More Free Website Traffic? 9 Simple But Effective Steps Guaranteed to Increase Blog Visitors Every Single Day

What’s a blog without traffic? Build a blog and the next thing is you need to generate traffic. While you can buy traffic, this post shows you 9 different ways to get lots free traffic to every post you write on your blog or website. While it’s true that you can buy traffic, but hey, the best things in life are free – and that includes website traffic. Over 70% of every search engine result page is made up of free traffic – go check your Google search page. Read on and take action on these free traffic methods because they really work.


Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions: “how can I get free traffic to my blog/ website?”  You’re not alone. Free traffic is one that many bloggers (new and veterans alike) relish. Afterall, they say that the best things in life are free – and that includes free website traffic.  How would you like to get tons of more blog or website visitors every single day?

Often beginner bloggers are told to build a blog and they (new visitors) will come but soon after blog setup, they realize that traffic only comes to those who seek.  Are you looking for effective ways to get more website traffic?

Although you can buy traffic but in this post you’ll discover exactly how to increase your blog traffic, without spending a single dime on advertising – using only free traffic strategies that really work. Read on for the 9 effective free traffic generation methods.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

The purpose of any writer, including a blogger, is to get lots of new blog visitors daily, who will  read and comment on blog posts. The more blog visitors you have, the more subscribers you will have – and the more sales you will make.

In order to generate free traffic of prospective customers, you need to have a blog as a front door to your business, no matter what you sell. It’s easy to setup and you can learn how to do it by yourself  from this post that gives a step by step process –   How to Setup a New WordPress Blog for Your Business.

Just setting up a blog is no guarantee that people will read it. You need to do a bit more to help browsers and searchers to easily find you.

Free Website Traffic Method #1: Submit Every Post URL to Search Engines

Submit your blog post URL to major Searh Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing

a. Use this link to submit your site to Google:

b. Submit your blog to Yahoo using this link:

c. Submit your site to Bing using the URL:

d. Here’s a free site with free service to submit your website or blog to 140 search engines

Free Traffic Method #2: Social-Bookmark the URL of Your Posts and Articles

Social bookmarking is a very effective source of free traffic, and is one of the ‘can’t do without’ toolbox of every serious blogger. To start generating free traffic from the social bookmarking sites, you will signup with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious and others.

Manual Social Bookmarking: This is the simple step to generate free traffic from the social bookmarking sites – immediately after publishing a new post, always  URL of your posts on all your Social Media channels – tweet it, share it on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others.

Automated Social Bookmarking: Note that you can significantly increase the reach and power of the traffic you get from social media sites, by joining several (up to 20 or more) social media sites. However, doing that manually can be very time consuming and so I have your back covered – a simple method and free tools for automating social bookmarking of your blog posts and articles.

  • Signup to Onlywire.Com, Ping.FM and Socialmarker.Com so that with only a few clicks, and a few minutes, you can share your blog posts in over 30 different social bookmarking sites. Those services have a huge list of social bookmarking sites so you do not need to bother visiting the sites one by one. However examples of social bookmarking sites are: Digg, Stumbleupon and delicious as well as sharing your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Many of the people who see your posts on these social bookmarking and social media sites are likely to click the link to land on your blog. That’s free traffic.

Free Traffic Method #3: Commenting on Other People’s Blogs in Your Niche

Blog commenting is a simple yet powerful method of getting laser targeted free traffic to any blog or website. Usually, people tend to read comments when they visit blogs and they also click to visit blogs of comments that interest them.

Get a list of DoFollow Blogs (compiled by Nick of NicksTrafficTricks) and start commenting to get free traffic back to your blog. You can also search Google for websites and blogs in your market and then leave valuable comments plus your blog URL at the end as your signature.

Be sure to leave very useful comments with ‘wow’ effect – that’s the only kind that attract free traffic of new visitors to a blog. Also be sure to enter your blog URL in the comment entry box.

Free Traffic Method #4:  Submit Contents to Article Directories For More Traffic

Article directories get huge volume of traffic every day and the idea behind this strategy is to ride on their traffic, so that your contents can interest some of their readers to visit your own blog.

How do you get more traffic from article submission sites, you may ask? Here is how – these article directories allow you to place your blog link  inside the articles you submit so that readers (at the article site) can click to land on your blog.

Some article directories you can start submitting articles to include:,, and Here are the steps to go about writing and submitting articles to directories.

a. Find good keywords.

i. Write down about 3 to 5 key phrases (i.e. keywords) of two to three words long, around the topic you want to write an article on

ii. Enter your keywords, one after the other, into the Google Keyword Tool

iii. Look out for more than 3,000 monthly searches and

iv. Write your keywords in quote to determine number of competing pages

v. Look out for less than eight thousand competing websites, when you enter “yourkeyword”

vi. Check out about three to five of the first pages to get a feel of how they wrote their articles – you may pick one or two ideas

b. Write a short article of 350 or more words on each keyword.

i. Ensure to include the keywords in the title and the body of the article.

ii. The Resource Box: Use this space to introduce your call to action, linking back to your blog

c. Submit the articles to Ezine Articles and other article directories, to point back to your home page and main pages of your

website or blog. This is an updated list of top 70 article directories by page rank and Alexa (traffic) ranking; get that list and start submitting your articles today.

Free Traffic Method #5: Guest Blogging on Related Blogs

Find a few blogs related to yours and submit a guest blog post for them. In return, they will reward you with a link to your website. Their readers will visit your blog If they like your post.

Free Traffic Method #6: Post Contents, Questions and Answers in Forums

Do a search for forums in your niche and start looking for topics you want to contribute to, and questions you can provide honest meaningful answers to. Ensure that you read forum rules and regulations before joining.

If you provide quality, useful contents, many of the forum members who read your contributions are sure to visit your blog.  Again, that’s free traffic. Just be sure that you enter your blog URL as your signature link and also in your forum profile.

Free Traffic Method #7: Setup Your Blog’s RSS Feedburner For RSS Traffic

You need to enable multiple ways for readers to subscribe to your blog. RSS is one method to do that, apart from email subscriptions.  Click here for: a step-by-step process on how to setup your feedburner for a step-by-step process on how to setup your feedburner.

In addition to that, here are extra steps you need to take to increase the reach of your blog feeds, for maximum free traffic:

  • Once you setup your feedburner account, ensure to enable the settings under publicize, so that Feedburner will automatically share every new post you publish on some social media sites;
  • Copy your blog RSS Feed link (URL) and submit to top RSS directories such as Icerocket, Feedagg, Feeedage and Feedlisting. That will ensure that readers who search those directories for relevant contents can find your blog quickly.

Can you see that RSS feeds are a powerful free traffic tool, once you implement those simple steps.

Free Traffic Method #8: Write and Give Away Free Reports

Write a small report of  at least 7-15 pages, with your blog URL within. Give away the reports for free.Tweet and share the URL of the report download link, and ask your social media friends to retweet your messages.

Free report giveaway are another powerful source of free traffic. here’s how – chances are your reports can go viral and you’ll have several people downloading your reports, seeing your blog URL and visiting your blog.

If you want to learn how to create your own free report, I wrote a very detailed post, that is like a complete guide to quickly and easily creating a report or ebook. Click here to read and start Creating Your Traffic Pulling eBook in Just 1 Day.

Free Traffic Method #9: Reciprocal Tweeting Of New Posts With Twitter Buddies

In free traffic method #2, I mentioned that Twitter, one of the top social media sites, is a very powerful free traffic source that most bloggers are using daily. Now you only have one twitter account (or a few, in some cases) but you can significantly increase the size of your twitter reach indirectly by joining forces with 2 or 3 blogging acquaintances (or more if you can) so that you retweet one another’s new posts every time you publish one.

Although you can do this manually but you can delegate that task to any of these two cool, simple free tools- Twitterfeed or

Steps to automatically retweet new posts of your twitter buddies for free traffic:

  • Get a free Twitterfeed or account
  • Enter your twitter buddies’ blog URL and Twitter IDs
  • Set if to use only ‘title’ of the posts
  • Set or schedule intervals for the tool to search and fetch new posts (once a day or twice a day, as you prefer)
  • That’s all

Be sure to also set your own blog URL and twitter ID in the tool. Once your twitter buddies also do the same, you’re good to go.

*Note that the only thing that this tool replaces is the process of entering a blog post (manually) into twitter and clicking tweet / go. It does NOT replace the task of you engaging and interacting with your twitter followers.

Next Steps… Expect A Traffic Tsunami

There you have it, the 9 surefire simple but effective steps to increase website or blog traffic free.

Share the love, share this post! If you liked this post, help others benefit from it – share it on Facebook, Tweet it, Stumble it, Digg it, email to your friends…  Don’t forget to let me know you were here – what do you think about these 9 free traffic getting methods?

Your Turn Now…

Have I missed out any blog traffic generation strategies that should have been on that list? Do you have any ninja traffic tricks. I’d love to learn about them.  Share them in the comment area.

Share the love, please share this post! If you liked this post on how to get traffic, help others benefit from it – share it on Facebook, Tweet it, Stumble it, Digg it, email to your friends… Be sure to grab your more free traffic eBook down below.

To your getting more free traffic,


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53 replies on “More Free Website Traffic? 9 Simple But Effective Steps Guaranteed to Increase Blog Visitors Every Single Day”

First of all thanks for sharing such a great and useful information. I have always a question that what should I do to get my first visitor and got the answer here.Now I am following your methods.


What a great post! I like the fact that it’s simple and to the point right on information. By the way I believe a simple way to increase your results by at least 10x’s more traffic with these same techniques is to get a group of 10 twitter buddies to agree to retweet your posts and you agree to do the same. (A system I explain on my website) This not only gives your posts much more exposure by putting your message in front of their followers it’s also an SEO benefit if your tweet become a top tweet as top tweets get scraped by search engines.

Thanks Lavelle. Twitter is a great source of traffic and even got more relevant now that social has been integrated into search results. I blogged about that same method of Tweet swapping, in one of my guest posts. One thing is to be sure that your tweet buddies write the kind of posts that your twitter followers would be interested to read.

Another great method is a combination of content re-purposing and syndication, which I blogged about in this post here (click to read it).

Thanks for your excellent contribution to this topic.

9 simple step is combo method boosting traffic to your webpage or your blog that can increase your rank. this article is very helpful to a newbie in a blogger society. thank you very much to author MS. STELLA thank you very much for sharing to us. “sharing is loving”. looking forward to your another highlight of guidelines.

You’re welcome, Patricia. I look forward to hearing how you apply those 9 traffic generation methods on your website and how they work well to increase your web visibility.

I am only doing half of the tips you mentioned. I am really interested in doing a guest post and submitting content to article directories. Those will be my next challenge but first I want to finish completing my free report! Thanks! | 😛

You should give guest posting and article submission a go. You’re sure to see some traffic increase, as a result.

I hope to hear how they work out for you.

Great! it is a pleasure to share your blog, site and all the information. Look at all the comments and the positive feedback.

Thanks Kerry. The pleasure is mine – I’m glad you found time to visit my blog, and leave me a cool comment:) Thanks to my wonderful readers and people like you – they are kind enough to leave those awesome feedback and comments.

Hope to see you around some more.

This is a great article with really pertinent advice as I’m just getting started with my own blog. Thanks so much for posting.

Guest blogging is an excellent method, its free and readers gets tempted to visit the blog. Other methods like polls, and question answers are also terrific way which boost traffic. The readers feel tempted to participate in queries.

This is a neat info, some would dole out money just to generate more traffic and even yet wants to be on higher page rank. It really pays to read post like this.

Thanks Emipab. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the web traffic generation tips.

They say, the best things in life are free – and that includes website traffic, too. If you learn how to get free traffic, there’s no need to buy traffic. If you learn how to build backlinks, why buy links to get high PR.

I am really interested in doing a guest post and submitting content to article directories. Those will be my next challenge but first I want to finish completing my free report! Thanks for sharing this information as I will use it as my checklist. | 😛

The idea is to focus on one thing at a time, complete it and take another; a sort of time table with fixed days start and finish time for each of the traffic activities.

That’s the point – one baby step at a time. Doing so may things at a time could mean that one never masters any, and gets no results. By mastering one method and being consistent at it, you can get more results than another person who knows a little bit of every method under the sun.

Sure, a skills development timetable or daily work checklist can help one to stay focused and consistent.

wow! thank you very much!! i’m going to apply these steps on my own site! i making a recipe blog! thank you very much!! hope you create more blogs to help people! love lots!

Thanks a lot, Stella, for giving very valuable and helpful tips on how to obtain more traffic to a blog. I would like to say that I apply all techniques that you described in this post and they work effectively for me. Thanks.

Good post,

I do a lot of the elements myself. Only 5/8 and 9 left to do. I always wonder what would be good traffic for a 3 month/ 6 month/ 9 month old blog as regards to new visitors each month.

What’s your view on traffic generation for new blogs?

Hi Nik:
Thanks for coming around, reading and commenting. I appreciate.

Traffic volume to expect, if you are a stark beginner blogger: 3 months (20-30 visitors daily); 6 months (40 – 100 visitors daily); 9 months (100+ visitors daily

Glad you’re doing almost all of those traffic generation methods. I have a lot more unpopular traffic getting methods in this category: List and Traffic – I encourage you to browse through.

For a new blog, first thing is to quickly build social proof and social media sites and social bookmarking offer easy way out, but has to be done using many social bookmarking sites. Get ping.Fm, Onlywire, Imautomator and signup for all those social bookmarking site – those should get you up to 70 sites to broadcast your posts.

Always submit new posts to bloggers niche bookmarking sites:, blogengage, bloginteract, bizsugar

Join blogging and MLM groups on Facebook and start submitting every post (just search Facebook using the word “MLM” or “blogging”.

Blog commenting on other blogs that get some good deal of comments. Also submit your RSS feed URL to RSS directories – at least 10.

Do those consistently and using content syndication methods like this: High Profile Content Distribution That Works

Those are some. Let me know how your traffic goes – be sure to grab the Free ebook on that last post link on content syndication – has 24 different free traffic getting methods.

Hope to see you again and know how your new site is doing:)

Hi Stella,

Although the tips that you’ve provided aren’t new, they sure are on the money. There is no easy, no work involved method for getting people to your website. Having run my web hosting company for a few years now, I am still amazed at the amount of people that cancel their accounts and destroy all their hard work at putting their site online to begin with because they didn’t realize that once you have a website there is no guarantee that anyone will ever find it.

With a little daily effort, you can increase your website traffic by following the steps that you mentioned. From my experience in my niche, Stumbleupon has been my best traffic source. That doesn’t stop me from using all of the methods available to me. Some of the lower trafficked link sources end up being much better for sales conversions.

Yes, the more people that come to your site, the higher the chance that you will make money. But don’t forget about the lower traffic sources that will provide you with better traffic that will convert at a higher rate. Always be sure to target your audience appropriately for your nice.

Great work. I will surely be back for more 🙂


Wow Mike – I really love the details and insights you shared in your comment, especially using your own live business observation.

You’re right there’s no easy money and it’s sad that daily people are rushing in to online business because of some hyped up marketer they heard or read sales letters from. They usually make it sound so easy like you only need the ‘proverbial’ 4 hours a week to work the business. They also say ‘just build your blog, and traffic will come’, only for the poor souls to later discover that weeks/ months after no one came and they it really requires work and consistency- just like any business. Soon they get fed up and quit. I recently blogged about sme of these on: “top 5 blunders that cause online business failure”

Like you, I also love the unpopular sites because they are targeted and there is not so much competition for the traffic there or they are largely overlooked. I agree, the more traffic, the more income one can generate – and so it’s a good idea to explore many traffic sources like you’re doing.

Thanks again, Mike for the rich contribution and I’ll look forward to interacting with you again.

Just read and commented on your post about optimizing blog images to improve loading speed necessary for better search ranking.

Hi Stella
Just found you blog today and of cause I needed to leave a comment 🙂
I am using most of the tips in this post already, but nice to see that I am doing some of the right things for generating traffic for my own blog. I have not been guest blogging yet, but I might in near future.
Have a great day.

Hey Thomas, I’m really happy that you thought to leave a comment after reading. Thank you:)

I’m glad that you’re already using most of these traffic tips. Guest posts are great to get you out there exposed to a new audience, some of who trace you back to your blog (free traffic). You should start, some time – you’ll didcover that it will help to get s lot more traffic faster than other methods combined.

Thanks for reading, once again and I’ll be over at your blog to read your posts:)

Thanks so much for the tips! I opened another window & followed each step as you listed it. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Wow, Gina – I am so touched by your rapid action. That is great. You know, taking action is what many fail to do.

I like your motivation. One of my readers (rawkinmom) came over to comment on this same page, about the results she got from implementing some traffic tips from this blog.

Be sure to let me know how it goes and I will personally provide you further assistance, if needed. If you click this link, under List and Traffic, you’ll find other traffic getting posts.

Your blog feels like home – so colorful, welcoming and you’ve got cool contents. BTW, just liked your Facebook page:)

Hey Stella, it is a pleasure to share your blog, site and all the information. Look at all the comments and the positive feedback. Remember a year ago!? wow! Great job.

Hey Jackie dear, it’s always a pleasure seeing you around. Makes my day!

Thank you so much for the feedback – I’m so grateful for the continued encouragement and support from wonderful people like you. I give all the glory to God.

This blog started officially in towards end of December 2010, you know (still a baby) – first placeholder content in here was posted mid-November 2010.

BTW, I’m happy you love your new apartment. Feels good to be married with the love of your life, right?:)

I wanted to thank you for all of your help!!! I have been successful with your tips!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I am so excited-I am not sure why I never thought of this before!! I joined a mommy online group and in the group it is broken down into niches like kids with allergies, etc. I started answering questions with good quality answers and then placed my blog link underneath my name…..just yesterday I received 50 visits from those boards!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, the problem is going to be finding even more time to start doing this on the regular!!!! 🙁


Wow rawkinmom, I’m sooo excited and happy for you! 50 visits is really a lot from just a single site, I tell you. That is an impressive result that needs to be celebrated.

Can’t you see that this is targeted traffic than commenting on general sites? They are more likely to do what you say, and buy from you – because they came out first looking for help.

Thank you for coming back to let me know how it’s working for you. You don’t know how much I love what you’re doing. I did raw a few months when I had (oesophus)acid reflux and it was so uninteresting like I was being punished but you make it real colorful and tempting.

Now, you have to do something to get most of these high traffic into into your list/ newsletter because according to proven market research, people do not buy on first visit but until up to 7 ‘telling’ – package a few related old posts and offer as a free eBook for anyone that subscribes. That subscribers list is ‘your personal marketplace”.

**Now on the time thing – do a schedule/ roaster for when to visit which group, remember that my post where I shared productive commenting plan

Good luck and do not hesitate to ask anytime, wherever you need a tip or two from me. I’ll give gladly:)

Thanks Stella!!
I am still experiencing lots of “hits” and even people signing up for my updates!!! I would have never thought of this!!! I owe it to you!!!
That is awesome that you went raw…it is so challenging especially with family and friends not eating that way!!

Wow, rawkin mom. Honestly, I’m so happy about this – that’s what we all want, ain’t it?

I hope you saw my notes at the comment tribe about capturing subscribers only once and sending them both newsletters and updates weekly or on as need basis – be sure to state on your opt-in box something like “subscribe to get blog updates/ new recipes plus monthly newsletters” – that should cover you and when they subscribe, they consented. Also package 1 or 2 recipes from old posts as a free report so that your ptin box is not merely ‘just sign up’ – offer a welcome gift – some will subscribe because of that.

Yes, I went raw at the time to increase my body alkalinity. At first 1 raw a day, then over 1 month fully raw. It was challenging at first but I hated the routine of plenty tablets-swallowing more, so raw was a better option. In the long run, saved me lots of money – I no longer need those tabs, which I took daily for months. Thanks for dropping by, please do not hesitate to ask anytime; and I love to always hear your traffic updates:) Just read your home-made playdoh – loved it.

I liked your the tips you’ve put down.. Holding contests once you’ve reached a certain level with your blog is a good way to increase traffic and reader base..

Also.. giving away premium plugins , softwares is good way to grab attention

Hey Sandeep – thanks for coming around to my blog, reading and commenting. It’s appreciated.

You’re right about the best timing to hold contests – when you’ve gained a good number of readership. But before then you can still participate in contests hosted by other bloggers who are already famous, so that their popularity will bring traffic to your contest post.

Sure about giving away freebie software and plugins for traffic – those are effective too but you know, only a few people will try this as it involves getting external resources to implement them. Thanks very much for your contributions.

Did I mention to you that I liked your blog’s clean appearance and lots of detailed informative contents; I liked reading your how to get backlinks steps as well as the posts on various blogging tools like the PR checkers.

Hi Stella, at the moment, I am only doing half of the tips you mentioned. I am really interested in doing a guest post and submitting content to article directories. Those will be my next challenge but first I want to finish completing my free report! Thanks for sharing this information as I will use it as my checklist.

Thanks Diana for stopping by – it’s my pleasure.

I’m glad you liked the post and found some tips you want to add to your blog traffic strategy.

You’re right on – the best way to not get overwhelmed and end up achieving less is to first have a big picture (traffic strategy, in this case) as you have; then take one single method in that list, FOCUS on doing it and master it BEFORE taking another. Although it may look slow but whenever you pick another method, you’ll always be ahead of those before you – just because you have a traffic strategy.

If I may, you may want to look at 2 different methods I use when I want to put up a free report within 24 hours – click here: method to create a quality report in 1 day.

I loved reading your post about how you first discovered the essence of blogging to your business, before launching in to it. I congratulate you because some people never bother – now you know ‘who’ you are writing for and that helps to give them the best.

This is a great article with really pertinent advice as I’m just getting started with my own blog. Thanks so much for posting. I’ve implemented some of these suggestions, but not all. Will save this page and return as I develop my own traffic strategy. Thanks!

Hey Steve – good to see you come by – it’s well appreciated.

I’m glad you liked this post, and have implemented some of the strategies mentioned. You’re starting off well – with a strategy for traffic. I am wired for systems and find that with strategy first, implementation never goes sour. With some time, you’ll start seeing significant increase in traffic to your new blog; and you already have great contents to make your traffic stick. Feel free to check out more traffic generation tips on this posts’ main category

I liked reading your post on going for gold and setting our own bars. It inspired me to keep being different.

Solid advices here Stella. Certainly will help to generate traffic should your readers implement some or better yet, all of them 🙂 BTW, thanks for the mention and keep it up. You have something good going on here.

Hey DiTesco, it’s my pleasure to have you on my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for the comment and kind words. Yes I also hope my readers would take action on the traffic generation methods in the post.

BTW I am a huge fan of your blog. You had one of the most detailed compilation of article directories and I couldn’t but share it with my readers.

I read Andy’s post on the upcoming traffic generation blogging challenge and I ma thinking of giving it a shot. Thanks for writing about it in your last post.

Oh dear Jackie! Thanks so much for coming by – I really appreciate it. I am so glad that you enjoyed the post, and even went further to download them. That is awesome. I absolutely love your postadaychallengeblog – you know I had visited a couple of times before without knowing it was yours.

very informative article and to the point.applying all these steps is tiring but surely yields great results and traffic.

Thanks @Essaady for reading, and I’m glad you liked the post. You are right, the road to getting traffic can be tiring but with a defined systematic plan and a DMO, one can be productive without getting overwhelmed.

I did an article here on “how to avoid top 9 productivity killlers” which can help anyone stay focused in online marketing. The idea is to focus on one thing at a time, comeplete it and take another; a sort of time table with fixed days start and finish time for each of the traffic activities. The more often you repeat the activities you’ll see that you’ll master them and you can do them faster.

Talking about focus, you’ve got a great blog with 1 single Focus message – eBooks. I like that.

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