Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard vs. Kim Roach’s – Comparison Of The Products

Should you buy Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard? Should you buy Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard? Confused? You’re not alone, but after reading this post that provides an in-depth objective comparison between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision on which/ whose Traffic Dashboard to buy.


Traffic Dashboard Comparison: Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard versus Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard ReviewNot too long after popular web traffic expert, Kim Roach, released a web traffic course titled “Traffic Dashboard”, top Internet Marketing expert, Marlon Sanders also launched an internet marketing and traffic course with the same title, “Traffic Dashboard”. Now these two products have the same name and this is beginning to cause a bit of confusion in the Internet Marketing arena, as people are now asking “what’re the differences and similarities between Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard and Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard” – that is exactly what this post is aimed to address to help you get out of guess-work, by providing you a detailed Comparison between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard, including the differences and similarities between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard.  Read on.

By the way, as you know, this is a review but if you are looking for the official Traffic Dashboard websites for either marlon Sanders Traffic dashboard or Kim Roach’s, click on any of the links below:

——->Download Traffic Dashboard by Marlon Sanders (Direct Marlon’s Official Website)

——–>Get Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach (Link to Kim’s Official Website)

———>Traffic Dashboard Bonus Packs Page

Are you confused about which Traffic Dashboard to buy? You should be because both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach are good at what they do and reputed to bring out some of the best quality internet marketing products. However, I thought to put together for you, a comprehensive comparison and analysis of Marlon Sanders’ and Kim Roach’s version of the Traffic Dashboard; I also looked at the professional profiles with experience of the man, Marlon Sanders and the lady, Kim Roach. Read on to discover the differences and similarities, so that you have enough facts to make an informed decision.


Similarities  Between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard And Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

What’s common between Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard?

  • Presentation: Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard are video based and are similarly presented, the modules and lessons are all displayed as thumbnails in a compact dashboard style so that you can easily and quickly find and launch any lesson by clicking on its image and name on the dashboard.
  • Structure: In both Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s you only need to point at a desired lesson’s thumbnail and name on the dashboard. Both web traffic courses are video-based so that you can see what Marlon or Kim is doing, how they are doing it and do the same to get the same results;
  • Approach: Both Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s took a methodical approach in teaching, first things first down to the end of the courses, so that any beginner can follow an organised path to covering the areas that really matter in getting tons of website traffic.
  • Similar Topics: Both Marlon and Kim’s Traffic Dashboard treat Ad Swaps, Joint Ventures, Solo Mailings, Article Marketing, how to get up to 1,000 web visitors daily in 30 days, how to get hundreds of new opt-ins every month
  • Classroom Style: With the daily tasks for the 36 modules of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard and 20 modules of Kim’s, it’s impossible not to get results unless you do not implement the steps.

Differences Between Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard And Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach - What's InsideAn in-depth comparative analysis of the  Traffic Dashboard by Marlon Sanders and that by Kim Roach reveals the following differences:

  • Price Points: The first noticeable difference in both Traffic Dashboard courses is in their pricing – Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard costs $59.97 while Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard is $39
  • Number of Lessons: Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard has 36 different Modules (6 major topics, each having 6 lessons in a 6 rows X 6 columns thumbnails style) while Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard has 20 modules (as you can see in the image on the right here and the image in the previous section above).
  • Target Users – Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard: Marlon covered a lot more basics than Kim, for instance under article marketing, Marlon starts from the very scratch in modules 1 and 2 of his Traffic Dashboard. Beginners would not feel lost with Marlon’s course but intermediate online marketers would need to skip these modules or check it out to pick one or two things they find new.
    • Marlon is one of the best teachers for beginner Internet Marketers who want to avoid overwhelm and quickly get up to speed with only “what’s working now’ – Marlon Sanders products are presented in very structured, orderly and organised step by step manner so that you start with what needs to be done first and gradually move through to implementing and mastering different areas of internet marketing;
    • Marlon teaches from the very beginner basics of starting article marketing such as keywords research tactics, article writing steps and the mechanics of crafting a compelling author resource box and even how to outsource your article writing for increased speed of implementation and success;
    • If you’re an advanced internet marketer, some of the information in the early modules (like modules 1 and 2) may not be new to you, however there may be some stuff in there you’ve never heard of before that you can benefit from. In fact, you’d be able to find some short-cuts and simplified methods to what you already know.
  • Target Users – Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard: Kim’s Traffic Dashboard deals with advanced web traffic strategies – basic traffic strategies are not treated in the course, as Kim clearly targets the needs of intermediate and advanced marketers who already know how to get traffic with the popular methods but looking for unsaturated traffic methods that their competitors are not yet aware of, in order to step up their game.
    • Kim’s Traffic Dashboard focuses strictly on unpopular, hidden advanced web traffic strategies PLUS online business development strategies for anyone taking their business to the next level – Kim exposes inside her own business to show you the exact changes she is making, and has made, to get to the next level;
  • Assumptions Made: Kim’s Traffic Dashboard assumes the student already knows how to write articles including writing resource boxes etc., in fact she even warns that her Traffic Dashboard, based on the test case studies would only work for people good at writing SEO-optimized articles;
  • Traffic Dashboard Modules  – Differences: Looking at the differences in the Modules, I see Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard version as complimenting Kim Roach’s version of Traffic Dashboard. However, these are the areas that are clearly absent in one and present in another:
    • Main modules in Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard are: article marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, banner ad marketing, email drops, and affiliate marketing.
    • Main topics inside Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard are: eBook Syndication, Tutorial Sites, 10X method, Guest blogging, Content Syndication, Forum Marketing, Link Roundup, Hidden Traffic Sources, Blogging Alliance, Free WSOs, Integration Marketing, Interview Traffic, Top List Traffic, Rocket Deals, JV Insider Formula, Solo Ads, Ad Swaps, Autoresponder Swaps, Webinar Swaps, 30 Day Blitz – practical training on zero to 3,000 subscribers.
    • Marlon covers these areas where Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard does not cover: Banner Ads, Facebook Ads
    • Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard includes these topics which are not in Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard:
    • Setting up your own Affiliate Marketing (as a product owner). Again here you can see Marlon’s style of teaching from the basics up to advanced strategies whereas Kim focuses strictly on intermediate to advanced strategies. Can you see gain why Marlon’s course is most suited to beginners looking to buy Traffic Dashboard while Kim’s course is for people who already have basic skills. I hope you are beginning to get clarity on whose Traffic Dashboard you should buy, if you can’t buy both (as both Traffic Dashboards are complimentary).

Major Considerations for Buying – Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Vs. Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard

  • Money Back Guarantee: Both Traffic Dashboard (Kim’s and Marlon’s) offer a trial of 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied, and so you have nothing to risk by getting any or both of the Traffic Dashboard courses today;
  • Pricing: One Traffic Dashboard is cheaper than the other – Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard ($39) is about half the price of Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard ($59 for the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard plus an optional inclusion of a Push-Button Article Creation Software for an additional $20 (usually costs $15 monthly fee), to make a total of $79 for the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Turbo version – again note that you do not need to go for that extra unless you absolutely want it;
  • Cash-Back Offering: You’ll get back 100% of your money back if after buying Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard you refer 2 people to purchase the traffic course (that 50% commission) and you’ll get 100% money back if you sell 1 copy of Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard (that is 100% commission).
  • Free Trial Module: Kim Roach provides one course module (of the 20 modules in the Traffic Dashboard) for Free so you can try out the strategies and be sure that it works before you buy;
  • Freebie to ‘taste a spoon before buying a cup’ (pre-purchase FREE downloads):
    • Kim Roach provides for free a special report for pre-buyers of her Traffic Dashboard – Kim’s 74 page underground traffic eBook containing 24 different web traffic strategies you can also download and try the strategies to be sure she is the real deal before you buy Kim’s Traffic Dashboard;
    • Although Marlon has tons of freebie eBooks, there is no free eBook specially for pre-buyers of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard;
    • There you go – click the image below to grab your FREE copy of Kim Roach’s free Traffic dashboard eBook (PDF).

traffic dashboard kim roach ebook

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard or Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard? Facts To Help You Make A Final Decision

Given that both Marlon and Kim are two of the best internet marketing teachers whose strategies really work, it can be difficult to trade one for the other. However, The immediate question to ask to help you determine which to get first, would be: “are you just starting out with internet marketing?’ If so, get started with Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard that contains beginner basics; if you are a veteran internet marketer who simply wants ‘gimme the traffic, all I want is traffic – no mix”, then Kim’s Traffic Dashboard may be what you need. However, you may also want to get Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard for some topics that Kim’s Traffic Dashboard did not cover, such as ‘media marketing’.

  • Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard is more suited for intermediate to advanced internet marketers who already have the basic skills on article writing, keyword research, search engine optimization
  • Kim’s Traffic Dashboard is hard-core ‘web traffic strategies’ which are not your usual day-to-day methods of getting traffic;
  • If you are just starting out, your best bet is Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard because it covers beginners basics of getting website traffic;
  • If your business is at the stage where you’ve already set it up, started writing articles, started getting traffic with the usual methods, and NOW want to step things up to accelerate and multiply your efforts and results, Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard would be more suited to you.
  • For someone who already knows the basics of article writing, SEO etc., Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard is targeted at you.
  • If you are not on a tight budget, you may want to purchase both courses to take advantage of the topics that one Traffic Dashboard does not contain and the other contains.
  • In her version of the Traffic Dashboard, Kim Roach’s teaches topics on advanced web traffic strategies, advanced list building strategies, Joint Venture (JV) secrets, Link building strategies, content syndication strategies, Guest Blogging methods, Internet Marketing Business strategy for next level scaling;
  • In Traffic Dashboard, Marlon covers article marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, banner ad marketing, email drops, and affiliate marketing
  • Kim Roach provides a “taste before you buy” free special pre-traffic dashboard full report in the form of a 74 page eBook containing 24 different traffic strategies and an over 15 minutes video tutorial;
  • Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard does not provide any special report for pre-buyers of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

There you have it, Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Vs. Kim Roach’s – Comparison of the Products;  I hope you now have a clearer idea of what each Traffic Dashboard (Kim Roach’s Vs. Marlon Sanders) offers? So, which particular Traffic Dashboard have you decided to buy – Kim Roach’s or Marlon Sanders?

If you are still confused about which Traffic dashboard to buy, perhaps you may want to do a simple personal evaluation that helps me make a final purchase decision, no matter what product it is; it’s called the 8 point Test. Read how I applied it to make a decision on Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard – you can use it to test whether to buy Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard or to purchase Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard. Click here to read: How I Put Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard Under the 8 Point Test – Plus Uncensored Test Results.

Similarities in Personalities – Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach PLUS What Other People Are Saying About Them

Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders – Professional Profiles

  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders are practicing full time internet marketers who teach what they are doing and what is working for them – they not only TELL YOU WHAT TO DO, they simply SHOW you HOW; Some marketers make money by telling people how to make money but these two show YOU HOW.
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach are highly respected Guru level Internet Marketing experts and ethical marketers;
  • Scam research and reports of unethical practices and reports of low quality delivery across internet revealed only positive reports and testimonials about both Kim and Marlon Sanders;
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach have created successful internet marketing products that got rave reviews, before Traffic Dashboard
  • Marlon’s products (the Dashboard series) have helped may beginner internet marketers banish overwhelm and go on to build profitable online businesses, because Marlon, like Kim Roach is very methodical and organised in the way he teaches and takes you by the hand to simplify ‘what you should do’ and ‘how to do it’.
  • Kim has a B-Level Guru rating while Marlon has an A-level Guru rating, by the members of the ‘IMReportCard Internet Marketing community’
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders have built successful 6 figure online businesses
  • Kim Roach has created several Internet Marketing coaching products including but not limited to:  Traffic Dashboard, Instant Payday, Blogging PayDay, Live SEO and Super Affiliate Club
  • Kim runs an affiliate marketing coaching membership site, known as the “super affiliate club”.
  • Kim Roach is known to create and give away, for Free,  complete strategies that worked for her in top notch eBooks that anyone can use to see significant results.
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders have extreme passion for helping others learn, and the passion undeniably shows in the amount of details they put into their free contents, which a lot of marketers have implemented and seen results;
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders are methodical in their approaches – they simplify methods of doing things and provide uncomplicated easy to follow actionable steps for achieving internet marketing tasks;
  • Both Marlon Sander Traffic Dashboard and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard course modules are displayed in a thumbnail style so that you only need to point and click to go to any lesson;
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders have very high reputation in the Internet marketing industry, for their ethics, quality of products and ability to impart knowledge to others – free or paid;
  • Both Kim Roach and Marlon are known as good teachers, and have a large following of people who have successfully used their strategies to experience growth in their businesses and income;
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach are experienced and successful internet marketers except that they have been in the industry for varied length of time (Marlon has been in the business longer than Kim; Kim Roach is one of the fastest growing young internet marketers, “the future of Internet Marketing” – using the words of Chris Farrell in his feedback at IMReportCard.Com;
  • Both Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach know their stuff – their huge followers and public positive users testimonials on top independent internet marketing forum prove this.

Buy Traffic Dashboard by Marlon Sanders (Directs to Marlon’s Official Website)

Buy Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach (Direct to Kim’s Official Website)

*If you want to learn more about Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach, from people who have had direct encounters with them and/ or their products, you may want to check the WarriorForum.Com and IMReportCard.Com which are places where unsatisfied internet marketing product users (buyers) go to air their candid and totally unbiased (sometimes brash) opinions of Gurus who deliver poor quality products.

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This is the best comparison that I have ever seen in regards to two traffic generating program that I have ever seen online. This is the best comparison that I have seen period.This is thorough and very convincing. There is nothing left for anyone to question. Love the way you laid out the facts. This is really good. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, thank you so much for your feedback, @HIBJobs. I’m thrilled that this comparison helped you make an informed decision. Let me know the one you decided to get and I’ll send you a bonus download – just because your feedback has made my day:)

I think both of them did a wonderful job to come up with this. Although they are different at some points they will be able to help bloggers at all levels to know how and where to get their traffic. You have done a great review of these two.

I’m a huge fan of both product creators because their methods work.

Sure, both Kim and Marlon are big on delivering awesome values, based on what’s working for them. In this review I tried to let my readers know the basic differences and similarities between both products, and exactly who each one is best for.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Stella,

Wow, that was a very in-depth review. I’m impressed.
I just saw someone come to The Traffic Dashboard via
your affiliate link and go to the order form.

You don’t need to include this but I might point out
that I invented the Dashboard concept and have a whole
line of them beginning with Marketing Dashboard in 2001
or something like that.

We also have Design Dashboard, Promo Dashboard, Product
Dashboard, etc.

But I thought Kim’s Dashboard was different from mine
and had some very good ideas. No one person can know
everything in this business. I certainly respect
Kim as a marketer.

Great page and great review. Hopefully your
referrer buys and I send you a commission on Monday!

Best wishes,


Wow – see who came visiting my blog. Marlon Sanders himself! Feels like Santa came to town:) At first I thought – could this be you (or someone commenting with your name).

This is a (pleasant) surprise, Marlon and I really appreciate that. Thanks for taking the time to trace the click from your Traffic Dashboard (program page) – you really have eyes for detail.

Yes, I know you invented the Dashboard concept – that was ingenious of you! Yes, both products are different – such a coincidence in naming. The contents and coverage are different as well as the target audience – that was the point of this comparison review.

I like the way your products are laser focused on one and only one thing and on essential Internet Marketing skills. Products like the Design Dashboard and Promo Dashboard will help marketers save cost on outsourcing some tasks, as they’d be able to do it themselves and even for others, for a fee. I’m looking at reviewing your other Dashboard products – for my new review site and some here too,

I found out about your Traffic Dashboard and the other cool products you have, after Kim’s (who I’d followed and loved for a while) and it was a good idea to compare to help people see the differences and decide which one addresses their present learning needs. I was very satisfied with your over-delivery (enough to promote it to my audience) – I liked your methodical, step by step approach to teaching and the details you put in PLUS the affordability of your products.

BTW, I just checked now and yes, my referrer bought Traffic Dashboard. I also realized I had another sale I didn’t know about – looks like I didn’t quite set my payment detail on my affiliate page (will email your support desk on that).

Again, thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to come by. Enjoy your day!

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