Traffic Dashboard Review – Actual Users Feedback and Creator’s Profile

If you’re looking for a detailed and unbiased review of Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard, you’ll want to know it from someone who has put her free traffic methods to a stress test. You’ll want to also know about other real people who have used Traffic Dashboard, and what they are saying (good, bad and the in-betweens).

If you’re like me, you’ll want to take a sneak peak into the full course, perhaps test a module to find out for yourself, before buying. In this review, I’ll show you how to get a full Traffic Dashboard module 1 before you buy. You’ll also want to do a scam check on Traffic Dashboard creator (Kim Roach), just to be sure that even if her traffic methods work, is she legit?

In this review, you’ll find unbiased answers to all those and more, so that you’ll have all the facts you need to make an informed decision to buy or not to buy Traffic Dashboard.


Product Name: Traffic Dashboard

Product Website URL:

What? Training on 20+ free web traffic generation strategies that do not involve SEO and keyword research

Course Delivery Mode: Instructional Videos, Cheap-sheets, Mind-maps

For Who? Bloggers, Small Business Website Owners, Affiliate Marketers who do not have the budget to buy traffic

Bonuses? Yes, for limited time only

Money Back Guarantee? Yes, 60 days (enough time to try and see if it works or not)

Course Creator: Kim Roach

Experience: Created other top selling products before Traffic Dashboard (details in full review below)

Is Kim Roach or Traffic Dashboard Scam? Answers inside the sections on feedback from the public, and Traffic Dashboard creator’s profile – included in the full review below.

Course Contents: What You’ll Learn Inside Traffic Dashboard

traffic dashboard review, actual users feedback and overview

Look at that image above (20 thumbnails in 4 rows and 5 columns). That is the screen you’ll see when you buy and launch your copy Traffic Dashboard. Can you see that each thumbnail is labeled, starting from the top row: ebook syndication traffic, tutorial sites traffic…

Each thumbnail represents one module of Traffic Dashboard, and to start learning the topic, all you need to do is point and click the topic name.

So, below is the list of 20 free traffic getting methods you’ll learn inside Traffic Dashboard.

  1. eBook Syndication
  2. Tutorial Sites
  3. 10X method
  4. Guest blogging
  5. Content Syndication
  6. Forum Marketing
  7. Link Roundup
  8. Hidden Traffic Sources
  9. Blogging Alliance
  10. Free WSOs
  11. Integration Marketing
  12. Interview Traffic
  13. Top List Traffic
  14. Rocket Deals
  15. JV Insider Formula
  16. Solo Ads
  17. Ad Swaps
  18. Autoresponder Swaps
  19. Webinar Swaps
  20. 30 Day Blitz – join Kim in the challenge to build a brand new buyers list from zero to 3,000 in only 30 days. Here’s is an action plan you can use to implement most of the free traffic methods you learn in Traffic Dashboard.

20 Courses Bundled In One = Traffic Dashboard

Did you see that those 20 Traffic Dashboard modules border on the top daily online business “must do tasks” that are on the money?

Did you realize that many marketers prefer to create one $37+ product on topics like “How to Multiply your traffic with Secret eBook Syndication methods” or “Hidden Traffic sources that the Gurus are keeping from you” – see, those are #1 and #8 modules respectively in Traffic Dashboard.

If you’re building your small online business on a budget, you’re in luck that Kim did not package each of those 20 modules separately. She could have successfully sold tons of them and cashed out. Take a look at those 20 modules again – you can see that some are on other areas of Internet Marketing, such as list building, link building, Joint Ventures (JVs).

If you’re an action taker, you can generate traffic, list and make tons of sales from implementing those 20 modules within Traffic Dashboard, so that you may not need to buy another Internet Marketing course for a long while.

Would you rather buy one course at a time and pay $39 each for 20 separate internet marketing courses or grab them in one combo pack (Traffic Dashboard)?

Do These Free Methods Work Today and How Effective?

They worked incredibly well for me in taking this blog from zero traffic to over 3,000 monthly readers, in less than 6 months – considering it was my first time blogging.I focused on implementing just about 40% of the 20 free traffic methods inside this course and I was able to take this blog from new to less than 100,000 Alexa rank in under 6 months, and daily increase of traffic and backlinks.

Having done it once, if I have to do it again, using Kim Roach’s free traffic generation methods, I’ll be able to generate 3000 monthly visitors to a new site in half the time or less.

Traffic Dashboard methods are still being used by Kim Roach. If you know Kim, she practices what she preaches and is always “over-giving” her best free traffic methods and “behind her business insider strategies”. Her blog gets about 50,000 monthly readers – all from the Traffic Dashboard methods. Using these free traffic methods, she generates tons of traffic to her affiliate sites, making sales in the 6 figures.

Traffic Dashboard Reviews: Feedback From Real Life Users

I told you I did a scam check on Kim Roach and Traffic Dashboard. This section discusses some of my findings.

Traffic Dashboard has got many positive reviews across big forums such as WarriorForum.Com, IMReportCard.Com, PromotedProfits.Com and many more. These are forums where real internet product users like you and I freely bash Gurus and top marketers with low quality products.

Down in this review, you’ll see more Traffic Dashboard review from real users, including reviews on Kim Roach herself, the creator of Traffic Dashboard.  Below here are two people’s feedback on Traffic Dashboard and its creator.

traffic dashboard review -actual users feedback

NOTE: There are more public feedback down below, so continue reading the review.

Test Traffic Dashboard For Free: No Optin, No Payment Required

You’re reading my review of Traffic Dashboard but if you got your hands on the course, I’m sure you’ll have something (good oe bad) to say about it too. You can, for 100% free too.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to test and get a taste of any product creator’s offers before buying, to enable you check out whether the product you are considering (Traffic Dashboard, in this case) is likely to deliver.

Thankfully, Kim Roach provides free access to one full module of Traffic Dashboard; it’s called the “10X method”.

Click the image below to start watching a full tutorial video on the 10X traffic multiplier method. You may need to take notes on these because they are really good.

traffic dashboard review, actual users feedback and overview

Click the image above for Free Module of Traffic Dashboard: Test and give your own verdict…

Kim Roach’s Profile Summary: Traffic Dashboard Review

Is Kim Roach scam? Is Kim Roach legit? Is Traffic Dashboard scam?  This section of the Traffic Dashboard review is a brief about Kim Roach (creator of Traffic Dashboard), if you do not know much about her:

  • An internet marketing expert respected by many Gurus including Jack Humphrey
  • Core competence and passion = Traffic
  • Always testing and tweaking uncommon traffic tricks
  • Known to over-deliver on free and paid tips that actually work
  • Written guest posts for A-list blogs such as ProBlogger, Jack Humphrey’s Friday Traffic Report,, SmartPassiveIncome.Com and many more
  • Creator of top selling products with positive reviews and acceptance
  • Fondly referred as the “Traffic Queen” by many
  • Owner of BuzzBlogger.Com – an authority high rank Internet Marketing blog where Kim teaches nothing but Traffic.
  • She is 25 years old
  • Has Guru rating of B+ at ImReportCard.Com

Previous Internet Marketing Products By Kim Roach

Kim Roach is not new in the Internet Marketing Guru-Space. She is well respected for top notch value driven products and has created so many products in the past including:

  • Instant payday formula
  • Super affiliate club
  • Blogging pay day
  • Live SEO
  • Lots of free extensive traffic reports including the controversial Underground Traffic Black Book and so many more

The Pros: Traffic Dashboard Review

  • Low bottom pricing at the cost of a single fast food meal – only $39 for all over 20 course areas/modules (Kim stresses that this price could change any time soon).
  • Teaches more than how to get free traffic – an Internet Marketing School-in-a-Box
  • Learning with all senses audio-visual-reading videos, pdf transcripts for every single lesson
  • Covers major parts of business content creation (article promotion), traffic, customer list building, JV secrets (You Inc. marketing). In fact you can build your entire business (like I am doing) to a steady 4, 5, 6 figure income based on all the 20 modules inside Traffic Dashboard.
  • Comes with a 60 days, no question asked 100% money back guarantee. Kim Roach makes it clear that her main interest is in user satisfaction with Traffic Dashboard. She stresses that she is not interested in accepting any payments unless a buyer is 100% happy with the product and the results you get within 60 days of trial. There you have it, awesome guarantee – 60 days to try out the awesome strategies in Traffic Dashboard at no risk to you – all the risk is on Kim Roach.

The Course’s Downside: Traffic Dashboard Review

Although Kim clearly explained that this course is not for everybody but some of those who fall in the “excluded” may regard those reasons as weaknesses for Traffic Dashboard. I tend to look at it like Traffic Dashboard has some skills pre-requirements for anyone who wants to get the kind of results course users are raving about.

Here are some reasons why Traffic Dashboard may not work for you:

  • Does not teach how to write articles: Although this course was tested to work with good articles/ contents, people who are just not yet good at writing good articles may have a problem getting the expected results. Many beginner bloggers and new affiliate marketers fall into this category;
  • Hands-on and too practical intensive:  Clearly not for you if you just want to read on your own without a coach or guide. Every single module in Traffic Dashboard has a video tutorial, PDF transcripts, cheat sheets and Kim’s personal templates that you can customize to use as yours;
  • Based on writing contents for traffic: If you are lazy about writing quality contents, then Traffic Dashborad is not for you. In fact Kim warns that this method works up to 10X and more if one puts up good contents, as the results of her Traffic Dashboard case studies were purely from content writing.
  • Requires action: If you are not an action taker, this course will just be one of those gathering dust on your e-shelf.
  • May Overwhelm Some: Too many traffic and other internet business strategies over 20 strategies in one course (Traffic Dashboard). This can be too much for people who are slow to take action on courses packaged on just one module only;

What If I Like Traffic Dashboard Modules But Fall Short of the Pre-Requirement Skills?

You can see that Traffic Dashboard is clearly not for beginners. It teaches advanced traffic strategies for anyone to multiply the traffic the are already getting. So, it makes an expectation that you already know and are doing some things but want more effective ways to get over 10 times more trafic.

However, because this course is that good and very affordable, beginners who are serious can skill up quickly in order to make Traffic Dashboard work for them, fast too.

There’s a cure for (almost) every malady, and if you fall short of the pre-requirement skills for Traffic Dashboard, there are 2 ways you can go about benefiting from Kim Roach’s awesome coaching-in-a-box:)

1. Purchase courses on the missing skills: You can either purchase the courses that teach the skills you need to make Traffic Dashboard work for you, such as article writing, writing/ creating eBooks, how to optimize articles to convert and convince people to click to become subscribers/ buyers or even click to come to your blog from search engines or social media sites, and many more.

2. Get my Free Traffic Dashboard Bonus Pack: I’ve got a “pre-traffic dashboard” skills cure carefully selected and packaged for you – 7 courses that cover the topics you need to know pre-traffic dashboard. These are the exact, same products I used as a beginner.

*If you have read up to this part of this part of the Traffic Dashboard review and are convinced that Traffic Dashboard is for you but identified that any of the above snags will make you not benefit from it, I have carefully selected a solution set for you, packaged as the 7 Traffic Dashboard bonuses, each targeting to build you on the skill sets you need to get the most out of this top website traffic  home study video training.

===> Traffic Dashboard Exclusive Bonus Pack (Bonuses available for limited time only)

More Users Feedback From Actual Traffic Dashboard Users

In this Traffic Dashboard Review, I managed to research some of her product users feedback from top independent review forums.  The users feedback included reviews from users of all of Kim’s prodcuts including Traffic Dashboard and you can read them at the end of this post. Overall, Kim scores a 4 out of 5 on the Guru rating from two of the top review websites that did a survey on her, from her customers.

Here’s what a peek at what others say about Kim (more Traffic Dashboard actual users feedback and reviews from around the web compiled at end of the post):

traffic dashboard review and bonus

kentucky kims traffic dashboard review

kentucky kims traffic dashboard

traffic dashboars

There are only but a few marketers who open up their entire toady’s working strategies, for fear of it losing potency, but Kim has perfected the art and science of traffic getting that she always dishes out long reports of 20, 30, 70 traffic strategies she has just tried and seen extreme results such as here 24 untapped traffic secrets report you can click to get it free.

Kim has given so much traffic tips that have worked for many and she’s got great respect and Traffic Dashboard review from lots of Internet Marketers who have seen results from her free and paid products. Here’s what a few people say about Kim, and you can Google-search her name to learn more about her.

Some More Traffic Dashboard Review and Testimonials from Actual Users

“We have conducted our extensive research and analysis about Kim, but good to see that she has never been accused of being a scam or fraud for that matter. Most people who came across her were quite impressed with not just her marketing skills, but also with his friendly and helping nature. You can certainly rely on her if you ever have any problem in your ventures; trust me, you won’t be disappointed” – culled from Traffic Dashboard review section.

 kim roach traffic

traffic dashboard discount

Many More Traffic Dashboard Review and Feedback From Actual Kim Roach Customers

“I gotta’ admit – this is the best investment I’ve made in quite some time! Let’s just say it’s the next generation, an evolution, of article marketing. What I am doing here is a courtesy to Kim because – well, I do get something out of it – good will – good reputation – I own an inordinate amount of traffic training material and, so far, in total, nothing compares” – Culled from Traffic Dashboard Review and Feedback thread.

feedback from end user regarding dashboards

traffic dashboard negative reviews

idashboard reviews

kim traffic dashboard

How You Can Get the Traffic Dashboard Plus My 7 Exclusive Bonuses

Step 1: Buy Traffic Dashboard through my link by clicking here: Download Traffic Dashboard here (Direct from official Traffic Dashboard website).

Step 2: Email me with your receipt details and I’ll send your 7 awesome Traffic Dashboard bonuses right away.

Conclusion: What’s Your Verdict on Traffic Dashboard

Now is decision time. If you”ve read this far, I bet you now have more than enough information to decide whether Traffic Dashboard is for you.

And if you’re convinced that this Kim Roach’s course is the next best thing to move your business forward, click the link below to get your copy today.

If you act today and buy through my referral link above, I’ll sweeten the pot for you, by sending you my 7 Traffic Dashboard bonuses.

Again, thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your experience and results from implementing Traffic Dashboard.

Yours in Traffic Mastery,


Credit: Traffic Dashboard review from actual users featured in this post, were culled from reviews threads of the following review websites –, and

More on Traffic Dashboard – Traffic Generation Strategies and Case Studies: