Top 20: Creative Blog Content Ideas That Will Enchant Your Readers and Keep Them Returning For More

Looking for fresh, fun and new content ideas to serve your readers to avoid them from getting bored with your regular blog content types? Old and new bloggers, writers and authors looking for new content ideas can use these 20 fun and creative content ideas to enchant and wow blog readers and keep them returning for more. Read on…

Blogging The Fresh: Interesting and Good Blog Content Ideas to Make Your Blog Sticky and Memorable

Creative Blog Content Ideas That Will Enchant Your Readers Old and new bloggers alike, as well as writers and authors are always looking for new content ideas on what to write for their audience. After writing the “10 Methods for Getting New Ideas and Inspiration for Hot Blog Topics”, I have got lots of readers asking about more blog content ideas and so I thought to do a list type post that is both scanable and actionable enough for any blogger to expand the type of contents they write.

This post is an insight into some wow and fun ideas for writing blog contents are meant to spur your creative mind to work so that whenever you think about what to blog, you have a list of fresh, diverse blog content ideas that will ensure that your readers are never bored of visiting your blog. Working this blog content ideas list, you’ll discover that your new posts will enchant and wow your readers (about your blog writing creativity) and every blog post would always be a reason to come back because there’ll always be a ‘wow factor’ in every single post.

20 Creative Blog Content Ideas That Will Enchant Your Readers and Keep Them Returning For More

1. Broadcast Trending Current and Hot Industry / Market Niche News

What’s news today in your market niche? Be the first or one of the first to broadcast it to your readers. To ensure you always get hot news first, setup Google alert on keywords for topics you want to follow.

2. Write “List of Ideas” Post Type

An example is CelestineChua.Com’s 101 things to do before you die. She has a lot of other 101 things post type on her blog.

3. Review / Analysis post

Analyse an issue / topic/ product and present a balanced view point/ perspective with pros and cons, for both sides of the story.

4. Tutorial Style Post

Write a how-to tutorial on a ‘most wanted’ topic, a new technology, a new product etc

5. Interview An Expert or An Interesting Person

Interview (famous, highly skilled, up and coming Gurus, achievers, people in the news today etc ) people in your market

5. Case Study or Experiment Post Type

What have you experimented with on your blog or elsewhere, even offline – that worked for you. Share it with your readers – what you did, how and your results. Example is my article traffic experiment post, AlexWhalley.Com’s “40 Days Article Marketing Challenge and weekly results”

6. Controversial Post/ Rant

Speak out your personal opinion or rant on a sensitive subject/ matter

7. Write a ‘Best of XYZ’

Just like the musicians sometimes compile a ‘Best of__” albums and CDs, you can do a link roundups of your most commented, most popular posts. Present this list as a blog post. Great way to get more eyeballs on your old blog posts.

8. Content Curation/ Link Roundups on a Particular Topic or Multiple Topics

Write a list of many websites on a subject matter; people love a one-stop-shop of curated links. The best of the WWW on that subject you researched and discovered – shared with your readers (examples are’s Friday Mashup and iBlogzone.Com weekly speedlink; and also what Draggonblogger.Com does with Bloggers read a lot and this type of other bloggers posts and so content curation post types help you gain Return On Investment (ROI) for time spent reading other people’s posts. So the next time you go hopping around blogs, keep a note of the remarkable blog contents and share it with your readers.

9. Browse Comment Threads

Scavenge comments when you go reading other bloggers’ contents or commenting on other blogs or responding to comments by your blog readers  – you can get a lot of blog topic ideas worth gold. Are there any questions asked in the comment area that the particular blog post did not cover? You can write a blog post on that topic that answers that question.  Are there any insights or new perspectives from some other commenters?  You can expand on those new insights into that topic, to write your next blog post.

10. Survey/ Poll

Carry out a poll among your readers, using a mix of facebook polls, email the poll and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Compile and Blog the results. This can be about the best free blogging tools etc (be sure to ask only questions related to your blogging niche). An example is Brankica’s (of post on “25 Bloggers Not Giving Advice on Blogging | A Different Blog Interview”

11. Report Your Blog Growth /Performance Stats

Review your blog performance over a period you like and blog the results.

12. Other People’s Blog Posts

The next time you go reading another blogger’s blog post and commenting, see if there are other sub-topics on that topic that the blogger did not cover – that may be a blog content idea to write on that aspect of that topic. Note that this is about writing a different sub-topic on a topic you read and NOT copying or writing on same, exact topic. It’s about expanding on what was not included, complimenting and filling a gap. You can even mention how your new content was inspired by XYZ blogger’s post.

13. Other People’s Contents

Check out forum threads and Q & sites categories under your own field/ industry/ market – read other people’s contributions to the questions and forum threads. I have even read some eBook writers say how they write paid eBooks in a few days by using ideas and insights from other people’s contents from forums and Q & A sites.

14. Browse Book Stand/ Site

Go check out book stands or libraries or book sites (Amazon, Barnes and Nobles etc) for titles that inspire your next blog posts. Be sure to look at the category for your industry/ market niche. You may even buy and read some to grab some more ideas to generate new interesting posts.

15. Compile an FAQ

Use the findings from your rounds at the forums and Q & A sites to compile the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you found. You can find time to publish the FAQs and answers in groups of similar topics or use those FAQs as list for future blog topics. Helps not to think about what to blog next.

16. Write a Review of Another Blogger’s Remarkable Post

Write a review of a remarkable blog content you read at another blog and explain what makes it remarkable, the key takeaways and why others should read it too (find an example)

17. Write a Review of One of Your Favorite Blogs

One good example is “David Letterman’s Top Ten Reasons to Be a Daily Reader of Copyblogger” written at by Jesse

18. Beginners Guide

Write a comprehensive ‘How to’ blog post that guides beginners in your niche to do a task. This can be on how to do a task on a new technology or tool or plugin but ensure to stay on the topics in your specific niche.

19. Ninja ‘Trade’ Secrets

Do you know a method or a hack of doing something in your industry/ market niche that is not generally known or how to do it faster and better. Why don’t you write about it?

20. Report Events (Happenings)

Did you attend an event (e.g. SXSW conference, blogworld expo, social media summit etc)? You can tell your readers about your key takeaways and highlights of events.

Do You Like Those 20 Blog Content Ideas?

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49 replies on “Top 20: Creative Blog Content Ideas That Will Enchant Your Readers and Keep Them Returning For More”

Speaking out your personal opinion is a very good idea. When you do this, when you speak about something you are passionate about, people may not necessarily agree with you but they are more likely to engage with you, and, after all, engagement is what you want.

You’re very correct, Elena. Audience engagement is the key to building a raving fan-base, and blogging on what you’re passionate about makes it easy for you to share your opinions in a way that resonates with your target market.

This is an awesome post, Stella. I particularly like tip #14 and have used it on several occasions. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve read a couple of controversial posts and I think its really an effective technique however, one should keep in mind not to overdo it if the topic is a sensitive one. Interview is also a great method. I’ve felt drawn to certain posts and the reason has been perfectly pointed out in this post.

I am of the same opinion with you – controversial type of posts can turn out sour, if one is not careful. However, if you really understand your audience and know that the controversial topic is one that they’ll find interesting, it can play well.

I love interview posts too – there’s always some wisdom to get out of them. I thought you were going to tell me some of the post type that you’ve been drawn to:)

Hi Stella,

That’s a very stimulating menu to follow and on TOP of this long list of ideas you have also separately given the suggestion to visit forums to observe the conversation and the questions being asked. I won’t have an excuse to run out of topics.

Thanks for your as-ever high quality article. I bought the 31DBBB 2 years ago. It’s time to take it out again and follow the programme along with your ideas for ideas.
While I’m here I’ll click through to buy ‘Enchantment”.

Great Idea…This helps a lot to create a interesting blog….Thanks for sharing this useful ideas with us…….

These were all great tips. I like that you are able to give your opinions. People do not need to necessarily agree, but can voice their views. It is a great way to learn from others as well.

Thanks Betty, for taking the time to read and comment.

I’m glad you like the presentation of the post. I hope to see you around again – lots of other posts you’d like:)

I just checked out your blog and really liked your choice of blog theme (cool and inviting). Just read “How Much Do You Love and Appreciate Your Family?” Will leave you a comment later.

Great blogging ideas you shared here Stella.This is my visit on your blog.Must say you have a great design.

Thank you so much, Lakhyajyoti. I appreciate your first visit to my blog, and especially that you liked the first post yu read here. I hope you had time to look at the other posts – there are a lot of others as good.

Thanks for your compliment on my blog design. Thanks again, for visiting and I hope to see you again.

I just read your blog post “SEO myth”. It’s well written on the essentials to get top rakings. I liked it and so I tweeted it:) BTW, you’ve also got a clean desing.

Hi Stella,
I came over from Basic Blog Tips after reading your interview with Ms. Ileane. I’m eager to learn more and I can’t wait to try out these excellent tips. What I’ve tried out so far in my new blog is writing about a plugin that I’m using, writing how-to tutorials, my personal experiences in being a freelancer, and some ideas that I got from other blogs.
One blogger I’ve come across suggested to always bring something to write on especially when you’re travelling so that you can immediately write down your impressions and you can later use this for a new post.
Thanks for sharing! I now have several ideas that I’ll be trying out.

Hi Theresa:
Can you imagine? I just finished replying your comments at Ileane’s “Basic Blogging Tips”.

Thanks for finding the time to come, read and comment. I appreciate that big time.

I’m glad that you like those blog topic ideas. Hope you also read my other post on ‘how to find hot blog topics’ that will get high traffic. That’s also one of my most read posts, continues to be too.

First, with what topics to blog about? My take is to think of the general theme that you want to build that blog. What general subject do you want people to know the blog for. Do you want it to be known as the one stop resource center for all matters relating to finance advice? Do you want it to be a place where people in finance business will come to learn how to start and grow a finance business / advisory blog? What is your Unique Selling Proposition is what matters.

You do not want to write about food, then sometimes blog about technology etc. Be known for one thing. I just read your last blog post – pretty cool. Travel topics can also be presented from a finance savings perspectives, like you have done on that post. Just that I would have suggested making the title be more specific on the type of “Dos and Donts of Summer Road Trips”, like “Dos and Don’ts for Spending Less On a Quality Summer Road Trip” (just an example). That will also make it easy to get targeted search traffic.

Let’s stay in touch (Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to blog) and we can talk some more.

Once again, thanks for coming around and hope to see you again.

Is this (creditdonkey) your own blog?

Hi Stella,
Thanks for these additional tips that you mentioned and your example. And yes, I also read your other post on blogging topics. Now I’m sure I won’t be running out of ideas for blogposts on my blog. I’m a blogger at CreditDonkey, it’s not my own but I’m also starting my own blog and your tips are a great resource for me.
Have a great day!

Thanks Theresa, for visiting again – that is wonderful:)

I’m glad that the other post also helped. Good to know that you’re about to start your own blog – keep me posted about your progress and let me know how I can personally help you – it’s a promise. Do also let me know when your blog starts up. I’m also available to my readers on Twitter and Facebook, for quick discussions on off-topics – look at my sidebar on the right for the Facebook and Twitter icons to connect with me.

Thanks for reading and commenting and I look forward to seeing you around again:)

Write “list of ideas” post type: An example is CelestineChua.Com’s 101 things to do before you die. She has a lot of other 101 things post type on her blog. I have bought her books too. She is amazing but when I tried to contact her she did not respond. You DID! She is inspirational.

Hi Jackie:
Thanks for taking the time to visit. I appreciate it:)

I’m glad you liked Celestine’s list posts and her book (I know you’re a voracious reader). I agree, she’s inspires people through her contents.

I’m also happy that I responded to your email and truly love the way we have kept in touch, since then.

Thanks again, for reading and I look forward to seeing you around again:)

Hey Cathy, good to see you around.

I’m glad you love ‘blog post ideas’ lists, like me. Go ahead, snag ’em:)

That title of yours sure ‘sounds’ like ‘it’s a wish party’ – I’ll head over to read.

Thank you sooo much for this post! I am new to blogging and after only a week felt like there could never be enough content for me to continue writing. Now I know there are so many directions I can go in to keep my page fresh and readers coming back for more.

This is going in my “Favorite Posts” in my IE Favorites 🙂

Thanks for reading, Marlene. I’m glad you found this post useful enough to bookmark it. I appreciate it and hope you’ll find the time to comb through other cool, beginner focused posts on this blog.

Be sure to add to your sources of getting fresh new post ideas, with the prelude post: How to Get Blog Topic Ideas. It’s also one of my readers’ favorites and one of the most shared – it expands with more content gathering ideas, with screenshot steps you can’t miss.

I love assisting beginner bloggers, so feel free to reach me any time.

Hi Kelly, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, read and comment on this post. I appreciate it big time.

I’m glad you like it: You know, as bloggers, knowing that hours of crafting together some content is appreciated by even one reader, brings joy.

Curious about your recent blog post title – the “live” in “networking”. Off to read it.

From my blogging and online entrepreneur experience I would like to say that users returning to your blog are effectively monetized and this traffic is easily converted into online income. Great tips on how to enchant readers to return to a blog.

You’re very correct in your online/ blogging experience. Conversion of readers is a process: from first time to a few times, and then to frequent visiting, which is because they now trust and like you. At that point, they are more likely to trust and buy your recommendations to buy.

Thanks for the rich contribution.

Your latest post title is interesting. Let me go read

I love this post…I’ve seen quite a few on this subject and many tend to focus on the conversation of subjects. You offered some great ideas on format which can be applied to any niche…AND you shared some approaches I’d never considered before. Excellent, excellent!!

Thank you, thank you – Tambre. I really appreciate your taking the time to come around, and also commenting.

I’m glad you like the post. Yes, it can be applied to any niche, any type of business – products/ services/ consulting etc. You know, the “31 Days Build a Better Blog Challenge” that we’re on, “forced” me to pen this down. It also helps me to save a copy on my online binder for a quick look every week on what post type to serve my readers to better meet their needs.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the best of today. We’ll e-meet again at the challenge ‘pub’:)

I love your list of ideas for blogging topics! Thanks a lot for writing this informative post.

Great blogging ideas Stella, I think I’m going to start mixing it up a little bit now, after reading this post you definitely got my wheels turning I think I feel a new project coming on Thanks…

– Wa’Dell

Good to see you around, Wadell. Thanks for commenting.

I’m glad you’ll start serving your readers a wider variety of content type. That should contribute to increasing your blog stickiness. I wish you all the best as you do that:)

Gonna check out your post now.

Hi Stella,

I do a mix of everything right now but I have never tried polls. It really never crossed my mind so I will do it soon!


Hi Diana:
I’m glad you’re already using almost all these methods – good job!

I see you recently interviewed Michelle Schaeffer – one of the female bloggers I really admire and understudy her blogging / business model. Off to read it:)

Hi Stella,

Trawling through comments and reading other blogs helps stimulate my creativity.

By tapping into other’s creativity or reading other’s problems, I feel inspired to create and find solutions myself.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Ryan, thanks for coming around. I appreciate.

Glad to know that you are already using the comment trawling technique to find ‘golden’ writing ideas. I agree with you about getting inspiration from other people’s creative contributions is priceless. Sometimes when reading (anything), I could land on a sentence that just “is a blog posting idea”; same with comment and forum threads.

Thanks for coming around always. Trust you’re rocking Bali?

Great Ryan, I’m happy that you’re rocking Phucket. You know seeing a couple of other bloggers I’ve come to e-know, I recently started feeling like back-packing off to some fun place for a while. Still mulling it:)

Off to read your new post – catchy title there.

Thanks for always dropping by. I always love it. Enjoy the best of Thailand today!

Hi Angela, glad you like my list post for the ’31 days to better blog challenge’. Thanks also for taking the time to come read and comment. I appreciate it big time:)

You’re right – ideas for future blog posts. I have post ideas saved too, for ongoing/ weekly reference when doing blog posting plans.

I like your blog URL “inside that my head” – sparks curiosity for one to quickly checkout your ‘about page’ like I did (lol). I really loved your “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” post. You made a valid point about who one should respect – everyone, no need to know or like the person. Powerful lesson.

Thanks you so much, Diana for coming around – I appreciate it big time.

I’m glad you like it and are on point for bloggers having multiple sources of writing ideas. Thanks for reading and hope to see you again, some time.

Just read your post on how to create targeted traffic to websites and liked that you mentioned that article directories generate long term traffic and quality backlinks. Left you a comment.

This is really insightful, full of ideas. Thanks for sharing this top 20 ideas.

Thanks a lot for writing this informative post.

Hi Olawale, I’m glad you like the information in the post.

Thanks for reading and commenting, and hope to see you around again soon.

You know, I just left your blog and commented about how I liked that list.

Hi Stella, It is nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you during the 31 Day Blog Challenge.
I love your list of ideas for blogging topics. I write reviews all the time but you have given me some ideas that I will definitely pursue. I especially like Tip #10 ~ Use comments from your blog or other blogs to inspire a new post.

I have read (and reviewed) “Enchanted” by Guy Kawasaki ~ That is one very ENCHANTING book!

Hi Janette, I am pleased to meet you too, and looking forward to working together and reading / sharing/ commenting on each other’s posts during the rest of the 31 days blogging challenge. Thanks so much for taking the time to come by, read and comment. I appreciate that a lot.

I’m glad that you found value in this post. It’s a follow up to the more detailed on I did on How to find blog topic ideas. I’m glad you liked and reviewed Kawasaki’s “Enchantment” – excellent tips for how to improve relationship marketing skills.

I just peeked at your list post and going to leave you a comment right away.

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