Underground Blogging Secrets Review And Bonus: The Truth About Mavis Nong’s Blogging Success Blueprint

In a previous post on this blog, I interviewed Mavis Nong, creator of the “Underground Blogging Secrets”, and she provided tremendous tips and tricks that you can implement to take your blog marketing to success. In this review, you’ll learn more about the Underground Blogging Secrets, who it is targeted at, the course overview, much more AND the 5 Exclusive IM products in the Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus pack. Read on…


What is Underground Blogging Secrets Really About?

underground blogging secrets review bonusFollowing the release of Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong, I interviewed Mavis so that my readers can get first hand information and a chance to learn from the Underground Blogging Secrets review, tips and advice on blogging rapid success tips from Mavis Nong herself.

That also helped to dispel the myth that neither Mavis Nong or her Underground Blogging Secrets is scam. They are legit.

This post, in two parts, is more on the Underground Blogging Secrets review PLUS a super sized Underground Blogging Secrets Bonuses you will get at no extra cost, and simple steps to get all those bonus for free after this review. So let’s quickly get into the course of today. Shall we?

Note: Just in case you landed here looking for the Underground Blogging Secrets official website to buy the product, here’s the link below:

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**5 Exclusive Underground Blogging Secrets Bonuses [Scroll Down, it’s on this page, Part 2]

*Exclusive Interview With Underground Blogging Secrets Creator, Mavis Nong [Free Access]

Part 1: Underground Blogging Secrets Review

In this section of the Underground Blogging Secrets Review, we’ll look at the good, the bad and the ugly. The main objective of this review is to give you both sides of the story, so that you have enough information to buy or not to buy Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong.

Best For Who: Who should or should not buy / should not buy it? Should get: if you are already blogging and want to put your blogging success on high speed or just started blogging (beginner) and want to save months or years from trial and error – get a successful blogger’s blueprint from beginner, with zero blogging knowledge, to success..

Media: Video Course

Extra Bonus? YES

Price: $27

underground blogging secrets bonus-review-money back refund guaranteeGuarantee: 60 Days money refunded if you buy the Underground Blogging Secrets and discover it’s not for you

Module 1: The Blogging Code: This module on generating loads of free traffic to your blog, how to use your blog to generate sales, how to convert your blog traffic to leads/ prospects, list of traffic and lead generation plugins and more

Module 2: Blogging Myths Exposed Part 1: An expose on the ultimate blogging platform,the best hosting choice for a business minded blogger, how to position and brand yourself online for maximum money making, 30 Ways to generate fresh new blog posts on demand and more

underground blogging secrets review-real users testimonialxModule 3: Blogging Myths Exposed Part 2: Blog promotion strategies,Dos and Don’ts for promoting blog posts for results, steps to increase your blog speed to make more readers want to visit again and lots more

Module 4: Blog Profit Strategies: 20 Different ways to make money blogging, how to leverage people in your niche
Q and A – What to do, how and when. Also included: Best domain name selection; Content creation; getting Comments; Getting your comments all over the WWW (internet); SEO and Blogging and lots more blogging Q & A

Those are just a summary of what to expect from the Underground Blogging Secrets. For details on each of those modules, click to go to the product’s official website below:

====>Click To Check Out Underground Blogging Secrets

Real Users “Review Underground Blogging Secrets” Creator, Mavis Nong

Are you wondering out aloud “is underground blogging secrets scam/ legit?” or “is mavis nong scam/ legit?”

This section will provide you answers to those questions, as you read the reviews from real people, who have learned to improve their blogging, from Mavis Nong, creator of the Underground Blogging Secrets.

underground blogging secrets review-real users testimonial2underground blogging secrets review-real users testimonial1

underground blogging secrets bonus-real users testimonial4underground blogging secrets bonus-real users testimonial5

The Cons: Underground Blogging Secrets Review

We have looked at what’s good about the Underground Blogging Secrets and there were lots of good points. If you’ll agree with me, no single product solves all of the World’s problem and so in this part of the Underground Blogging Secrets review, you’ll discover the reasons why Underground Blogging Secrets may not be for you.

Not For you If… Unfortunately, as good as Underground Blogging Secrets is, it is not targeted at everyone. It does not cover the steps for a stark about-to-begin-blogging person can take to setup WordPress or find a market niche. If you are at this stage, I suggest you first get your blog up and functional before purchasing Mavis’ Underground Blogging Secrets. If you’re currently thinking about blogging or yet to start your blog? If so you should consider buying “Underground Blogging Secrets” after your blog is already up.

Blogging Platform: One section covered plugins that the product creator, Mavis, used to extend the functionality and performance of her WordPress blog. If you do not use WordPress to blog, this section is not applicable to you. Apart from this section, all other sections and modules apply to every blogger, irrespective of the platform you blog on.

Part 2: Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus (Extra Mega Pack) – All Yours For F.r.e.e

To make you enjoy lots more value from being a student of the Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong, I have put together a special extra bonus pack for you. It was carefully hand-picked, one by one, to compliment the skills and knowledge you are about to learn from the main Underground Blogging Secrets.

You will get them all for F.R.E.E with your copy of the Underground Blogging Secrets. Down below, you’ll find instructions on how to get all my complimentary Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus, but first I’ll give you a brief about each of them.

Your Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus Pack contains five (5) blogging profit success kit – each product in your Underground Blogging Success “Goodie Bag” is a must have for for accelerated profitable Problogger skills development.

Here are the products inside your Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus Pack:

Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus #1: Scientific Traffic

Wouldn’t you want more traffic? This is a top search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic generation expert’s scientific “step-by-step” approach to marketing that enabled him to build a six figure business (from free traffic) in his spare time while still in college.

Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus #2: Triple Your Opt-in Requests

After traffic comes the need to convert them to subscribers first so that, you can effectively convert them to sales (money). Would you not like to get 3 times (and more) subscribers from the same efforts? That’s the essence of this product. Be one of the first 50 people who buy Underground Blogging Secrets through my link and you’ll get this product for free, as a bonus from me.

Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus #3: EBook Authors’ 30 Writing Tips

eBook creation for sales is another cash cow for smart bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Most people already know that but are stuck in the how to start, where to start from and exact step by step instructions on how to create and market a money making eBook (from someone already making good money from eBooks). Again, if you are one of the first 50 people to purchase Underground Blogging Secrets from my link, you’ll get this this product as an extra bonus, free.

Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus #4: 14 Point Web Copy Analysis

In the World of doing business on the internet, words make the sales – not you. Not every set of words woven together to create posts and reviews make the sale. There’s an art and science to selling with words. That is why the word crafters (aka copywriters) make the most money. However, smart bloggers and online marketers do everything possible to get this essential “must have” skill of copywriting. This product is $195 value but you’ll get it completely Free, as a bonus from me, with your copy of Underground Blogging Secrets.

Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus #5: My Exclusive Interview with Mavis Nong

I did an exclusive interview with the creator of the Underground Blogging Secrets, Mavis Nong, and grilled her to reveal even more of her ninja strategies and underground blogging secrets she is using day to day to get ton of comments to every single blog post, increase her blog alexa and page rank continuously. Want to know more of what she revealed? It’s a secret but you’ll also get this exclusive interview as a free bonus in addition to all the other four (4) underground blogging secrets bonus mentioned above, with your purchase copy of the Underground Blogging Secrets.

How to Get The Underground Blogging Secrets Bonus (Extra Mega Pack)

Here’s what you need to do, in 2 easy steps, to get the traffic jamming website course PLUS my extreme bonuses:

Step 1: Go to my link link below and get your copy of Underground Blogging Secrets

Here’s my link:


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Step 3: As soon as I see your email with receipt, and confirm you purchased through my link, I’ll send you a download page. I’ll be sure to respond fast so that you can start enjoying those bonuses in minutes.

Note: I have a feeling that these bonuses will be gone in a few days, so you need to act fast to be one of the first 50 to buy through me.

P.S:  In case you haven’t heard, Underground Blogging Secrets is priced really low and most people don’t give ANY bonuses for this price range. However, because you are one of my readers, you’ll always get the best benefit. Hence, I’m giving you the premium products as Underground Blogging Secrets bonus ==>https://www.stellaanokam.com/go/undergroundbloggingsecrets/

Profit Financially From Blogging In 9 Simple Strategic Steps, For Beginners

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran blogger, whether your primary goal for blogging is passion or for money, in this post you will discover how you can profit financially from blogging in 9 easy to implement strategic steps.

 9 Steps To Make Monetary Profit From Blogging As A Beginner

how to make monetary profit from blogging-make money blogging

Do you have a strategic plan of actions to financially profit from blogging? For a beginner, blogging for passion, the question would be “can I make money blogging?” or “how do you make money blogging for free?” A lot of bloggers got into blogging as a medium to promote their networking businesses and generate more leads and sales. However, for new bloggers and those currently looking to nose-dive into blogging, the common question is “what are the ways to make money from blogging”. Read on to how to learn how any beginner, or anyone at all, can profit financially from blogging in 9 simple strategic steps.

Profit Blogging Step 1:Pursue Your Passion First (Profit From Blogging Will Follow)

Most bloggers, blog on their area of their passion, and they’d do it even without being paid. That’s good but if you learn how to make money blogging your passion, you can keep your passion alive – stay longer and happy blogging.

To make financial profit from blogging, it is important that you ensure to reduce what needs to be learned  – take the path of least learning curve and choose to blog on familiar topics that  you already know about or are passionate to learn more about, so that it would not need too much time to learn new things while struggling to become better at promoting and marketing through your blog.

Determine where your knowledge, skills and passion meet and take it from there  – that should be your base with blogging your passion. Start your own profitable blog based on your knowledge, passion and interest. Because you’ll be learning the ropes of blogging and how to market online, starting out with a subject you feel someone else is making a killing in but you know nothing about will simply increase your learning and earning curve, and so delay your timeline to make your first internet income from blogging. With so many competing websites, and because your main tool for generating sales and profit from blogging is your words, you should endeavour to put up your best contents if you must attract the people who will buy from you whenever you have a product to promote.

There’s a market for largely any and everything under the sun, so there’s no need to want to imitate someone else or believe that your own knowledge and skills areas are not profitable. You do not have to blog the exact, same topic your friend is blogging on – blog on your passion, and you’d be surprised there are people waiting to read your blog.  If you have talent in cooking and love cooking, why not blog about food, teach about how to make those yummy cuisines. If you love fashion, blog about fashion. Whatever your passion is, if you learn how to market online, you’ll definitely find buyers for that which you have to offer.

Internet marketing is simply a business model and vehicle to drive any business type to profits, using blogging as a means. Whatever business type, the same online marketing methods would drive them. So, quit trying to follow someone else’s passion – yours will do well and you’ll be able to make money from it.

Warning: Even though you want to make money blogging, if you are blogging on what you do not enjoy or have interest or passion in, you will burn out sooner or later and would have wasted some time and efforts. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it may take a while (4-6 months on average) before you start seeing any significant income, that is if you know what you are doing and are consistently taking action.  Passion is a strong motivation to keep at it before the profits start rolling in. Why not start now to pursue your passion.

*Video below is a wonderful  and soul inspiring rendition of the poem: ‘Pursue Your Passion’ by Kirk.

Profit Blogging Step 2: Dig Deep And Go Narrow – Find ‘the Right Audience’ To Serve With Your Blogging

Are the readers you currently attract the type of people who are likely to be interested and buy what you offer (back-end)? You need to have a good mix, at least majority of your readers should be the people who are reading to find solutions from your suggestions and recommendations.

In order to profit from blogging, you must be willing and ready to work it out. Find a need (by a large number of people) that you can fill using what you know or what you are interested and learning or what you are talented in or what you already have skills in. Then fill that need. The best way to position yourself to make money from blogging is to target a specific sub-market within your interest area. Dig deeper but go narrow – find a SPECIFIC market niche.

There are a whole lot of sub-categories and sub-topics within the area that your knowledge and skills are best. Not all of them would make you money blogging for business, or equally profitable.

Is your foot in a profitable right market? Are you blogging on your most sellable passion?

If you have already started blogging, have you checked the feasibility of the market that you are already in, based on the market demand and level of saturation by suppliers (other bloggers/ marketers)? Perhaps, you should do that soon –it’s always better late than never (to reposition in the right market). If you are just starting out, you need to do a market research to know where the money is within your chosen passion. That’s ‘the right audience’.

You need to dig deep into your field, industry or market of interest to find the sub-market that has the potential to generate significant sales (and profit). A simple online market research using key phrases (also known as keywords) will expose the sub-markets with high demand and low competition. When your market research shows you profitable demographics within the larger market of your interest, stay there– focus narrowly on a specific sub-market. In trying to capture an entire general fat loss market (for example), you’d not be getting anyone’s interest. People look for the specifics that solve their specific problem. If for example you focus on fat loss for obese kids, you’d find people interested customers willing to buy.

Profit Blogging Step 3: Build a List of Targeted Audience of Blog Readers and Start Teaching (First) In Order to Profit From Blogging

Blogging is like the business of teaching and educating, and selling knowledge based products in the process. If you want to blog and interested to profit from blogging, you have to love teaching what you know, are learning or experiencing (in life or business) or have experienced. Someone, somewhere is looking for that, to make their own life better, and avoid the mistakes you have made to get where you are/ be like you.

Think of this – what does Oprah do? Oprah simply talks about topics that solve her viewers problems; she shares here experience; Oprah teaches her audience what she’s doing that is working for her; she tells of the books she is reading or has read – and her audience just follow every of her recommendations. That is how she makes money. Oprah is not the only talk show host out there but she makes a lot more money than the others. However, the other talk show hosts also have their own raving fans, and make money from teaching them and sharing information with them – the market is big enough for every player. Blogging is just like that and to profit from blogging, you have to build your own audience (reader base). You can be the Oprah of your own blog audience, giving away free useful information while building your profitable business in a similar model as Oprah’s. There are people out there who want to read about what you know – they want to learn from you. Don’t hold back – give, it will come back to you in good measures, running over sooner than you can imagine. But capture your fans (readers) list always.

Do you know that doing a business without having a list of potential buyers is like living a life without insurance – that means any day your business crashes or your money-bank disappears overnight (no one prays for that, but s***t happens, they say), you’d have to start all over again (if you are still motivated enough) or forever remain down under (surrender). However, if you have a list of people who are interested in what you do, you can easily CONTINUE marketing to them, and making sales (money) without stop. If you want to profit from blogging continuously (today and in the future), you should arm yourself with your own list, unless you are a glutton for suffering.

Click to read my post on how to build a profit pulling email list from scratch.

Profit Blogging Step 4: Connect Sellers to Buyers – Become an Affiliate Marketer

rapid profits formula - matt carterMany product creators, manufacturers and shopping sites (like Amazon) are looking for sales representatives. The 21st century sales representative does his business of getting leads and prospects online. Online salesmen are known as affiliates.

You can find lots of product and service creators or providers (within your subject area) who are looking for affiliates – signup with them, for the products that you think would benefit your readers, and that they’ll want. Places to start with, when looking for affiliate products to promote, include ClickBank.Com, Amazon.Com (amazon associates), CommissionJunction.Com, PayDotCom.Com. Be sure to also setup a payment account with PayPal where you will receive payments for affiliate products you sell.

Profit Blogging Step 5: Connect Buyers to Sellers – Recommend Useful Quality Products to Your Audience

There are many ways to generate extra streams of income, online or offline. Network marketing, direct marketing and the general home business industry used to be the most popular method for anyone looking for ways to make extra money. One thing that is common with these methods is promoting or selling Other People’s Products (OPP). With the increase in the popularity of the internet and online shopping, blogging has proven as one of the ways that people can make extra income streams, part time or full time.

People usually start the buying process from researching the search engines for websites and blogs that have useful additional information regarding a product or service they are interested in. Many bloggers are making money from using blogging as a medium to educate prospective buyers on product reviews, causes and effects, problem solutions, price comparisons, suppliers and more. How you can make money here is by finding a quality provider that has an affiliate program with commissions offering, so that they can recommend that product to their readers.

This you do by recommending quality products of product creators to the people who read your blog posts and emails. There would be lots of desperate buyers among your readers, who if they like and trust you, the products you recommend, from the sources you recommend.

It’s important that while you write on the topics that are of interest to you, you should also research what your target readers (and prospective customers) are reading elsewhere and what they would like to read most.

A blog can be likened to a newspaper or magazine publishing – the publishers educate the readers on topics of the readers’ interests and make money from the advertisements within the pages of their papers.

For a beginner who is blogging his/ her passion, you may think that some of the top blogs that you love and are following (their steps) write only “how to” contents on their blogs and do not sell anything. Have you ever thought how they make the lots of money they talk about on their blogs? Affiliate marketing is one of them. If you are on their lists, you’d have got loads of those promotions of new launch products – that is it – they promote to the people who subscribe to their blogs and they also promote through articles they write in article directories. As they say, they list is where the money is and so most top bloggers use the front end (blog) to “convince” first time readers that they know what they are talking about, and encourage them to subscribe to their blogs to get even more information by email.

Profit Blogging Step 6: Advertise on Your Blog – A Make Money Blogging With Banners and Text Ads

Google Adsense and other advertisements are the other ways that bloggers make extra (money) profit from blogging their passions so that they have enough motivation to keep at blogging.

Although you’ll observe that some of your favourite bloggers do not have any form of advertisements on their blogs, some have banners on their sidebars, some even have advert spaces for sale (just like magazines and newspapers). However, many bloggers build minisites, apart from their personal blogs that everyone knows them with. These minisites are usually in various markets/ areas that they have researched to find profitable. It is on these sites that they put up Google Adsense and other forms of advertisements.

Lesson: Build mini-sites (money sites or money trees) to drive affiliate sales and generate extra income through clickbank, Amazon affiliate products and other similar affiliate networks. Also create adsense sites.

Profit Blogging Step 7: Offer Consulting and Blogging Services to Offline Local Offline Businesses

Here’s another way that you can make extra (money) profit from blogging. This works by offering your blogging knowledge and skills for a fee to local businesses in your area. You can make money from offline local businesses just by doing what you already have fun doing at your blog. Imagine if you get 5 or more businesses on retainership for blogging services of any kind (as much as you can have time to do well); with careful time management and planning, you would be able to make more internet income from your blogging.

Find out what local businesses in your area that you can help with your blogging skills, as an extra income stream.

Profit Blogging Step 8: Join A Network Marketing Business – Make Money Blogging About Your Business Opportunity

Diversification of  income generation streams is the main key to make money and profit from blogging and network marketing is one of the most popular “other business” of many successful bloggers.  Many bloggers are also involved in network marketing. In fact a large percentage of them came into blogging while looking for ways to find new leads and prospects online for their Network Marketing business. You’ll find that some bloggers have a “work with me” page where they tell you a bit about the other businesses they are in. Some bloggers, at some point, mention their network marketing businesses to their subscribers. David Wood is one blogger who is primarily a Network Marketer, and there are lots of others like him.

Profit Blogging Step 9: Blog on a Self-Hosted Blogging Platform – Make More Profit From Blogging Without Fear Of Losing Your Blog Overnight

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing has 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog is a comprehensive, 31 chapter blueprint for your blog’s ongoing profitability – right from the ground up.  Backed by an extensive library of practical templates, printable worksheets, and in-practice example documents, this kit delivers all you need to make your blog turn a profit now, and over the long term.Although there are a lot of bloggers making money blogging for passion, using free blogging platforms (such as Blogger aka Blogspot), there are stories of many bloggers who woke up one day only to discover that their once regular source of extra internet income (for months or years) has been swept off their feet – just like that, overnight!

These happen because the hosting company that provide the free platforms have Terms of Use for their platforms, which limit the level of monetization you can have on your business blog. Therefore, in order to avoid this, you should consider hosting your blog yourself on WordPress.Org, so that you and only you (as the Landlord) will have total control over what you want to do on it, and sleeping well every night without fear of losing your money site any time suddenly. Setting up a self-hosted blog is a safe proof strategic decision you must make if you really want to profit from blogging.

[BONUS] Profit Blogging Step 10: Sell Your Services For Money

Provide your blogging skills in part or in whole as a service to other bloggers, internet marketers or offline businesses. You can provide freelance writing services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, link building services, blog promotion services – just think of anything you can do and already do with your blog, and do competently and also have a passion in.

There are a lot of online work from home freelance jobs via websites such as oDesk, eLance, Fiverr and a host of others. Super affiliate, Lynn Terry has written a detailed post about this on her blog, based on her teenage son’s recent success with getting an online work from home job and graduating from that to starting his own online business. You can read about that here: online jobs you can work from home – opportunities.

Conclusion and Next Steps…

There you have it – how to profit financially from blogging in 9 simple strategic steps. Although it all sounds so simple, blogging generally is not a get rich quick endeavour. Not at all. If your passion for blogging/ teaching, transparency, honesty in your recommendations, and empathy for your audience does not show through your contents, you may just pass as one of those bloggers. You should be aiming to be one of the successful bloggers with a raving fan. Look at this – Oprah makes a whole lot of money from talking and yet her die-hard fans swallow every single recommendation she makes – hook, line and sinker.

As you can see, making profit from blogging is not made at the front end, but at the various backends, and with a strategic monetization plan, you can bring all these passive income ideas to live.

If your readers would be your source of income, you should stake your credibility and give them the very best out there. Never ever recommend a product just because the commission sounds cool – your reputation is at stake and if a few who buy make negative comments about the product not meeting expectations, you stand a chance of loosing all your hard earned traffic of readers.

Key Take Aways On Making Money Blogging From Your Passion

In this post, you’d have found out that successful bloggers build more than one income streams – marketing to their lists (at the backend), article marketing (to get traffic and sales), affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products), network marketing, adsense blogging, sale of own products etc – to make money. All these kinds of marketing are centered around blogging and internet marketing – no one single method is enough.

Another take away is that for one to be truly making financial profit from blogging , you have to be a master at one of those many money making methods, that is why some bloggers are primarily affiliate marketers, others are primarily network marketers. The one you want to be known with (for branding purpose) is the one you teach most on your blog – even though you do the others also at the backend.

How would you know where to focus as primary income stream? FOCUS is an acronym for Focus On One Course Until Successful. An advice is to start with one profit blogging method and master it – see real results (money) so that you would have been skilled at doing the tasks faster – then take another chunk/ method along, master it, see real money results then take another. At some point when you get more skillful and see big results, you may need to outsource some in order to try out others. As you find you balance and method of making money online where you are passionate about, your blog will keep evolving.

Next Steps for You to Take Action

Now where do you start from, especially if you’re just starting out and want to start making money quickly online?

My advice is to learn it from people who have already achieved what you’re looking for. In this post, you’d see banners of some of the best internet and affiliate marketing courses as well as income blogging courses. Get any one or two of this courses and start implementing right away.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will implement the above 9 strategic steps to financially profit from blogging so that you can have enough motivation to fuel your blogging passion. Are you a veteran blogger, I’d love to hear your own methods of generating income from blogging.

Did you enjoy reading this post? If so your friends can also benefit from reading it – share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg etc

Yours in Building a Profitable Blogging Empire,



 P.S.: Zero to Profits Resources – If you’d like to know some good resources that have helped many, including me, to go from zero to profits, I suggest you go see the resources mentioned on this page: best internet affiliate marketing online courses.


Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard vs. Kim Roach’s – Comparison Of The Products

Should you buy Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard? Should you buy Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard? Confused? You’re not alone, but after reading this post that provides an in-depth objective comparison between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision on which/ whose Traffic Dashboard to buy.


Traffic Dashboard Comparison: Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard versus Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard ReviewNot too long after popular web traffic expert, Kim Roach, released a web traffic course titled “Traffic Dashboard”, top Internet Marketing expert, Marlon Sanders also launched an internet marketing and traffic course with the same title, “Traffic Dashboard”. Now these two products have the same name and this is beginning to cause a bit of confusion in the Internet Marketing arena, as people are now asking “what’re the differences and similarities between Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard and Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard” – that is exactly what this post is aimed to address to help you get out of guess-work, by providing you a detailed Comparison between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard, including the differences and similarities between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard.  Read on.

By the way, as you know, this is a review but if you are looking for the official Traffic Dashboard websites for either marlon Sanders Traffic dashboard or Kim Roach’s, click on any of the links below:

——->Download Traffic Dashboard by Marlon Sanders (Direct Marlon’s Official Website)

——–>Get Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach (Link to Kim’s Official Website)

———>Traffic Dashboard Bonus Packs Page

Are you confused about which Traffic Dashboard to buy? You should be because both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach are good at what they do and reputed to bring out some of the best quality internet marketing products. However, I thought to put together for you, a comprehensive comparison and analysis of Marlon Sanders’ and Kim Roach’s version of the Traffic Dashboard; I also looked at the professional profiles with experience of the man, Marlon Sanders and the lady, Kim Roach. Read on to discover the differences and similarities, so that you have enough facts to make an informed decision.


Similarities  Between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard And Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

What’s common between Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard?

  • Presentation: Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard are video based and are similarly presented, the modules and lessons are all displayed as thumbnails in a compact dashboard style so that you can easily and quickly find and launch any lesson by clicking on its image and name on the dashboard.
  • Structure: In both Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s you only need to point at a desired lesson’s thumbnail and name on the dashboard. Both web traffic courses are video-based so that you can see what Marlon or Kim is doing, how they are doing it and do the same to get the same results;
  • Approach: Both Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s took a methodical approach in teaching, first things first down to the end of the courses, so that any beginner can follow an organised path to covering the areas that really matter in getting tons of website traffic.
  • Similar Topics: Both Marlon and Kim’s Traffic Dashboard treat Ad Swaps, Joint Ventures, Solo Mailings, Article Marketing, how to get up to 1,000 web visitors daily in 30 days, how to get hundreds of new opt-ins every month
  • Classroom Style: With the daily tasks for the 36 modules of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and 20 modules of Kim’s, it’s impossible not to get results unless you do not implement the steps.

Differences Between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard And Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach - What's InsideAn in-depth comparative analysis of the  Traffic Dashboard by Marlon Sanders and that by Kim Roach reveals the following differences:

  • Price Points: The first noticeable difference in both Traffic Dashboard courses is in their pricing – Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard costs $59.97 while Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard is $39
  • Number of Lessons: Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard has 36 different Modules (6 major topics, each having 6 lessons in a 6 rows X 6 columns thumbnails style) while Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard has 20 modules (as you can see in the image on the right here and the image in the previous section above).
  • Target Users – Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard: Marlon covered a lot more basics than Kim, for instance under article marketing, Marlon starts from the very scratch in modules 1 and 2 of his Traffic Dashboard. Beginners would not feel lost with Marlon’s course but intermediate online marketers would need to skip these modules or check it out to pick one or two things they find new.
    • Marlon is one of the best teachers for beginner Internet Marketers who want to avoid overwhelm and quickly get up to speed with only “what’s working now’ – Marlon Sanders products are presented in very structured, orderly and organised step by step manner so that you start with what needs to be done first and gradually move through to implementing and mastering different areas of internet marketing;
    • Marlon teaches from the very beginner basics of starting article marketing such as keywords research tactics, article writing steps and the mechanics of crafting a compelling author resource box and even how to outsource your article writing for increased speed of implementation and success;
    • If you’re an advanced internet marketer, some of the information in the early modules (like modules 1 and 2) may not be new to you, however there may be some stuff in there you’ve never heard of before that you can benefit from. In fact, you’d be able to find some short-cuts and simplified methods to what you already know.
  • Target Users – Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard: Kim’s Traffic Dashboard deals with advanced web traffic strategies – basic traffic strategies are not treated in the course, as Kim clearly targets the needs of intermediate and advanced marketers who already know how to get traffic with the popular methods but looking for unsaturated traffic methods that their competitors are not yet aware of, in order to step up their game.
    • Kim’s Traffic Dashboard focuses strictly on unpopular, hidden advanced web traffic strategies PLUS online business development strategies for anyone taking their business to the next level – Kim exposes inside her own business to show you the exact changes she is making, and has made, to get to the next level;
  • Assumptions Made: Kim’s Traffic Dashboard assumes the student already knows how to write articles including writing resource boxes etc., in fact she even warns that her Traffic Dashboard, based on the test case studies would only work for people good at writing SEO-optimized articles;
  • Traffic Dashboard Modules  – Differences: Looking at the differences in the Modules, I see Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard version as complimenting Kim Roach’s version of Traffic Dashboard. However, these are the areas that are clearly absent in one and present in another:
    • Main modules in Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard are: article marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, banner ad marketing, email drops, and affiliate marketing.
    • Main topics inside Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard are: eBook Syndication, Tutorial Sites, 10X method, Guest blogging, Content Syndication, Forum Marketing, Link Roundup, Hidden Traffic Sources, Blogging Alliance, Free WSOs, Integration Marketing, Interview Traffic, Top List Traffic, Rocket Deals, JV Insider Formula, Solo Ads, Ad Swaps, Autoresponder Swaps, Webinar Swaps, 30 Day Blitz – practical training on zero to 3,000 subscribers.
    • Marlon covers these areas where Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard does not cover: Banner Ads, Facebook Ads
    • Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard includes these topics which are not in Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard:
    • Setting up your own Affiliate Marketing (as a product owner). Again here you can see Marlon’s style of teaching from the basics up to advanced strategies whereas Kim focuses strictly on intermediate to advanced strategies. Can you see gain why Marlon’s course is most suited to beginners looking to buy Traffic Dashboard while Kim’s course is for people who already have basic skills. I hope you are beginning to get clarity on whose Traffic Dashboard you should buy, if you can’t buy both (as both Traffic Dashboards are complimentary).

Major Considerations for Buying – Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Vs. Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

  • Money Back Guarantee: Both Traffic Dashboard (Kim’s and Marlon’s) offer a trial of 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied, and so you have nothing to risk by getting any or both of the Traffic Dashboard courses today;
  • Pricing: One Traffic Dashboard is cheaper than the other – Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard ($39) is about half the price of Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard ($59 for the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard plus an optional inclusion of a Push-Button Article Creation Software for an additional $20 (usually costs $15 monthly fee), to make a total of $79 for the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Turbo version – again note that you do not need to go for that extra unless you absolutely want it;
  • Cash-Back Offering: You’ll get back 100% of your money back if after buying Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard you refer 2 people to purchase the traffic course (that 50% commission) and you’ll get 100% money back if you sell 1 copy of Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard (that is 100% commission).
  • Free Trial Module: Kim Roach provides one course module (of the 20 modules in the Traffic Dashboard) for Free so you can try out the strategies and be sure that it works before you buy;
  • Freebie to ‘taste a spoon before buying a cup’ (pre-purchase FREE downloads):
    • Kim Roach provides for free a special report for pre-buyers of her Traffic Dashboard – Kim’s 74 page underground traffic eBook containing 24 different web traffic strategies you can also download and try the strategies to be sure she is the real deal before you buy Kim’s Traffic Dashboard;
    • Although Marlon has tons of freebie eBooks, there is no free eBook specially for pre-buyers of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard;
    • There you go – click the image below to grab your FREE copy of Kim Roach’s free Traffic dashboard eBook (PDF).

traffic dashboard kim roach ebook

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard or Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard? Facts To Help You Make A Final Decision

Given that both Marlon and Kim are two of the best internet marketing teachers whose strategies really work, it can be difficult to trade one for the other. However, The immediate question to ask to help you determine which to get first, would be: “are you just starting out with internet marketing?’ If so, get started with Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard that contains beginner basics; if you are a veteran internet marketer who simply wants ‘gimme the traffic, all I want is traffic – no mix”, then Kim’s Traffic Dashboard may be what you need. However, you may also want to get Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard for some topics that Kim’s Traffic Dashboard did not cover, such as ‘media marketing’.

  • Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard is more suited for intermediate to advanced internet marketers who already have the basic skills on article writing, keyword research, search engine optimization
  • Kim’s Traffic Dashboard is hard-core ‘web traffic strategies’ which are not your usual day-to-day methods of getting traffic;
  • If you are just starting out, your best bet is Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard because it covers beginners basics of getting website traffic;
  • If your business is at the stage where you’ve already set it up, started writing articles, started getting traffic with the usual methods, and NOW want to step things up to accelerate and multiply your efforts and results, Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard would be more suited to you.
  • For someone who already knows the basics of article writing, SEO etc., Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard is targeted at you.
  • If you are not on a tight budget, you may want to purchase both courses to take advantage of the topics that one Traffic Dashboard does not contain and the other contains.
  • In her version of the Traffic Dashboard, Kim Roach’s teaches topics on advanced web traffic strategies, advanced list building strategies, Joint Venture (JV) secrets, Link building strategies, content syndication strategies, Guest Blogging methods, Internet Marketing Business strategy for next level scaling;
  • In Traffic Dashboard, Marlon covers article marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, banner ad marketing, email drops, and affiliate marketing
  • Kim Roach provides a “taste before you buy” free special pre-traffic dashboard full report in the form of a 74 page eBook containing 24 different traffic strategies and an over 15 minutes video tutorial;
  • Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard does not provide any special report for pre-buyers of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

There you have it, Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Vs. Kim Roach’s – Comparison of the Products;  I hope you now have a clearer idea of what each Traffic Dashboard (Kim Roach’s Vs. Marlon Sanders) offers? So, which particular Traffic Dashboard have you decided to buy – Kim Roach’s or Marlon Sanders?

If you are still confused about which Traffic dashboard to buy, perhaps you may want to do a simple personal evaluation that helps me make a final purchase decision, no matter what product it is; it’s called the 8 point Test. Read how I applied it to make a decision on Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard – you can use it to test whether to buy Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard or to purchase Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard. Click here to read: How I Put Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard Under the 8 Point Test – Plus Uncensored Test Results.

Similarities in Personalities – Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach PLUS What Other People Are Saying About Them

Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders – Professional Profiles

  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders are practicing full time internet marketers who teach what they are doing and what is working for them – they not only TELL YOU WHAT TO DO, they simply SHOW you HOW; Some marketers make money by telling people how to make money but these two show YOU HOW.
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach are highly respected Guru level Internet Marketing experts and ethical marketers;
  • Scam research and reports of unethical practices and reports of low quality delivery across internet revealed only positive reports and testimonials about both Kim and Marlon Sanders;
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach have created successful internet marketing products that got rave reviews, before Traffic Dashboard
  • Marlon’s products (the Dashboard series) have helped may beginner internet marketers banish overwhelm and go on to build profitable online businesses, because Marlon, like Kim Roach is very methodical and organised in the way he teaches and takes you by the hand to simplify ‘what you should do’ and ‘how to do it’.
  • Kim has a B-Level Guru rating while Marlon has an A-level Guru rating, by the members of the ‘IMReportCard Internet Marketing community’
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders have built successful 6 figure online businesses
  • Kim Roach has created several Internet Marketing coaching products including but not limited to:  Traffic Dashboard, Instant Payday, Blogging PayDay, Live SEO and Super Affiliate Club
  • Kim runs an affiliate marketing coaching membership site, known as the “super affiliate club”.
  • Kim Roach is known to create and give away, for Free,  complete strategies that worked for her in top notch eBooks that anyone can use to see significant results.
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders have extreme passion for helping others learn, and the passion undeniably shows in the amount of details they put into their free contents, which a lot of marketers have implemented and seen results;
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders are methodical in their approaches – they simplify methods of doing things and provide uncomplicated easy to follow actionable steps for achieving internet marketing tasks;
  • Both Marlon Sander Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard course modules are displayed in a thumbnail style so that you only need to point and click to go to any lesson;
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders have very high reputation in the Internet marketing industry, for their ethics, quality of products and ability to impart knowledge to others – free or paid;
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon are known as good teachers, and have a large following of people who have successfully used their strategies to experience growth in their businesses and income;
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach are experienced and successful internet marketers except that they have been in the industry for varied length of time (Marlon has been in the business longer than Kim; Kim Roach is one of the fastest growing young internet marketers, “the future of Internet Marketing” – using the words of Chris Farrell in his feedback at IMReportCard.Com;
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach know their stuff – their huge followers and public positive users testimonials on top independent internet marketing forum prove this.

Buy Traffic Dashboard by Marlon Sanders (Directs to Marlon’s Official Website)

Buy Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach (Direct to Kim’s Official Website)

*If you want to learn more about Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach, from people who have had direct encounters with them and/ or their products, you may want to check the WarriorForum.Com and IMReportCard.Com which are places where unsatisfied internet marketing product users (buyers) go to air their candid and totally unbiased (sometimes brash) opinions of Gurus who deliver poor quality products.

Other Useful Traffic Dashboard Information You May Be Interested In:

Affiliate Cash Snipers Reviewed Plus Mega Bonus Pack

This Affiliate Cash Snipers review covers what’s inside the product, how it works, sample widgets, shy/not you should buy the upsells; comparison with Amazon plugins, Affiliate Cash Snipers bonus and a lot more facts you need to know before buying. Read on

Review of Affiliate Cash Snipers by Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi

What: Affiliate Marketing Software to get more sales

Product Website: www.affiliatecashnipers.com 

For Who: eCommerce site owners, physical product affiliate marketers in the shopping sites (like Amazon niches) who want to make more affiliate commissions from sales off sites like Amazon

Bonuses: Yes (information available in the detailed review below)

affiliate cash sniper review-michael rasmussen

Detailed Affiliate Cash Snipers Software Review

affiliate cash snipers review-sample sidebar widget

Above: Illustration of module 1 of Affiliate Cash Snipers – bringing the big shops high converting website features to small websites.

What is Affiliate Cash Snipers?

Affiliate Cash Snipers is created by a top affiliate marketer, Michael Rasmussen, who has been dominating his market with some unconvetional strategies.

As you know, most marketers tell you that the more traffic you get, the more sales you’ll make. But if you’ve been marketing online for a while, you’ll know that it is not as easy as it sounds because usually only a small perecentage of website visitors convert to buyers.

Imagine this: What if you could make even one fifth or even more of your website visitors to buy from your link every time they visit?

Imagine not needing to generate traffic… because those visitors who would normally leave your (reviews or ecommerce) site now purchase right on youur website?

All that is now possible with affiliate cash snipers.

Affiliate marketing software that will automatically convert hundreds and thousands of your webbsite traffic to sales, so that you can now focus on writing better reviews rather than tirelessly chasing traffic.

In the Affiliate Cash Snipers video tutorial, Michael walks you through a detailed tour of the modules of Affiliate Cash Snipers and how each one works.

*NOTE: The video intro is quite informational but long but pretty good. To save your time, I made this review to tell you all about what’s inside the Affiliate Cash Snipers. So read on!

Product Contents: Overview of Affiliate Cash Snipers 3-in-1 Modules

Affiliate Cash Snipers is a  3-in-1 affiliate marketing software suite comprising of:

Module 1 – the Affiliate Cash Snipers

This module creates shopping sites widgets and allows you to customize it to look how you want, and also provides you with a code to paste in your website so that the widgets will be visible;

Module 2 – the Adspot Sniper

This one helps you to find your competitors’ websites on Google advertising networks so that you can place your ads on them;

Module 3 – the Best Sellers Sniper

With this tool, you can easily discover the best selling products, latest releases as well as the movers and shakers in over 20 online shopping sites, including Amazon.

How Does Affiliate Cash Snipers Software Work on Your Physical Products Review Websites?

reviews affiliate cash snipers-sample widgets amazon

*Above: Image of Affiliate Cash Snipers Widgets on a website.

Why Affiliate Cash Snipers Is Right For Your Bottomline

The objective of Affiliate Cash Snipers software is to help make your website appealing to the shopping desires of your site visitors so that they would not leave without making a purchase. Thus, with affiliate cash sniper, you’ll increase your traffic-to-sales conversion rates and make more money online.

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers software adds search filters and comparison widgets to your site’s sidebar, similar to what you see on Amazon.com, shopping.com etc (as shown in the image below);
  • Sidebars displaying Amazon’s (or other shopping site’s) hot items and best sellers;
  • Simple point and click to make the shopping widgets look the way you want – color etc.
  • Your affiliate IDs will be embedded into all the products, so that you get commissions for whatever your visitor buys from Amazon
  • You can embed them into social sites like Facebook

No need to have a coding experience: You don’t need to know how to create codes, in order to use this affiliate software. It does all those for you, all you have to do is point and select and the codes are automatically created for you to paste on your website.

===>Click Here To Checkout OR Download Affiliate Cash Snipers

The PROs: Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

  • Integrated with over 20 biggest online retail shopping sites, including Amazon.com, most similar tools can only be used with Amazon associates program
  • This Affiliate software, part from creating shopping sites widgets, also helps you find current hot selling best sellers as well as spying on your competitors;
  • You don’t need to know how to code to create and customize shopping site widgets. This tool creates it automatically, all you do is point to a design you see and click
  • You can place your affiliate cash snipers widget on any website and even on Facebook or other similar social media channels
  • The tool is 3 modules in one. Most Amazon-only tools do not have the features that Affiliate Cash Snipers has under the (i)Adspot Sniper tool and the (ii) Best Seller Sniper tool

The Cons: Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

  •  None I could think of at this time

The Upsells on Affiliate Cash Snipers System

  • #1: Affiliate Cash Snipers Upsell #1 – Niche Pack: This is a list of carefully researched profitable niches in the physical products market. Having this will save you a whole lot of time to find red hot products that are selling right now..
  • #2: Affiliate Cash Snipers Upsell #2 – Profit Portals:This is a software for quickly building e-commerce sites without you needing any html coding experience – you won’t touch any code.
  • #3: Affiliate Cash Snipers Upsell #3 – Monthly Intel Reports:  This is a monthly intelligence report on the current online trends in the physical products market.

Note: The above upsells are completely optional – you can get them whenever you want, at huge discounts only available to buyers of Affiliate Cash Snipers. Howver, the upsells are pretty useful for further increasing sales conversion.

What If You Already Have Other Amazon Plugins, Would You Need Affiliate Cash Snipers?

If you have a tool that does all what the 3 modules of Affiliate Cash Snipers does, then you wouldn’t need this Else you do need this tool in your marketing arsenal.

Most similar tools (Amazon plugins) only work with Amazon associates program and they lack the functions of the other 2 modules in Affiliate Cash Snipers?

Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonuses: Your Web Traffic Assasin Toolkit

Affiliate Cash Snipers works at helping you convert your website traffic to more sales.  But what if you suck at generating traffic? Have you thought about how to get the traffic of desperate buyers?

The creators of Affiliate Cash Snipers assume that you already know how to pull traffic to your Amazon website. But do you really know how to? And if your traffic generation sucks, I’ve got you covered, so that you can still benefit from Affiliate Cash Snipers.

What I’ve done is this – I have carefully put together an Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus Pack that contains all the complimentary skill sets you need to make having affiliate cash sniper software work for you. Here’s the contents of your bonus pack below, dubbed ‘your web traffic assasin’:

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus #1: Buyer Keywords Mastery Course ($297 value)

A suite of up to 80 solid video tutorials on how to identify hot converting keywords used buy desperate buyers who want to BUY RIGHT NOW. Learning this has changed a lot of how I do my marketing and traffic targeting. You’ll learn how to leave the general keywords for ‘the rest of them (your competitors);

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus #2:  Website Copy Analysis

It’s one thing to attract the red hot ‘buy-now-ready-traffic’ but it’s another thing to convince them to buy, using your review contents.  In this course, you will discover how to make your written words sell effectively.

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus #3: How to SEO for Results – An Affiliate Marketers Guide

This is a complete step by step, easy to understand Guide for Beginner Marketers to SEO right.

3 Quick Steps for you to claim my special bonuses for ‘Affiliate Cash Snipers

  • Step 3: Once I confirm that you purchased through my referral link, I’ll immediately email you the download links so that you’ll start enjoying your cool bonus gifts.

Conclusion: Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

Overall, Affiliate Cash Snipers is one of the best things to happen to serious physical products affiliate marketers that want to crush the sales this year. What do you think?

Now you have information about the pros and cons of the Affiliate Cash Snipers software. You have more than enough information to know whether it’s a good fit for you.

===>Click Here to Check out OR Download Affiliate Cash Snipers

What To Consider When Choosing A Good, Low Cost Web Hosting for Your Small Business Site

It can be hard choosing the best web host for a blog or small business website. There are tons of web hosting companies with a catch for unsuspecting small businesses. They will tell you that they offer unlimited server space and unlimited bandwidth plus a cheap monthly payment. Beware! It’s not all about size. You can get all those from any web hosting company BUT be sure that the company has proven records of consistent delivery. To help you, this checklist will tell you what to look out for before deciding on the best web hosting service for your small business.

Overview: How To Find the Best Web Hosting Service That’s Right for Your Small Business Website or Blog

Choosing the best and affordable web hosting for your small business website (or a personal blog) can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not tech savvy. It can take a lot of asking from people you know, checking out best web hosting reviews as well as making a list and comparisons of top web hosting package.

And God help you if, after all that, you don’t get sucked into buying an unreliable web hosting service.

how to choose a good web hosting to buy

There are far too many information available on how to find the best cheap web hosting for small businesses, yet only few provide objective reviews on cheap web hosting companies and services. Thus, many small business owners buy bad hosting and their websites suffer many days of down time.

What you need is a checklist of things to look out for when considering to buy the best web host for your small business website. There are so many web hosting companies and each one offers interesting plans, sometimes really cheap and often with similar offerings.

In this post, you have that checklist of 11 factors to consider in order to ensure that you choose the best cheap web hosting service for your business. Use this checklist as a benchmark to look at each potential web host side by side, comparing their hosting packages, prices, support, service levels, facilities and performance history, terms of service and more.

Here we go:

11 Steps to Choosing the Right Web Host for Your Small Business Website

 A. Price and Payment Plans of Web Hosting

Step #1: Price and Hosting Payment Plans

Although price is an important factor in deciding on a suitable web hosting service, let your decision be guided first by the quality factors (below), so that you will get a good web hosting service PLUS at an affordably cheap price.

Beware! Many hosting companies with poor facilities, frequent down-times and inadequate service delivery are using low price (and excessively large web server space) to lure ignorant small businesses. There are top web hosting companies that offer even cheaper web hosting.

In terms of pricing, only go with a hosting company that offers diverse payment plans, including monthly payment. That will allow you to try the service for a short time (and small fee) before committing long term upfront payments. There’ve been cases where website owners pay for a service long term, only to discover later that the hosting service quality is poor. Thus, they get stuck there until their payment expires.

B. Features of Good Web Hosting Services

2. Hosting Plans, Shared or Dedicated Server Space?

You should not go for a “one size fits all” hosting service. You don’t want to be paying for huge server space when you only need a small fraction of that. Start with a plan that suits your current needs’; you can upgrade later.

Confirm that the hosting company offers a wide range of hosting plans categorized by data size and bandwidth, so that you can pay only for what you’ll consume. Your present website traffic volume, type of data (videos, text, images etc.) and size of data (and pages) on your website is what will determine your specific web hosting requirements.

New and small business websites are not resource intensive and so do not usually need a dedicated server space. At least, not for some time. Don’t be dragged into paying for a dedicated server when you only need shared hosting.

3. Standard Control Panel and Ease of Use

Control Panel (or cPanel, for short) is used by the top and best web hosting companies because it is beginner-friendly and makes it easy for the customer to use the backend features and controls, without a need for a learning curve. You don’t want to buy a web host only to get confused about how to log in and navigate through the features and controls from your dashboard.

For example, I use Hostgator, which has one of the simplest cPanels. I am a tech noob but on my very first login, it didn’t take my a second to see the video and tutorials – all I needed to do was watch the video tutorial to getting started, and the ones for specific topics. All the tabs for you to make your settings and options are labelled and placed in a conspicuous location that you can’t miss.  In fact, they even have the “Live Chat” icon strategically placed so that you can click and get real time step-by-step help with a human support staff, any time you get stuck.

4. One Click Blog Installation Software

Today, every one and their grandmother have websites. Why? Because you do not have to know all the difficult technical steps or hire a techie before you can install your website software (e.g. WordPress). Thanks to good web hosting providers.

Fantastico is the most popular installation software that only the top web hosting companies provide, in order to make it easy for their customers to install website / blog applications in just a few mouse clicks. I don’t know how I would have survived setting up my blog, without Hostgator’s Fantastico Deluxe tool.

5. Script Version

By all means, find out which script version the web hosting company is running – ask their customer service staff. Avoid web hosting companies that are running older versions of PHP. As at the time of writing this post, PHP 5 is the latest version but some web hosts are yet to start using it.

C. Quality Of Service Levels, Facilities and Performance

6. Trial and Money Back Guarantee

Good web hosting providers offer a trial period (at least 30 days) to enable potential customers test-drive their services at a discounted cost, before deciding to pay for longer term. Be sure to find a web hosting company that, in addition to that, offers to refund you 100% of your money back, in case you

Money Back Guarantee: If a web hosting company is providing money back guarantee it means they are confident of their service levels. Read their terms of service and confirm that if after certain number of days, you are not comfortable with the web hosting service, you can always get your money back.

Hostgator offers a 1 cent trial using a special coupon code (“NOW1CENTHOSTING”) and 45 days money back guarantee if you find their service unsatisfactory.

7. Is It Easy To Upgrade to A Different Hosting Plan?

Unfortunately, some web hosting companies make it a pain for their customers to upgrade from one hosting plan to another. Customers’ needs and capacity requirements change over time, for many reasons. Always confirm this from the customer service via live chat or phone.

Before deciding on a hosting company, be sure that the web host operates a stress-free upgrade, should you start getting massive website traffic and increased data size. Do not be tricked into buying a dedicated hosting plan, for a start – buy your size now, and upgrade later, when you need to.

8. Historical Reliability and Uptime Guarantee

Since your website is your online sales front, you wouldn’t want to tolerate a hosting service that will put you out of operation many days in a year. Therefore, always ensure to research from past customers, what their reliability has been like. Hostgator provides 99.9% uptime guarantee; that’s one of the highest in the industry – you should not take anything less than that.

Let me tell you something: some websites owners, from time to time, experience frequent down-time at their sites, whenever their hosting companies are undergoing maintenance. The truth is that if the web host has enough backup and disaster management facilities, service levels will not be disrupted for any reason.

9. Data Security

I bet you don’t want to imagine that your website got hacked from your web host’s end? That’s scary but it happens. In fact not too long ago, this happened to one of the “so called big name web hosting companies”, and the customers’ websites were affected. Your data security is one factor you should never gamble with, so research the history of any web hosting company before you sign up.

Smaller and, sometimes, new hosting service providers tend to lack robust and secured data centres. Ensure to go with a hosting company that has a quality delivery track record.

10. Skill and Response Time of the Web Host’s Technical Support Team

You don’t want to have a reason to contact your web host’s customer and either never get a response or getting one after many days of being in distress. Again, this happens – some customer support desks do not run 24 hours daily. If your website will be up 24/7, then you need a web hosting support centre that is accessible 24/7.

From my experience with Hostgator support, sometimes I get an email step by step feedback as soon as I am refreshing my browser. Their live chat support have come to my rescue many times I wanted instant response. The first time I started my website, sometimes I was on to the Hostgator tech support by email and live chat several times a day, yet they always sounded pleasant and asked me to let them know if I had more queries.

If you’re new to owning a website and especially if you’re not techie, you need a fast and responsive technical support that will always take you by the hand, step by step, whenever you need it.

This is where it can get tricky – be sure to confirm the types of support the web hosting provider offers to their customers; confirm times of day the support staff are open; also confirm if they have live chat support. Also confirm the size of their tech/ customer support staff – that’s because if they have few staff, customers are bound to get response long after they’ve forgotten they asked for it.

It’s one thing to get a tech support response and it’s another for them to really offer you help that will solve your problem – therefore ensure to confirm that the web hosting provider has skilled technical support staff.

Finally, before you signup to the web hosting service, try to contact their customer support by live chat or otherwise, and confirm what their response time and advice are like.

11. Credibility of Web Hosting Company

It is also crucial to consider the market standing of the company. Who you can’t get cheap from the best hosting companies. Yes, you can. Do not equate cheap to mean low quality. I get the best service from my cheap Hostgator hosting. You shouldn’t go for less.

How To Use The Above Web Hosting Reviews Checklist

Note that you do not have to be a techie to determine how any web hosting company stands, with respect to each of the 15 web host decision factors. You can get some of the facts on each checklist from looking at current and previous customers’ reviews. In some cases, you’ll want to contact their customer support to confirm – better if they have a live chat support.

If you print and follow the above checklist when buying a web hosting service for your small business, you’ll be able to eliminate the low quality providers.

Best Quality Cheap Web Hosting Services that Satisfy All Above Factors

Now that you know what to consider when looking for the right and affordable web hosting companies, here are the top 3 award winning web hosts that have, over the years stood the test of time, and completely satisfy all the above factors:

#1: HostGator. Because Hostgator satisfied all the above small business hosting requirements, I chose to host this blog with them and I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of service. I’m no techie and cannot count how many times I have unintentionally shut my site down because I messed up with the coding BUT Hostgator’s ever responsive customer support fixed them all and got my site up and running in no time – for free too.

HostGator has a really affordable pricing, variety of hosting plans and are very reliable. Their customer service is second to none (both email, phone and live chat). Sites on hostgator plans load fast.

#2 & #3: Hostmonster and Bluehost are also good and used by many website and blog owners around the World.


With the above good small business web hosting checklist, you now know what to look out for when choosing a good, cheap web hosting service.

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I hope you found the web hosting checklist in this post useful.

Thanks for reading and do let me know which web hosting you decide on.



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