Affiliate Cash Snipers Reviewed Plus Mega Bonus Pack

This Affiliate Cash Snipers review covers what’s inside the product, how it works, sample widgets, shy/not you should buy the upsells; comparison with Amazon plugins, Affiliate Cash Snipers bonus and a lot more facts you need to know before buying. Read on

Review of Affiliate Cash Snipers by Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi

What: Affiliate Marketing Software to get more sales

Product Website: 

For Who: eCommerce site owners, physical product affiliate marketers in the shopping sites (like Amazon niches) who want to make more affiliate commissions from sales off sites like Amazon

Bonuses: Yes (information available in the detailed review below)

affiliate cash sniper review-michael rasmussen

Detailed Affiliate Cash Snipers Software Review

affiliate cash snipers review-sample sidebar widget

Above: Illustration of module 1 of Affiliate Cash Snipers – bringing the big shops high converting website features to small websites.

What is Affiliate Cash Snipers?

Affiliate Cash Snipers is created by a top affiliate marketer, Michael Rasmussen, who has been dominating his market with some unconvetional strategies.

As you know, most marketers tell you that the more traffic you get, the more sales you’ll make. But if you’ve been marketing online for a while, you’ll know that it is not as easy as it sounds because usually only a small perecentage of website visitors convert to buyers.

Imagine this: What if you could make even one fifth or even more of your website visitors to buy from your link every time they visit?

Imagine not needing to generate traffic… because those visitors who would normally leave your (reviews or ecommerce) site now purchase right on youur website?

All that is now possible with affiliate cash snipers.

Affiliate marketing software that will automatically convert hundreds and thousands of your webbsite traffic to sales, so that you can now focus on writing better reviews rather than tirelessly chasing traffic.

In the Affiliate Cash Snipers video tutorial, Michael walks you through a detailed tour of the modules of Affiliate Cash Snipers and how each one works.

*NOTE: The video intro is quite informational but long but pretty good. To save your time, I made this review to tell you all about what’s inside the Affiliate Cash Snipers. So read on!

Product Contents: Overview of Affiliate Cash Snipers 3-in-1 Modules

Affiliate Cash Snipers is a  3-in-1 affiliate marketing software suite comprising of:

Module 1 – the Affiliate Cash Snipers

This module creates shopping sites widgets and allows you to customize it to look how you want, and also provides you with a code to paste in your website so that the widgets will be visible;

Module 2 – the Adspot Sniper

This one helps you to find your competitors’ websites on Google advertising networks so that you can place your ads on them;

Module 3 – the Best Sellers Sniper

With this tool, you can easily discover the best selling products, latest releases as well as the movers and shakers in over 20 online shopping sites, including Amazon.

How Does Affiliate Cash Snipers Software Work on Your Physical Products Review Websites?

reviews affiliate cash snipers-sample widgets amazon

*Above: Image of Affiliate Cash Snipers Widgets on a website.

Why Affiliate Cash Snipers Is Right For Your Bottomline

The objective of Affiliate Cash Snipers software is to help make your website appealing to the shopping desires of your site visitors so that they would not leave without making a purchase. Thus, with affiliate cash sniper, you’ll increase your traffic-to-sales conversion rates and make more money online.

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers software adds search filters and comparison widgets to your site’s sidebar, similar to what you see on, etc (as shown in the image below);
  • Sidebars displaying Amazon’s (or other shopping site’s) hot items and best sellers;
  • Simple point and click to make the shopping widgets look the way you want – color etc.
  • Your affiliate IDs will be embedded into all the products, so that you get commissions for whatever your visitor buys from Amazon
  • You can embed them into social sites like Facebook

No need to have a coding experience: You don’t need to know how to create codes, in order to use this affiliate software. It does all those for you, all you have to do is point and select and the codes are automatically created for you to paste on your website.

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The PROs: Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

  • Integrated with over 20 biggest online retail shopping sites, including, most similar tools can only be used with Amazon associates program
  • This Affiliate software, part from creating shopping sites widgets, also helps you find current hot selling best sellers as well as spying on your competitors;
  • You don’t need to know how to code to create and customize shopping site widgets. This tool creates it automatically, all you do is point to a design you see and click
  • You can place your affiliate cash snipers widget on any website and even on Facebook or other similar social media channels
  • The tool is 3 modules in one. Most Amazon-only tools do not have the features that Affiliate Cash Snipers has under the (i)Adspot Sniper tool and the (ii) Best Seller Sniper tool

The Cons: Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

  •  None I could think of at this time

The Upsells on Affiliate Cash Snipers System

  • #1: Affiliate Cash Snipers Upsell #1 – Niche Pack: This is a list of carefully researched profitable niches in the physical products market. Having this will save you a whole lot of time to find red hot products that are selling right now..
  • #2: Affiliate Cash Snipers Upsell #2 – Profit Portals:This is a software for quickly building e-commerce sites without you needing any html coding experience – you won’t touch any code.
  • #3: Affiliate Cash Snipers Upsell #3 – Monthly Intel Reports:  This is a monthly intelligence report on the current online trends in the physical products market.

Note: The above upsells are completely optional – you can get them whenever you want, at huge discounts only available to buyers of Affiliate Cash Snipers. Howver, the upsells are pretty useful for further increasing sales conversion.

What If You Already Have Other Amazon Plugins, Would You Need Affiliate Cash Snipers?

If you have a tool that does all what the 3 modules of Affiliate Cash Snipers does, then you wouldn’t need this Else you do need this tool in your marketing arsenal.

Most similar tools (Amazon plugins) only work with Amazon associates program and they lack the functions of the other 2 modules in Affiliate Cash Snipers?

Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonuses: Your Web Traffic Assasin Toolkit

Affiliate Cash Snipers works at helping you convert your website traffic to more sales.  But what if you suck at generating traffic? Have you thought about how to get the traffic of desperate buyers?

The creators of Affiliate Cash Snipers assume that you already know how to pull traffic to your Amazon website. But do you really know how to? And if your traffic generation sucks, I’ve got you covered, so that you can still benefit from Affiliate Cash Snipers.

What I’ve done is this – I have carefully put together an Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus Pack that contains all the complimentary skill sets you need to make having affiliate cash sniper software work for you. Here’s the contents of your bonus pack below, dubbed ‘your web traffic assasin’:

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus #1: Buyer Keywords Mastery Course ($297 value)

A suite of up to 80 solid video tutorials on how to identify hot converting keywords used buy desperate buyers who want to BUY RIGHT NOW. Learning this has changed a lot of how I do my marketing and traffic targeting. You’ll learn how to leave the general keywords for ‘the rest of them (your competitors);

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus #2:  Website Copy Analysis

It’s one thing to attract the red hot ‘buy-now-ready-traffic’ but it’s another thing to convince them to buy, using your review contents.  In this course, you will discover how to make your written words sell effectively.

  • Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus #3: How to SEO for Results – An Affiliate Marketers Guide

This is a complete step by step, easy to understand Guide for Beginner Marketers to SEO right.

3 Quick Steps for you to claim my special bonuses for ‘Affiliate Cash Snipers

  • Step 3: Once I confirm that you purchased through my referral link, I’ll immediately email you the download links so that you’ll start enjoying your cool bonus gifts.

Conclusion: Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

Overall, Affiliate Cash Snipers is one of the best things to happen to serious physical products affiliate marketers that want to crush the sales this year. What do you think?

Now you have information about the pros and cons of the Affiliate Cash Snipers software. You have more than enough information to know whether it’s a good fit for you.

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