How To Add More Followers On Twitter Really Fast, Using 3 Free Combo Tools: Step By Step

Have you ever wanted to get more followers on Twitter but never knew how? In this post, you’ll discover, step by step, 3 simple Twitter strategies PLUS 3 Free combo Twitter tools you can use to add up to 2,000 new Twitter followers within the next 30 days. Read on and take action…

3 Strategies + 3 Free Combo Twitter Tools for Increasing Your Twitter Following: For Bloggers and Marketers With Little or No Budget

Like any other top social networking site, everyday people who have a large Twitter following and know how to market on that social media platform, make sales on Twitter.

Have you ever wanted to get more followers on Twitter but never knew how? Then this post is specially written for you – you’re about to discover how to add up to 2,000 new Twitter followers within the next 30 days using 3 very simple Twitter strategies with absolutely free tools.

In case you do not know,  Twitter is fast becoming an important marketing communication tool among businesses, to connect and build relationship with their ideal customers, with the intention to getting more sales.

Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Social Networking on Twitter starts with getting followers and knowing how to effectively generate sales on Twitter. I’ve heard people ask about buying Twitter followers but then why buy Twitter followers when you can get the best ones absolutely free.

Now, TweetAdder is one of the best, and most widely used among bloggers, and highly recommended, this tutorial is an alternative method of getting Twitter followers, for those who do not have TweetAdder (yet).

UPDATE: In the original version of this post, the 3 separate tools used TweetAttacks + SocialOomph + JustUnfollow  were 100% free. First, SocilaOomph closed its doors to free users getting the Auto Direct Messaging. Recently, TweetAttacks announced that it was shutting down the tool.  There’s no other free tool I know of that provides friend adder feature for free, so that leaves us with the awesome TweetAdder all-in-one twitter software.

Time required daily to make this Twitter strategy work: Less than 5 minutes daily or once a week or once a month, depending on the number of new Twitter friends you want to add, and how fast.

Step #1: Follow Someone and Expect A Follow Back

Twitter Tool: TweetAdder – Use this tool to Add new followers/ friends

How to Find Who To Follow on Twitter?

Find someone or an influencer in your market niche and follow some of their followers or people they are following. Basically, with TweetAdder you can:

  • Search and find people to follow (from search result), who mention a specific keyword in their tweets (such as a location/ place, a product etc)
  • Someone else’s followers – you’ll have to enter the Twitter ID (beginning with “@”) of the person you want to follow their followers
  • People that someone else is following – you’ll have to enter the Twitter ID of the person you want to follow the people s/he is following.
  • A list of cool people from Twitter

Note: Whenever you want to start a Twitter friends-add campaign, simply setup this tool and while it’s running on the background (unattended), you can go take care of other business – it will stop after it’s through.


  • If you have less than 2,000 Twitter followers, you can follow 50-100 people daily.

Can you see that you can easily add 2,000 new Twitter followers in less than 30 days IF you are consistent?

Step #2: Craft A Welcome Message to Every New Twitter Follower

Tool: TweetAdder

  • You  pre-write a welcome Direct Message (DM) to anyone who follows you AND this tool will automatically send out this message to every new Twitter follower. It’s a good etiquette and I tell you, people read these messages and act on them;
  • You may or may not want to do this but with this tool, you can auto-follow anyone who follows you. That saves you time on personally welcoming every single new follower.

You only need to do this particular step only once and forget it, except when you feel like changing the welcome message. Although this step is optional – some people may not want to welcome their new followers BUT I am using this step and it gets results. Occasionally, I get new Facebook followers who message me that they came from my Twitter page after reading my  per-written (automated) DM message requesting new followers to connect on Facebook also.

HINT: Some people put a link to their Free eBook, on their welcome message to new Twitter followers. Be creative about how you want to write a welcome DM to your Twitter followers – it’s your choice.

Step #3: Unfollow People Who Do Not Follow You Back

Tool: TweetAdder or JustUnfollow.Com

The tool displays a list of people who are not following you back and you with “unfollow” option beside their names so that you can click to “unfollow” one by one – it’s very fast though.

how to unfollow people who dont follow on twitter - justunfollow

This Twitter tool also displays the people following you that you are not following back – and you can follow them back. Do you know that people tend to follow who their friends are following, so you’ll score some more followers by following back your followers.

Why should you unfollow people on Twitter?

  • Twitter Unfollow Reason #1: Communication is a two-way thing and if you are following someone and that person is not following you back, then s/he is the only one ‘talking’ to you while s/he would not ‘see’ your tweets. If you want to communicate to the people you add, then there’s need for mutual follow-back.

Note: There are exceptional cases where you’ll not mind not being followed back, such as if that person offers EXTREMELY EXCEPTIONAL VALUE.

  • Twitter Unfollow Reason #2: Twitter has a Following-to- Followers limit which would only allow you to add more followers after you’ve got a certain number of follow-back. Therefore unfollowing those who do not follow you will make room to follow others who are likely to follow you back. Twitter will allow you to follow up to 100 people per day if you have less than or 2000 followers. After that Twitter will allow you to follow only 10% of the number of your followers.

2 Categories of People You May Want To Unfollow on Twitter

  • Non-Followers: These are the people you follow on Twitter but they are not following you back. You can unfollow your non-followers every 7 to 10 days, after a “Twitter Follow campaign”. That way, the people you followed a few days back, would have had a chance to follow back.
  • Inactive Followers: These are your followers who have not used Twitter in the past X months (3 to 6 months is a good guide). You can do a spring cleaning of your Twitter account, say, once every month, or as you desire.

Is There a Single Twitter Productivity Tool That Does All the Above 3 Combo Steps on Auto?

Sure, there are single apps that do what the 3 combo Twitter management tools do AND a lot more BUT they cost money – not much, though. If you have some cash, it is highly recommended to get a good paid  Twitter management tool because they automate a whole lot of Twitter tasks, hands-free – great time savers.

Paid Twitter management tools do a whole lot more than adding friends, sending welcome DMs and unfollowing non-followers. You can visit their pages to learn more about their features.  With the premium Twitter tools, you can set your account on automatic, to unfollow someone if they do not follow you after X days (you’ll set the number of days). You can also set the paid tools to follow back anyone who follows you. And many many more.

Next Steps: Your 10 Days Action Plan to Get Your Next 1000 Twitter Friends

Now is the time for you to put those Twitter tips to action. By the next 10 days, I want to hear how many new Twitter followers you have added and how many are following you back. So, here are your 10 days action plan to Twitter Domination- only 7 steps🙂

  1. Save or Bookmark this post – you’ll need to refer to it for your daily 10 days Twitter domination action plan
  2. Get a copy of TweetAdder
  3. Everyday (or twice/ thrice weekly), add new Twitter friends (50 to 100) using TweetAdder – this should be a set-it-and-forget-it thing, takes less than 3 minutes
  4. Once a week, unfollow non-followers on Twitter, using the same tool. Aggressive follow/ unfollow may get the Twitter folks thinking you’re a spammer;
  5. ENGAGE for results: Spend about 15 minutes daily to build relationships with your new Twitter followers. Here’s how: read your Twitter stream and then join the discussions on Twitter – reply to interesting tweets you like, retweet other people’s posts you read, say hello to some of your followers, follow back some of your Twitter followers
  6. Follow me (Stella) on Twitter  as the first step to your 10 Days to increase Twitter followers

If you continue to do the above steps after your Day 10 on Twitter Domination” exercise, you should become the next Twitter rock Sta

Conclusion, Comment & Share

That’s it – 3 Twitter strategies + 3 simple Free combo tools for getting a large Twitter Followership, for bloggers and online marketers  building on a tight budget.

Share the Luv: Thanks for reading this Twitter tips and if you got value out of this post, kindly help get it across to others – the one-click, easy share buttons on the top left floating and down, down below.

Comment: I’d love to hear your feedback and comments on this free method of getting more Twitter Followers fast.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the comment side:)


To more Twitter followers,



P.S: If you are a very busy person looking to quickly increase your Twitter followers fast, TweetAdder will save you a whole lots of time doing on auto all what 3 combo tools do PLUS so much more such as: finding targeted people to follow in your niche using keywords you specify, automatically following your followers, scheduling your posts AND so much more.

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Great tips I am new to Twitter I will follow all these tips to increase my followers list. Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

Good tips.. and as every one knows social media has become a great means of online marketing. Twitter is one of the best medium for it and having lots of follower helps in a better and bigger way.

Hello Stella,
Very powerful ideas for increasing online presence. I am an aspiring Life Coach and am just getting ready to launch my services by the end of this year. Hence am struggling at increasing my online presence. Am new to twitter and hope your ideas and tools are surely going to give me a huge number of followers. Just Great. Thank you. Keep presenting us such ideas.

hey stella! Thanks for writing such an informative article, this is exactly what ive been looking for.

You’re welcome, Oto. I’m glad you found what you wanted in this Twitter post. Do send me a feedback on how your followers are increasing:) Good luck!

These are very useful tips you have here Stella. Getting more followers on twitter is usually quite challenging and that is why some people opt to buy followers. With these tips I am sure many bloggers now know what to do on their twitter accounts so as to get more followers.

Thanks – Twitter is a good source of traffic for anyone who publishes contents on the web. So, these strategies to add more followers will help you get more eyeballs on your website, if you add the right people.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Stella,

First of all thanks a lot for remembering me out of long list of you FAN’s lol…You got a sharp memory this proves that.

Now let me PAT on your back for this hard works which you have done for us and shared such useful and important tools and techniques concern to twitter. As twitter is one of the most powerful networking site which I like most. Just using 140 word we can do lots of MAGIC here…right?

So thanks a lot for this and I am definately going to follow this as I don’t want to spoil your hard works for us. Now I am sure that I am at RIGHT place.

Hi Meg:

Thanks for dropping by again:) Glad to see you.

Sure, I’m good at remembering my readers – that’s how important I see you all:)

I’m glad you liked the Twitter tips. You’re right on point there – 140 characters can do a lot of magic – isn’t it amazing?

You’re welcome. I look forward to seeing you again, any time soon.

Have a blessed weekend!

Hi Stella, really appreciate your time for sharing these wonderful twitter software. I’m quite interested with TweetAttacks since you personally like it that much. May I know how much does it cost after the trial? Thank you !

Hi Kanna:

Thank you for coming by and for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m glad you like the Twitter tips post.

Tweet Attacks is a pretty good Twitter friend adder – it has a free version which is limited in features but had the follow/ unfollow feature which you see in the Twitter tutorial screenshots in the post. TweetAttacks Pro version costs $147, although they also have a TweetAttacks LITE vesrion ($57) which is not much different from the Pro. All versions of TweetAttacks can be used on unlimited number of Twitter account.

Towards the end of the post, you’ll see that I also mentioned TweetAdder, it’s also one of the best and one of the oldest Twitter friend adder and full featured – and used by most marketers and bloggers. Tweet Adder prices are: $55 for 1 Twitter account and $74 for up to 5 Twitter accounts (although you can easily upgrade to a higher version anytime).

The difference between the 2 tools is that TweetAdder does not have a Free version, like TweetAttacks.

I also highly recommend TweetAdder and in terms of pricing, it’s more cheaper for the full feature ($55 for 1 Twitter account and $74 for up to 5 Twitter accounts).

Let me know if you have another question or concern. Enjoy your day!

I agree, Nishadha. Busy small business owners can leverage Twitter follower adder tools to save time with the task of getting more Twitter followers in their niche.

Very interesting post about building twitter followers. I am not fond of getting auto responses when I follow someone so that part of the 3 steps I personally wouldn’t use. SocialOoomph looks very interesting and I certainly will check that out as I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it.

Thanks bodynsoil:

I’m glad you want to check out some of the Twitter strategies in that post. Socialoomph is a useful tool with a lot of features that you will discover as you look it up.

Just so you know, people read their welcome responses and act – I often get people join my Facebook profile or group, saying they were from my Twitter messaging. It all depends on the message you craft – how it appeals to them rather than whether you are doing it on auto or want to do it manually for every single person that adds you on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to knowing how the tips work for you.

Hello Stella. I personally LOVE socialoomph and it’s great for when I want to schedule tweets around a prominent post, especially if it’s about a Twitter trend. Also, I like using iUnfollow as once suggested by Justin for unfollowing people that don’t follow me. Helps clean up my account. Actually, I haven’t used it for a while, I’m, off there… 🙂

Thanks Ivin, for reading and especially for leaving double comments (here and on BlogEngage). I appreciate it.

Glad you also use Socialoomph – it’s an amazing free tool. I am not aware of iUnfollow but will check it out and see what it’s like. However, JustUnfollow does a perfect and speedy work at unfollowing your non-followers (but manually – you have to click one by one); TweetAttacks does that too (but automatically in the background, once you set it).

I’ve never heard of TweetAttacks, I’ve usually always done my following manually with the a column on Tweetdeck showing my new followers, but I’m certainly going to give this a go and see how it fairs over a period of time.

Thanks Karen, for reading and commenting. I appreciate your time here.

Manual following is fine too but if we look at Twitter follower adding as a a traffic generation strategy, then manual adding would eat into the time for our other business activities if we must add a lot of people. I’ll look forward to know how the 3 step twitter auto-friend adding strategy works for you, and if you get stuck, let me know.


Thanks for another informative post…

Forgive me if this is too personal a question. But, do you market directly on Twitter to make sales? And by “market,” I mean post links to sales landing pages or product pages. I’ve been always told that was a no-no in social media.

Hi – good to see you around, as always. How’s your day?

I’m glad you like the post – thanks.

On selling via Twitter, personally, I think it depends on whether that is the only thing one is sending to his/ her followers – some people actually do. However, if once in a long while you share a useful offer for your followers to check out – with a well crafted message, it’s no harm. That is, assuming you’ve always been sharing damn good posts with them.

And to your (very personal question), yes I do (on rare occassions).

Refollow is still one of the best tools I have ever used to find and follow other people with similar interests or follow people who share your tweets easily. It isn’t free but still a very useful application and has more functionality and features than any other Twitter tool I have tested.

@Justin Never heard of Refollow thanks for the tip.@Stella solid tips as always. I’ve heard a few people talk about Twiends what do you think of it?

Thanks Alvin, for dropping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate.

I’ve heard a couple of people (even Glen of Viperchill) say they’ve used Twiends successfully. I have a Twiends account but I’ve never used it to add either Facebook or Twitter followers because you have to log in with your Twitter account to start using it to add friends. I’d be willing to try it on an account that I am not “emotionally” tied to, like a brand new account.

Other than that, it’s a good service. Twiends model is a great one though – they use credit system.

Hi Justin:

Good to have you visit my blog – welcome!

Good to know about another useful Twitter friend adder. Thanks for sharing; I trust your recommendation and will check it out.

Again, thanks for coming around, and do have a great day!

I like the Buffer App as well as it is a quite smart and handy tool (by the way it is worth to follow Buffer guy @leowid as he is a great engager). Occasionally I checked out other twitter tools but most of the time i run Twitter manually. However I do not like to follow new followers by autopilot as there are a lot of spam and pseudo accounts out there.

And I like Tweetdeck. Though Tweetdeck is not mainly designed to increase reach on Twitter you can use it for that effect. It is easy to create create custom search columns on Tweetdeck like: “#facebook filter:links include:retweets”. Meaning tweets including the hashtag facebook with a link in it and which are retweeted at least one time. By retweeting them again – in case I value them high – I often gain followers. The reason is that these tweets are already reviewed and on a popular topic. Furtheron you often reference two or three tweeps by @mention and people like it to be cited.

Super cool tools. I will try it out and update the results after 30 days. One of my client has 1,158 followers right now. I shall try out these three tools, lets see how far this helps us 🙂

Hi Reddy:

It’s been ages – how’s work?

Cool – try this Twitter method for a month (takes less than 2 minutes to setup, any time). I look forward to hearing how your client’s Twitter followers increased afterwards.

Cheers and hope to see you some more:)

Hi Stella,

I use most of the tools.

A word of warning to your readers. I once got put on a list that said “will follow back” Meaning I got 200+ followers who all tried to sell me marketing strategies and some 3x stuff too. Not so good so guys please have a look of who is following you.

Also make sure you check which lists you are on, on a regular basis. If you want to get off a list just ban the user who put you on. I think that worked for me in the past.


Hi Nik:

Always a pleasure seeing you around:) Hope your day is going fine?

OMG – that is so awful (getting listed on a “follow back Twitterers” list). Did you notice in that Twitter tutorial that I did not add the part of automating follow-back of Twitter followers. Perhaps, if any reader decides to do that, they’ll easily see the tab on Socialoomph.

I’ve never thought about checking lists I’m on but the case you just cited makes it important to do so – a big thanks for mentioning it. On the other hand, have you noticed those “Tweet keyword snipers” who use some tools to “listen” on your tweets and send auto marketing messages. Those are so annoying and deserve outright blocking.

Thanks for your ever useful contributions and for the tips you shared with us also.

I’ll be over at your blog later. Cheers and enjoy the best of today!

Hi Stella,

Powerful tools!

I am a socialoomph guy myself. Excellent way to automate some processes, because nobody wants to be tweeting 24-7, 365 😉

Luv your tip of engaging. I’ve built a following of over 18,000 people by engaging consistently and tweeting value-packed content. The key to becoming a popular tweeter is to be a giving tweeter. RT quite a bit and make sure to engage whenever you can. Be a person, not a profile.

Thanks for sharing your insight Stella!


Hey Ryan:

Good to see you. Hope you’re having a great day.

You’re right, socialoomph is a great tool for automating a couple of Twitter tasks (besides engagement), and free too.

I love that (lol) – sure nobody wants to spend the whole day on Twitter when there are other marketing/ blogging tasks that need attention. Except you will recruit a full time Twitterer staff.

Sure, without engaging, you’d have succeeded to be ‘just a Twitter profile’, for the records. Again, you’re right, engaging by adding tons of value like you always do, will score one even more followers. Retweeting other bloggers’ cool posts will ensure that your readers are getting assorted and diverse contents; tweeting your own contents alone will bore them, and may even get some to unfollow you.

Thanks for those insightful contributions, Ryan – always a pleasure seeing you:)

Excellent Post Stella!

I didn’t know about TweetAttacks. I’m gonna check it out. I also just wanted to say that I know it’s really possible to add thousands of twitter followers in a few weeks-months.

I went from almost 0 to about 3,000 in a relatively short time.

Keep up the great work!

Hi Joe:

Good to see you around. How’s your day?

You’re right, with consistency, one can get many new Twitter followers pretty fast, just like you did.

I look forward to knowing how TweetAttacks works for you.

I’ll want to learn how to add the YouTube subscribe button from your new post – will visit later:)

I use TweetAdder and Bufferapp to keep my Twitter presence alive. In case you are not familiar with Bufferapp, it is a semi-automatic way to send 10 tweets a day that you personally pick out. You pick the times you want the tweets to go out. It takes about 10-15 minutes once or twice a day to keep the buffer full.

Hi Ann:

Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you’re keeping your Twitter presence alive. I am familiar with Bufferapp – it’s a great Twitter app.

This post is on a simple strategy to add more Twitter followers fast. I’m sure that you’re using TweetAdder to stay on top of increasing number of Twitter followers, right?

Again, thanks for visiting and hope to see you some more:)

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