Be Social Be Rich – Social Networking Expert, Martha Giffen, Talks About How Small Businesses Can Profit Financially From Their Social Networks [Interview]

Be social be rich! Social networking expert Martha Giffen, in this exclusive interview reveals effective ways that small businesses can increase income and profits simply by networking correctly. She also warns against some deadly social networking mistakes that entrepreneurs often engage in, in the name of networking – that costs them time and money. I bet you don’t want to miss discovering how Martha Giffen tapped into the power of her social network to land new deals, joint ventures and several opportunities that led to riches for her. Click to read the full story about how being social can lead to becoming richer.


[Interview] Author and Social Media Networking for Business Expert, Martha Giffen, Talks About Effective Ways Bloggers and Small Online Home Businesses Can Profit Financially From Their Social Networks

martha giffen - be social be rich authorToday, I’m honored to have on the interview, one of the brightest blogging and social media business networking minds I’ve ever met in the blogosphere. She is marvelous Martha Giffen of MarthaGiffen.Com. Martha is one of those people that just leave unforgettable, positive impression the first time you come across them.

Martha is a social media and networking diva; she talks social media networking and also walks the talk – you’ll soon discover why and how she does those. Martha Giffen is not new online and has been strategically utilizing the thrust of her social networks and social media to build a successful business online, pretty fast and successfully too.

Martha Giffen, a best-selling author of various business building books, has built a successful business using social networking to connect with people “one person at a time.”  A popular blogger with a large following, Martha dishes out plenty of southern charm as she helps entrepreneurs build their own lucrative businesses using her proven formula to Be Social Be Rich!

If you know Martha or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll  quickly recognize the subtle manner that she uses to engage people in her social network. One thing that also caught my attention is how Martha manages to use her social networking skills offline to get across to big names like Joe Vitale, Pat O’Bryan, Connie Regan Green, Warren Whitlock, Christina Hills to name a few.

Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way To Endless Profits

Martha Giffen recently released a new addition to her business building book series on Amazon, titled “Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!” In this book, Martha takes you by the hand, step by step, through the exact technique and steps she is using to grow leverage her social network to make more financial profit in her business. By the way, this is not Martha’s first book – she has co-authored many books with big industry names and co-authored the popular ‘Money From Anywhere’ book, also on Amazon.

You may want to know that Martha literally shook Amazon’s servers on the book launch day, as her new book ‘Be Social Be Rich’ was ranking number 2 in the home business category. Remember, I told you Martha really knows how to work her social network to convert to profits – see why she is the best person to teach us what’s working for her in social media /networking for business.

Note: By the way, you may want to check out Martha’s new business social networking book at Amazon by clicking here: Be Social Be Rich.

Stella: I’m honored to have today, on the ‘hot seat’,  marvellous Martha Giffen. Martha, welcome to the interview and thank you so much for taking time off your busy schedule to talk to use today about how to  become better at social networking and how to make financial profit from networking rightly.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Martha, can you tell us a little about you and what you do (business) Plus a little about how/ why you started social networking?

Thanks Stella!  I’m a work-at home business woman and what I do is online marketing.  I sell digital products and services online.  Social networking was a good “fit” for me because I am a “people” person.  Connecting with others just comes naturally to me.

What is the big idea behind ‘Be Social Be Rich’ and why/ how did you come about title? (By the way, I think it’s pretty cool).

The big idea is that anyone can learn social networking.  Those skills can be used to increase your bottom line but also to enrich the quality of your life. People are relational.  Once you discover that’s the secret, then you need to know exactly where to go and how to connect with others.

The title is an interesting story.  Several years ago, I made a conscious decision to live an “inspired” life.  That simply means, when I hear inspiration, I act on it.  In this case, I actually “heard” the title Be Social Be Rich, immediately went and bought the domain name and turned my knowledge into a book.  It’s incredible really.  The title was a gift from above!

Talk about grabbing an opportunity by the horn. Tell us, how would you define ‘social media’ and ‘social network’ and why are they so important for any business of today?

Well, social media refers to the platforms that you use to get your message out.  Such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.  Your social network consists of the people in your sphere or tribe.  You have to use the social media platforms to increase your network. The importance?  The size of your network will determine the size of your netWORTH.

How does wealth (being rich) relate to being social, looking at the title of your book – that’s the first thing that comes to mind? Are there any personal or business experiences where the title of this book came to pass for you?

be social be rich book download - martha giffenThe first thing that comes to my mind is Twitter.  I met people I would NEVER have come in contact with through Twitter.  I found that people who were further up the food chain (than I was) were glad to engage in conversation, especially if I asked direct questions.  This led to a larger network for me and subsequently to opportunities. Those opportunities (book deals, JV partners, affiliates) all led to riches.

Is the book about offline social networking, online social networking or both or social media?

I talk about both in the book and here’s why:  Networking is networking.  You want to meet and connect with as many people as possible because you never know where your next opportunity will come from. It could be from a referral of a referral!  The main offline place for me to meet like-minded people is seminars.  I totally endorse going to at least one seminar a year.

Are there any situation where the title of this book may not hold true? I mean is it possible for someone to have a large social network but yet not able to leverage the network to increase the business or personal net worth (and money making)? Can you educate us more on that?

If you are in business, you are trying to earn profits.  There is only one way to do that and that’s by people purchasing your products or services.  The bigger the network and connections, the more likely you are to meet potential customers. At some point, you DO have to ask for the order!  Having a large network won’t do you any good if nobody knows you have anything to sell. Right?

You’re right, Martha. Can anyone, anyone at all, master the art and use of networking strategically on social media platforms to increase business downline, or are there any skill sets or competencies required to ‘profit’ from using social media as a business?

It is a skill but it can be learned.  That’s what I teach in my book.  The “how-to’s.”

To someone out there who may say that they do not need to learn from a book, how to mingle and grow their social network for financial profiting, what would you advice that person, given that you are a living proof of someone who rode on her social network for rapid business and income success?

Well, if they feel that way, there’s not much we can do to change their minds.  However, I feel that we all have something to learn. Social media is still growing and changing every day.  To master it, you have to stay on top of it.  It’s that simple.

What ways are the common ways that you see entrepreneurs currently wasting time on online social media, that you think is not adding (income) to the bottom-line of their small or home  business?

Great question! Just being on social media platforms won’t do it.  You have to be out there with a purpose.  You need to promote your products, promote for others, and be engaging.  Don’t spend all day chit-chatting on the networks.  That is a time-guzzler and not productive at all.  Decide how much time you want to devote to it and stick with that plan. A few minutes in the morning and afternoon should be enough if you’re doing it right.

Who would you say you were targeting or speaking to in this book “Be Social Be Rich” – what kind of person would benefit the most from the book?

Any business owner trying to get the message out about their product or services. You have to know how to connect with your target market on the social media platforms.  This book is for anyone wanting to learn how to do that.

Social media is a free platform and space that anyone can easily start to use to drive their business. As an expert who has successfully used social media to grow business profits. So, tell us , is there a right and wrong way of using social media, for the purpose of driving business?

Well, of course I think there is!  We’ve all seen the people who are constantly promoting their products.  It gets boring.  People stop listening.  It’s like a constant commercial.  That just doesn’t work.  It’s the engaging with others in conversations that is the key.  But even then, there’s a way to do it in 140 characters!

What are the likely consequences and costs of wrong use of social media in business/ by entrepreneurs?

Well, besides wasted time and energy and loss of profits, it’s really hard to get your audience back if you have gotten started on the wrong foot in the beginning.  That’s why it’s best to learn social networking skills.

What are the big advantages that social media (online) offers for a home or small business that is priceless and cannot be obtained from the print and electronic media?

One word.  Free.  OK, you knew I would say that!  The other advantage?  Your audience is as big as you want it to be.  The internet is global and it never sleeps.  People can buy your products 24/7.  How great is that?

I read somewhere that the new global currency is not paper but relationships. How true is that and if so, how would the lessons inside the book ‘be social be rich’ help any entrepreneur actualize that?

Oh wow, I love that!  People are social creatures.  We long for interaction with others.  I know it’s cliche but people buy from people they know, like, and trust.  You can develop this through the social networks.

Martha, I once mentioned that you’ve got really big social networking big muscles, that was when I saw the line up of big names that are offering bonuses to every buyer of “Be Social Be Rich’. Look at you networking with ease offline with big names like Joe Vitale, Pat O’Bryan, Connie Regan Green, Warren Whitlock and others? How do you do that, and is that one of the things we’ll be learning inside your new book “be social be rich”?

Yes, in “Be Social Be Rich” I tell you exactly how I did it and how you can too!

In what formats is your book, ‘Be Social Be Rich’ available?

Right now, it’s in paperback copy, coming soon to Kindle and audio.

This is not your first book and you have co-authored a couple of other books with some big name authors. What were mistakes that you learned the most from and would want to pass on to a blogger aspiring to publish their own book sometime soon?

In my case, I obsessed about the cover of the book for too long.  I think I spent a month getting it “right.”  In the end, it really didn’t matter and I lost time that could have been spent selling books!  As far as writing, if you are a blogger, you are a writer.  Go for it!

Now that ‘Be social be rich’ has been released, what next on the plate of Martha Giffen – any book tour, speaking tours or something like that?

Yes, I am finalizing a couple of speaking engagements now and guess what?  I’ve started my next book! Stella: At this point, our readers may be wondering how to get a copy of “be social, be rich” – can you tell us

————————————–INTERVIEW END————————————–

“Be Social Be Rich” PLUS Over 14 Extra (Free) “Be Social Be Rich” Bonus Pack

  • be rich be social bonuses - martha giffen
    14 Extra Premium Bonuses With Your Copy of "Be Social Be Rich"

    Pat O’Bryan: How to Use PayPal as Your Merchant Account

  • Michele Scism: “Your Goal Setting Guide”
  • Connie Ragen Green: 10 Steps to Starting an Online Business
  • Warren Whitlock: How You Can Become A Best Selling Author!
  • Karen L. Kay: “Get in the Zone: Focus Praxis Audio Pack”
  • Trapper Sherwood: Learn how to Come Alive and change your thoughts
  • Nicole Dean: PLR Frequently Asked Questions for Bloggers AND Benefits of Attending Live Events
  • Christina Hills: Building a responsive list and how to use autoresponders
  • Michelle Shaeffer: Expressing You: Blogging as a tool to move towards your purpose
  • Melanie Kissell: “Your Digital Body Language For Business Blogging Success”
  • Chuck Pennington: Love Energy Meditation
  • Sheila Atwood: 201 Best Free Web Tools and Resources
  • Trapper Sherwood: Learn how to Come Alive and change your thoughts
  • Deb Augur:YouTube Made Easy

Above is the list of all the awesome bonuses you will get with your purchase of Martha Giffen’s social networking guide for businesses – “Be Social Be Rich”.

How To Get A Copy of “Be Social Be Rich”

By now, I’m sure that you’ve been wondering about how to get your own copy of Martha Giffen’s social networking guide for businesses – “Be Social Be Rich”. It’s available on Amazon at the price of $19.97. You can click below to go directly to the Amazon page of “Be Social Be Rich”:

—>>>>Click To Get Your Copy of “Be Social Be Rich” (Direct to Book Page at Amazon)<<<<—

What Do You Think About Improving Your Social Networking Skills As A Strategy to Make More Money – “Be Social Be Rich”

You heard it from the expert business networker, social networking is different from social media. She said that your network is your networth, and they lead to financial profits – if you know how to find the right network and how to work that network to add value to your bottom-line. That’s what Martha Giffen is teaching us in her book, Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!

These interviews with remarkable bloggers and marketers are so educational and I have enjoyed learning from this week’s expert – Martha Giffen of MarthaGiffen.Com and a serial author of many business books including the newly released “Be Social Be Rich”.

Thanks for being in the ride with us and I hope you also enjoyed learning about social networking essential skills from Martha Giffen.  In the mean time, I’ll want you to do 2 things for me:

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Yours in building a social network that enriches you,



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Speaking of social media faux pas, a while ago, not thinking, I posted a link at Facebook to a hiring opportunity I was offering at my blog. Apparently, someone reported me, and now I am unable to post any links – business-oriented or otherwise – to my blog. The system at Facebook has banned it…

Hi Kid’s Crafts:
So sorry about your experience with Facebook banning you from posting links. Thank God they did not ban you entirely, and that means that after a few weeks/ months, you’ll be allowed to start posting links again.

However, you did not explain where you posted your links. As you know, many people knowingly or unknowingly violate Facebook Terms of Use by spamming other people with their links. Some post links to people they do not know or have just friended or use Facebook messaging to bombard people with links, those are some of the reasons that can get people to report someone to Facebook and also get that person banned.

In the mean time, you can keep checking to see when Facebook allows you to start posting links again BUT to be on the safe side, use Facebook search to find groups where other people are posting their business news, opportunities, events and blog posts. Those are safe places.

If you stay tuned to this blog, I’ll write some posts on some proven and effective methods of marketing our products and services on Facebook. Feel free to let me know if there’s anyway I can help, or questions.

Linkedin is another good one to try. there are lot of social media and web 2.0 sites where you can setup profiles and setup bio pages as well. you can publish content on those sites (squidoo, hubpages, google knol, vox, flixya, xanga, and there are LOTS) and use anchor text backlinks to your other profile. Thanks

Thanks for your contribution on this topic. It’s appreciated.

Those you mentioned are all great social networking media and social sites. You know, in the interview, the author of “Be Social, Be Rich” was talking about how to use these social sites to make the kind of online friends that can bring more businesses to us, which is what we all want – and she has successfully made money from social networking sites using the blueprint she reveals in her new book.

Thanks for coming around and hope to see you again.

You’ve got beautiful graduation gowns on your site:)

Social networking is one of the key marketing strangers to get in more traffic, repeat visitors and in the long run make more money.

I agree – social networking is a very effective marketing and traffic strategy, just like word of mouth it builds trust quickly hence loyal visitors.

Thanks. Just read your post on ‘how to delete Facebook account” and left a comment. Nice help tips.

Amazing interview, Stella! You really highlighted everything that makes Martha shine. I am a huge Martha fan already, but I really learned a lot more about her through your interview. I especially loved learning how she followed her intuition and inspiration — imagine how it snowballed into such success!

She really is the master of social media because I felt warm vibes from her ever since we met for the first time a couple months ago. How promising that we can all learn her “tricks” to harness the power of social media for our different ventures.

And what a powerhouse to be working on her next book already! =) Can’t wait! =)

Thanks again, Stella! =)

Thanks Sam, for coming around. I’m glad that you found the interview enlightening.

You’re right about Marta’s warm vibes on the social media platforms – I also think so about her. Her book launch was quite successful and the line up of the big names who are offering bonuses to the book is a proof of her social networking success skills. Sure, when we ‘grow up’ we’ll definitely be like her – serial book writing and a powerful social network beside us.

Just reading another weird Peru event, at your blog.

Thanks for stopping by Martha – much appreciated. I learnt a lot from your interview, sharing your experience with leveraging your social networking for profit.

Thanks for the opportunity to let us learn from your wealth of experience in this subject:)

Thanks for reading Justin and I hope to see you around again.

Just reading your post – “7 Ways God Helps You Monetize Your Biggest Personal Asset”. I cannot agree more that no gift is better than the other – they all have equal opportunities to reward one the most if harnessed creatively.

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