Why Every Blogger and Internet Marketer Needs To Build And Own A List

Are you an MLM or network marketer without your own personal leads or prospect contact list? No, not the one on your company’s website. You are selling yourself short by not owning or building your most valued business asset – your prospects contact list. Have you heard why many top network marketers would boast saying that if armed with their prospects contact list and nothing else, they guarantee to quickly bounce back to top earning spots withing 3 months. Read on to get more insights to why you should be building a leads or prospects contact list you will own (not your company) and what you are loosing for not doing it now. If you are sending your prospects first to your MLM/ network marketing company, then you are ‘selling’ your most valued business asset for ‘free’ and depriving yourself of insurance against eventualities. Read why you are at risk and what you can do now to change all that…

Always Be Building Your Own Prospects Opt-in List

Are you a small / home business owner? A network marketer? A work at home mom? A blogger? No matter what kind of business you’re in, this topic is a very important one, as it concerns how your business will make money.

Do you have your own contact list of your prospective leads, customers or buyers? Put in another way – are you the one keeping your prospects’ contact or email list? If no, then you are setting yourself up for failure because you have no insurance against unforseen negative events, which happen sometimes.

how to build your first list - step by stepAre you a network marketing or MLM person, blogger or online marketer? Then you certainly have a product or service that you offer. Would you rather keep chasing after new faces day in and day out than grabbing new prospects contact list on a first meeting and then contacting the prospects at other times to keep your offer fresh in their minds?

Without a prospects contact list, you better be ready to start all over again chasing new prospects, whenever you have a new business opportunity.

Top marketers usually say that if they lost everything except their prospects contact lists overnight, they’d be able to bounce back again in no time to generate 6 figures income from their business – with a laptop and internet connection.

I don’t know about you but I like to copy the lessons and wisdom given by the people who have successfully travelled where I am currently treading– saves one some headaches and TIME, and money too!

What if your business falls today? Will you start prospecting off the street again or will you start generating sales from your list?

What does that tell you? Build a list and guard it in lock and keys (may be your life too – lol). It’s worth more than any amount of money you are making now. With it you can recreate and regenerate income on demand.

Some people call their buyers’ list a “Personal ATM” Cash Machine. Without a prospects contact list, you’ll just be burning out working to get new don-lines all the rime, when you could be creative and start serving your current down-lines with business building resources, for instance, while it’s a win-win for you and them PLUS you can let your personal website contents recruit new down-lines for you, on autopilot.

Many Reasons Why YOU Should Be In Charge of Your Prospects Contact List

Let’s look at a common case where small business owners always fail to own their own contact list – network marketing. Most network marketing companies give their members a “back office” website space and a web address that they can give out to friends and family they want to recruit.

Who keeps this prospects contact list? The Network Marketing company does.

What would happen if you decide to find, and move to another new hot company that offers bigger compensation plan? (This happens every day you know? Read your company’s policies)

What happens if that company folds up? (This happens every day you know?)

Many hard working once-successful network marketers who were once in the topmost earning positions in their companies have experienced any or most of these before:

  • The company closed – stopped existing
  • The company suspended (fired) them indefinitely
  • The member found a better company (and quit)

Now, for a moment, imagine this were you:

  • What will happen to your “many down-lines”?
  • What happens to
  • What would happen to your ‘residual/ passive income”?
  • Have you lost contact to your down-lines (most of whom you have never even met before)?
  • Have you lost contact to your prospects who signed up with the web address that your company gave you?
  • Would you start recruiting from the scratch – writing names of 100 people to call?

Smart marketers have a cure for bouncing back to the top – I call that the spring board effect. They sit in the comfort of their homes and email everyone in their prospects contact list about their new business. That is the real Plan B.

Plan B is not only about joining a business to make extra income – after you join a business you should have a plan B to quickly bounce back if the unexpected happens.

The lesson here is to be in charge of your prospects list all the time – it is your own ATM.

Top 9 Ways Smart Network Marketers Build Their Own Prospects Contact Lists

Smart, alpha marketers do things differently,  whether bloggers, network marketers or MLM people. Here’s how they do it:

  1. They have their own websites – because Ii) they know that more prospects first check Google for what others say about a company, and join the person that educates more (i) they want a 24 –hour-all-year-round-working salesman (ii) they want to attract new down-lines from any part of the World
  2. They brand themselves first and their companies second – knowing that the 21st century buyers buy from those they know, like and trust
  3. They promote their own personal websites first, in the front-end and write promote their network marketing company through their websites (via reviews), so that people who do not join their business can find other interests to stay in touch;
  4. They do less talking-to-friends-and-family and more of speaking to more audience through their website contents, which they write only once and the contents stay on up there;
  5. They have a subscription form on their websites where “self-sold prospects” WILLINGLY opt-in to receive more information. In essence, their website is a 24/7 lead generation tool;
  6. They do less of cold calling but rather build their own email list and send follow up emails to their subscribers with useful information, knowing that if they do not join them the first time, they will when they know better
  7. They diversify into other businesses online, knowing that their network marketing business MAY not be there forever, and also to have related products that their audience likes – thereby making more income than the average, ignorant network marketer
  8. They integrate the sponsored proposal model (aka “affiliate marketing)  into their online business as an additional income stream, knowing that (i) they need to advertise more to reach more people and generate leads (ii) leads takes time to (convert) get convinced and join a business (iii) they do not want to burn out, get broke and quit just because leads are not converting fast enough
  9. They use simple tools (e.g. autoresponders) to automate their business, that is they use free and cheap tools to keep their business working all by itself, without their attention – saves cost for adverts, flyers, phone calls etc.

Key Take Away and Why Now Is The Time For You To Own Your Own Prospects Contact List

In summary, the lesson in this post is to have the Real Plan B in place by:

Think about it – right now, if your business comes down or you lose everything, do you have the capability to re-create your current income in no time or would you be back on the streets looking for downlines, and bullying friends and family?

Your Turn Now…

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8 replies on “Why Every Blogger and Internet Marketer Needs To Build And Own A List”

Hi Neil:

Good to see you come around – welcome!

Thanks for that ‘testimony’ on your live experience with losing your ‘hard earned’ list. I hope other marketers will learn from these. Well, I’m glad you now keep custody of your own list – it’s like a virtual cash machine, priceless. You’re even on top of that – using free a autoresponder. Good job, Neil. I’m really happy for you.

Powerful information. I know so many people in MLM companies that love what they do and some even have a retail store, but the point is that if for some unseen reason, their company changed or even worse, went under, where would they be? You have to have some mehtod of collecting a prospects information other than what your company provides. Thanks Stella for making us more aware.

Thank you Melody, for reading and also for commenting. I’m glad you reckoned with the idea behind this post.

You’re right about your concerns – ‘what if their MLM companies suddenly go under?’. We both know the obvious – they’ll start all over again – back to the streets, looking for downlines while that company and the executives go away with mighty list of prospects to start inviting to another opportunity.

I sincerely hope more network marketers will discover that they are at risk.

Just reading your post ‘overcoming sleep debt”.

Thanks for stopping by, Wendell. It’s much appreciated.

You’re right there – you know a lot of network marketers are still solely dependent on the ‘generic websites’ provided to them by their network marketing companies. These are not in their own interest – first: companies go, and companies come – if for any reason their network marketing company closes today, what would happen to those plenty downlines they have built over the years, most of which contact details are in their network marketing companies websites; secondly – what would happen to the ‘once steady’ big payouts they were used to getting? They lose both ways – have to start ALL OVER AGAIN while that network marketing company would not need them anymore if they ever need to setup again – all they have to do is just email those people on that list.

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