Traffic Dashboard Under the 8 Point Stress Test – Plus The Uncensored Test Results

An uncut and uncensored Traffic Dashboard review you should read before you attempt to buy Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach or Marlon Sanders. Find out if this traffic training video coaching course passed the 8 point evaluation test to determine whether buying Traffic Dashboard training will produce more traffic, more buyers and more sales for your business.

Steps To Conduct Your Own Due Dilligence Before Buying Traffic Dashboard Or Any Internet Marketing Product – A Must Read

First off, this post is about the 8 steps I took to conduct a due diligence on Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard. It’s a generic process I use to determine if a product is worth spending money on -so feel free to apply it before you make any purchase decisions, no matter the product.

There are 2 different courses by the same name, Traffic Dashboard, but by 2 top internet marketers – Kim Roach and Marlon Sanders. I’ve written review posts on Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach and the Traffic Dashboard by Marlon Sanders, both reviews are referenced and linked to, down inside this post.

If you’re in a hurry and want to quickly go to the official Traffic Dashboard website, click any of the links below:

Now, back to our topic of the day.

In this post I’ll share with you the 8 Stress Tests that I subjected Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard to, PLUS the outcomes. The purpose of the “8 Point Test” was to decide whether Traffic Dashboard really had any good value. You can also use these tests to perform your own dues diligence of Traffic Dashboard or any internet marketing product to ensure that you don’t waste your money.

With a test like this, you should categorically know whether to buy or not to buy Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard (or Marlon Sanders’ or any product) because you’ll not rely on review posts by any blogger as you’ll have your own concrete evidence to make decisions.

Read on, for the exact steps I used to perform my own personal Traffic Dashboard reviews and due diligence to enable me get the facts necessary to decide whether or not to buy it.

Always Evaluate Every Internet Marketing Product Before Buying… Test Every Claim By Yourself Using The “8 Point Stress Test”

Are you considering buying Traffic Dashboard? If so, have you evaluated this traffic course to find out whether it is really worth it (above the buzz)? Have you put Traffic Dashboard under the 8 Point Stress Test – read how Traffic Dashboard performed in this evaluation test and review so that you have a personal proof and all the facts to decide whether to buy Traffic Dashboard or not.

Although I have been following and implementing Kim’s free traffic strategies for a while and getting good results from her free tips, I still wanted to pass her new Traffic Dashboard coaching course under the 8 point test because when comes to paying money for any product, it had better be worth (more than) the price.

As I write this post, I hope you’ll be able to use my 8 Point Test to check out and evaluate  Traffic Dashboard, or any other Internet Marketing product, whenever you are tempted by the sweet sales pitches of your favourite Guru marketer. Read on for my 6 Point Test – buy or no-buy.

Buy or Not Buy Traffic Dashboard? The 8 Point Test to The Rescue

Here are the steps I usually apply before buying any informational product which I think you should also find useful. These steps always protects my wallet from sweet talking sales letters and emails from my favourite marketers. I always look for my own proofs and so I tell you to put any product to test before buying – let my 8 point test come to your rescue.

Here’s how I used the 8 point test to get my own personal (pre-Traffic Dashboard purchase) user experience as well as “my own” (not a sales letter story) Traffic Dashboard reviews and I had enough first hand facts and proofs to come to a final decision whether or not to buy Traffic Dashboard.

Buy Test #1: Is There a Sneak Preview? Is There “Get Free First and Taste Before You Buy”?

Just like every good film producer who is confident that his film is a box office product would provide sneak preview, good marketers who are good at teaching/ imparting the knowledge always give a sneak peek (free eBooks or video tutorials) so that you can actually try some of their strategies and only buy only if the free work for you.

What would you be looking for in the sneak preview of any Internet Marketing Product?

  • Is the product creator a good teacher? You know, the truth is that not everyone is talented at imparting knowledge, and the fact that not everyone is a good teacher even if the creator is a well known 6 figure marketer and there’s a lot of buzz about his product. After all, not all your school teachers method of teaching worked for you – do you not remember that some Math teachers were good at Math buy very bad at teaching others successfully.

A logical, smart move is to always go for the products where the creator is good at teaching, and test his/ her teaching style with their pre-launch free reports first and see if you understand the tactics easily, see if you can repeat the steps, see if the strategies yielded real results for you – in your bottom-line (increased sales, increased traffic, increased leads/ subscribers, relatively short timeline for getting results).

  • Is there a free offer to evaluate the product creator? Kim Roach provides more than enough free resources that you can use to evaluate her competence and see if she knows her stuff – in fact has a free 74 page eBook and a full Traffic Dashboard module also free. Kim a a generous giver as you can see and I made sure to get them all, and tested the strategies too.
  • Is the free offer’s content practical, worth more value than free, and do the strategies work when you test them? You should be looking to get your own proof – always be testing every claim.

After reading Kim’s free eBook containing her 24 underground traffic strategies, I felt guilty (and ashamed) that I did not pay for it (I got it legally free), and when I tried a few of the strategies inside, the results I got convinced me that Kim knew her stuff. BTW, the eBook is still open for free downloads, you still have a chance to test out if Kim’s strategies and teaching method will produce results for you.

I took another step for free testing, this time, to watch Kim Roach’s 10X Method video, which is a module inside the Traffic Dashboard – and free for all to watch end decide to buy or no buy Traffic Dashboard. This time I felt guilty again for getting all useful stuff for free especially because I was not required to opt-in and I had also tested a few of the strategies and they worked. Truth is that I was wondering how Kim would make money if she gave away all that much for F.R.E.E.

Now, I wanted some more Kim Roach traffic goodness to implement – so it was time to buy, since I was already getting results from the free. You can still click to watch the 10X Method video, try the strategies and let’s hear your own personal Traffic Dashboard reviews.

  • This is the Kim Roach free eBook I tested first – 24 Underground Traffic Strategies. Click image in test #2 below for free download of Traffic Dashboard PDF eBook.

Other things to look out for in the Traffic Dashboard sneak preview include:

  • Is the course practical oriented? You know some things are just best and quickly explained face to face (in videos).
  • Is the teaching methodology with real life examples that you can see? Better to go less for the ones that tell you the “what” and avoid telling you the “how”.
  • Do you find the course teacher easy to understand? If not, you may have a hard time learning anything from it talk less of implementing any.

*Note that you can run the above check on any Internet Marketing course or product before buying, not only meant for testing before buying Traffic Dashboard.

Test #2: Test Free First to Get Your Own Personal Results Before You Buy Traffic Dashboard

download traffic dashboard ebook pdf

Test every Guru or product creator by first testing their free tips, free eBooks, reports, video. Quickly implement / Try their freely given strategies they claim to see if you’ll get results – how long (instant, slow or very slow time to get results). I did this for most of the tips I got from Kim Roach’s newsletters, Free eBooks, free reports, free videos.

It’s all about getting results. The idea is that if you do not get results within a reasonable time frame, the particular Internet Marketer’s strategies are not likely to work for you, even if it cost you a dollar or a million dollars. If the free works above your expectations, then the paid should work like magic (hey, not so like magic but I mean, should work for you).

Having obtained free (evaluation) copies of a product creators’ freebie, ensure to implement the strategies and see for yourself if they work or not – and how fast/ slow it takes to see results. If the freebie product works, it’s means that the paid product will likely be a no brainer.

Test #3: Weigh Value Against Price – Is the Course Loaded With More Value than its Selling Price?

Does the course teach other topics in details? What I mean here is that some Internet Marketing teachers (as I prefer to call them) bundle other additional topics into their main course, and teach these so well that again you’ll be wondering whether they were crazy and did not realize they could have charged for those.

You know good teachers have this natural empathy and they always want to over-feed the student who is ready – I believe that it is that same instinct that drove Kim Roach to also teach lots of other stuff in Traffic Dashboard such that it is one of the most complete Internet Marketing course in a box, that you can build your entire business up to consistent 3, 4, 5 figure without buying any other course.

Here is a brief of what Kim Roach teaches in the Traffic Dashboard video eCourse:

buy traffic dashboard

  • Click the image on the left for a quick Traffic Dashboard tour –  what you’ll learn when you buy  Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach
  • Over 20 coaching videos comprising of 20 modules. For a detailed list of all the modules. click here: Traffic Dashboard review.
  • Each module has a PDF transcript, a cheat sheet and templates that Kim, Traffic Dashboard creator actually uses day to day in real life
  • Covers traffic, unpopular list building methods, super affiliate marketing secrets, JV secrets, article marketing methods, A-List Blogging secrets and so many more.
  • Real life classroom-style “watch, do as you see me do” teaching with live case studies and examples for anyone to follow by the mouse clicks and implement steps;
  • Many more – over 20 different topics in different Internet Marketing business development areas, as you can see in the image on the left.

Test #4: Research Creator’s Credibility and Scam Reports Check Before You Buy Traffic Dashboard

Research the product creator for credibility and scam report/ rating. Find out if there are claims and reports about him/ her teaching original (or rehashed) strategies.

  • What are previous buyers saying? Find out whether there are claims from his previous product buyers and users that his products don’t work or are old strategies. Are there claims that people do not get refunds when they request (if they found that the product did not work)?
  • Where are previous buyers talking about or complaining about the products? I have found the forums are the best place where actual buyers give independent, no agenda, honest, real life reports and experiences of products they have used before. You’ll be shocked to hear unpleasant reports and low ratings from some of your favourite Gurus . Sometimes even when a product is good and has trial offer with money back guarantee, you need to be sure that the product owner has a record for refunding money back when requested.

I usually start with and then head on to because forum is an open community where you or anyone can air their independent views freely and members have diverse opinions and a false alarm is usually disproved by members. Again, the forums have faces of the people who make the claims – most of whom are members and can be traced to their websites – they usually would not want to ruin their online credibility by giving false reports about any product creator.

Here’s the Google search I did to look for any red flags before buying Traffic Dashboard:

Is Kim Roach Scam? Is Traffic Dashboard a Scam? Is Marlon Sanders a scam?

You should look out for any reasons why you should not  buy Traffic Dashboard? Are there many refund requests?

*Here’s what the actual users of Traffic Dashboard Are Saying

  • Democracy rules and eliminates false alarmists. I also check the frequency and number of people who provide similar claims about any Internet marketer and their products – if many people say the same thing (positive or negative, it gives me an idea that that claim is likely to be true – I go with the majority (democracy). In some cases where someone just wants to bring down a competitor, such claims are quickly quenched with many people saying the opposite.

WarriorForum.Com, IMReportCard.Com and PromotedProfits.Com are some places where there is real freedom of speech for product users – any one and members go there to say their minds (good, bad, ugly) about crappy low quality products by some well known Internet Marketing Gurus. I was impressed with the feedback from people who have used Kim Roach’s products including Traffic Dashboard.

Read my compilation of what I found out about Kim Roach credibility profile and her product quality here from real users: Traffic Dashboard Review and Feedback from actual users – this findings are part of the reasons that helped me get the real facts to decide whether or not to buy Traffic dashboard and I hope you’ll find them useful too.

Test #5: Is the Internet Matkeing Product Affordable? Will Buying Traffic Dashboard Drain Your Wallet?

It’s my belief that expensive is not always quality, and especially when you are just starting out in Internet Marketing or building your online business on a tight budget, you may go broke trying out an expensive product only to find out later that the contents are not as valuable as priced.

You do not have to borrow or go broke to buy Traffic Dashboard or any other product that will supposedly teach you how to get more customers, increase sales and make more money from your online business. This is especially so if you are just starting out building on a tight budget and struggling to see real results or do you want to get broke before you get results from Traffic Dashboard or any other course?

This is a buying cycle you should consider adopting – always works:

Always first test any author or Internet Marketing product creator with small things first and only when you get results should you step up your investment. Here is how I do it:

Step 1: Try Free First: Try/ Implement free first (Traffic Dashboard eBook or 10X Method Video); also you can take the 60-days no risk Traffic Dashboard trial (test-drive the full, complete course);

Step 2: Buy a low cost products first and Test for consistency in quality: If free works, buy a low priced product (Buy Traffic Dashboard – only $39 now, price may go up soon according to Kim Roach). Before buying any expensive product, ensure first that you’ve tested some low cost offers of the product creator and satisfied that they work.

Step 3: Buy a more expensive product: If low cost product works, buy an expensive product (if need be). If the same product creators has shown consistency in quality, then you’d be sure that buying an expensive product from him would not be a waste of money.

With this method, you’ll never go broke from buying any educational Internet Marketing product because your business would always produce results (more traffic, more sales, more profit and money) on every single investment you make.

I did all above 3 tests to enable be decide whether I should buy Traffic Dashboard and Traffic Dashboard passed this test – it’s only $39 but Kim mentioned something about “the price may go up sometime”. My rationale for buying Traffic Dashboard was that sometimes I blow $39 in a day on something small as “small chops” and I thought that if I forgo a day’s got Traffic Dashboard for that price, I could learn internet marketing strategies that can get me so much results that I’ll never run out of small chops in years to come.

Test #6: Are there Relevant and Irresistible Free (Traffic Dashboard) Bonuses? Buy Traffic Dashboard PLUS Added Value

Everyone (plus me) loves free – ‘buy one, get one free’, ‘buy one,  get 5 free’, ‘buy traffic dashboard, get  ‘n’ free bonuses, and the likes – especially for a quality product. However, in the name of bonuses some internet marketing product creators and marketers just pile up tons of not useful, sometimes out dated and irrelevant bonuses – because they know that when some people look at the quantity of free bonuses before buying.

Here is where you have to be careful – scrutinize every bonus offer carefully for relevancy, timeliness, freshness before buying any product including Traffic Dashboard or else you’ll get tons of stuff you would not use or waste time reading and not get results.

I love to look out for fresh and relevant (Traffic Dashboard) bonuses that will complement the main product that I am considering buying (Traffic Dashboard, in this case). For example, a product like Traffic Dashboard teaches how to get website traffic from free sources (using content writing) and that means you should have had a website (foundation), known how to write articles, how to write eBooks etc.  In fact Kim Roach even warns not to buy Traffic Dashboard if you are not into writing good articles.

Always ensure that you get bonuses that will enhance your experience with the main product.

Now if, say you suck at writing good articles but want buy Traffic Dashboard because you want to get good at getting free traffic, you should be looking for bonuses that have resources to teach you how to write well.

Another scenario is this: if you do not know how to setup a website but want to buy Traffic Dashboard – then look for Traffic Dashboard bonus that will teach you how to setup a website.

If you do not know how to convert minuscule (tiny) drops of website visitors and you want to buy Traffic Dashboard, but again you’re scared you may not be able to convert the volume of traffic you’ll get when you buy Traffic Dashboard, a logical thing to do is to look for Traffic Dashboard bonuses that will teach you how to convert website visitors to buying customers.

Talking about the right-fit bonuses for your Traffic Dashboard purchase, I have looked at 7 different areas that Kim Roach expects you need to be good at in order to maximise your Returns on Traffic Dashboard Investment, and packaged the ‘Buy Traffic Dashboard, Get 7 Extra Free Bonuses”.

  • You can check out the 7 exclusive Traffic Dashboard bonus pack that you can get additionally, for free, when you buy Traffic Dashboard.

The only snag is that these Traffic Dashboard bonuses are just limited and exclusive to the next 30 buyers and once those are complete the door will close – check it out now.

Test #7: Is There a Fair Trial Period? Long Enough Before Results Happen? Try Before You Buy Traffic Dashboard

I have seen some products with 7 days trial, less than that and the common is 30 days trial which is fair enough but here again Traffic Dashboard

With Traffic Dashboard, you have a whole 60 days money back guarantee to implement the Traffic Dashboard methods and confirm whether your website and article traffic increased, whether your subscribers list increased. You should set some targets and Key performance indicators (KPIs) for any course you invest in, based on what the creator says the course will do for you. Be sure to write a to do list of strategies you want to start with, implement the strategies taught and monitor your results against the set indicators you set (expected results).

I honestly think 60 days is long enough to experience higher Google rankings, if you implement the Traffic Dashboard strategies.

If after the 60 days of buying and implementing Traffic Dashboard (or any course for that matter), you are still were you had been, then ask for a refund, else send the creator a testimonial.

Test #8: Is There a Money Back Guarantee? Will You Get A Refund If You Do Not Get Results After Buying Traffic Dashboard

If 60 days elapse, after you buy Traffic Dashboard, and then you have implemented the strategies but do not get results, Kim Roach (Traffic Dashboard creator) confirms that you will get refund of your money – no questions asked.

Next Steps…

There you have it, the 8 point stress test for deciding whether or not to buy Traffic Dashboard (or any internet marketing product) and how I got my own personal Traffic Dashboard Reviews based on the results of increased traffic to my blog, articles and eBooks.

Finally, if you have done all the above 6 tests on Traffic Dashboard and your verdict is same as mine (Alpha Plus), I suggest you head over to the click the link below to download your own copy now but be sure to find out how to get my Traffic Dashboard Bonuses I told you about.

  • Traffic Dashboard Bonus (Each one compliments Traffic Dashboard and equips you with a pre-required skill for this course)

Now you see how I do my due diligence about any product – the same process I used to decide whether Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard was worth buying.

Feel free to use the above process to test out any internet marketing product, including Traffic Dashboard.  I’d love to hear your own personal results from running the 8 Point Test on Traffic Dashboard; let’s compare notes and what’s your own verdict and final decision.

Yours in More  Traffic ,


P.S: Be sure to read other interesting Traffic Dashboard posts in this blog:

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Wow thanks Stella! Yes, I grabbed Traffic Dashboard via a nice affiliate email, and I found that the interview traffic section alone was worth at least the money. Also the way Kim explains things is slow (in a good way!) and clear, she spells everything out so it’s easy to follow, and that makes a big difference for me as a learner.

I’m happy you did, and most especially that you are happy with the course. Kim is gifted at imparting knowledge – not too fast and not too slow with so many live examples, whether free or paid products. I like that too and Kim is one of the marketers that I have learnt so much from (still learning).

Thanks for your comments, Andy. I appreciate that. What’s your website URL?

Heyyy…. cool post, especially about checking the forums about Kim’s reputation. Good stuff 🙂

Um… also… just wanted to mention… steps 1, 2, 7, and 8 are all *kinda* the same, so you could probably consolodate your “8 Point Stress Test” to a “5 point stress test” (maybe even combine the two points about the amount of value, for a 4 Point Stress Test?).

Just a thought… best! I like your friendly tone of writing!


Hey Andy – first, I want to thank you for coming over here, reading and commenting. I appreciate that so much. Thanks about my writing tone.

Wow – you’re scoring so many thanks from me today:) – another big thanks for your feedback and suggestions on consolidating some of the points. I promise to look in to that as soon as I can.

Did you have a chance to stress-test Kim’s Traffic Dashboard or do you own a copy? If so, what method did you use to determine that Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard was worth your money? I’d love to hear it:)

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