Top 4 Creative And Effective Copycat Business Strategies to Fast Track Your Online Entrepreneurial Success

Do you know that you can achieve your online business success goals really fast by creatively copying what’s working for successful businesses in your market. That’s a sure-fire method to duplicate their success for yourself. Successful businesses copy successful business models and strategies. Under-studying or carbon-copying an expert in your type of business or apprenticing under him has long proven to produce the some of the most successful entrepreneurs. Over 70% of businesses, including small and home businesses never get past struggling and start-up stage, even after investing lots of money into books and seminars by others who have found success in the exact business they are in. Apprenticeship, although an age-long practice still proves to be one of the most effective business success strategies. However, due to distance and time constraints many businesses cannot under-study successful business models. In this post you will learn simple but effective copycat business ideas and strategies that smart businesses use how to apprentice and closely under-study another successful business without being in the same location. Read on…


Top Creative And Effective Strategies To Copy (and Customize) ‘What’s Working Now’ From Successful Online Businesses

After starting a small, online or home business, the next focus of any serious entrepreneur would be to successfully grow it to an empire. This is where over 70% of entrepreneurs never get past. In fact many businesses remain at the size of startups longer than necessary.

It’s one thing to have an idea and start an online business around it but it’s another thing to be successful at managing and running that business.

In the quest to move a business beyond “struggling to survive”, many entrepreneurs look for different ways to learn and copy the methods, systems and practices of  others who are experiencing success in your exact or related market.

There are so many ways to learn from the masters at your game and each with varying degrees of speed – slow or fast.

These are all great, however when combined with under-studing, carbon-copying an expert or apprenticing under him has long proven to produce the some of the most successful entrepreneurs.  For anyone looking to under-study a successful entrepreneur, distance may be a barrier but carbon-copying or apprenticing can still be done remotely and you will learn how in this post.

In striving to run your small, home or online business successfully you may choose to read books written by successful entrepreneurs in your niche, about how they got where they are (success), you can attend seminars, you can listen to their trainings via audio or video. You can mix and match all of these methods to get results.

One of the fastest methods is to under-study a master (in your kind of business). Carbon-copy that online business’ process and the successful entrepreneur’s habits. Become his apprentice – remotely or close.

This is an age-long method and still works today.  In this post, you will learn how to be a smart-copy cat entrepreneur. You’ll learn how to under-study and carbon-copy any successful business owner without being in the same location with him.

What you should copy include the successful entrepreneur’s:

*A smart entrepreneur would copy, study and tweak any system in order to make it suite his/ her own purpose. You should be focusing on what they do (in their business), how they do them and why.

Why Should You Creatively Copycat a Successful Business Model?

You may ask “why not create my own system and methods?” Except if you are in the business of invention, why waste time through trial and error – why not find what’s working for others, imitate smartly and innovate with your own twists so that you create a completely different model. Smart entrepreneurs always look for ideas to spark theirs – a working process to imitate.

Now think about big corporations like Microsoft and Apple – what do they have in common? They were not the the firsts or inventors of the product lines – they simply innovated on what was already existing.

Smart entrepreneurs are smart copycats. They do not create every single part of their busines model, they are innovators (not inventors). Oded Shenkar wrote aa great book about why small and medium businesses can learn a thing or two from the big companies who rose imitating and innovating. The book is titled “Copycats – how smart companies use imitation to gain a strategic edge“.

No need to re-invent the wheel. Copycat what’s working now in a successful online business, tweak it and own it.

Re-inventing the wheel that takes time and efforts and yields small results and takes costly time. Think efficiency and business productivity always – and that is about creating big results in a small fraction of time. Efficient businesses make big income in small time.

Instead of wasting time and efforts to reinvent the wheels, trying and testing new gizmo ideas, find someone (in a business similar to yours) who is successful and copy “how he does his business”. Obviously he is doing it right.

The best way is to copy a successful, profitable business model. Once you start copying “what’s working” for someone else, sooner or later you’ll be able to tweak a few things and put your own personality into the strategies to create your own style.

That is why apprentices are quick to achieve success. That is the copycat method. This method is about copying what’s working in other businesses (NOT copying contents) and tweaking it to add your own style and personality to call it your own.

A smart entrepreneur already knows and is focused on the business he is in, is an expert at the subject matter, is passionate about it and can talk at length or write great contents about it. However, tweaking a another business’ successful operations can skyrocket your sales and revenue overnight.

Not everything is learnt by reading – humans learn better from watching, and they learn faster that way. Start learning from the masters in your online business area!

Note that you can still copycat remotely, without being in the same vicinity with the successful business person you want to build your business after his own business model – that is the purpose of this post.

These business copycat strategies always works in any kind of business, online or offline.

4 Sure-Fire Copycat Business Strategies for Building a Successful Online Home Business

Below are 4 copycat business ideas and steps you can start implementing today to create your own highly successful online business or blog and start seeing the kind of results that will take your business to the next level.

1. Identify a business leader in your market or industry.

Find someone who is successful in a related business or the particular kind of business you are in, or want to go into.

Note, if you are already in business and experiencing slow growth in a particular business area, a smart move would be to find who is successful in that exact area and copy his method.

2. Get Close to the leader.

Find a way to get close to him/ her so that you can begin to under-study him (close, if you are in the same locality, or remotely):

a. Opt into the business leader’s list

b. Buy his products

c. Attend his seminars

d. Join his social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc)

e. Network your way to him. Follow his discussions – make contributions and leave valuable comments that lead to answers to guide you in business (never mind if he does not notice you now, he will soon)

f. Contact him (via email) but don’t come across as desperate

3. Observe the online business leader – what he does in business and how he does it and why.

Observe and pick up best practices.  Watch how he conducts his business – learn HOW the Masters Do It, not just what they say they do. What you are looking to learn is business operations – how he OPERATES his business, different aspects of it. Under-study his business model and operations and pick one or two things to speed-up yours.

a. How his landing pages are designed – the locations he places different elements

b. How and where he places AdSense blocks on his blog

c. How his emails are written

d. How his sales letters are written

e. How his posts and articles are written

f. How he interacts on his blog and social media channels

g. How he launches his products – what does he always do before, during and after launch?

4. Copycat the business leader.

Start applying some of your “mentor’s” business practices into your business, one step at a time and only move onto another after you

Many successful entrepreneurs, online and offline, found their own success by modelling their business operations after that of successful businesses.

That’s being smart.

It’s not how hard or how long that pays but how smart. Do what successful, smart people do and you’ll experience similar success.

Next Steps…

So there you have have it – the action item from this post is for you to go out and findwhat’s working in a similar business as yours (look at the system / business components), imitate and implement in your business and tweak it to fit.

I hope you found this post useful and it’s my desire that you’d put the strategies to use in your business. You can only see results by taking action.

Let’s hear your success story with the smart online business copycat strategies. Leave me a comment and share your ideas, results and questions.

If you liked this post, your friends would too. Help a friend learn from this post. Email this post, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Digg it, Stumble it,…

I’ll see you in the comments side.


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He is my favorite marketer because I have learned so much a lot, still learning, from his resources.

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You got a good point. I believe the more yo know about topic/industry/business, the easier it will be for you to be able to find weaknesses and opportunities. Therefore, you need to understand what others do in order to be able to improve it, or change it. However, I you just follow and coy what others do, never expect to be a leader.

We can learn from other business men who already succeed in particular fields. The most amazing fact is that they are ready to explain how the reach to top place. We can learn from their mistakes and reach to the top in less time.

Absolutely – time is money. There’s no need wasting time re-inventing the wheel and make new mistakes (other people have made before) when you can quickly model after other successful businesses in your industry. As you rightly pointed out, successful entrepreneurs are always willing to tell what’s working for them – all you need is copy and tweak it to achieve your own success.

The person we look up to so that we learn from them are more like our mentors. There are already dozens of successful entrepreneurs and just as we studied business case studies at college, the trials and errors and solutions found and practiced by successful businessmen can teach the budding stars a lot more.

Agreed, Gary. You know, mentoring is traditionally thought of when you are in the same physical location with the “mentor”. We can also study successful people, from afar.

Thank you for this article, it comes at a time where I am in the beginning stages of refocusing my energy on my blog and becoming successful in my chosen path. I love your 4 strategies for building a successful online home, I certainly garnered some interesting insight and new ideas from this post.

Thanks a bunch for coming over, reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

I’m glad you liked the 4 copycat strategies for faster online business success. I hope you’ll find time some time soon to implement those ideas you thought up from reading this post.

Love your blog’s main theme – I really love seeing people blogging in their specific passion areas, different from general blogging topics. Didn’t know that paper layers keep weeds away from gardens.

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