Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Review: Everything You Should Know Before Buying


An Insightful Look into The Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard: What’s Good and What’s Ugly About It

In this Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard review, we’ll take a critical look at the course – who is it for, what are the contents, how is it different from similar products in the market, is there a money back guarantee and many more facts. We’ll also look at the creator, Marlon Sanders – does he have a history of scam, does he have demonstrable evidence that qualifies him to teach others about web traffic? We’ll also review who is this course really for and who is it not for? Finally, we’ll find out what bonuses there are, inside Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard.

SUMMARY – Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard Review

The Good:    Traffic Dashboard is a 6 weeks, step by step traffic generation video course for businesses new at using their websites to generate traffic for sales. The traffic course is created by Marlon Sanders, and suggested study plan is one bite-sized lesson per day, six days per week. The easy pace of the course makes it easy for anyone to be able to complete the lessons and also take action before moving on to the next.

Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard covers both free and paid traffic generation strategies from beginner skill level to intermediate and advanced.  So, even if you’ve never got any single visitor to your brand new website before, Marlon starts teaching from no-skill, ground zero level.

Traffic Dashboard Official Website: (click to go there) best marlon sanders bonus traffic dashboard review

That was a Feedback by top Internet Marketer (Source: WarriorForum.Com)

The Bad: Did not cover how to build a new website or blog, and so Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard course is clearly for people who already have their websites up and running, even if it’s a new website. Marlon’s traffic getting methods are not about pushing some buttons to get thousands of website visitors daily – he teaches pure white-hat methods.

The    Bottom    Line: For anyone who has something to sell on their websites, whether your own product or other people’s products and services, the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard should be on your immediate resource list. While the course’s step by step training method is designed for stark beginners in marketing online, intermediate and advanced online will find the advanced traffic strategies very helpful.

Price   $59.97

Bonuses Available? Yes, in addition to your course purchase, you’ll get 5 additional Traffic Dashboard bonuses from Marlon Sanders PLUS 7 Additional bonuses from me. That is making a total of 12 Extra Bonus products when you purchase 1 copy of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard. Click here to Find out what’s in my Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard bonus pack for you, AND how you can get it.

Money Back Guarantee:  Marlon Sanders guarantees that if you buy Traffic Dashboard and after 60 days you discover that the product is not what you expected or did not work for you, you’ll get full refund of your money. So, what have you got to lose? You don’t get traffic in 60 days, you’ll get your money back – that’s it!

For Who? Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard is for website owners who are getting few or no visitors to their websites. However, since the course takes every beginner through intermediate and advanced traffic generation strategies, advanced online practitioners may want to skip beginner level courses or review them, as there may be some beginner and intermediate level web traffic strategies (taught by Marlon Sanders) that even veteran bloggers and online marketers are not aware of.

What’s the Difference Between Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard? Yes, there is some difference in terms of who each of the courses is targeted at as well as the course contents. Kim did not cover paid traffic generation strategies while Marlon covers that in his version of Traffic Dashboard. Here’s a detailed post on what’s similar and what’s different between Marlon Sanders and Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard.

marlon sanders traffic dashboard review - contents *Look at how the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard is organised (above image). The left column is where you have the 6 modules, numbered from 1 to 6. You will study Row 1 lessons in your Week 1, and so on. Each of the 6 rows contains 6 icons, each of which is the daily, bite-sized web traffic lesson. First course is the first icon above, under “Article Marketing”.

DETAILED REVIEW Of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

The Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard is a step-by-step system that turns getting traffic to your web site fun and easy. The full video training course is spaced into 6 weeks, with one topic per day and 6 topics per week. Marlon tells you what to do to get traffic to your website, in what order to do them and how to do it step by step.

Whether you have your own product and services to sell online OR you’re selling other people’s products, Marlon Sanders takes you through various methods to successfully market and sell your offers – in article marketing tactics, social media marketing strategies, email marketing tutorials, banner ad marketing methods and more.

This one course could be the only traffic generation course you will need for your business… 

True, because you don’t have to buy a separate course to learn how to get traffic from article submissions. You do not have to spend money buying another course to learn how to get traffic from organic Search Engine traffic, or social media or email marketing or banner advertising or even affiliate marketing. That is because Marlon Sanders, in Traffic Dashboard has already got you covered – you’ll learn all different sources to get traffic, from beginner level to expert level. That means you’re getting more value for your money = savings too, and you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Up to Date and Panda-Proof, White Hat Website Traffic Getting Methods…

Marlon even goes on to get the this website traffic course up to date by including only article traffic methods that are compliant with the Google Panda algorithm update, so that your website will never lose traffic after future Google algorithm updates. Here’s a review that one of Marlon’s past product users left at the IMReportCard.Com forum.

review traffic dashboard marlon sanders
Source: IMReportCard.Com Forum member's review

Now back to our review of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard.

This course covers topics for the very beginners as well as intermediate and advanced traffic generation skills. SEO techniques and conversion strategies to increase click-through rates are also taught – the money and sales are in the clicks (that’s the purpose of traffic, to get clicks).

Marlon Goes Beyond Traffic Generation Strategies…

In Traffic Dashboard, Marlon  goes beyond traffic generation. He teaches marketing and selling of products and services online, list building tactics, how to recruit affiliates and joint venture partners without paying a dime. He uses his own business’ live case studies, as well as those of some other industry experts .

In one of his Traffic Dashboard bonuses, Marlon even includes a system that will help people who already have something to sell, setup their auto-pilot eCommerce system. As you know, many start-up entrepreneurs who have their own products and services are increasingly taking their businesses online but having a challenge about how to setup their e-commerce systems; so buying Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard is like buying a complete online business system.

A Review of How Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard Is Different From Others

  • Step by step tutorials taking you through easy beginner to advanced skill levels on traffic generation
  • Daily lessons are presented in a visual dashboard style so that there’s no confusion about finding your lessons or knowing what lesson to learn first and next. Every week’s activity is boldly labelled on the icon and the lessons are accessed simply by  pointing and clicking on an icon.
  • Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard is easy to digest and implement.
  • The entire course is divided into small, bite-sized daily lessons so that you will not get overwhelmed or experience information overload. You have 6 lessons per week (1 a day, suggested), and enough time to implement the weekly tasks while you are on the course, so that in 36 days, you would have completed and implemented the entire Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard.
  • Within 6 weeks of the course, you should see results – by way of more visitors on your website (that can lead to more sales for you, that will even cover more than what you spent on purchasing the web traffic generation course).
  • Marlon Sanders throws in 5 quality additional products to your purchase of the Traffic Dashboard.
  • In the beginner traffic generation strategies, Marlon covers will take a brand new website owner to getting his/ her first 100 visitors, even if you’ve have no single visitor presently. If you’re looking to increase the number of your daily visitors to up to 1000 visitors daily, Marlon covers intermediate and advanced traffic getting strategies to get you there, step by step.
Here’s a feedback  from another user of Marlon Sanders’ Dashboard products (Source: IMReportCard.Com Review Forum)

best marlon sanders traffic dashboard review

Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard At A Glance

Common confusion in the internet marketing and blogging space is that people sometimes learn things from the back, centre and every haphazard manner, such that they get stuck on where to start from implementing what they learned. Marlon Sanders has made sure that you’ll start from ground zero up, through building your skill level and confidence. There’s no confusion about “what method should I learn first” and “next”?

In Traffic Dashboard, Marlon Sanders, popularly referred to as the king of methodical learning, has laid out every step for you, in a visual and clearly labelled Dashboard (see the image below) – it’s so like a “Traffic Generation for Dummies” because he even numbers every step, so that you’ll never be confused but click-and-learn, at the suggested pace or your own pace.

Now, look at the image below – that’s the 6 lessons you’ll learn in week 1 (Days 1 to 6). review marlon sanders traffic dashboard - week 1

WEEK 1: Article Traffic Generation: You’ll learn techniques to get massive traffic to every article you write and up to 22% of your visitors clicking to buy from your links. Look at the image below (left) – that’s the Dashboard you’ll see every time you enter your members area. Can you see the left colum, numbered 1 to 6? Those are the weekly topics.

Now take a look at your daily lessons for week 2 to week 6 of your starting Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard course.
marlon sanders traffic dashboard review - contents

WEEK 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to get lots of free search engine traffic, and Marlon will work step by step to achieving the goal of going from zero to 1000 Visitors daily, within 6 Months.

WEEK 3: Social Media and Web 2.0 Traffic generation methods

WEEK 4: Banner Ad Marketing and media buying (how to get traffic from banner ads and more) WEEK 5: Email Marketing (yes, you can get traffic from your list. And Marlon teaches how to build big lists and how to market to your list)

WEEK 6: Affiliate Marketing – You can see the 6 lessons you’ll cover in your sixth week into the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard course.


Review of Topics for Beginners and Intermediates Included In Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard

  • If you want to go big on your traffic, you’ll discover the 5 step plan to get up to 1,000 visitors a day in 6 months or less, using only free traffic generation methods.
  • If you’ve never got a single website visitor or less than 20 daily, you’ll learn the 3 simple things you need to do in 30 days to get up to 100 and even up to 500 visitors a day with nothing but correct on-page SEO (free traffic).
  • You’ll learn very easy ways to get tons of backlinks to your website.
  • Secrets of going big on traffic without sweating the small stuff. Insider secrets of where to outsource your content writing cheap so that you’ll have more articles bringing you thousands of visitors every month
  • Practical steps to optimize (SEO) your articles for more free traffic
  • Practical steps to use free social bookmarking sites and web 2.0 properties to drive massive website traffic on demand
  • Many more beginner topics, even beyond traffic generation strategies (such as list building, online marketing and sales tactics etc) – you’ll see them on the official page of Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

Review of Advanced Traffic Generation Strategies in Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard

In the Traffic Dashboard, Marlon included a few steps for advanced students, and some of those are:

  • Paid traffic generation methods including Banner Ad Marketing and media buying (how to get traffic from banner ads and more)
  • Ezine articles platinum authors get thousands of article views monthly. You’ll learn how to become Platinum on in a short time
  • How to outsource article writing dirt cheap so you don’t have to type one single word again
  • How to use the “Composition Index” secret on Google Ad Planner to get access to the REAL good deals others don’t get.
  • Marlon’s profound and Secret Epiphany about the web or marketing that shows you how to get free traffic on demand.
Price:    $59.97 for the Traffic Dashboard.
*Just to clarify this: *There is also the Traffic Dashboard Turbo: $79.97 (This includes the Traffic Dashboard course PLUS access to the Marlon Sanders’ Push Button Articles software, which normally costs $15 monthly. That means you’ll be getting this rapid article creation service for a one time fee of $20 added to your $59.97 for Traffic Dashboard). Note that the article software is optional – you don’t have to get it, if you don’t want to. 
Now here’s another feedback from a Dashboard user, from the IM Review Forum.
marlon sanders traffic dashboard review bonus

Above and Beyond Traffic Generation Strategies – Covered In Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard

Marlon Sanders includes many topics that makes Traffic Dashboard, an all-round internet marketing course and success toolkit, for beginners as well as advanced online marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, consulting businesses – no matter the business for which you are marketing products or services online. Every topic starts from introduction, setting up for beginners. For example, Marlon teaches how to start with article writing, how to start building lists, joint ventures and product launches.

  • Methods used by Marlon Sanders to significantly and consistently increase article click-through rates to over 20%
  • roduct promotion methods that Marlon Sanders uses to place tops of leader boards
  • How to recruit thousands of affiliates to market and sell your products for you, using Marlon Sanders’ 14 unspoken secrets of recruiting affiliates with free and affordable methods
  • Effective methods to get Joint Venture partners – free and cheap techniques
  • Product launch strategies that Marlon Sanders has been successfully using for over 10 years
  • Effective tactics to recruit an army of affiliates for free, and at chap cost PLUS a case study of how Marlon Sanders recruited 32,000 Affiliates using mostly free methods.
marlonsanders traffic dashboard review
Those are feedback, from past users of Marlon’s Dashboard courses (source: review forums –,

Here are more topics beyond traffic generation, that Marlon covered in the Traffic Dashboard.

  • Advanced list building methods including ad swaps
  • How to get sales and clients from converting the traffic you generate. You’ll discover how to increase your article click through rates to as much as 22.9% that Marlon gets via his ezine article resource boxes.
  • How to build a significant income and sales to your business using Article Marketing (with case study)
  • A powerful but not-widely used method that only the top 20 most subscribed of all time “you-tubers” use to get tons of YouTube views.
  • A practical plan for getting 200 to 300 new email subscribers (optins) every single month.
  • How to build a significant income from your subscribers
  • The exact, same marketing and sales strategies that Marlon Sanders uses to consistently make income from his business, simply from the traffic he generates.
Here’s a feedback again, from a Dashboard user, from the IM Review Forum.
marlon sanders traffic dashboard bonus and review

About Marlon Sanders, the Originator of “the Dashboard” Training Style

Is the Man, Marlon Sanders, Credible?This is important to know whether a product creator will deliver on promise, and whether you’ll really get your money back (refund) if you later find that the course is not what you expected. You’d also like to know whether Marlon has a history of scam on his credibility.

  • bonus traffic dashboard marlon sanders - profile and reputationWhat others are saying about Marlon (independent reviews): You can read Marlon Sanders’ profile and independent review  at the popular Internet Marketing review forum, From the reviews and comments by the forum members, Marlon’s got “A” Guru rating.
  • Marlon is not a new or unknown in the Online Marketing space. He’s been in Online Marketing even before the World Wide Web existed, and has not disappeared like most of the early Internet Marketing Gurus.
  • Marlon is not a “one-hit-wonder” ; he has created many high quality products, and some of his products were even responsible for spring-boarding some popular internet marketers to success.
  • My Personal Encounter with Marlon Sanders:  Very fast response – he even replies to his emails by himself when I mailed his customer service. Even at one time, just as I clicked ‘refresh’ – there was Marlon Sanders’ reply. That’s how responsive this man is. Need I say more? Marlon is so down to earth, not like most Internet Marketing Gurus. He has even visited my blog and left comments for me – twice. Not that he ever knew who I was before.

Is Marlon Sanders qualified to teach you about Traffic generation? Does Marlon Sanders have proven high traffic results to make?

  • Marlon is the originator of the “Dashboard” method of online training, and has so far created 7 different products under his “Dashboard” line, including the “Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard” that is being reviewed here.
  • The entire Traffic Dashboard is based on Marlon Sanders’ personal experience in online marketing.
  • Marlon used the “Traffic Dashboard formula” since 1997 to get millions of unique visitors to his websites
  • His websites have impressive Alexa rankings, which are proof that he is truly getting millions of traffic hits, and thus practicing what he’s preaching in his Traffic Dashboard course
Another feedback from a Dashboard user, from the IM Review Forum.
bonus marlon sanders traffic dashboard review

The Bottom Line: Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard Review

Now you’ve got more than enough facts to help you decide whether the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard is a right fit for you, and whether purchasing this Traffic generation self-study course will help your business.

Now, let’s wrap-up with a recap of the review of “Traffic Dashboard” course by Marlon Sanders…

Because Traffic Dashboard course lays down strategies for many traffic getting methods, you will not need to waste your money buying many different products on traffic and even other online marketing topics.

  • If you’re a beginner (newbie) website and blog owners looking to get your very first visitor, Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard is an excellent resource to get you that, and beyond, even if you’re a slow learner with limited computer skills.
  • If you are not satisfied with the volume of visitors you generate daily on your website, and looking to start getting up to 500 and 1000 (or more) visitors daily, you’ll
  • If you’re using your website and articles to sell products and services, BUT have never made a single sale, even though you’re getting some trickles of traffic and write good contents, you’ll benefit from Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard lessons on how to increase click-through rates, how to get joint venture partners and affiliates etc.
  • If you have a new or old website and do not have a subscriber or don’t know how to build a big list, you’ll learn list building techniques and techniques to generate income from your list.
  • If you’re looking to dive into affordable paid advertising, Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard covers that, right from beginner to advanced level.
  • If you decide to buy Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard, I have to tell you the truth – you’ll work through Marlon’s strategies in order to get massive traffic but you’ll be happy that your visitors will increase in great numbers. The truth is that this kind of traffic is “evergreen” – they never get your website penalized by Google Panda updates and they increase by the day.

There’s more you’ll learn from the course, that I’ll rather you find out for yourself by clicking to visit the official MarlonSanders Traffic Dashboard page.

marlon sanders trafficdashboardreview

Exclusive Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus Pack

By now, you should have known whether Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard is / not right for your business growth. If you are convinced that this course will help you achieve your website’s traffic and sales goals.

If you buy Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard through my referral link, in addition to your purchase, you’ll get 12 extra products at not additional cost. Let me tell you about them, and how to claim the 12 extra Traffic Dashboard bonuses, below…

(A) 7 Additional Exclusive Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonuses – Top Products Free From Me

Because I know how Traffic Dashboard will help move your business forward, I want you to get even more for the price of one. I decided to sweeten the pot for you. I’m throwing in 7 awesome exclusive products – all at no extra cost to you, in addition to the 5 additional free bonuses you’ll get from Marlon Sanders. I’m giving away 7 additional Free bonuses exclusively to you, if you decide to buy the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboardthrough my link.

I’ll list the bonuses here, and you can go to the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard bonus page (down below), to find out how to claim your 7 exclusive Traffic Dashboard bonuses.

  • marlon sanders bonuses traffic dashboardMarlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus #1 – Fast Human Spinner Secrets: With article traffic, it’s important to get your articles in lots of places and directories and in this eBook you’ll learn fast article writing skills to enable you write up to 90 unique articles in 3 Days.
  • Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus  #2 – Web Copy Analysis: Secrets of writing articles that t triggers readers to click your links, and even buy when they get to your sales page.
  • Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus  #3 – An Article Marketing Assassin: You will learn the exact methods and strategies that top successful article marketers are using to write articles faster that convert.
  • Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus  #4 – Triple Your Opt-in Request With Same Traffic: Use the tactics inside this product to get 3 times more email subscribers with the same effort.
  • Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus #5 – Fast Create an eBook in 1 Day: A Complete Guide for Bloggers and Online Marketers. Did you hear that more people are buying Amazon Kindle and that means eBook writing is now big business. And if you can write articles for your website, this bonus product will show you a simple sneaky way to speed up your eBook writing – a tested and proven method.
  • Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus #6 – 30 Writing Tips to Fast-Track Your eBook Writing: How to create tons of ideas to create fast selling eBooks from someone who make a 6 figure full time profit from eBooks, without sacrificing fun and family time.
  • Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Bonus #7 – An Online Personal Development Planning Guide.  It’s easy to want to buy every new shiny books and course only – to realize later that you do not need them. A smart marketer like you will want to fit what you learnt into your earning plans, and how to measure exactly how much Returns On Investment (ROI) you have got from Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard – this book teaches you that in simple steps and ready-made worksheets.
marlon sanders traffic dashboard review bonus

(B) 5 Extra Traffic Dashboard Bonuses – Free From Marlon Sanders

You’ll receive these 5 Awesome Traffic Dashboard Bonuses direct from Marlon Sanders, in addition to your main product purchase PLUS the 7 bonuses from me.

Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard Bonus #1: An Interview with Sean Mize (#1 Ezine Articles expert Author) Sean reveals the step by step formula of how he gets tons of traffic and clicks to his sales pages, simply from his articles, how he got over 1 million article views through articles he submitted, how he went from zero to 5 figure monthly income from the traffic he generates with his articles.

Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard Bonus #2: The 2 Minute Traffic Trick Conference Call Marlon’s live demonstration of 2 super ways to get traffic to any web site, blog or page in less than 5 minutes.

Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard Bonus #3: Actual Keyword Rankings Demonstration with 50 mixed keywords, to show you how to know, at a glance, which keywords ranked and which didn’t, for which sites.

Marlon Sanders’ Bonus Traffic Dashboard #4: Limited Access to Marlon’s Ultimate Automation Program This software program will setup and run your own e-commerce marketing system for you hands-free, right from taking your orders for you, sending out follow-up emails to your customers, signs up new resellers for you, and a lot more, so that you can focus on marketing your product and making money without distraction.

Marlon Sanders’ Bonus Traffic Dashboard #5:The Traffic Dashboard “Quick Start Conference Call” covering 16 traffic methods. 2 webinar recordings of the Marlon Sanders’ Quick Start conference calls, where he takes you step by step through all 16 traffic generating methods inside Traffic Dashboard.

What Do You Think? Is Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard A Right Fit For You?

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you have already made your decision whether or not buying Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard will help you get the needed traffic increase for your business to get those new buyers. Again, here’s the link below – click to:


Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Customers’ Feedback (Sources): Warrior Forum Members’ Review | IMReportCard.Com People Review Forum