I clicked over. You have a GREAT blog, and am glad I found you. I followed you on Twitter as well, since I’m pretty active there during the week.

I’ll take you up on your generous offer and talk about myself and my business. I run G34 Media, a new media service provider and new media blog which is in the process of launching my very first ebook – Super Blogga. The book is a fun guide aimed at new blog owners with over 70 tips, tricks and techniques I’ve learned since starting my first blog back in March 2007.

It’s my first entry into self-publishing and it’s pretty exciting. Yay! Thanks again for letting me share about my business, appreciate it.


p.s. Would love to have YOU review the book when it comes out, in early July. A free copy would be provided of course, for your review.

Wow – Lynn Terry is such an inspiration and a mentor I admire so much and so it was an honor to interview her.

I’m glad her mentioning the interview on her Facebook page led you here – to connecting with another blogger:)

You sure made good use of that space – I like the way you said a lot about you and what you do in a pretty concise manner that will compel other readers to want to learn more from your blog.

*Thanks – would love to review your book. I bet it’ll be an awesome piece, judging from what I see on your blog. I’ll graciously look forward to receiving a review copy:)

How are you Stella, I love this site, and in advance, I thank you for offering me (us the opportunity to promote my business and what I do.

I am a Creative Writer that Writes to Brand and Market.

I can write on any topic, Press Releases, Business Planning, and I am a Grant Researcher that Writes winning Proposal’s.

Why do people call it Grant Writing is beyond me, when in fact the Proposal is what you actual write when applying to the tangible item which is the Grant. Wheeew trying saying that ten times.

My passion is in helping others obtain significant success on and offline by adding Value to their life, so we can strategically leverage each other.

With the economy being the main topic on everyone’s list of complaints, I have been mandated to start a Youth Organization where I teach Transferable skills along with self-esteem and business know-how to Teen Girls (I haven’t forgot the boys) Motivated Beauty TeenPreneurs and presently the site is being built, but you can find more about what we do over at:

Most recently, I began teaching blogging to others because they kept asking **GIGGLES** because they seem to adore my blog and my posts, so I finally put a price tag on it prompted by two of my online Coaches, LaShanda Henry & Ali Brown offering it FREE just wasn’t working anymore at least not if I planned to stay in business.

I would love to feature you on my blog in the He Say, She Section, & Blog Talk Radio Show (this month) called “The Ingredients where along with my guest we offer the Recipes to life, business and simple strategies to becoming by Leveraging YOU and ALL those you meet!

I will send you the link on Amazon as soon as I get my confirmation. Finally comprehending the value of producing my own projects, programs and systems, I am well on my way to becoming who I already am! ™

Motivated Beauty TeenPreneurs believes that we all need to Be EMPOWERED! Stay INSPIRED! while BECOMING WHO YOU ALREADY!

Stella, mylove, for you offering this space to share our gifts with the world as we continue to get out of our own ways, I, Daphne D. Williams would love to say “YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED MOTIVATED BEAUTY because indeed you ROCK!!!(tm) {*~^}

Wheeeew, I said more than enough, and you know it isn’t easy for creative people to toot their own horns, but my golly I am so learning this, and in addition, I do the same for others daily, so KUDO’S to you, I love Karma, because I ONLY get GREATNESS since that’s ALL I put fourth.

God bless all you do Stella, SUDDENLY & Daphne aka Dwritewell TOO (WHY Do creative people talk in the 3rd person along side their altar ego~LMBO ROTF)

~Daphne aka Dwritewell

This is such a nice initiative Stella. While I would like to say something about myself, I am afraid it won’t fit here 🙂 Just kidding.

Briefly, my name is Francisco (aka DiTesco) and I provide information and resources to help internet users build a successful small online business. My about page does give you a tad more info about my ramblings 🙂

Thanks Stella for giving me (us) this space to shamelessly promote ourselves. Thumbs up!

Hey DiTesco (I actually like that), it’s my pleasure seeing you around here, and thanks for telling us some bit about you and what you do.At least my readers would now know your ‘real’ name (lol) and ensure to learn more about you from your ‘about page’.

BTW, only on this page, there’s no shame in promoting yourself as long as you stay within the ‘limits of the law’:)

Hi Stella!

Thanks for inviting me to your Blog…I really like it. 🙂

What a nice gesture, all centered around GIVING & I can feel
the positive vibes running through your pages here, so cool.

I’m going to leave a link leading to a more personal ‘about me’.

I appreciate this opportunity…

Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

Hey Steven, thanks for coming over to my blog – it’s really appreciated, and thanks for your kind words.

This page is also part of the giving – for my readers to tell about themselves and what they do – so that other readers who like their stories can check them out (free traffic). I’m sure that some readers would find your comment interesting and want to visit your blog.

*I was over at your blog and your video post seems to tally with the theme of this page ‘giving’ – thanks for sharing.

Hi Stella, What a great idea! I love helping people get the most out of their work out and the most out of their bodies. Teaching how to work out and eat smarter are 2 of my passions. I plan on marketing what I do and attract people who want to make the most of their physical abilities. I want people to make attainable changes so that they get the results they want. Hitting the age of 35 can be a wake up call to people and being in great physical condition to proceed through life thriving instead of struggling or just surviving is not what we were meant to do, I am working on changing that! ( I could write more, but I will hold back for now!!) Now I just need to learn how to do the online ‘stuff’! Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Hey Holly, I am so thrilled to see you around. I’m a big fan of your blog – lots of good stuff that’s helping me take action on working out.

I’m glad you liked the idea of this space – for my readers to promote themselves, their brand and business – so that other readers can visit them.

As one of your blog readers, I can admit that your passion shines through the letters of every word you write on your blog and I have no doubt that very soon, and daily, you’ll succeed in building a raving fan/reader-base. You’re already doing that, you know.

*I can still remember the ‘call your abs’ from one of your blog posts, and honestly since reading that I never forget to call my abs (to order). Guess what? I never knew there was a wrong way of working out that does not get results (ref:points 3, 4 and 8 of your new post).

My name is Jeff and I’m a promoter and I have been promoting products, services and people for such a long time.I’m also a professional photographer that needs promoting myself but can make it uniques promoting myself and other photographers at the same time and get paid. My newest promoting services is blogging about Talented Wedding Photographers.

Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself.

Jeff Brooks

Hey Jeff – thanks for coming around and taking the chance to promote yourself and what you do to my blog readers. I bet you’ll have some of them checking out your blog once they read about you in this page.

I just went over your blog and on first impression, it’s a clean look and welcoming too. You’ve got this way with words – you write good as you introduce your featured wedding photographers from different parts of the country. I bet your blog visitors do not need the search engines (anymore) to find photographers in their areas, from what you have.

Stella, thanks for caring enough to ask about US. My goal this year is to publish my “poems” book or eBook. My passion is really to help others in many areas of what I am great at. One is with legal issues. I have a Associates of applied science in Paralegal. I am passionate about Justice and legal rights of others. Thanks for caring to ask. Right now I am a Security Officer and a female Barber in an old fashioned shop part time. I am getting ready to move out of my apartment into a house by May 1st. 2011. Love ya Stella, your forever grateful friend, Jackie Paulson

Good to hear about your passions and targets/ goals, Jackie.

I must say that you’ve got diverse and interesting multi-talents and skills – female barber and a paralegal, and a tireless writer.

I’d love to see you successfully use your online writing skills to help others in your exact areas of passion – barbing and paralegal (and any other talents you’ve got) and making money from doing so – helping others and doing social good.

You may want to look at Page 34 of the Passion to Profits Blueprint “The Passion Test” – it’s about finding one’s most sellable passion.

Keep me updated when you publish your eBook of poems.

I love moving houses especially in the new year – I am sure you must be looking foward to it.

*Passion to Profits Blueprint download link

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this blog is about story of my life..
what happen to me, my surrounding incident, about my favorite of anykind of thing I’ll story in this blog..
and this is more to my life journey..

@kyrel – nice blog you have there; beautiful theme. I like that you are blogging on your “favorite” topics and interests (passion). Keep it up!

I want to share my readings, reflexions, passions, emotions and my way of living vith others, to asumme themselves.
Finally perhaps I would be able to write valuable things.

@thomasson – thanks for sharing about yourself and your blog.

Nice blog there – I almost never left – I liked the music you have on the background.

I read your posts in English (via Google Translate) – nice posts. Keep it up!

BTW, I followed your blog on Networked Blogs.

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