5 Surefire Tips For Overcoming Writers Block When You Blog

Ever struggled with blog writers block preventing you from coming up with ideas on what to blog about? That happens, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to happen to you if you read this post to discover the 5 main causes of blog writers blocks and how to ensure you unblock your brain to release a steady flow of inspiration and topic ideas on what to write about in your blog.


You May Have Been Struck By Bloggers Writers Block

Have you ever been stuck while blogging or run out of ideas of what to blog about? You could have been struck with bloggers writers block? Have it happened to you that while writing a new blog post, you suddenly blank out, run out ideas and start struggling to put up a blog post? You are not alone – that happens to almost every blogger and writer or author at one point or the other. After reading this post, you will be able to stop writers block the next time it rears its ugly head.

Blog writers block is one of the major reasons why many blogs started on high notes of passion and enthusiasm starve of contents and die soon.  But the good news is that blog writers block doesn’t have to happen to you again. In this post you’ll discover why and when it  happens and tips  you can use to overcome writers block.

A New York Times post reported that “According to a 2008 survey by Technorati, which runs a search engine for blogs, only 7.4 million out of the 133 million blogs the company tracks had been updated in the past 120 days. That translates to 95 percent of blogs being essentially abandoned, left to lie fallow on the Web, where they become public remnants of a dream — or at least an ambition — unfulfilled”

Blog Writers Block: 5 Common Causes And How To Stop Writers Block

Frequently running out of topics to blog about, or writers block, is one of the reasons why many blogs fail and you do not want that to happen to you. Below are the common reasons why blog writers block happen; also covered are steps you can take to get a constant flow of blog post ideas and inspiration so that you’ll never run out of what to blog about again.

1. Writing Blog Topics On Areas Of Self Interest Instead Of Blog Readers’ Interests

One of the reasons why you may experience writers block is when you write for yourself and not the readers.  Your blog is for readers and they should determine the topics you serve them. Your writings should always be to serve them topics in their own interest NOT yours. Your readers are the reason for your blog’s being – never forget that. No readers = dead blog.

Your blog readers are your target customers, just like in any business. It’s all about them.  Every business has its target customers – the reason for its being, and it should always focus on the customers’ needs, not the owner’s although sometimes owners and customers needs may be similar.

A sign that you may just be blogging away at what you alone like, is a lonely blog with a handful of readers or none at all.

If you blog about your own personal interest, but fail to research what the demand is from readers you may be met with only you reading your posts.  When you continue blogging for yourself (selfishly) for long and consistently get no traffic, you’re human and bound to start losing interest in blogging. Sooner or later your own blog topic ideas alone may not flow as it once used to – you’ll start running out of ideas and experiencing blog writers block.

Always do a keyword research before you publish any post, just to determine whether that topic many people are looking to read that topic. If you get an idea that a writing on a topic would not bring you plenty readers, it’s wise to forget it and find another topic to blog about that has high readers demand and still within your interest area. The 10 tactics for finding hot blog topic ideas that readers want to read today are discussed in a followup post.

2. Not Giving Your Readers A Chance To Suggest Blog Topics They Want To Read

How long do you want to be in charge and tasking your brain for new blog topics to write about. Apart from that, it’s a lot of work spending time to determine whether that topic you planned will be a winner with readers.

Take the pressure off yourself, step back and let your blog readers tell you what they want to read. Your blog readers are your customers and part of the reasons why you blog; if you want their attention, write more on the blog topics they are interested in reading today else you may have no readers. Sometimes, topics of your interest may not be exactly what your readers are interested in today. Two heads are always better than one.

Run an opinion poll or survey on your blog, email your subscribers and ask for blog post suggestions.  Then collate the responses and use the most popular topic suggestions as ideas for writing new blog posts.

That would certainly take some heat off your brain and increase your blog post relevance to the current needs of your readers, don’t you think so? Doing this will help you to also increase traffic and build a community of loyal readers.

3. Sudden Loss Of Interest In Blogging or Blog Subject Area

Bloggers got into blogging for many different reasons and one of that is to make money from blogging. However, in some or most cases the bloggers realized soon that making money from blogging is not as easy as they were told. That’s where they start losing interest in blogging for any reason at all, and of course they lose inspiration for new blog

Many people were inspired to start a blog for business or for hobby but later fail to keep up with satisfying their readers’ appetites because they once used to have a flow of topic ideas but later they started experiencing “dryness” of ideas. Sometimes a blogger may just feel like a drag when thinking of what to blog about – that’s a sign that blog writers block has set in.

When blog writers block happens and the blogger does not fix it, he may start losing his initial passion and drive and also lose readers to other blogs. The sometimes end up abandoning their blogs.

4. Lack Of Skills, Knowledge, Talent and Abilities On Blog Subject

Why would someone want to blog on what they know nothing about? Usually that happens because they are imitating someone they know has made money from blogging. So, they simply plug and play(copy someone else’s contents) – same market niche and similar topics.

Readers can sense mediocrity right from afar – it’s not hard, your contents will sell you away if you are an imitation blogger and that will score you no readers or a handful of walk-in-and-walk-out readers. Usually you’ll find that you have no idea of what to blog about, and may want to go copy soe other blog’s contents.

When you consistently face lack of traffic plus a struggle to write what you know little or nothing about, you’ll be forced to quit.

There’s an audience for everyone – the market is big enough if you only you can persevere to find your own blogging voice and your own specific blog audience – start from blogging what you already know about; have skills, knowledge, talents or abilities in. You’ll see that writing will flow easy without strain and you’ll never run into blog writer block.

5. Lack Of Passion In What You Blog About

What’s passion got to do with blogging you may ask? Can’t you see that you can find yourself taking endlessly to others about those things you are passionate about. That’s it – free flow of what to talk about. Same thing goes for blogging with or for passion – you’ll never run out of what to blog about because you’ll want to tell what you already know, you’ll want to learn more from others and you’ll want to experiment and research new things – without a care for time.

The result is that you’ll always have so much new(s) contents to serve your readers and they’ll love you for that – they’ll come back again and again, and also tell others about your posts. It’s often said that passion holds the key to tenacity and passion radiates through any blogger’s contents for the readers to see. Every reader absolutely loves to know that the blogger is also passionate in the same things that they are.

Passionate bloggers make the most in the league of A-List bloggers and they never have a problem with getting traffic, partly because they always have ideas of what to blog about. In contrast, people blogging in other people’s passion (not theirs) for want of the money are often greeted with struggle and lack of ideas on what to blog about (blog writers block) and of course, lack of traffic.

Content Writing Ideas To Get You Un-Stuck From Writer’s Block When You Blog

There you have it – 5 steps to prevent blog writers block. I hope you enjoyed reading.

The next time you get stuck writing a new blog post, you’ll know why and in order to to get un-stuck, you need a free flow of blog topic ideas. You’ll learn exactly how in these follow-up posts:

Finally… Now You Can Get Un-Stuck and Get Writing

Next Steps…

Comment: What have I missed? Have you ever experienced blog writers block or know of anyone who has? I’d love to hear it – share it in the comments area.

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5 replies on “5 Surefire Tips For Overcoming Writers Block When You Blog”

I think the main reason why people run out of ideas is because they chose a niche that they do not have interest in. This can have bad effects on your blog in the long run because you will find yourself blank more often than not. The tips you have mentioned above are very useful and can really help anyone who goes blank almost all the time.

Interesting list of ideas. I’ve never had a problem with writer’s block — I always have to cut, cut, cut. One reason is that I keep a digital idea file — links to articles, thoughts I jot down while waiting at the dentist, and so on. And about once a month, I sit down and pound out 8-12 blog posts on a sleepy Saturday morning, or spend several hours some evening while my husband is out of town doing the same. Then I schedule them to post at regular intervals, so there’s always something new posting…even if I’m too busy to do it on a specific time schedule. Thanks for the posting!

Hey Deb, thank you so much for coming around, and another thank you for leaving me a comment.

I see we both have similar prolific ‘jotting everywhere’ habit. It’s funny and I thought I was the only weird one whose brain keeps popping post ideas in any and every place. As you rightly pointed out, with that method, ‘there’s always something new posting’. And to think that I should have mentioned that point in the tips for preventing writers block – will add that to an update, thanks to you (will quote and credit your comments in the update). It works because I have sooo many draft posts and draft titles that I can further develop anytime, yet I still keep jotting.

I just read your blog and can see that you’ve got tons of great posts and the first thing that struck me was your headlines – you got great titling skill. I love them. Your post on employees losing jobs on the grounds of what they say outside quickly struck me that the social media may be increasingly exposing employees’ every action to be monitored by employers, hence cropping up all sorts of policies in the workplace that border on workers’ freedom of speech.

@thomasson – Thanks for coming by my blog again. It gladens my heart to know that you like my posts. Passion bloggers like you would hardly run out of what to blog about. From your blog posts, it’s obvious you have different and deep meanings of every single day and moment, plus you are a painter which adds a twist to it. Keep up the writing. I look forward to seeing more of your paintings on your blog – they are beautiful plus your explanations about them. Having a Flickr sidebar containing photos of your paintings would be good on your blog.

Enjoy the best of the season,

Dear Stella,
I read and sometimes reread your intesting poast. You’re right. I a perhaps an unusually writer, my aim is not only to get trafic, but to exprim myself about my readings, my reflexions and my passsions. I expect to be read to share them.
What do you think of?

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