How to Create a New Website for Your Small Business Easily: Step By Step

Does your small or home business not have a website? If not, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table for competitors who have online presence. Follow the steps in this post and today you can create an online presence for your personal business, from scratch – read the step by step process to setup your business blog easily. Read on and be sure to follow the step by step video tutorial in this post.

Why Generating Traffic Alone Is Not Enough To Build A Successful Blog or Online Business

Are you overtly obsessed about your traffic generation and stats AND not attending to other parts of your online business and blogging? Agreed, traffic is one of the most important elements that can determine the success of any blog or online business. Can traffic alone really make the biggest impact on any online business? Is traffic is all a blogger/ marketer truly needs to be successful online? Those and more will be answered in this guest post, by a top Blogging expert (Oni of YoungPrePro). Read on for Oni’s useful insights…

Top 7 Factors to Consider Before Deciding On The Right-Fit WordPress Theme For Your Website or Blog

Looking to choose from lots to decide on the best Wordpress theme or Blogger blog template? It can be time consuming and take a lot of time testing and selecting that perfect theme (Wordpress, blogger template or other). In this post, you’ll discover 7 effective steps you can use to eliminate the not good enough blog themes so that you would finally be left with that single theme. Read on…

Top 4 Creative And Effective Copycat Business Strategies to Fast Track Your Online Entrepreneurial Success

Do you know that you can achieve your online business success goals really fast by creatively copying what’s working for successful businesses in your market. That’s a sure-fire method to duplicate their success for yourself. Successful businesses copy successful business models and strategies. Under-studying or carbon-copying an expert in your type of business or apprenticing under him has long proven to produce the some of the most successful entrepreneurs. Over 70% of businesses, including small and home businesses never get past struggling and start-up stage, even after investing lots of money into books and seminars by others who have found success in the exact business they are in. Apprenticeship, although an age-long practice still proves to be one of the most effective business success strategies. However, due to distance and time constraints many businesses cannot under-study successful business models. In this post you will learn simple but effective copycat business ideas and strategies that smart businesses use how to apprentice and closely under-study another successful business without being in the same location. Read on…

Techniques To Make Blog Commenting Easier, Worth It and Enjoyable

While blog commenting is only but a part of your online / blogging business strategy that should be helping you get closer to your main goal of making income from blogging, a smart move will be to develop a blog commenting technique that is both productive and also delivers SEO, social and overall business benefits. This ready-made blog commenting technique that will help you stay productive, yet get the most SEO, traffic and social benefits whenever you comment on blogs. Read on.