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Everyone has some expertise, hobby, past-time activities that they are so passionate about and do for free most times. Do you know that there are people with cash in hand, to pay you just to learn what you are passionate about? Download Passion to Profits Blueprint for FREE today and discover the secrets of making money online from doing what you already know how to do and love to do, and how to get your customers to find you by themselves.

passion to profits blueprint getEvery passion can be turned into profit, if you know how. Do you want to learn how to turn your passion into profits? Passion to Profits Blueprint (eBook) is a 120 page detailed step by step guide for anyone looking to start an internet home based business or trying to grow an existing one.  The guide covers everything you need to build a profitable online marketing business from scratch, whether or not you have done it before or have no technical experience – there are no assumptions, whatsoever made, that the Passion to Profits reader already knows anything about blogging or marketing or selling anything online.

Download “Passion to Profits Blueprint [PDF] – FREE

Passion to Profits Blueprint – Overview of eBook

Even veteran online business owner will find detailed steps to get traffic and prospective buyers to his/ her website or blog, how to convert blog readers to paying buyers, how to write contents that pre-sell the products or services you offer, and many more.

The idea behind Passion to Profits as a theme, is that everyone has got something special inside of them – a skill, talent, knowledge, ability – that they rock at, do very well; love doing, love talking about and helping others get better at. Sometimes, you think what you rock at is just not important because you are looking at someone else. Do you know that so many people are dying to learn that thing you do with ease and think is common? What you don’t know is that most of those who want to learn what you know are even outside your vicinity and they are using the internet to search for you.

And some of them are even ready, willing and able to pay to know what you know.

That is where making profit from what you are pasionate about comes in, and using the internet as a medium to reach your target customers. If you learn how to earn from doing that which you already know and love to do (passion), the act of  making money will never feel like work again. No matter what you know and can do, you can learn how to turn your passion into profits.

Download “Passion to Profits Blueprint” eBook [PDF] – FREE

The Passion to Profits eBook Structure

Every chapter of the Passion to Profits Blueprint eBook contains worksheets and end-of-section action items for you to implement, so that you are making progress as you read the eBook. It’s a total hands-on resource.  I wrote this eBook to cover the gaps that I experienced – not finding an A to Z resource and organised steps in one single place for starting any business online and how to get buyers and customers online for any product or service. Finding resources take time and organizing them to get actionable steps takes time and patience too.  I thought that by putting together the steps and lessons I learnt can help someone somewhere. That is the reason why I wrote Passion to Profits Blueprint.

Download “Passion to Profits Blueprint” eBook [PDF] – FREE

Passion to Profits Blueprint Contents: A Complete Guide for Starting Internet Business From Home

  • The Passion Test: How to find your most sellable skill, knowledge, talent or ability from the pool of things you are passionate about
  • How to understand what online buyers want from their preferred sellers – if you know what they like, what they look out for and why they buy, you’d be in the best position to make sales faster and easier
  • Setup Online Presence: Steps and video training to setup your own passion based online shop or online business location (your blog) – no technical experience required
  • Dynamics of Online Buyers: If you understand the behavior of online buyers, know what they want and how they want to be sold to, you will never have a day without making sales
  • Market Research: How to find what to sell that will sell fast – simple methods for doing market research – not everything sells fast, you know
  • Monetize Blog: Where to find what to sell – how to become freelance distributors for top companies without spending a dime – you will make money from recommending their products/ services on your website
  • Keywords Research: How to find the right words (key words) that will attract your target customers to your websites, so that your web pages are the ones they will see first when they search on Google, Yahoo and other search engines
  • Turn Words to Cash: Steps to use your written words (on your blog) and contents to magnetize your cutomers to you and make them buy willingly – so that they would be the ones to find you instead of you chasing after them (old school method of selling that onine buyers hate)
  • Build Customer List: How to quickly build a list of customers, from zero to thousands and strategies to make them want to buy from you repeatedly, and even refer their friends to you (free advertising);
  • A 30 Days action plan for making online sales – a day by day method of operation you can follow to make your first (and next, and next and..) sale and money online and continue making more
  • So many more…
  • You also get a chance to join our learning community so that you will always get the latest “what’s working now” tips to fire your business to more profits and also fire up your motivation and passion.

You can choose to start your own business around your passion and profit from it online– no need to learn any new thing skills except how to market online and build your new business. I want to help you through the process – for free.  You can simply take the first step now by downloading my over 120 page guide on starting a home based internet business purely based on your passion.

To download Passion to Profits eBook now, simply right click on the link below and choose “save as” or “save target”.

———>Click here to download “Passion to Profits Blueprint” [PDF]

Please note that the eBook is in a PDF format, so you’ll require Adobe PDF Reader to view and print it. You can get the Adobe Readers for free at

Thank you, enjoy the book and leave a comment!

NOTE: If you would like to share this Passion to Profits Blueprint with a friend, kindly direct them to the link below, so they can have a chance to join the newsletter in addition to getting the eBook for free. Thank you, once again.


Turn Words to Cash: Turn Words to Cash:

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Digital books have been around for a long time, but with the new travel friendly ebook readers they have become immensely popular. Oddly enough, for the longest time, I’ve heard people say that technology was reducing the number of people that read for entertainment -which couldn’t be farther from the truth as with such digital convenience the number of readers and authors have increased dramatically in the last decade or so, not to mention the digital format is far more ecologically friendly..

It is important to find that one trait that you excell in and turn that into high earnings. It just takes a lot of hard work and persistance to see the fruition of your goals. I’m looking forward to being able to clock out for the last time soon as I make a liveable wage from my blog.

A free guide to online success 🙂 This is a nice giveaway Stella. Thank you for sharing this. I just started blogging and I’m particularly interested in how to monetize my blog. I’m signing up for instant access. Thank you!

Thanks for coming around, Shelon. You’ll find ‘Passion to Profits’ book helpful to your income blogging journey. Be sure to read the last pages where you’ll find the 30 days roadmap to first online income.

Good luck and hope to see you around some more:)

Shelon, I can almost see through your blogging excitement in your response, and also in your latest blog post.

By the way, I love your blog header and colour scheme – they scream “happy”.

Keep it up, and come again, soon:)

This looks really great. I’m glad I found this and even happier that I have tomorrow free to read it all. Thanks for making it available…and at the right price!

That sounds like a great book. Who wouldn’t want to do what they love and then monetize it? I only see one flaw what if you love to make horrible financial decisions!

Thanks for coming around, Elena.

Although I don’t quite understand your question but I doubt if anyone’s passion is making mistakes – whatever kind, and even so, not every passion is a good business/ profit making candidate and a section inside “Passion to Profits” book shows how to weed out those things we love that are not money makers.

Hope you downloaded your copy alright?

Wow Stella, Your e-book looks great. I see so many people have already read it, implemented the strategies you’ve included in it, and are already benefiting from them. And interestingly, the book comes at zero price, wonderful. I’m surely going to add it to my list of reads for this weekend. Here I go to download your e-book. Thanks for the share.

Wow! This ebook seems like a great value. It is definitely possible to make money online, but if you do now know much about it is it hard to know where to begin. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable info!

The eBook sure has great values especially for anyone looking for exactly where to begin, what to do and in what order, as well as what to focus on for more results. I look forward to hearing how the ‘Passion to Profits’ book tips work for you.

Wow! That book seems to be really a must-have one, and I think it will be a nice birthday gift for my husband who has just started his new online business!

I’m glad you like the book gift, Catwoman. Feel free to gift it to your husband on his birthday.

By the way, I love your blog – clean, crisp and I love your stories and furniture pics.

Again, thanks for coming around and hope to see you again.

Just finish reading your book stella. Now i know how your passion become your profits.I’d love to earn extra each month and I think this book could get me started. Thanks for your excellent idea.

Sure, Mae. Passion to Profits book is absolutely free.

Go ahead and download it. You’ll find the “30 days to profits” day by day plan really helpful.

How cool!! Thank you for sharing this insight. I’m excited to start something on the side. I’d love to earn a little extra each month and I think this book could get me started.

Thanks for signing up for the ‘passions to profit’ book, Julie. I’m sure you’ll love it. So not hesitate to contact me if you ever have feedback or concerns regarding any chapter inside the book.


Hi, Stella! I’m so glad I found your site. I could learn so many things about internet marketing here. I’m still learning the basics of doing online business and I always appreciate helpful sites like yours. I do think that your Passion to Profits book will help me a lot. I will download and read it 🙂

Hi Mae:
Welcome to my blog, and I’m happy that you found helpful beginner-friendly blogging articles here.

Thanks also for downloading my ‘Passion to Profits’ book. It should help you make some good progress since you’re new to marketing online. Do let me know if you ever need some help on your online business journey.

Hope to see you around some more:)

Giving away free stuff is still a heavy contender as a passive blog monetization strategy. When done right, the receiver gets something truly valuable and the giver gets the long-term rewards. An unusual free digital book that is off the beaten path is the original creative fantasy penned by blogger Mitchell Allen of Morpho Designs.

Thanks for the free e-book. Your such a wonderful person sharing this to us is a big thing as your “Passion to Profits Blueprint” E-book really is valuable.

Hello Stella. Downloaded and studied your ebook, Passion to Profits Blueprint. It was a great read. I learned a lot. Thank you so much!


Just a short note to say I have begun to implement the suggestions in your ebook and am starting to see results already!


I have downloaded the ebook and I am set to devour it, thanks but I checked the bonus I was thinking it was going to done in a day by day approach, that id\s the 30 days blueprint?

Hi Iroko:

Thanks for downloading my eBook.

Different people have different amount of time to work on their business daily, so I have left the tasks for the 30 days as a list, so that you can take some, do them and check them off THEN move to another.

The month 1 action plan is where you have your first 30 days activities for making your first income. What I expect you to do is to do one or more of those activities in the month 1, as your time allows. Some people will do one activity in 2 days, others in 1 week, action takers in 1 day.

Let me know how those work for you:)

This is awesome, very informative. I am now downloading your free book. Thanks for sharing.

There’s a purpose to our existence. The sooner you find that purpose the more fulfilled your life is going to be.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Stella,

Just learnt about the ebook and am going to download it. Can’t wait to read more about the wonderful content.

Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone. 🙂

Good to see you around, Haleena:) Thanks for downloading my “Passion to Profits” eBook. Although it’s targeted at beginner online marketers, I’m sure that experts like you will find a thing or two in the book.

Hey, I knew about your writing blog and just checked out this family focused blog. It’s lovely – cool theme, nice ambiance and interesting posts. Good job there! How do you find time to juggle them both plus freelance writing?

Fantastic ebook… I will download this. This is helpful for me helping me to get understand more about making success online.

I am going to download the ebook because I am interested to learn more about keyword research and monetizing 🙂

Go ahead and download it, balimbing56:) I look forward to hearing your feedback about the “Passion to Profits” eBook.

Since you said you want to learn more about keyword research, here’s a collection of my best posts on Keyword research for beginners (click to read).

-Since you said you want to learn more about blog/ website monetization strategies, here are some posts I wrote to help you out (click to read them).

Feel free to let me know how those posts help you.

hey Girl, we have the same name! yay! anyways thank you so much for sharing this free ebook with us. it’s going to be a great help! 🙂

Rock on, girl:) You’re welcome. I’m glad you downloaded “Passion to Profits” eBook. It sure will help you move your blogging/ marketing to the next level.

Hello Stella, thank you for the e-book, Your blog post here helps a lot for those newbie writers like me. I’m still in learning process, so this helps me a lot..

You’re welcome, Isabella. Thanks for downloading it, and yes, I focus a lot of my posts on new bloggers and marketers. I hope you find some time to read more of those helpful posts here.

Hi, thanks a lot for this nice books
I’m looking forward to reading them
I’ve added you on facebook recently
thanks again.

I’m looking at Passion of Profits and it seems to be very informative as well. I do hope you get more subscribers to whom you can share these ideas with and yes, more profit! | 😛

Good Job Stella! Thanks for the free eBook. Your article here helps a lot for new writers like me. I’m still in learning process, so this helps me a lot..

You’re welcome, Gabby.

I’m glad you found my articles helpful and I’m sure my eBook will help you get ahead on some blogging and marketing areas, as a beginner. Feel free to let me know if you even have any newbie questions I can help you with:)

E-book???wow I’d definitely love to check that out. That’s a lot of stuff to read without having the burden to carry all the books. Thanks for sharing your fabulous idea, Stella.

Interesting to know that the book contains worksheets and end-of-section action items for the reader to implement. Each post Ive come across on this blog have amazing information. With the passion to blog one can confidently blog and you possess all the positive qualities of a real blogger.

Hi Gary:

Good to see you around:) Compliments of the season to you!

Thank you for your kind words. That made me smile. I’m glad you find value in my posts. I’m really grateful for every bit of time you spend here – reading my posts and leaving me a comment. Those action from you and a couple of other loyal readers make the passion of blogging worth it for me.

Thank you. I look forward to getting to know more about you, in the new year.

Thank you for sharing this to us! I love the info and the tips in it! I will definitely try to do what I can to incorporate the things thats you write down in the book! Again, thank you!

Fantastic post, Stella. Yes, everyone has got something special inside of them. I’m a firm believer in the fact that God does not make junk. There’s a purpose to our existence. The sooner you find that purpose the more fulfilled your life is going to be.

Thanks for sharing.

You’re on point – we all have something peculiar to offer, and we can go further to learn how to package and market that thing to those who are looking for it. That’s what the eBook is about – finding your most sellable passion and learning how to turn it into a thriving business.

Hello Stella,

Great work! I have been spending a lot of time on your website lately. Partly because you’re touching base on simple practical business management strategies that are vital but often brushed off by many. Well done!

I tried to download a copy of the book but failed. Any best way forward?

once again, thank you for reaching out.

Thanks Chelsea. Wow – I’m honored to have you spend a lot of time on my blog. I’m glad you found value in my posts.

Do respond to this comment to let me know if you’ve finally received my eBook; if you’ve not, I’ll find a way to send it to you.

Alternatively, you can email me by clicking here:

I look forward to hearing from you, soon.

While waiting for the confirmation e-mail, I thought of saying thank you for giving the eBook for free. | 😛

Thanks Ana, for taking the time to come download my eBook. I appreciate it greatly. You know, I always feel like “Santa” visited whenever a top blogger comes around my blog.

I am going to download the ebook because I am interested to learn more about keyword research and monetizing. | 😛

yey! free ebook, the title itself “passion to profits blueprint” is quite interesting! will surely love this! thanks a bunch!

You’re welcome, Berna. I’m sure you’ll love the tips inside “Passion to Profits Blueprint”.

Be sure to leave me a feedback once you start reading. Have a blessed day!

Thank you for sharing to us your free e-Book “Passion to Profits”.
Its so great!!!

Greetings from Germany und Good Luck 🙂

Hi Stella, thanks for sharing to us your free eBook. I’m looking forward applying your methods that you shared, about how to make some profit. I really appreciate the information and ideas.

Hi there Stella,
Great post and thank you very much for the eBook! That’s going to come in handy for sure! 😉 All of your tips will be most helpful for a beginner blogger such as myself. I can’t wait to begin reading it!

You’re welcome, Deeone. I appreciate your feedback:)

let me know if / not you received your download link to “Passion to Profits”.

BTW, I love your blog contents and the idea behind “release”.

Hi, Stella! Congratz, first of all. This is an amazing work you are doing. When it comes to online marketing, you are the person to check first for me.
I have problems trying to download your ebook, though. When I enter my email, all I get is a message telling me that I am already subscribed to the list. Any suggestions?

Hi Gustavo:

Thank you, for your kind comments, and for your confidence in my contents. That means so much to me.

Not sure why that happened – will inform my host; may be it’s at their end. However, I have emailed you a link via Facebook messaging. Let me know you downloaded the book, okay:) Happy weekend!

Those are really good insights! Good point here “The idea behind Passion to Profits as a theme, is that everyone has got something special inside of them – a skill, talent, knowledge, ability – that they rock at, do very well; love doing, love talking about and helping others get better at.” I totally agree with you. Thank you for sharing and for this free “Passion to Profits Blueprint” eBook. 🙂

Hello Nicole:

Thanks for dropping by. I’m so glad that you really got the idea behind writing the “Passion to profits” eBook. Thanks for downloading and do not hesitate to contact me if you ever need my help while implementing the strategies.


Oooh, I love free stuffs, which is why I did not wait a second to download your ebook! Thanks for your generosity and great ideas! Keep it up.


Found your link through Oni’s website, and I’m loving it. I’ll check out your ebook. I look forward to working with you at some point soon.

Coach Gogo

Hi Gogo:

Thanks for visiting my blog, from Oni’s blog. I’m glad you are already “feeling” it (lol).

I look forward to seeing you around some more, and feel free to download my eBook any time.


Hi Stella, Thank you for sharing to us your free e-Book, I’m moving forward
to download this…

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for sharing it with us for free. Some site share it, but keep it hanging until you will purchase their ebook. Thanks again.

Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you appreciate the free ‘Passion to Profits’ report and hope you’ll put the tips to use on your own website.

Enjoy your day and hope to see more of you:)

Stella, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving away this ebook for free. Its very generous of you. I look forward to reading this book and applying methods mentioned in it to make some profit.

Very generous of you Stella for sharing such valuable information. I am aware of how huge the market is online and it would be great to learn ways how to segment the market as well as how I can increase their awareness about my products or services.

You’re welcome, Garcia.

I’m glad you appreciate the “Passion to Profits” eBook offer. I look forward to hearing how it works for you – as you implement the steps inside.

Sure, you can use the strategies inside PLUS blog posts here and other free reports I share – to help you learn how to increase your product and services awareness. The only way is to consistently implement steps you read – consistent.

Let me know if you need help through any of the chapters. I’m on Facebook, Twitter and email. Thanks for coming by and hope to see more of you:)

**Hey, I love your blog focus – all about women. Interesting contents – I’ll read one shortly and tweet it because I like it.

Thanks Jason.

I hope you’ll like the tips in “Passion to Profits Blueprint”. Please do not hesitate to let me know if downloaded okay or have any questions of concerns on using the eBook.

Cheers and hope to see you so more, around here.

Hi Stella,

Thank you so much for doing the hard work in these articles. Very informative now t hard part for me is putting all this good information into some kinda action that will bring me some rewards any advice you have to offer will be most appreciated.



This is very thoughtful of you Stella and I really appreciate sharing us this wonderful ebook about making it big online. I’m so excited to read this 🙂

Hi Mifumi:

You’re welcome:) I wrote that book for my special readers and I have a couple of others too – I’ll share them with you pretty soon, now that you’re part of my V.I.P Readers (as my subscriber). I’m glad you downloaded “Passion to Profits”. You’ll love the tips and information there – I put in a lot of work into it.

Do let me know what you think about the book OR shoot me any feedback or questions. I can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter, eMail – as you can see from the right hand side “Connect With Me” buttons. Thanks for taking the time to come over to my blog and

Just checked out the “Totally Funky” website. Is it your site? I like it, like it. So many useful information. I liked the idea of the “Marmite money jar” – what a way of re-using old jars:)

I’m looking at Passion of Profits and it seems to be very informative as well. I do hope you get more subscribers to whom you can share these ideas with and yes, more profit!

Thanks Stella, I will be visiting your blog as much as I could 🙂

I’m glad that you find “Passion to Profits” to be informative – made my day:) Thanks for the feedback and please feel free to contact me, any time regarding any topic or chapter in the eBook. I’m on Twitter, Facebook and emails.

Thankfully, a lot more people are subscribing to download the eBook, even from the search engines, and some from referrals (other people who downloaded it).

I appreciate your time here, Mifumi, and again thanks for your kind comments. I look forward to seeing you some more, to read other useful contents on the blog:) Enjoy your day!

This is awesome, thanks @Stella for this powerful ebook. Hope to enjoy staying with you via email…..

Thanks for sharing, though I will not download it for now but later for security reasons on my server…

BTW: Can I include a direct download page links like the blue one above on my website download page, is it freely distributable? kindly reply…

Hi Ola:
No problem, you can download it anytime you want.

What’s wrong with your server? Hope it gets okay soon (quick tip, recently I have been hosting most of my new reports and eBooks on DropBox, instead of my sever. Dropbox is free).

Sure, you can include a direct link on your page and even if you like, when your server is okay, you can download it and use it as a free giveaway to your own subscribers – like a welcome gift for when they subscribe to your list.

Hey Miss Stella – I just jumped on the list so I can check out the ebook. Can’t wait, because I surely have a lot to learn in this game!

I love your site!

Hi JK:
Good to see you around. Thanks for your kind words regarding my site:)

Wow, thanks again for downloading my “Passion to Profits Blueprint” eBook. I hope you’ll find value in it. Any feedback, if you can, will be appreciated.

As you already know (I told you) I liked your blog and how you’ve managed to build a huge raving and responsive reader base, with huge volume of comments per post. I just tweeted your Disney post (also reading it now). BTW, you’ve got a cute family there.

You’re welcome, Anita.
I look forward to getting your feedback:) You’re not alone, I love freebies too, and some can be better than paid.

Thanks for coming around and I hope to see you around some more – lots of other cool posts to comb through.

Just checked out your blog, great kitchen remodeling tips and articles. Will leave you a comment.

While waiting for the confirmation e-mail, I thought of saying thank you for giving the eBook for free. I believe that the best information is always offered for free. 🙂 I am sure I’ll find great things in your eBook. 🙂

Have a lovely day.


Hi Mouh:
Thanks for downloading my free Passion to Profits eBook, and also for your kind words. I’m sure you’ll find a ton of useful tips and tricks inside the eBook. Please feel free to let me know your feedback, questions or concerns once you start reading it.

Hope to see you around again:)

Wow Mouh, you’ve got a very beautiful blog design and awesome contents. I’ll read your latest post – sounds catchy.

Hi Stella, have downloaded your ebook and already implementing some ideas to my sites

Thanks again!

Hey Adam, thank you so much for taking the time to come over (from Ileane’s blog) to download my eBook.

That means a lot to me – I really appreciate it big time. Just checking out your blog – very clean and professional – I’ll be sure to leave you a comment and a tweet:)

As you implement some of my eBook chapters, please feel free to contact me, anytime, and I’ll be glad to personally help where I can. That’s a promise:)

Enjoy your day.

Hi Stella,

I am going to download the ebook because I am interested to learn more about keyword research and monetizing 🙂

I would also like to build a list. I guess I need everything in this ebook!


Hi Diana, good to know you’ll be downloading my eBook. Now, you’ll be on my list and since you want to learn keyword research and list building, you’ll be getting my VIP readers insider-only eCourses on different themed topics, clearly based on what I have tested to find results in. I have done a draft of a 30 days mini eCourse but yet to finalize the editing – just letting you in on what’s coming for VIP readers.

By the way, I have a series on Keyword Research / SEO and hopefully may be lucky to get the first out today – it’s on building a keyword list (with screenshot steps). You’ll like it because it covers all the fears and myths about the topic that made me afraid earlier. I simplified the steps and making every blog post in the series only one sub-topic at a time, so that readers can chew bit by bit and have time to practice.

Thanks for joining my list via the eBook. You’ll enjoy the ride, and please feel free to give me feedback where I err or ….

Wow – thank you so much for subscribing. I really appreciate it.

If for any reason you have any questions, be sure to contact me using my contact page here or on my Facebook page

E-book???wow I’d definitely love to check that out. That’s a lot of stuff to read without having the burden to carry all the books. Thanks for sharing your fabuluos idea, Stella.

Wonderful share Stella, I can’t wait to take a look at your ebook. I see a wealth of useful information on this blog. Keep it up 🙂

Thanks Ken – it’s a pleasure seeing you around and please do let me know that you downloaded the eBook okay.

Be sure to browse around the various posts and categories on this blog and, if you like connect with me on Facebook and Twitter to get real time tips and tricks:)

I hope to see you around again. Happy Sunday!

I just looked at your blog – sooo clean and professionally built. I like it.

hi, Sella,thanks alot for this nice books
i’m looking foward to reading them
i’ve added u on facebook recently
thanks again
my greeting

Hey Ahmad, thanks for downloading the eBook, and thanks again for leaving a comment. I love that.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or feedback, once you read the book.

Rock the rest of the day!

Cool Tatum. I hope you downloaded the eBook okay – I’m sure you’ll love it.

I see you’re going in for the BlogEngage contest – good luck. BTW, cool blog you have there.

Ok cool, Narendra.

I look foward to hearing how it’s going with you. Please feel free to ask anytime, if you ned my guide or suggestions.


You are welcome, Narendra.

Do go ahead and implment what you read in the posts and eBook and I hope to hear how you are doing.

Do not hesitate to contact me anytime if you need my attention or help – I’ll gladly assist you.

Cheers man,


Thank you Stella. I’m on my way reading the posts.
I will experiment with your ideas…esp, with so many ideas on offer..let me give a hit… yyaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy.. XOXO

Hello Narendra:

Thanks for your kind words, Narendra. I am glad that you find my posts informative.

Good to see you come by my blog. I enjoyed reading your “Abouut Me” page where you let us into your “bizarre world”, as you called it:)

Your first post or subsequent post will depend on the kind of topics (blog theme) that you want to be writing on your blog, and the kind of topics that the group of people you think would read your posts (audience/ blog visitors) would be looking for.

Because you don’t want to run dry of what to blog about, it’s best to follow your passions and skills – wht do you love to talk about? what do you know very well? what can you do well? what do you love to help others with/ teach others about?

You can blog about what you already know and love discussing about. You could blog about what you are learning to improve in a skill area. Either way, let your passion guide you so that you will always have something to talk about.

IMPORTANT: Ensure to find out whether your typical reader would be interested in your intended topics. The best way is to go to forums and groups (yahoo/ google) related to your interested topic and check out the topics that many people are replying to.

Use those as inspiration to form a topic to write on.

Based on passions, skills and where they have knowledge, you see many people blogging about fitness, health, gadgets, barbing etc. If you read pages 30 to 32 and pg 34 to 38 of Passion to “Profits Blueprint” eBook, you’d be able to define clearly what to write on.

The following articles I wrote will help you get ideas about what to blog about:
-Free eBook: Page 71-75, Passion to Profits Blueprint – How to create magnetic contents
-Blog Post:
-Blog Post:

I hope to read your next posts based on your taking action from the guides in those resource links I shared with you.

Keep me updated.


Hi Stella.. for starters, I’m loving your site..humongous amounts of information..So, I wanted your suggestion. Lets say am at level 0..whats’s the first post or article you would want me to read. I want to learn. However, with some information, I’m little lost. Please help.

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