Great Magnetic Headline Examples PLUS 10 Techniques To Write Click-Irresistible Headlines in Minutes

Does your headline compel browsers to pay attention and click? Do you know that over 50% of traffic are lost to poor headline writing? Discover over 10 Headline Writing Formula With Examples ready for you to swipe and customize whenever you want ot write a post.

Why You Should Spend Time To Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

how to headlines formula - headline examples swipesIs your headline compelling enough to grab browsers’ attention to stop browsing and click? The purpose of any article headline is to make browsers click them in order to read the full post. That’s the desired action headlines are set out to achieve.

However, not all headlines (are written to) accomplish this purpose – even when the full content is an award winner.

Do you know that over 50% of your traffic (and sales too) are lost due to your headline writing…

It is said that posts on the first page of search engines get up to 60% of the entire clicks from searchers of that keyword. However, there are cases when a post on the first page and first position on a Google search results page may not get as much click as it should. Why? A catchy headline on position number 5 will get more clicks (traffic) from searchers than a lame headline on search position number one.

A great headline will get you more clicks and visitors from social media sites…

That is also the case when people tweet your posts or share them in many social media/ bookmarking sites such as Digg, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Most online users are always scanning headlines, browsing for relevant BUT catchy headlines.

Are you beginning to see the power of headlines? Your headlines can make or mar your traffic generation efforts, and you would want to get as much Return on (Sweat) Investment you put into every blog post promotion.

The Premise for writing this post…

After our post on where and how to place keywords on your posts for SEO traffic, I was happy that some of my readers immediately started putting that to practice – using their keywords within blog post headlines However, I noticed a couple of cases where the headlines only contained two or three words which also happened to be their main keywords.

For example, that could have be a post titled “Birthday Gifts”, if the main keyword was birthday gifts.

What’s wrong with that headline? That kind of headline is too generic to attract any or many people to check out what it’s about. That title is not specific about anything, and the browser would have to click to find out what about “birthday gifts” you’re talking.

Many online users are browsers and scanners and usually are in a hurry to beat time on any web page or search results page,  and your post is on the queue screaming to get clicked  BUT you can only get browsers’ attention if you write good, attention grabbing headlines that gives a clue about what the full post is about YET is catchy enough to make them curious to stop browsing, click your headline and visit your blog to read the post in question.

So, today, you’ll discover over 10 simple, yet powerful headline writing formula PLUS great headlines examples that you can easily swipe and customize with simple fill-in-the-gaps so as to turn your main keywords into catchy headlines, every time you write a new blog post.

Read on and you’ll soon discover why I think the best title for this post is: “The Lazy Blogger’s Guide To Writing Great Headlines that get attention fast”.

Steal These Top 10 Hot Headline Writing Formula And Swipes PLUS Catchy Headline Examples You Can Customize

Here are some types and examples of magnetic headlines that are proven (by copywriters over time) to bring results; you can use them for headline inspirations, customize model them to create catchy and compelling headlines that will get you more clicks and article views.

Top Headline Type #1: Newsy Headlines

This type of headline makes an announcement – of new product or service, new websites,  introduces a new website, new book, invention, finding, discovery etc Sometimes this headline type is used to introduces new versions of your offering. This type of headlines are perfect for writing press releases.

News headlines usually start with words like: New, Announcing, Introducing, Finally, Just released, Now, At last

Headline Examples:


New _________________ (can be: New Google Plus Social Network Promises To  Eliminate Social Media Overwhelm Among Online Users)

Announcing: ___________ (can be: Announcing: New Potent Drug promises to Cure Obesity In Only 6 Months)


At Last, _______________ (can be: At last! An Autoresponder Bloggers Will Love)

Introducing the _________

Now You Can _________ By Simply __________

Top Headline Type #2: “How To” Headlines

This is one of the most used headline types; it usually starts with “How to” and gets browsers’ attention as it puts “what’s in it for them” benefits in front of them. This kind of headline promises to teach something.

Format: How To ___ ____

Headline Examples:

How To Win Friends And Influence People

How to Build a Highly Productive Online Business Blog

How to get traffic to your blog

How to get rid of ______ in 7 days or less

How to Find The Best ______ On __________

How To __________ In ____________ (can be: How to Get 1000 Blog Visitors in Your First 30 Days Blogging)

___________ And How to Avoid Them (could be: 10 Common Business Mistakes and How to Avoid Them)

How To ___________ Even If ___________ (How to Turn Your Passion To Profits in 90 Days Even If You’ve Never Sold Anything Online Before)


Top Headline Type #3: The Benefit Headlines

This type of headline puts compelling benefits right in front of your browsers, telling them what they will get/ what’s in it for them. It excites curiosity in readers, enough to compel them click the headline link to read details.

To make this headline type to work for you, identify a compelling benefit tied to your article topic – that’s when browsers will be motivated to open up your email or click your link.

Headline Examples:


Amazing Twitter Tool Gets You 5 Times More Followers In Half The Time

Now! Create your own eBook in Just 1 Day

Get a FREE eBook When You Subscribe to My Blog

Finally! Google Panda Aftermath Is An Opportunity For Small Small Blogs With Highly Relevant Contents To Get Good Rankings

Top Headline Type #4: The “Secrets” Headline Type

As you can see in the headline examples below, the “Secrets Of” type of headline

will impact your prospect and grab their attention because people want to learn secrets and most people are just plain nosy.  It’s like someone telling you they know a secret, you just have to pry it out of them.  They will have to read on or buy your product or opt-in in order to find out the “secrets”.

Format and Headline Examples:

10 Secrets The ___________ Experts Don’t Want You To Know

7 Secrets Of __________________ (can be: 7 Secrets of Getting More Article Headlines Clicked)

Little Known Ways To ______________________ (can be: 9 Little Known Tips to Get Up to 2000 Twitter Followers in 30 Days)

______ Things _____Never Told You About_______ (10 Surprising Facts I’ve Never Told You About Myself)

Revealed: Why ________ (can be: Revealed: Why You May Be Getting Low Traffic Even Though You’re On The First page Of Google)

Top Headline Type #5: “Truth and Lies” Headline Type

The “Truth About” headline grabs your prospect’s attention because most people are sceptical and suspect they’re being lied to by businesses. I mean, how many of us have been burnt by another person or business at least once in our lifetime?

Format and Headline Examples:

The Real Truth About ____________ (Can be: The Real Truth About Making Money Online)

101 Lies _______ Tell ___________ (can be: 101 Lies Top Marketers Tell Beginners)

________ Lies And How To Spot Them

__________ Facts And Myths (can be: 7 Shocking Myths and Facts About Making Money Online)

What Every ______ Ought To Know About ________________

All You Need to Know About __________________

The _____ Hidden ___of ___________ (can be: The 10 Hidden Truth About Buying That Twitter Marketing Tool)

Top Headline Type #6: The “Question” Headline

This kind of headline throws an identified problem of your target readers, in front of them, to get their attention and get them curious to read what’s inside.

This type of headline is commonly used in  product reviews. They also do well in social media shares as they can be short and to the point.

Headline Examples:

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Business?

Struggling With Information Overload? Here Are Quick Tips To Start Getting Clarity

Can you _____?

Would you _____?

Want to Get Rid ____?

Are ______Worth The Money? (can be: Is Traffic Dashboard Worth The Cost?)

Who else wants to _____?

When Is It Better to ______ or ____________?

Top Headline Type #7: The “Reason Why” Headlines

The “Reason Why” headline type arouses curiosity by promising to reveal to the browser a particular method of doing something or solving a problem OR an important tip or information they they not know before. Usually they are supported with, and preceded with specific number (of reasons).

Format: Reasons Why_____  OR Reasons _______

Headline Examples:

10 Reasons Not To _________________

10 Reasons You Should _________(can be: 101 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss Any Of Stella’s Blog Post)

5 Reasons _____ Love _______ (can be: 5 Reasons why serious bloggers love WordPress blogging platform)

9 Reasons __________ Is Better Than ______________

5 Reasons ______________ Is The Worst ___________

Top Headline Type #8: The Testimonial Headlines

This type of headline shows or testifies about a proof and indirectly sells the benefits of a product/ service or a method of doing things.

Format and Headline Examples:

How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 400% In 1 Month

How This Teen Blogger Makes Four Figures Every Month

How Stella Got Her Groove Back Using _____________

Top Headline Type #9: The Command Headlines

This type of headline tells your readers clearly what to do – a call to action without ambiguity. Your command should encourage action by offering your prospect a benefit which will help them. The most effective command headlines start out with action verbs.

Hint: This headline formula makes good examples of how to craft your Call To Action – in the last paragraphs of your post. Never leave your readers hanging; always end your posts by telling them what to do next.

Headline Format:

Begins with a doing word (verb) such as:

Do _________

Don’t ________


Headline Examples:

Get Rid Of ______ Once And For All (could be: Get Rid of Your Ugly Blog Designs With These Beautiful Free WordPress Themes)

Stop Wasting Time On Facebook Daily: Discover How To Increase Your Online Productivity Today

Examples of this headline formula you can use in Call to Action:

Claim Your Free Gifts Now (This is usually used in opt-in boxes)

Subscribe to my blog updates to get every new post in your inbox

Examples of this formula you can use in Emails:

Open up, it’s Jane Doe

Never run out of what to blog about again

Top Headline Type #10: Top Lists

Format: Top ___________

Headline Examples:

Top Productivity Tips For Bloggers And Online Marketers

Top 10 Best Bloggers in 2011

Top 30 Under 30 Internet Marketers Making 6 Figures

Top 20 Scary Facts About ___________

Top Time Saving Tools For ________________

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Services For Internet Marketers

Top 10 Most Friendly Bloggers You Should Get To Know

Top Headline Type #11: Problems and Fear

Format and Headline Examples:

Scary Risks of _____ Too Much _____ (Scary Risks of Not Not Backing Up Your Blog Data OR Scary Risk of Paying Too Much Attention to the New Google Plus Social Network)

Top 10 Scary ____ Facts

What Your _____ Is Not Telling You About ____ (can be: What Your Doctor Is Not Telling You About Spending Too Much Time Sitting In Front of A Computer OR What The Gurus Are Not Telling Us About List Building)

5 Things ________ Should Never Do

10 Danger Signs _________________

Beware __________ And How to Spot Them (can be: Beware of Snake Oil Marketers And How To Spot Them)

9 _________ Scams And How to Avoid Them (can be: 9 Online Marketing Scams And How To Avoid Them)

Important Headline Writing Tips You Should Follow


Here are 5 tips to make your great headlines even remarkable:

1.) Headline Length: “Do not use more than 17 words in a headline. Why? Based on my tests, I’ve never been able to make a headline work that is longer than this”.

2.) Use “Your”: Use the two most underused and powerful words more often in your copy. Free and You. (Also use “Your” instead of “My”)

3.) Do not use “We” or “I”: Make your articles all about your readers. Do not use “I” or “we”, they can be big turn-off words in contents.

The above 3 tips are from Top Copywriter Ted Nicholas, in his 87 Marketing Secrets eBook)

4.) Sub-headings: Use Sub-headings that are as good as headlines. They are a good formatting practice as they break up your posts into themes and make your content scan-able and easily readable for people in a hurry.

5.) Powerful Headline Fillers and Modifiers: Now here are some modifiers you can add to fill in the “blanks” in any of the the headline examples above OR add to your keywords when creating catchy headlines. Some modifiers include:




Next Steps For You: How You Can Put This Post To Use Today

I hope you got value out of this post – the message is simply to make every post count by powering your headlines. Your headlines are the major determinant of your contents bringing you traffic.

So, here are 8 action items for you to put today’s topic on headline writing, to use:

  1. Bookmark or save this post for reference – to swipe and model after, when writing posts
  2. Old posts Makeover: Go through your old posts and see which headlines need makeovers
  3. New Articles: Use the headline examples above in new blog posts
  4. Sub-headings: Use those headline formula to create magnetic sub-headings that will keep your readers reading to the end
  5. Email Subject Lines: Use these headline examples to write emails
  6. Tweets: Use those headline examples to write your tweets, to share your posts on Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon and other Facebook  and social media sites.
  7. Build more headline swipes: Check magazines such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Readers Digest” and good local magazines for headline ideas you can compile – the next time you go grocery shopping, glimpse magazine covers
  8. Share your catchy headlines: Come back here and Share your catchy headlines with us, in the comment side – other readers and I can draw inspiration from your amazing, catchy headline.


As you know, reading without action does not bring value. I always like to know that you took a step to implement a post after reading – kick procrastination.

Coming Next: Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming topics on article writing and more ways you can create better contents that will get more people tweeting your posts, more visitors and also make the visitors interested in coming back.

Thanks for reading and taking action, if you did.

To your writing catchy headlines,



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Thanks for this Stella. I’ve been tearing my hair out to come up with a title to an ebook I’m about to use as a give away. I’ve probably been glued to this page longer than I needed to be lol, but it was just such a great help. Definitely going to be reading your other posts on email marketing.

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Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thank you!

Sure, you can quote my articles, as long as you provide credit to the source page/ post. I’m glad to know that your blog visitors will get value from my posts.

Amazing article …Stella
headlines are one of the most important aspect of any article, i myself had experimented with “how to” headlines and to my surprise I had received just double hits than usually i used to get through social networking sites.
but i have never tried “Truth and Lies” Headline Type, i would really like to post one or two articles using this type headlines …

great post Stella, I learnt new things today ….

Thanks Gary, for stopping by.

You’re right about “how to” headlines – they are a reader’s delight because they offer lots of value and insights. “Truth and Lies” headlines are not commonly used in everyday settings but a lot in review type articles, and for debunking widely spread rumours. I look forward to hearing about it, when you decide to try the “truth/ lies” headline:)

Hi Stella!
I love (and employ) the “headline” concept religiously. Unfortunately, there are a lot of new splogs popping up on WordPress that “hijack” headlines – you’ll be searching and see them appearing in Google and Bing on the first page, but the post or article is either an ad or automated with no subject material relating to the headline.

Here’s a little “trick” that works on Blogger/Blog*spot (It might work on other platforms) ::: If your headline isn’t working or the splogs have crushed your chances of being Googled, BRAINSTORM and come up with a bold new headline. Edit your post and REPLACE the existing headline… I have noticed that if you are subscribed to any of the services that tweet your blogposts automatically, if you also change the date and time by moving forward, say from Monday 10am to Tuesday 8am, your post will be tweeted agian. You won’t lose any existing search engine or link “juice” because the ACTUAL URL of your blogger post DOES NOT CHANGE!

Thanks for stopping by, Dave.

You’re right about the splogs misleading search traffic with writing headlines that lead to entirely different topic contents or thin contents that barely add any detail. I’ve come across those, many times, and I must tell you that I’m hoping that the Google (Panda) police will catch up with them.

Thanks for the tip there:) Aside from those kind of websites, I sometimes monitor and tweak my headlines for the purpose of conversion.

Great blog you’ve got there and a pretty good PR – good job!

I really like the part: Type #9: The Command Headlines ….!!Nice post,
I have saved this Post for Reference and really love your blog. So much information that I am going to bookmark it and come back to it as a reference many times in the future.

Keep up the great work! best Wishes. 🙂

You’re welcome. I hope you’ve started writing blog titles that “make waves” using these catchy Headline writing tips?

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Hi Stelsie, atlast I found you.

This is Megan Brown. I have read your guest post on Attraction Marketing on topic of 3 secrets of attraction marketing which I like most and after I am here inorder to learn from you.

Talking about this post again you have shared perfect information concern to this.
As headlines and title are that thing which can easily ruin your works and also can easily take your work at top.

You have shared sureshot formula on all subjects which shows your expertise knowledge and experience concern to this.

Untill now I have seen many blogs and post with highly informative stuff inside it but they get failed in getting visitors attention and the only one reason is responsible behind it is POOR and MEANINGLESS titles and headlines. Many folks have mentality of reading title and headlines first while they open any sites or blogs and if they feel that something odd or not getting they simply just churn and move to next. They don’t even take a little PAIN inorder to just peep inside the post,they just simply get bounce.

And thus due to this our BOUNCE RATE will increase.

Anyway thanks a lot for this wonderful and useful and magical formula for successful title and headlines.

Hi Meg:

Wow – thanks for tracing me back to my blog, from Mavis’ online attraction marketing blog. I’m glad you got good value out of that guest post:) Thanks for your comment regarding this post. Please feel free to look around – there are lots of other useful contents you’ll see.

You’re right, some very informative blogs do not get as much visitors, not because they do not get shared enough on Facebook / Twitter. Sometimes, they may even get top search engine ranking BUT because of weak headlines, the information seekers just pass them to the next post. That also happens when people visit our blogs through a single post – if your other headlines displayed on your sidebar or related posts links are not enticing, they will bounce out without reading another post – hence increasing your bounce rate.

Lol, you’re so on point there – browsers (even you and I) are so overwhelmed that we do not have patience to visit a blog before knowing if the post will be interesting or not. We want to know from the headline, and decide whether visiting the site will be worth our time.

Well, thank you for posting this. Headlines has to be very attractive or a head turner knowing that competition is really overwhelming today. But of course content is as important as your title. Nice tips!

Hi Noemi:

You’re welcome, I’m happy you got good value from the headline writing tips.

You got the point – I like that you see good headlines as “.. a head turner”. That is exactly what they are. Without a good headline, good contents are likely to rot in the internet archives, especially with so much contents all over the place and readers struggling with overwhelm.

Thanks for your rich contribution to this topic. Enjoy your day and do come back again:)

[…] Great Magnetic Headline Examples PLUS 10 Techniques To Write Click-Irresistible Headlines in Minutes […]

Congrats Stella! I think this post will be very popular among your readers because its definitely very good. You nailed all the important points, overall it’s 10/10 🙂

Hi Sab:

Thank you, for your kind words. I’m glad you liked reading these Headline writing tips. I look forward to knowing how you use them on your posts:)


Hi Stella,
Very Nice article. Though these are basic things that everyone is supposed to know and follow but its these that we so often miss or neglect and that’s what, i suppose, differentiates a good blogger from a great one! Thank you for this lovely piece of information.

Thanks for the amazing tips Stella! The guide is very useful to the grab the attention of readers or even people in your social media community. Truly, one of your best post 🙂

Thanks Mike. Glad you like it.

Really (one of my best posts)? You know it’s the readers that know, some of the posts I took casual turn out to be readers’ favorites. Thanks for the update and do have a blessed weekend!

Hi Jane – welcome. It’s been a while.

I’m glad you found value in the ‘headline writing’ post. You got the point – to use the swipes to write catchy and compelling post titles AND Tweets and Facebook updates too:)

Again, thanks for dropping by and do have a great day!

Here’s a headline you don’t see every day that is inspired (at least in spirit) by your suggestions.

“Never say *I’m in love with you* to your boyfriend on the day your husband kills himself”

I made the 17 word cut off limit 🙂

I’ve just discovered your blog and I can’t wait to read more. x

Hi Katie:

I see you are a “Headline Writing” rock star – that your ‘ahem’ headline is right on the 17 words. I read the post and others at your blog and laughed so hard – you’ve got this compelling writing style. That story too – was a nice one – great tips laced with your humor.

Thanks for coming around and I look forward to seeing you some more.

Cheers and enjoy the best of today!

Hi Stella, this is one of the best post that you normally write on this great blog. Keep on keeping on. Thanks for the knowledge 🙂

Thanks ‘Wale. I appreciate your comments and I’m glad you like the post.

I can see that your blog has grown so well in contents, comments counts and Alexa ranking – I’m happy for you. I also noticed you have a new cool blog theme.

Good job, Ola.

Nice detailed layout of how to approach headlines Stella. You really know how to break things down.

I believe different headlines catch the eyes of different people, based on those people’s personalities. Me, I’m not really fond of those “secret” or “little known” headlines that you speak of. I feel they’re a little too gimmicky, and I’ve learned from past experience that the info contained in such articles is usually very obvious. Call me picky, but I would rather the article publisher have used another headline form to present the same information…


Hi Sonny:

Sure, some headlines are catchy, more than others, and different personalities get attracted by different kinds of headlines. Hence the reason to use different types of headlines in writing.

Lol – I know, you’re not alone in being picky. I am also. Those “secrets” and “little known” headline types are often suspicious mainly because they are often used my marketers to hype sales. However, not all marketers.

The thing is that there are times and seasons (and audience types too) when it is best to use each of the headline types, that is when they can bring in the most response. You pointed out something that is important – testing and tweaking headlines for a post to know which headline writing formula is getting most clicks.

As always, thanks for your rich contributions to this topic. Hope to chat again:)

I know, I know you’ll prefer the simply “How to” headline type (lol). But truly it suits your kind of website contents best – the DIY craft tutorials. I agree it’s so straight to the point. No need to think about styling your titles otherwise but then once in a while, I bet you try other headline types – I see a couple of headline variety on your website.

I also tend to use it quite some, and on some instances after writing a headline, I stop and say “would people not just say that’s the only way she writes headlines?”.

Thanks for coming by, once again – I always appreciate your rich contributions.

Cheers and have a wildly productive Wednesday.

This is such a good post and really a huge reference tool too Stella. I can tell you put a lot of time into this. And attention grabbing headlines is one of my favorite topics.

Getting the knack of thinking and writing those catchy headlines takes some time and a bit of practice. Also testing different headlines is also a great way to see what is pulling in your specific visitor for your target market or industry.

Your examples here are really great for giving ideas. I will be happy to share this with my fans, followers and clients. Great job!

Hi Lynn:

Thanks for coming around to read and comment. I’m glad you like those tips on “How to Write Magnetic headlines’ and appreciate it:)

Good bloggers never get tired of collecting proven winning headline swipes – they always come in handy for use in customizing.

You’re right about testing and tweaking headlines for maximum traffic; I do that occasionally for low performing posts and notice that often, with good headlines, they start getting increased traffic. Tweaking headlines for what will pull most traffic even works for articles submitted on article directories.

Thanks for your offer to share the post with your audience – that is most appreciated, Lynn. Once again, thanks for coming around – enjoy your day!

Awesome post. I love thinking of creative headlines and this examples would really help me to make enticing headlines. I do have personal list of my favorites headlines. Asking a question, how-to’s are the best and attract lots of readers. Thanks Stella.

Thanks John:

I’m glad you reckon that those examples can help you craft magnetic headlines that will increase your click-through-rates and traffic. Good that you already have a collection of your favorite smart headlines in your personal swipe file, these will be an addition.

I also love How-To tutorial headlines; readers love them. I tend to use the question type headlines more in Tweeting and sub-headlines, as they seem to be easy to write shorter headlines with.

Again, thanks for your time here, John and hope to see you again.

Hi Stella,

Creating an attention-grabbing headline can sometimes be very difficult especially if you think that you’ve already used every word in all your articles. Well, thank you very much for providing some awesome ideas and tips here. This can definitely lessen my burden. 🙂

Hello Vie:

Good seeing you around – thanks for reading and commenting:)

Lol – I agree. I’ve heard some top bloggers say they spend hours mulling over the best way to craft headline for a post they’ve already written. That’s because the heasline determines whether people will retweet or click it and that’s the ROI for any well written post.

Glad you go value off this post. Hope to see you around gain:)

You are 100% right, there is nothing as inviting as a good headline, a good headline can market any product good or bad. (don’t market bad products)

I’m glad you get the point – good headlines get the click, and traffic – even with bad products, as you pointed out.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you again.

Hello, how are doing, no doubt, you are doing great. keep it up, i appreciate your kindness. You are blessed!

Hi Stella,

All are uber creative ways to draw readers in.

Sometimes we craft the perfect post but write a lame headline, which means no clicks. Always intend to do your best job, with everything you do, but if you are going to come up short somewhere do it with your blog post, not the headline…..give yourself a chance, at least 😉

I like to pique interest with strange or thought-provoking lessons. Why Tuk Tuk 101 Should Be Taught in Harvard Business School was one of them, where I explained why tuk tuk drivers in Southeast Asia are shrewd and very convincing entrepreneurs.

Thanks for sharing your always detailed insight Stella.


Hey Ryan:

Good to see you around:)

You’re spot on – that’s the purpose of the headline (to draw the readers into one’s blog).

You made a good point that if one must come short of anything, it must not be the headline – because bad contents with good headlines get traffic more than good content with lame headline. Hard fact.

Yea, I loved that your post on the lessons to learn from ‘Tuk Tuk’ drivers – street smart entrepreneurs! Great headline also there.

Indeed… writing headlines is science and art, and much though should be put into it. You make a good example, when you point out that an article with a great headline, ranked five at SERPS, might draw a lot more clicks that it would otherwise. I’ve seen it happen, personally!

Hi Pedro:

You’re so right – headline writing is an art as well as a science (because there are tested and proven formula that always work for professional copywriters). It’s no suprise why the better headlines get more clicks (traffic), as it is humans that read them and naturally we are drawn to some kind of headline formula – that have trigger while presenting facts and detail in a few words.

Thanks for coming around to read and comment. I’m glad you confirm that catchy headlines usually outperform others. I appreciate it and hope to see you again:)

I love those huge sand castle photos on your post – left you a comment:)

Wow! this post is great!
So much information that I am going to bookmark it and come back to it as a reference many times in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to put together all of this information.

Keep up the great work!

Hi Martin:

Thanks for reading and for your comments. I’m glad you liked the post on ‘how to write winning headlines’. It’ll come in handy as you bookmark it.

Just read your post and left you a comment. Great tips on how to make the most of marketing with contents:) Enjoy your day and hope to see you around again.

Hi Stella,

I am back!! I always find it a challenge to write headlines and so you can imagine how tough it is for me to write a great headline!

After reading your post, I admit that I do tend to write more question headlines and from your list, the next thing I will try is testimonials headlines. I am not a secrets or newsy person but it’s all a matter of getting used to writing these types of headlines.

Thanks always for your valuable insights 🙂

All the best,

Hi Diana:

Good to see you around. As always, you’re welcome.

Seriously, you’re not alone with finding headline writing a challenge. It’s often so because you want to get people to know enough of what’s in the full content within the limit of a few words – the challenge is in feeling whether the headline will grab attention of a busy person. Sometimes I spend over 30 minutes trying to craft a headline that will get my messages across without sounding vague.

I’m glad that you can make use of these headline formula and swipe to practice new headlines for your blog posts, tweets/ social shares and also as subject lines on emails to subscribers. It’s a good idea to save good headline examples as your headline swipe and keep adding to it when you see others that catch your attention fast, on magazine covers – on/ offline.

I agree, it’s a matter of getting used to the headline types. As you start writing more contents and with practice I’m sure you’ll find occasions when you’ll feel the newsy or ‘secrets’ headline will convey your message best. For example, currently Google Plus Network posts seem to be in the news and the order of the day – perhaps if you decide to write about tips you see other blogs omitting, a ‘secrets’ headline formula may be right for it, such as “5 things You Need to Know about ____ on Google Plus”.

I lok forward to reading your new posts with some of these headline types and your own unique twists.

I read your interview with Tambre Leighn – that was awesome. Her story is one that encourages anyone any day and needs to be heard by more people. And Tambre is such an elegant lady, a good writer and story teller. The first time I met her at the challenge group, I was drawn to her story and what she does – asked her for an interview too, which I’m yet to find time for (but will).

That’s a nice thing to do, Joseph. I’m glad you’re LIKING this blog and I’m sure you’ll find good value from the other posts herein.

Please feel free to contact me, if you ever need to – My Facebook and Twitter contact page links are on the right side of this page, on the sidebar.

Cheers and enjoy your day!

Hi Stella, this is a very useful post. Your 8 action tips are very good because because they gave me good ideas :). Thanks for sharing

What an amazing list Stella! and I 100% agree with you that Sucky headlines DO NOT get clicked or shared.

Also sad but true MOST people share content based on your headlines alone and very few actually read the post.

My most shared content is Top Lists. Those are my favorite and How To’s

Joshua from ZamuraiBlogger (under construction 8))

Hi Joshua:

Thanks for coming around to read and also comment.

You’re right about sucky headlines – they do a lot of harm to even the best posts that may have taken hours to write. Again, you hit i right on point that ” MOST people share content based on your headlines alone” – that’s absolutely true.

I’m glad you’re having lots of success with How-to headline formula and “Top List” headline type – I think they are generally the most favorite among readers too.

Once again, thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts and experiences with great headline formula.

Have a happy Monday!

Hi Tamisha:

Thanks for visiting and reading this post.

I’m glad you liked it. I look forward to seeing you around again.

Also thanks for your message to me on Facebook and Twitter – I sent you replies.

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!

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